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  • e-book

    Italian Cinema - Arthouse to Exploitation


    From the unbridled sensuality of silent Italian films, to the neorealist classic Bitter Rice, to the astonishing imagination of Fellini and the more cerebral and fascinating movies of Antonioni, Italy has a filmic legacy unlike that of any other...

  • e-book

    The Cinema of Latin America

    Lopez,Marina Diaz

    The Cinema of Latin America is the first volume in the new 24 Frames series of studies of national and regional cinema. In taking an explicitly text-centered approach, the books in this series offer a unique way of considering the particular concerns...

  • e-book

    Argentine Cinema - From Noir to Neo-Noir

    George,David; Gizella Meneses

    This book presents a history of the development of film noir and neo-noir in Argentina, as well as a technical, aesthetic, and socio-historical analysis of recent Argentine neo-noir films. It also considers the question of neo-noir inscription of...

  • e-book

    Chinese Lesbian Cinema - Mirror Rubbing, Lala...

    Liang Shi

    This book is the first extensive study of lesbian cinema in mainland China. It also provides an account of the history of Chinese homosexuality, especially its female same-sex erotic tradition, from antiquity to the present day.

  • e-book

    Glasnost-Soviet Cinema Responds

    Nicholas Galichenko

    With the coming of glasnost to the Soviet Union, filmmakers began to explore previously forbidden themes, and distributors released films that were suppressed by pre-glasnost-era censors. Soviet cinema underwent a revolution, one that mirrors and...

  • e-book

    Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism

    Gordon,Richard A.

    A unique contribution to film studies, Richard Gordon's Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism is the first full-length book on Brazilian films about slavery. By studying Brazilian films released between 1976 and 2005, Gordon examines how the...

  • e-book

    New Maricón Cinema - Outing Latin American...

    Vinodh Venkatesh

    Recent critically and commercially acclaimed Latin American films such as XXY, Contracorriente, and Plan B create an affective and bodily connection with viewers that elicits in them an emotive and empathic relationship with queer identities....

  • e-book

    A History of the French New Wave Cinema


    The French New Wave cinema is arguably the most fascinating of all film movements, famous for its exuberance, daring, and avant-garde techniques. A History of the French New Wave Cinema offers a fresh look at the social, economic, and aesthetic...

  • e-book

    Swords and Cinema - Hollywood Vs the reality...

    Jeremaih McCall

    The battles and sieges of the Classical world have been a rich source of inspiration to film makers since the beginning of cinema and the 60s and 70s saw the golden age of the 'apos;swords and sandals'apos; epic, with films such as Spartacus. Ridley...

  • e-book

    British Science Fiction Cinema

    Hunter,I. Q.; I.Q. Hunter

    Explores the breadth of British sci-fi films through readings of key films, examining the factors that shaped them, and the concerns they reflect, through the postwar boom years to the more sporadic production of recent times.

  • e-book

    Reconstructing American Historical Cinema

    Smyth, J.E.

    Reconstructing American Historical Cinema explores Hollywood's pivotal interpretations of national history during the height of the studio system. In a radical departure from traditional studies of film and history, J. E. Smyth looks at rarely...

  • e-book

    The Europeanization of Cinema - Interzones...


    An original and exciting examination of boundary-crossing spaces in European cinema

  • e-book

    Reconstructing American Historical Cinema -...

    Smyth,J. E.

    Reconstructing American Historical Cinema explores Hollywood'apos;s pivotal interpretations of national history during the height of the studio system. In a radical departure from traditional studies of film and history, J. E. Smyth looks at rarely...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema

    Brereton,Patrick; Flynn,Roderick

    In 1898, documentary footage of a yacht race was shot by Robert A. Mitchell, making him the first Irishman to shoot a film within Ireland. Despite early exposure to the filmmaking process, Ireland did not develop a regular film industry until the...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of Taiwan Cinema

    Daw-Ming Lee

    The Historical Dictionary of Taiwan Cinema covers the history of Taiwan cinema during both the Japanese colonial period (1895–1945) and Chinese Nationalist period (1945–present). This is accomplished through a chronology, list of acronyms and...

