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  • Prelúdio para uma História


    Este livro busca destacar os principais feitos e realizações, nomes e momentos da ciência e da tecnologia no Brasil, apresentados articuladamente com a conjuntura social, econômica, política e cultural da época. Pode-se acompanhar a evolução da...

  • Design - História , Teoria e Prática do...

    Bürdek,Bernhard E.

    Obra básica do design de produtos, é indispensável para estudantes, designers profissionais e interessados em geral, nesta versão totalmente revista e atualizada.Ela define a história e a orientação atual do design e transmite as bases principais da...

  • e-book

    Introdução À História da Arquitetura - Das...

    Pereira,José Ramón Alonso

    Este livro é uma introdução à história da arquitetura e do urbanismo ocidental, desde a pré-história até século XXI. Extremamente atual, o texto é ao mesmo tempo enxuto e profundo. Além de apresentar um panorama histórico, o autor critica e analisa a...

  • Dover Books On History, Political And Social...

    ; Frederick II King of Prussia

    The king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, Frederick the Great ranks among eighteenth-century Europe's most enlightened rulers. In addition to abolishing serfdom in his domains and promoting religious tolerance, he was an ardent patron of the arts and an...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    History Of Botany (1530-1860)


    Julius von Sachs (1832-1897) was a German botanist from Breslau, Prussian Silesia.In Sachs 'History of Botany' he has made it his chief object to discover the first dawning of scientific ideas and to follow them as they developed into comprehensive...

  • e-book

    History of the Louisville& Nashville Railroad


    After the Civil War, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad took the lead among southern railroads in developing rail systems and organizing transcontinental travel. Through two world wars, federal government control, internal crises, external...

  • Wooden Domes - History And Modern Times

    Misztal, Barbara

    This monograph presents a state-of-the-art analysis of eco-friendly and aesthetic structures in wooden dome construction. The author demonstrates that the further development of wooden structures depends on both supplementing the testing of wood as a...

  • Ferrovias - o Caminho Para o Progresso -...

    Martins,Marseno Alvim

    Ferrovias - o caminho para o progresso é de fundamental importância para o progresso do país. Esta é a mensagem que o Engenheiro Civil Marseno Alvim Martins transmite na obra. Três aspectos, interligados, constituem a sua base: História, Logística e...

  • e-book

    Chocolate - History, Culture, and Heritage

    Louis E. Grivetti; Howard-Yana Shapiro

    International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) 2010 Award Finalists in the Culinary History?category. Chocolate. We all love it, but how much do we really know about it? In addition to pleasing palates since ancient times, chocolate has...

  • e-book

    Chocolate - History, Culture, and Heritage

    Louis E. Grivetti; Howard-Yana Shapiro

    International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) 2010 Award Finalists in the Culinary History?category. Chocolate. We all love it, but how much do we really know about it? In addition to pleasing palates since ancient times, chocolate has...

  • e-book

    The History of Man-Powered Flight

    Reay, D. A.

    The History of Man-Powered Flight provides a comprehensive history of man-powered aircraft.This book discusses the flight in early civilizations; Leonardo da Vinci- a scientist among skeptical philosophers; formation of the Man-Powered Aircraft...

  • e-book

    A History of British Cavalry Volume 4

    Lord Anglesey

    This book describes the history of the British cavalry in detail, running up to World War I.

  • e-book

    A History of a cGMP Medical Event...

    Michael A. Brown

    Case study details the right way and the wrong way to successfully develop and market a new drug Beginning with the untimely death of a young mother, A History of a cGMP Medical Event Investigation unfolds a fictitious case study that captures how...

  • e-book

    A History of a cGMP Medical Event...

    Michael A. Brown

    Case study details the right way and the wrong way to successfully develop and market a new drug Beginning with the untimely death of a young mother, A History of a cGMP Medical Event Investigation unfolds a fictitious case study that captures how...

  • e-book

    Environmental History of Britain since the...

