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  • Uma Breve História Da Ásia


    As nações da Ásia constituem agora mais da metade da população mundial. Com uma classe média instruída, cada vez mais próspera, e indústrias inovadoras e vigorosas, estão mais populosas e poderosas do que jamais estiveram, e sua influência no resto...

  • e-book

    História da Ásia: uma introdução à sua...

    Macedo,Emiliano Unzer



    A Ásia, de Carachi a Tóquio, de Jacarta a Pequim, hoje se encontra no cerne da ordem internacional do século 21. Para compreendermos a inserção desse continente no mundo, devemos buscar a sua história moderna e contemporânea, repleta de consolidações...

  • Historia da Asia Anterior aos Descobrimentos

    Giordani,Mario Curtis

    Historia da Asia Anterior aos Descobrimentos

  • A Experiência Nacional - Identidades e...

    Martinho,Francisco Carlos Palomanes; Limoncic,Flávio

    O fenômeno nacional é tão presente e generalizado atualmente que muitos o julgam algo natural. Ficamos emocionados ao ouvir o hino do país, o coração bate forte com os gols da seleção e muitos chegam a matar e a morrer em defesa da nação. Este livro,...

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    East Asia Integrates


    Emerging East Asian economies have seen their share of world exports more than triple during the past quarter-century, and intraregional trade has driven this growth. Broad measures of development in East Asia have improved at the same headlong pace....

  • e-book

    South Asia in the New World Order

    Burki,Shahid Javed

    Rapid changes have taken place in the structure of the global economy, and this book looks at how South Asia can take advantage of these changes. The author argues that the developing global economy will be more complex than originally thought, that...

  • e-book

    Startup Asia - Top Strategies for Cashing in...

    Fannin, Rebecca A.

    Find out where the new innovation hot spots are, what the next consumer waves will be, and where to catch them Asia's innovation hot spots are fast emerging as first-choice destinations for bright, young entrepreneurs. From Taiwan to Singapore,...

  • e-book

    Startup Asia - Top Strategies for Cashing in...


    Find out where the new innovation hot spots are, what the next consumer waves will be, and where to catch them Asia's innovation hot spots are fast emerging as first-choice destinations for bright, young entrepreneurs. From Taiwan to Singapore,...

  • e-book

    Pacific Asia


    Pacific Asia has witnessed arguably the most dynamic economic growth and social transformation in the world since 1945. Inspired by the example of Japan, a number of high performing economies have emerged in the region.Pacific Asia explores this...

  • e-book

    History of Asia

    Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to History of Asia. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare...

  • e-book

    History of Asia

    Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to History of Asia. In this book, you will learn topics such as The Traditional Societies of Asia, The Civilization of Ancient India, The Civilization of Ancient China, and Medieval India plus much more. With key...

  • e-book

    Pacific Asia? - Prospects for Security and...


    Emphasizing human and environmental security over traditional power politics, Mel Gurtov offers a provocative reinterpretation of security in the Asia-Pacific region. The author questions a number of prevailing assumptions, such as the China threat,...

  • e-book

    China and Asia in Global Trade Slowdown

    Gee Hee Hong; Jaewoo Mr. Lee

    Asia and China made disproportionate contributions to the slowdown of global trade growth in 2015. China's import growth slowed starkly, driven by both external and domestic factors, including a rebalancing of demand. Econometric results point to...

  • e-book

    East Asia at the Center - Four Thousand Years...

    Cohen,Warren I.

    Cohen charts the course of cultural, intellectual, economic, and political developments in East Asia -- particularly China and Japan -- from the beginning of recorded time to the present day and examines such events as the rise and fall of key...

  • e-book

    How Asia Got Rich - Japan, China and the...


    Within a few short months in 1997, Asian economies that had been considered not only healthy but 'miraculous' suddenly fell off a precipice as investors withdrew massively first from Asian currencies and, in rapid order, from equity markets across...

