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  • The Witcher III - Wild Hunt - Complete...


    Os fãs de RPG, jogos de aventura e estratégia têm motivos de sobra para jogarem The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, o último capítulo desta renomada série de games.No jogo com edição completa você representará o herói e assassino de criaturas de aluguel...

  • História do Pensamento Econômico - Uma...

    Hunt,E. K.; Lautzenheiser, Mark

    A história do pensamento econômico é construída a partir da reflexão crítica de como os teóricos do passado apresentaram suas ideias. Este livro é uma obra que oferece essa análise abrangente, percorrendo a evolução do pensamento econômico desde Adam...

  • The Witcher III - Wild Hunt - Complete...


    Torne-se um Witcher, um dos últimos matadores de monstro de aluguel! Rastreie a criança da profecia, uma arma viva capaz de destruição incalculável. Viaje através de reinos em guerra e mate criaturas lendárias. Explore cidades repletas de corrupção e...

  • A Linguagem do Cinema - Col. Fundamentos de...

    Hunt,Robert Edgar; Marland, John; Rawle, Steven

    Fundamentos de Cinema: A linguagem do cinema explora os meios pelos quais o cinema comunica sentido para o seu público, ajudando o leitor a fazer a transição de um consumidor de filmes para um profissional que utiliza ativamente a linguagem do...

  • e-book

    A invenção dos direitos humanos

    Hunt, Lynn

    Para traçar a gênese e a evolução da ideia e da prática dos direitos humanos no mundo, a historiadora norte-americana Lynn Hunt mobiliza conhecimentos que vão da filosofia à história do cotidiano na Europa e na América, numa narrativa iluminadora e...

  • e-book

    Hunt and Pray

    Sutherland, Cindy

    Reporter Drew Edwards got too close to his story and now finds himself a hunted man. After being kidnapped and then released in Colorado Springs Forest, he has six hours'apos; headstart on a madman trying to teach his son a lesson.Chance Collins gets...

  • e-book

    Hunt For The Blower Bentley


    THE CAR - Bentley serial number SM 3912 was a Phillips bodied two-seat DHC on a supercharged 4.5 litre chassis. The facts are clear. It was bought new by Lord Brougham & Vaux. And it was last heard of in 1939. THE DISAPPEARANCE -Stephan Sidlow,...

  • e-book

    Hunt the Dawn

    Abbie Roads

    'quot;Dark and delicious.'quot;-Kerrelyn Sparks, New York Times bestselling author on Race the DarknessOut of darkness and danger You can'apos;t hide your secrets from Lathan Montgomery-he can read your darkest memories. And while his special...

  • e-book

    Pleasure Hunt

    Danson, Sophie

    Paris. City of Passion. From elegant hotels to squalid alleyways, Olympia Deschamps pursues her goal: to become accepted into the Legion D' Amour, exclusive society of libertines. The Legion's rules are strict. Olympia's taste for sexual adventure is...

  • e-book

    Hunt for Valamon


    When Crown Prince Valamon is impossibly taken from the heart of Algaris Castle, the only clue as to motive or culprit is the use of unknown sorcery. Reclusive cleric Seris is happily tending to his book-infested temple until he finds himself...

  • e-book


    Jacob Mays

    His second book of poetry, Hunt/Gather confronts the difficulties of growing up rurally poor, imagines a funeral service for the Devil, and features a few poetic forms as well as the expansive free verse Mays is known for. Jacob Mays is a graduate of...

  • e-book


    Myles Songolo

    In the sand and dust covered plains of the First Planet's infamous Sahara desert, Lorek-Tovka Ranutak follows his captain and his fellow hunters as they trek across the endless sea of dunes. Will Lorek and the team succeed in their hunt or will they...

  • e-book

    Man Hunt


    Fearless and charismatic Angie Masters is on a man hunt.While attending the prestigious Hotel Training Academy, the attractive and dominant director of the institute - James Steele - catches her eye. But she soon realises she'apos;s taken on more...

  • e-book

    Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

    Batson,Wayne Thomas; Hering, Marianne

    If you’re brave, follow cousins Beth and Patrick to Libya in the 13th century. The town of Silene is being terrorized by a vicious animal that is eating livestock. The townspeople believe it’s a dragon sent by the devil. In order to appease the beast...

