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  • Howard Hughes

    Barlett,Donald L.; Steele,James

    Howard Hughes's veneer of bravado and secrecy is stripped away to reveal the true nature of the famous but troubled aviator in a biography by a pair of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. Reissue.

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  • Citizen Hughes

    Drosnin,Michael; Hughes,Howard

    Based on a selection of more than ten thousand internal documents of the Hughes organization, including three thousand pages of the billionaire's own handwritten memos, a revealing biography of the enigmatic Howard Hughes and his empire reveals his...

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  • Making the Grade

    Hughes,Everett C.; Becker,Howard S.; Geer,Blanche

    Making the Grade

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  • Howard Hughes - Em Hollywood


    Fascinante história de Howard Hughes o bilionário americano, que aos 20 anos comandava a maior empresa de perfuração de petróleo dos EUA, aos 22 já havia produzido um filme ganhador do Oscar, aos 27 era o proprietário da RKO estúdio cinematográfico e...

  • e-book

    Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose - The...


    Howard Hughes' life ambition was to make a significant contribution to the field of aviation development. But the monumental folly of his endeavours on the H-KI Hercules meant that he came to be known and remembered to a great extent for all the...

  • e-book

    Howard Hughes

    Clifford Irving

    Wealth. Influence. Magnetism. Mystery. In twentieth century America, one man alone embodied all these qualities in their purest form. During a life which read like the wildest imaginings of a Hollywood scriptwriter, Howard Hughes - billionaire tycoon...

  • e-book

    I Was Howard Hughes

    Steven Carter

    Part Great Gatsby, part This Is Spinal Tap, Steven Carter'apos;s hilarious debut paints a fictional portrait of a biographer, his notorious subject, and the illusions we hold about fame and fortune.

  • e-book

    I Was Howard Hughes

    Steven Carter

    'apos;A madly inventive mock bio...enormously effective. Darkly diverting'apos; Kirkus Reviews

  • I Was Howard Hughes


    Fascinated by the life of billionaire recluse Howard Hughes, biographer Alton Reece sets out to create the definitive portrait of Hughes, but his increasing obsession and identification with his subject and his own rapidly unraveling life intrude on...

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  • Stagecoach To Tombstone


    Howard Hughes explores the Western, running from John Ford's 'Stagecoach' to the revisionary 'Tombstone'. Writing with panache and fresh insight, he explores 27 key films, and draws on production notes, cast and crew biographies, and the films'...

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  • Outer Limits


    Science Fiction is probably the most popular box office genre in movie history and has given filmgoers some of their most memorable cinematic experiences. Outer Limits takes its readers on a tour of the sci-fi cinema universe in all its fantastical,...

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  • Sensory Exotica

    Hughes,Howard C.

    Bees, birds, bats, fish, and dolphins possess senses that lie far beyond the realm of human experience. In this book Howard C. Hughes tells the story of these 'exotic' senses. He tells not only what has been discovered but how it was discovered --...

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  • e-book

    J Sheekey FISH

    Sooley,Howard; Jenkins,Allan; Hughes,Tim

    In the heart of London'apos;s Covent Garden, J Sheekey has been offering the finest fish, oysters, shellfish and other fruits de mer since the 1890s. Josef Sheekey was a market stall holder given permission by Lord Salisbury to serve fish and seafood...

  • e-book

    Arts, Entertainment and Tourism


    'apos;Arts, Entertainment and Tourism'apos; is a pioneering text that, by focusing on the consumer, investigates the relationship between these 3 industries and how this relationship can be developed to its best competitive advantage. Issue-led, this...

  • Howard Hughes


    Provides a portrait of the private life of billionaire Howard Hughes, from his affairs with Hollywood stars to his possible involvement with Nixon and Watergate to his shocking death.

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  • Artes, Entretenimento e Turismo


    Artes, Entretenimento e Turismo é uma obra pioneira que, focando o consumidor, investiga a relação entre esses três setores e o modo como ela pode ser desenvolvida para que sejam atingidas suas melhores vantagens competitivas. Este livro volta-se...

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  • Boys In White

    Strauss,Anselm L.; Hughes,Everett C.; Becker,Howard S.; Geer,Blanche

    Boys In White

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