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    This paper reviews gender budgeting efforts in Asia. The countries in the region have achieved mixed success in improving gender equality. Gender budgeting is ideally a fiscal innovation that translates gender-related goals into budgetary commitments...

  • e-book

    A History of East Asia - From the Origins of...


    Charles Holcombe begins this extraordinarily ambitious book by asking the question 'What is East Asia?' In the modern age, many of the features that made the region - now defined as including China, Japan, and Korea - distinct have been submerged by...

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    A History of Southeast Asia - Critical...


    A History of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads presents a comprehensive history of Southeast Asia from our earliest knowledge of its civilizations and religious patterns up to the present day. Incorporates environmental, social, economic, and...

  • e-book

    A History of Inner Asia


    Svat Soucek's book offers a short and accessible introduction to the history of Inner Asia. The narrative, which begins with the arrival of Islam, charts the rise and fall of the different dynasties right up to the Russian conquest. Dynastic tables...

  • e-book

    Asia'apos;s Quest for Inclusive Growth...

    Ganelli, Giovanni; Chie Aoyagi

    Despite the rapid economic growth and poverty reduction, inequality in Asia worsened during last two decades. We focus on the determinants of growth inclusiveness and suggest options for reform. A cross cross-country empirical analysis suggests...

  • e-book

    Rebalancing Growth in Asia - Economic...

    Arora, Vivek B.

    This book analyzes the importance for Asia of rebalancing its growth model toward domestic demand, and what such a rebalancing would entail. The nature of the challenge differs across regional economies, as some, like China, need to raise private...

  • e-book

    World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic...

    World Bank,

    The 'World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic Update 2010, Volume I', is the World Bank's comprehensive, twice-yearly review of the region's economies. In this edition, the Bank finds that, largely thanks to China, the region's output, exports, and...

  • e-book

    Frontier and Developing Asia - The Next...


    Frontier economies are receiving increasing attention from policymakers, investors, and academics. Compared with other low-income countries they have experienced rapid growth over the last two decades, giving rise to speculation as to whether they...

  • e-book

    China and East Asia'apos;s Post-Crises...

    Liang,Wei; Faizullah Khilji

    China and East Asia’s Post-Crises Community: A Region in Flux, by Wei Liang and Faizullah Khilji, explores how an East Asian community is taking shape as a result of China’s emergence as a global economic power and the shocks of the financial crises...

  • e-book

    Asia's Turning Point - An Introduction to...

    Philippe Debroux

    Asia was probably the biggest economic sensation of the post-war decades. The breathtaking success of Japan was followed by a remarkable rise of 'four tigers', then ASEAN founder states and then China. The Asian miracle became a commonly accepted...

  • e-book

    A History of Modern South Asia - Politics,...


    Noted historian Ian Talbot has written a new history of modern South Asia that considers the Indian Subcontinent in regional rather than in solely national terms. A leading expert on the Partition of 1947, Talbot focuses here on the combined history...

  • e-book

    A History of Early Southeast Asia - Maritime...

    Hall,Kenneth R.

    This comprehensive history provides a fresh interpretation of Southeast Asia from 100 to 1500, when major social and economic developments foundational to modern societies took place on the mainland (Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam) and the...

  • e-book

    Middle East and Central Asia

    Sakina Shibuya; Lisa Ms. Kolovich

    Gender budgeting uses fiscal policies to promote gender equality and women's advancement, but is struggling to take hold in the Middle East and Central Asia. We provide an overview of two gender budgeting efforts in the region-Morocco and...

  • e-book

    Health Insurance Reforms in Asia

    Luk,Sabrina Ching Yuen

    This book empirically examines health care financing reforms and popular responses in three major cities in East Asia: Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It adopts a new revised version of the theory of historical institutionalism to compare and...