    B.W. Clapp

    The present and future state of the environment gives rise to ever increasing concern, but much less is known as yet about the past: the damage that has been done since, and by, the Industrial Revolution; how far our predecessors were aware of it;...

  • e-book

    Photochemistry, History and Commercial...

    Dessauer, Rolf

    The objective of this book is to acquaint the reader with a novel class of photochemical oxidants and polymerization initiators that have become widely accepted in industry. As most of the work with these materials is reported in the patent...

  • e-book

    A History of Technology and Environment -...

    Edward L. Golding

    This book provides an accessible overview of the ways that key areas of technology have impacted global ecosystems and natural communities. It offers a new way of thinking about the overall origins of environmental problems. Combining approaches...

  • e-book

    Space Flight - History, Technology, and...


    This book offers a comprehensive look at the history of space exploration, the technology that makes it possible, and the continued efforts that promise to carry us into the future. It goes through the history of space exploration, from the earliest...

  • e-book

    The Social History of Bourbon

    Carson, Gerald; Veach, Michael R.

    The distinctive beverage of the Western world, bourbon is Kentucky's illustrious gift to the world of spirits. Although the story of American whiskey is recorded in countless lively pages of our nation's history, the place of bourbon in the American...

  • e-book

    Engineers - A History of Engineering and...


    This innovative new book presents the vast historical sweep of engineering innovation and technological change to describe and illustrate engineering design and what conditions, events, cultural climates and personalities have brought it to its...

  • Historia das Ciencias no Brasil - 2

    Ferri,Mario Guimaraes

    Historia das Ciencias no Brasil - 2

  • e-book

    A Picture History of the Brooklyn Bridge

    Mary J. Shapiro

    Profusely illustrated account of the greatest engineering achievement of the 19th century. Rare contemporary photos and engravings and accompanying detailed captions recall construction, human drama, politics, much more. 167 black-and-white...

  • e-book

    Umbrellas and Their History

    Sangster, William

    Can it be possibly believed, by the present eminently practical generation, that a busy people like the English, whose diversified occupations so continually expose them to the chances and changes of a proverbially fickle sky, had ever been ignorant...

  • e-book

    Castles - Their Construction and History

    Toy, Sidney

    Concise, scholarly survey traces castle development from ancient roots. Nearly 200 photographs and drawings illustrate moats, keeps, baileys, and many other features. Caernarvon Castle, Dover Castle, Hadrian'apos;s Wall, Tower of London, and more....

  • e-book

    A Brief History of Today'apos;s GNSS -...


    Chapter 2 from GNSS Markets and Applications, Len Jacobson

  • e-book

    Great Western Railway - A History

    Roden,Andrew; Roden,Andy

    God’s Wonderful Railway”, it was called if you were a fan; the “great Way Round” if you took a rather more jaundiced view of some of its circuitous branch lines. But 175 years after its foundation, the Great Western Railway company is remembered with...

  • e-book

    Flying Scotsman - A Pictorial History


    Built at Doncaster works in 1923 the Nigel Gresley designed then-'A1' class Pacific (4-6-2) first entered service as No 1472. The new locomotive did not receive a name until it was sent for display at a Wembley exhibition in 1924, and then the name...

  • e-book

    Leprosy in China - A History

    Leung,Angela Ki Che

    Angela Ki Che Leung'apos;s meticulous study begins with the classical annals of the imperial era, which contain the first descriptions of a feared and stigmatized disorder modern researchers now identify as leprosy. She then tracks the relationship...

  • e-book

    Project Vanguard - The NASA History

    Lomask, Milton; Constance McLaughlin Green

    This authoritative, illustrated history chronicles the Vanguard project, which placed one of the United States'apos; earliest successful man-made satellites into Earth orbit. It analyzes scientific and technical challenges, impact on subsequent...

  • e-book

    The New Economic History of the Railways...

