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  • Game Of Thrones Leather-Cloth Boxed Set -...

    George R R Martin

    The ultimate collector's item for fans of the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO's Game of Thrones--a gorgeous boxed set featuring conveniently sized, hand-holdable leather-cloth-bound editions of the first five novels! An immersive entertainment...

  • Ice Cream Soup


    What happens when you try to make an ice cream cake, but add too much stuff? You end up with ice cream soup! This original Level 1 reader with rhyming text is perfect for beginning readers.

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  • Ice Ghosts - The Epic Hunt For The Lost...


    Ice Ghosts weaves together the epic story of the lost Franklin Expedition of 1845--whose two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and their crew of 129 were lost to the Arctic ice--with the modern tale of the scientists, divers, and local Inuit behind...

  • Ice Cream And Milkshakes

    Parragon Books

    Make your own ice creams and milkshakes with this fun, retro-themed guide to the most refreshing of desserts. This easy recipe book features instructions for making ice cream both with a machine and without, making it ideal for cooks of all skill...

  • e-book

    Ice Around the Edges

    Mary Calmes

    Evan Kano'apos;s life is on an even keel until the night he'apos;s shot at the homeless shelter where he works. The resulting turmoil is not caused by a bullet but by a blast from the past: Evan'apos;s first lover has returned to visit him in the...

  • e-book

    Ice Land


    ICE LAND is an epic tale of forbidden love. Set in the year 1000 AD, in the shadow of a smouldering volcano, it portrays a society on the brink of change, where the old values of loyalty and kinship are threatened by a new world order. Freya knows...

  • e-book

    Ice Cold Pimpin'apos;

    Seth Smith

    Welcome to the world of Antwan 'Twan' James as he adjusts to the curves in life dealing with fast women,underhanded schemes,and unexpected love that can be a deadly decision. The Pimp life in Charleston SC is real and fast. Prepare yourself for a...

  • e-book

    Ice and Embers

    August Li

    2nd EditionBook Two of the Blessed EpochDespite their disparate natures, Yarrow, Duncan, and Sasha united against overwhelming odds to save Prince Garith'apos;s life. Now Garith is king and the three friends may be facing their undoing.Distraught...

  • e-book

    Ice Princess

    Glad,Judith B.

    Flower Jones longs for refuge in England, the bastion of civilization, where she believes she will be safe. But she reckons without William King, an escaped slave, who wants her for his woman. Although he could live free in Cherry Vale, where no one...

  • e-book


    Will Robbins

    All kinds of war are tearing up the streets of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Brothers Black and E-Double are tired of working the drug game under Ice and his Port Au Prince Posse. They tap some of their childhood friends in order to form the Eastwick...

  • e-book

    Ice-Breaker (Novella)


    It was a case of the right person at the absolute worst time – so he found a way to make time. Kiara and Selwyn'apos;s first encounter is dramatic, and their attraction instantaneous. But Kiara has commitments, dreams, and plans – and Selwyn...

  • e-book

    Ice Hunter - A Woods Cop Mystery


    In a brilliant debut to a thrilling series, Grady Service gets news that his nemesis, the head of an incestuous clan of poachers, is to be released from prison. But something even more sinister is afoot in the Mosquito Wilderness. Service must call...

  • e-book

    Ice Cold


    Ice ColdRomantic Suspense At Its Best!'quot;When you add in the sensuous sizzle, you have the full Adair package.” T-FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life. But in a world where a...

  • e-book

    Ice Coffin

    Javier Zavala

    After this city, dead people, is not a memorial service, but on the side of the road pavement, barricaded with steel frame, and then covered with a layer of woven cloth tape on the pipe ---- This barricaded the hall.

  • e-book

    Ice Heart

    Kay Ellis

    Jack Holloway loves two things: Aaron Stone and hockey. Unfortunately, he refuses to acknowledge the first and lets his temper rule the second. He'apos;s turned his life into a list of 'quot;can'apos;ts.'quot; He can'apos;t talk with his parents,...

  • e-book

    Ice and a Curious Man

    Renee, Angers

    Just North of Dillingham, Alaska lives a reclusive poet named Shane Helnsley. Nobody knows what he is about or even what he looks like. The rumors about him are rampant and really quite revolting, but his works are considered masterpieces and are...

  • e-book

    Ice Cage

    Crawford Rhine

    Brand is excited to be called to The Service and even more excited to meet his new Master. He is assigned to Steve Macon, a hockey player for the New York Rangers who has recently been transferred to New York. Brand expected to be delivered to a...