  • e-book

    That Dog Won'apos;t Hunt

    Allin, Lou

    A drifter takes a job at a hunting lodge in Northern Ontario, with the expectation of a big payday for the summer's work. But when the eccentric owner decides to renege on her promises, she ends up dead.

  • e-book

    Hunt and Kill - U-505 and the Battle of the...

    Savas, Theodore

    One of WWII'apos;s pivotal events was the capture of U-505 on June 4, 1944. The top secret seizure of this massive Type IX submarine provided the Allies with priceless information on German technology and innovation. After the war U-505 was...

  • e-book

    Hunt for the Jews - Betrayal and Murder in...

    Grabowski, Jan

    Judenjagd, hunt for the Jews, was the German term for the organized searches for Jews who, having survived ghetto liquidations and deportations to death camps in Poland in 1942, attempted to hide 'quot;on the Aryan side.'quot; Jan Grabowski'apos;s...

  • e-book

    The Hunt after Jeanne-Antoinette de Pompadour

    Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley

    This book recast the import of Mme de Pompadour as a political and artistic patron at the cour of Versailles in mid eighteenth century France. Her visual record is lush and archival and printed sources demonstrate the degree to which she dazzled and...

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  • Hunt The Moon


    Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which you'd think would buy a girl a little time off. But it doesn't work that way when your job description is Pythia-the world's chief clairvoyant. Cassie is busier than ever, trying to learn about her...

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  • Hunt The Wolf - a Seal Team Six Novel


    Navy SEAL Team Six commando Don Mann infuses his debut military thriller with the real-life details only a true insider can reveal.In the midst of a grueling training exercise, Thomas Crocker, USN, unearths a pocket of terrorism that leads straight...

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  • e-book

    Hunt And Working Terriers

    Lucas, Jocelyn

    Originally published in 1931. Probably the best book ever published on this subject. The author was a well known hunting man and breeder of Sealyham terriers. The well illustrated contents include: Historical References - Using Terriers with...

  • e-book

    Hunt for Zirt Zlunder

    Ricardo Garay

    This series of little alien guardians of nature that come out of your planet in pursuit of the biggest polluter of the universe, the wicked Zirt Zlunder. He escapes and comes to stop on Earth. In this book begins the saga of the Little Guardians,...

  • e-book

    Ice Hunt

    Rollins, james

    Carved into a moving island of ice twice the size of the United States, Ice Station Grendel has been abandoned for more than seventy years. The twisted brainchild of the finest minds of the former Soviet Union, it was designed to be inaccessible and...

  • e-book

    Skavenger Hunt

    J. Rickley Dumm

    Dr. Raymond Skavenger is a devoted family man with a very successful career as an orthodontist. Unbeknownst to his family, however, he’s a former elite, anonymous Army sniper who once possessed unimaginable autonomous access and authority to carry...

  • e-book

    James Hunt - The Biography


    James Hunt was a towering personality with a commanding presence, a hugely glamorous public figure who brought Formula One motor racing to the attention of a whole new audience.Triumphing against all odds to become World Drivers'apos; Champion with...

  • e-book

    Spiral Hunt

    Margaret Ronald

    Some people have the Sight. Genevieve Scelan has the Scent.They call her 'Hound,' and with her unique supernatural sense Evie can track nearly anything—lost keys, vanished family heirlooms . . . even missing people. And though she knows to stay out...

  • e-book

    The Hunt Part 1 -- Echoes From the Dark

    Marquez, Theodore

    A killer known as 'The Butcher', is terrorizing Denver. His targets are thought to be Hispanic-white, gay couples in the beginning... That was until Jack Webber a single white man shows up butchered like the others.

  • e-book

    Wild Hunt

    Margaret Ronald

    New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu “loved, loved, loved” Spiral Hunt, the smashing debut novel by exciting new urban fantasist Margaret Ronald. Now bike messenger and supernatural tracker Evie Scelan is back in Wild Hunt—and off on...

  • e-book

    Shadow Hunt

    Logston, Anne

    She's a master thief as elusive as her name whose dagger is as sharp as her eyes and wits. Where there's a rich merchant to rob, good food and wine to be had, or a lusty fellow to kiss ... there's Shadow.What do the Guild of Thieves, the deadliest...

  • e-book

    The Hunt Part 2 - Winter in July


    Life for Tony De Santos has taken a deadly turn at the hands of a Denver serial killer known as The Butcher. Bitter and hate-filled, he sets out on a seemingly inescapable path to avenge his male lover.