  • e-book

    Cinema and Development in West Africa - Film...

    Genova,James E.

    Cinema and Development in West Africa shows how the film industry in Francophone West African countries played an important role in executing strategies of nation building during the transition from French rule to the early postcolonial period. James...

  • e-book

    Screening Neoliberalism - Transforming...

    Sanchez Prado,Ignacio

    The silver screen of Mexico, as it appears at home and abroad

  • e-book

    Continental Strangers - German Exile Cinema,...

    Gerd Gemünden

    Hundreds of German-speaking film professionals took refuge in Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s, making a lasting contribution to American cinema. Hailing from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine, as well as Germany, and including...

  • e-book

    Before the Fall - Soviet Cinema in the...


    This is an expanded edition of Kinoglasnost: Soviet Cinema in Our Time Cambridge University Press). The book examines the fascinating world of Soviet cinema during the years of glasnost and perestroika-the 1980s. It shows how the reforms that shook...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of Hong Kong Cinema

    Stokes,Lisa Odham

    Despite the industry being shutdown by two world wars, having its martial arts films dismissively labeled as 'chopsocky,' and operating on shoestring budgets, the films of Hong Kong have been praised and imitated all over the world. From its...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of South American...

    Rist,Peter H.

    This dictionary covers the history of South American Cinema through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced dictionary entries on directors, producers,...

  • e-book

    Italian Fascism'apos;s Empire Cinema


    Ruth Ben-Ghiat provides the first in-depth study of feature and documentary films produced under the auspices of Mussolini'apos;s government that took as their subjects or settings Italy'apos;s African and Balkan colonies. These 'quot;empire...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet...


    The Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Cinema is the first reference work of its kind in the English language devoted entirely to the cinema of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the post-Soviet period, including both the cinematic...

  • e-book

    Queer Issues in Contemporary Latin American...

    Foster,David William

    Viewing contemporary Latin American films through the lens of queer studies reveals that many filmmakers are exploring issues of gender identity and sexual difference, as well as the homophobia that attempts to defeat any challenge to the...

  • e-book

    The A to Z of Spanish Cinema


    The A to Z of Spanish Cinema provides a better understanding of the role Spanish cinema has played in film history through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on producers,...

  • e-book

    Rogues, Romance, and Exoticism in French...

    Colleen Kennedy-Karpat

    Empire alone cannot contain the range of the exoticist imaginary in French fiction cinema of the 1930s. Rogues, Romance, and Exoticism in French Cinema of the 1930s proposes a critical framework for exoticist cinema that subsumes and exceeds colonial...

  • e-book

    Screens and Veils - Maghrebi Women'apos;s...


    Examined within their economic, cultural, and political context, the work of women Maghrebi filmmakers forms a cohesive body of work. Florence Martin examines the intersections of nation and gender in seven films, showing how directors turn around...

  • e-book

    Historical Dictionary of Australian and New...

    Vieth,Errol; Moran,Albert

    This book is an introduction and guide to the film of Australia and New Zealand. It contains entries on many exceptional producers, directors, writers and actors, as well as films. But it also presents the early pioneers, the cinemas themselves, the...

  • e-book

    Cuba and the Tempest - Literature and Cinema...


    In a unique analysis of Cuban literature inside and outside the country'apos;s borders, Eduardo Gonzalez looks closely at the work of three of the most important contemporary Cuban authors to write in the post-1959 diaspora: Guillermo Cabrera Infante...

  • e-book

    Identity, Place, and Subversion in...


    In Identity, Place, and Subversion in Contemporary Mizrahi Cinema in Israel , Yaron Shemer presents the most comprehensive and systematic study to date of Mizrahi (Oriental-Jewish or Arab-Jewish) films produced in Israel in the last several decades....

  • e-book

    Gone with the Glory - The Civil War in Cinema

    Wills,Brian Steel

    From Birth of a Nation to Cold Mountain, Hollywood has used the Civil War to create compelling cinema with each generation resolving the tug of war between entertainment value and historical accuracy differently. Wills looks at the portrayal of the...