  • Forbidden Asia


    Since The Turkish Bath (1863) by the French painter Ingres, the Far Eastern woman has to many been a symbol of pleasures out of reach or forbidden. Seafaring explorers, military adventurers and simple travellers from Europe over the centuries have...

    sob encomenda
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    Ethnicity in Asia


    This book is designed as a comprehensive comparative introduction to ethnicity in East and Southeast Asia since 1945. Each chapter covers a particular country looking at such core issues as:· the ethnic minorities or groups in the country of concern,...

  • e-book

    South Asia'apos;s Modern History - Thematic...

    Mann, Michael

    This comprehensive history of modern South Asia explores the historical development of the Subcontinent from the beginning of the eighteenth century to the present day from local and regional, as opposed to European, perspectives. Michael Mann charts...

  • When Asia Was the World


    While European civilization stagnated in the 'Dark Ages,' Asia flourished as the wellspring of science, philosophy, and religion. Linked together by a web of spiritual, commercial, and intellectual connections, the distant regions of Asia's vast...

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  • South Asia's Nuclear Security


    South Asia is often viewed as a potential nuclear flashpoint and a probable source of nuclear terrorism. But, how valid are such perceptions? This book seeks to address this question and assesses the region's nuclear security from two principal...

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  • South Asia Across The Disciplines


    The spread of Islam eastward into South and Southeast Asia was one of the most significant cultural shifts in world history. As it expanded into these regions, Islam was received by cultures vastly different from those in the Middle East,...

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  • e-book

    A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia,...

    Andaya,Leonard Y.; Andaya,Barbara Watson

    Written by two experienced teachers with a long history of research, this textbook provides students with a detailed overview of developments in early modern Southeast Asia, when the region became tightly integrated into the world economy because of...

  • e-book

    Economic Integration in East Asia -...

    Harvie,Charles; Narjoko,Dionisius; Sothea Oum

    International production networks in manufacturing, particularly in machinery industries, have rapidly developed over the last two decades, resulting in dramatic increases in intra-regional and intra-industry trade, providing a key source of regional...

  • e-book

    Travels in Asia and Africa - 1325-1354


    'apos;One of the most fascinating travel books of all time'apos; Times Literary Supplement 'apos;He could not have been more 'apos;modern'apos; if he had been born in the twentieth century'apos; Evening Standard Ibn Battuta was the only medieval...

  • e-book

    Roman Conquests - Asia Minor, Syria and...

    Evans,Richard J.

    While conquering Greece and Macedonia the Romans defeated an intervention by the Seleucid Empire, the most powerful of the Hellenistic states founded by Alexander the Great's successors. Soon Roman armies crossed to Asia for the first time to carry...

  • e-book

    Development in Asia - Interdisciplinary,...


    'Development' is one of the most ubiquitous yet least understood concepts of our age. It is something all governments claim to be engaged in and is considered desirable by scholars, activists, policymakers, and laypeople alike. Yet it is also a...

  • e-book

    Monetary Policy Transmission in Emerging Asia

    Ananchotikul,Nasha; Dulani Miss Seneviratne

    Given the heavy reliance on bank lending as the main source of financing in most Asian economies, banks could potentially play a pivotal role in monetary policy transmission. However, we find that Asia's bank lending channel or, more broadly, credit...

  • e-book

    Real and Financial Integration in Asia


    This book investigates the impact of both real and financial integration to growth and to welfare, and to enquire whether increases in either or both forms build the linkage between the real and financial economy. It contributes to the following two...

  • e-book

    Reshaping Economic Geography in East Asia


    Reshaping Economic Geography in East Asia, a companion volume to the World Development Report 2009, brings together noted scholars to address the spatial distribution of economic growth in Asia. It reveals how the new economic geography is reshaping...

  • e-book

    Southeast Asia and the Great Powers

    Tarling, Nicholas

    The success of regionalism in Southeast Asia depends on the attitudes of the states within the region but also on the attitude of those outside it. This book is an erudite and stimulating study on the latter. Placing these states in a long term...

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