  • e-book

    House Hunt

    Jackie Keswick

    The Power of Zero: Book ThreeJack Horwood hates owing favors. But when a simple day out to treat Gareth to the best oysters in England leads to a discovery of drugs and counterfeit money-things that neither Jack nor Gareth have the jurisdiction to...

  • e-book

    Slave Hunt

    Rock J.A.

    Thirty people. Two hours. Only the strong will survive. When Riddle decides to put on a slave hunt, the Subs Club is on board. Tops hunting bottoms in the woods with paintball guns? Yes. Captives strung up on whipping posts, at the mercy of their...

  • e-book

    Angel Hunt

    Ripley, Mike

    London in the late 1980s - the era of Thatcherism and Loadsamoney - is an exciting but sometimes dangerous place to live. Fitzroy Maclean Angel gets by partly through gigging as a jazz trumpet player, partly through taking illegal fares in his...

  • e-book

    Soul Hunt

    Margaret Ronald

    “Ronald has done a terrific job with the Celtic mystical matter….[She] has tapped into the dark streak that runs as an undercurrent through much Irish folklore.”—Charles de Lint, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction With Soul Hunt, Margaret Ronald...

  • e-book

    Scavenger Hunt

    Madison, Sarah

    While eking out an existence on the edge of the Settled Worlds, looting ships left behind by raiders, Jeff Hawkins comes upon the Dante, just another broken hulk of a spaceship. But this time, amidst fuel cells and ration bars, Jeff finds a survivor...

  • e-book

    Jaguar Hunt

    Spear, Terry

    Two deadly predators... As a feline Enforcer, Tammy Anderson has one objective: locate the missing jaguar and return it to the States. She doesn'apos;t have time for distractions, and she definitely doesn'apos;t have time for sexy shifters...

  • e-book

    Treasure Hunt

    Keltik Faith

    Dalton McKnight was used to the playful teasings from his eldest brother's rowdy group of friends; but when the alcohol is overdone, 'playful teasings' become demanding advances. Dalton is not prepared for the path he's headed now, and the road he is...

  • e-book

    Ghost Hunt

    Smitley, Mike

    As a sequel to IMPLIED CONTRACT, the suspense and terror continues in the small town of Elk Ridge, Wyoming. GHOST HUNT picks up where IMPLIED CONTRACT left off, with Mason and Jill living comfortably in South Dakota. But when Jill's father, Sam, is...

  • e-book

    Job Hunt

    Jackie Keswick

    The Power of Zero: Book OneYou don'apos;t greet your new boss dressed like an underage rent boy. But when Jack Horwood-ace hacker and ex-MI6 operative-opens the door to Gareth Flynn, he'apos;s too busy to worry over details like that. And anyway, his...

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  • e-book

    I Hunt Killers


    You'apos;re seventeen years old and your father is the most notorious serial killer America has ever produced. He brought you up. Taught you everything he knows. Everyone in your ordinary American town knows who you are. So even though Dear Old Dad...

  • e-book

    Alaska Hunt

    Somerset, Shelter

    For Alaska Wildlife Trooper Zanebono Fusca, it'apos;s just another summer in Anchorage until a slew of inexplicable fatal bear attacks sets the city reeling. As far as Zane is concerned, the timing couldn'apos;t be worse. He'apos;s besieged with his...

  • e-book

    The Hunt For Myth October

    A.B. Thomas

    Jared Club is a man who can say he has been to Hell and back without being dramatic. Once a private investigator, he employs the skills he learned in his new job as a bounty hunter for the gods. Jared’s new assignment is to hunt down a rogue vampire...

  • e-book

    Witch Hunt

    Damsgaard, Shirley

    Small-town librarian Ophelia Jensen is finally starting to embrace her lot as one of the 'chosen'—a psychic and folk magick practitioner, a.k.a. a witch. Expert loving guidance from her magickally adept grandmother Abby helps—and adopting Tink, an...

  • e-book

    The Hunt for Hitler'apos;s Gold

    H. J. Cole

    Amateur archeologist and adventurer Sean Dylan finds himself in a race to find the cache of golden treasure that Hitler sent from Berlin at the end of World War II - a race that follows a trail of bodies from Germany to Vancouver.

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