  • e-book

    We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema...

    Parry,Sally E.; McLaughlin,Robert L.; Mclaughlin,Robert

    During the highly charged years of World War II, movies perhaps best communicated to Americans who they were and why they were fighting. These films were more than just an explanation of historical events: they asked audiences to consider the Nazi...

  • e-book

    We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema...

    Parry,Sally E.; McLaughlin,Robert L.

    During the highly charged years of World War II, movies perhaps best communicated to Americans who they were and why they were fighting. These films were more than just an explanation of historical events: they asked audiences to consider the Nazi...

  • e-book

    Landscape and Memory in Post-Fascist Italian...


    This study argues that neorealism'apos;s visual genius is inseparable from its almost invisible relation to the Fascist past: a connection inscribed in cinematic landscapes. While largely a silent narrative, neorealism'apos;s complex visual...

  • e-book

    Classic Hollywood - Lifestyles and Film...

    Veronica Pravadelli

    An ambitious reinterpretation of the most storied era in movie history

  • e-book

    Cinema e História do Brasil

    Bernardet,Jean-claude; Ramos,Alcides Freire

    “Cinema e História do Brasil” desvenda com clareza e profundidade a questão da historicidade da produção de filmes históricos. Trabalhando a partir de alguns casos particulares, Jean-Claude Bernardet e Alcides Freire Ramos mostram como um filme é...

  • e-book

    Projecting the Holocaust into the Present -...


    In this accessible, clear, jargon free, and comprehensive text, Projecting the Holocaust into the Present offers an insightful historical perspective on how public conceptions of the Holocaust in film have changed over time.

  • 1932 - Uma Aventura Olímpica na Terra do...


    No dia 25 de junho, o Itaquicê deixou o porto do Rio. Carregava 55 mil sacas de café, vários tonéis de cachaça, 360 passageiros, 51 soldados-músicos, 82 atletas e a esperança de um país. Ia em direção a Los Angeles, onde seriam realizados os Jogos...

  • e-book

    Cinema e exibição cinematográfica em Montes...

    Jailson Dias Carvalho

    O tema Cinema e exibição cinematográfica em Montes Claros (MG): dos primórdios à consolidação do circuito exibidor, refere-se a uma investigação sobre a gênese da rede exibidora montesclarense, e as diferentes formas de lazer que incidiram no espaço...

  • e-book

    Travessias: das páginas da história às telas...

    De Freitas Costa,Rodrigo; Talitta Tatiane Martins Freitas

    Este livro tem como tema central a relação entre História e Cinema. As três partes do e-book foram assim pensadas: na primeira, o foco interpretativo recai sobre obras cinematográfica; na segunda, o que vem para o centro é a linguagem do documentário...

  • Visions of Japonese Modernity - Articulations...


    Visions of Japonese Modernity - Articulations of Cinema, Nation, And Spectatorship, 1895-1925

    sob encomenda
  • História do Cinema Mundial

    Mascarello, Fernando

    O livro concretiza uma proposta inédita no cenário brasileiro: apresentar um panorama horizontal da produção internacional dessa forma narrativa que chamamos cinema. A aposta na dimensão diacrônica tem seus predicados. Percorrer esse livro é...

    Produto indisponível

  • O Poder Das Imagens - Cinema e Política Nos...

    Pereira, Wagner Pinheiro

    O século 20 viu nascer o poder das massas. Controladas por rádio e pelo cinema, esses meio de comunicação tiveram sua expansão durante os governos de Adolf Hitler, na Alemanha, e Franklin Roosevelt, nos Estados Unidos. O estímulo do Ministério da...

    Produto indisponível

  • História da Ciência no Cinema - Vol. 2

    Oliveira,Bernardo Jefferson de

    Quando se fala de ciência no cinema, pensamos, primeiramente, nas ficções científicas. Mas este gênero não é, obviamente, o único gênero de filme a projetar imagens sobre o conhecimento científico, os cientistas ou as sociedades neles centrada....

    Produto indisponível

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