    Patrick O'apos;Brien

    The book, first published in 1977, contrasts new and older approaches to the history of transport and outlines a critical exposition of the methods used to quantify the contribution of railways to economic growth by means of counterfactual...

  • e-book

    The People and History of The Marine and...


    This antiquarian book contains a detailed account of the history of marine and pocket chronometer, with information on notable designers and manufactures, popularity, evolution, and much more. This fascinating and easy-to-digest treatise will appeal...

  • e-book

    Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy


    The Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy draws together in a single volume a comprehensive account of the field from the prestigious and award-winning Encyclopedia of Energy (2004). This volume covers all aspects of energy history with...

  • e-book

    Transatlantic Flight - A Picture History,...

    Stoff, Joshua

    Over 250 rare photographs chronicle flight attempts in lighter-than-air balloons, U.S. Navy'apos;s 'quot;flying boats,'quot; Lindbergh'apos;s celebrated flight to Paris in 1927, Amelia Earhart'apos;s ill-fated circumnavigation attempt in 1937, and...

  • e-book

    Fake Silk - The Lethal History of Viscose...

    Paul David Blanc

    When a new technology makes people ill, how high does the body count have to be before protectives steps are taken? This disturbing book tells a dark story of hazardous manufacturing, poisonous materials, environmental abuses, political machinations,...

  • e-book

    Technology in Postwar America - A History


    Carroll Pursell tells the story of the evolution of American technology since World War II. His fascinating and surprising history links pop culture icons with landmarks in technological innovation and shows how postwar politics left their mark on...

  • e-book

    Chariots for Apollo - The NASA History of...

    James M. Grimwood; Courtney G. Brooks; Loyd S. Swenson

    This illustrated history by a trio of experts is the definitive reference on the Apollo spacecraft and lunar modules. It traces the vehicles'apos; design, development, and operation in space. More than 100 photographs and illustrations.

  • e-book

    The Partnership - A NASA History of the...

    Ezell,Edward Clinton; Ezell,Linda Neuman

    Authorized NASA history of the first joint U.S.-Soviet space flight features many interviews with participants and firsthand observations of project activities. 86 pages of photos and a full-color insert. 1978 edition.

  • e-book

    The Pocket Watch - The History and Stories...


    A short account of the history and stories of the pocket watch including James I's watch, Tulip watch, Milton's Watch, Charles I.'s watches, enamelled watches, engraved watches, James II's watches. A nice little addition to the bookcase of anyone who...

  • e-book

    Blazes, Posts& Stones - A History of...

    Williams,James L.

    A culmination of decades of research on field notes, plats, correspondence, legislation, and observations of surveyors, cartographers, government officials, military commanders, Native Americans, early settlers, and land speculators, this volume is...

  • e-book

    Rails Across Canada - The History of Canadian...


     Few stories in the annals of railroading are as compelling as the construction, evolution, and astounding successes of the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways. This sprawling volume combines two of Voyageur Press'apos; most successful...

  • e-book

    Railroads Across North America - An...

    Wiatrowski, Claude

    From the first steam-powered locomotives of the early nineteenth century to the high-speed commuter trains of today, the American railroad has been a great engine powering the nations growth and industry. This book celebrates the glory and grandeur...

  • e-book

    India'apos;s Special Forces- History and...

    Saikat Datta; P C Katoch

    Employment till now of our nascent Special Forces have been analyzed including whether our Special Forces have actually been employed or used as Special Forces or primarily used in counter insurgency operations for which we have any number of other...

  • e-book

    The Handley Page Victor - The History&...


    The Handley Page Victor was the longest serving V-Bomber with the RAF. It was conceived in 1945 and after much research and development the Mk 1 entered service in the late 1950s to become part of the UK's nuclear deterrent force. It could fly faster...

  • e-book

    A Complete Guide to the History and...


    A fascinating look at the history of grandfather clock design with images and descriptions of the best examples by the finest craftsmen. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and...

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