  • e-book

    Ice In His Veins

    Zito, Chuck

    After a disastrous stint as stage manager at a Catholic college, Nicky D'apos;Amico moves back to New York to get his life in order. The good Company'apos;s all-male production of A Midsummer Night'apos;s Dream is a little unorthodox, but...

  • e-book

    Ice Queen

    Suzanne Blaylock

    Drawn together by an accident of time and circumstance, a disparate group of women all hide behind masks of cool deception, but when their paths cross, the ice soon melts in a furnace of passion. This erotic novel explores the myth of the female icon...

  • e-book



    A mild-mannered, small town barber steals a valuable necklace on a whim and then undergoes intense psychological turmoil as an insurance investigator turns the heat up on him. He ends up on the run and with the blood of multiple murder victims on his...

  • e-book

    Ice and a Curious Man

    Renee, Angers

    Just North of Dillingham, Alaska, there lives a reclusive poet named Shane Helnsley. Nobody knows what he is about or even what he looks like. The rumors about him are rampant and quite revolting, but his works are considered masterpieces and are...

  • e-book

    Ice Shear

    M. P. Cooley

    As a cop on the night shift in Hopewell Falls, New York, June Lyons drives drunks home and picks up the doughnuts. A former FBI agent, she left the Bureau when her husband died, and now she and her young daughter are back in upstate New York, living...

  • e-book

    Ice Cream Man


    Janice Freeman is an African-American women's fashion designer in East Village, Manhattan who is in misery at turning forty. Hearing music float across the air in the form of a catchy hook on repeat, she hopes that ice cream will make her feel...

  • e-book

    Ice Hunt

    Rollins, james

    Carved into a moving island of ice twice the size of the United States, Ice Station Grendel has been abandoned for more than seventy years. The twisted brainchild of the finest minds of the former Soviet Union, it was designed to be inaccessible and...

  • Ice Cream Summer

    Sis, Peter

    *'Sis delivers an encomium to summer, to the power of learning, and to that beloved, creamy-cold treat.' --Kirkus, starred review Savor summer anytime with this breezy, sweet and irresistible picture book from Hans Christian Anderson Award winner and...

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  • Combo Gamer Oex Ice Tm300 Teclado Multimídia...


    Teclado multimídia ideal para games Backlight, com conexão USB, Mouse óptico de 6 botões com luzes de LED e conexão USB.Dimensões: TECLADOLargura: 44,6 cmAltura: 16,4 cm Comprimento: 2,8 cmMOUSEComprimento: 11,8 cmLargura: 6,9 cmAltura: 3,8 cm

  • Sea Ice Image Processing With MATLAB(R)

    Zhang, Qin

    The ice concentration data on a global scale are available on a daily basis due to microwave satellite sensors. Image processing for sea ice is vital to estimate the sea ice properties and understand the behavior of sea ice especially on a relatively...

  • e-book

    Ice Kissed

    Hocking, Amanda

    In this series, we return to the world of Hocking'apos;s million-copy bestselling Trylle trilogy...Bryn Aven is still struggling with her burgeoning relationship with Ridley. She'apos;s also set on completing her mission to find the missing Skojare...

  • e-book

    Ice Like Fire

    Sara Raasch

    It's been three months since the Winterians were freed and Spring's king, Angra, disappeared—thanks largely to the help of Cordell.Meira just wants her people to be safe. When Cordellan debt forces the Winterians to dig their mines for payment, they...

  • e-book

    Ice Moon


    Ice Moon tells the dramatic and engaging story of Haden Le Leux, a prophetic born under the Ice Moon chosen to lead her people out of exile. Haden is called to expose the darkness that hides amidst her land, a darkness unrealized until now. Haden's...

  • e-book

    Ice Storm


    The deadly ice storm that struck Eastern Canada and the US in January of 1998 has a drastic effect on the lives of two 12-year-old cousins, one a figure-skating 'princess' from Montreal, and the other her down-to-earth farm-girl cousin.

  • e-book

    Ice Cream USA

    Thal Dixon

    “If you dream it I can make it, every flavor that there is,every color, taste and texture, every topping, shake or fizz.If it’s choices that you’re seeking for a new taste everyday,grab your wallet and come running down to Ice Cream U.S.A.”The...

  • e-book

    Ice Breaker

    Bradman, Tony; Bradman,Tony; Bradman, Tom

    What do you do when you'apos;re stuck in an ice cave underneath an avalancheon an ice planet in the darkest depths of space? Strike that - what do you do when the 'apos;ice cave'apos; turns out to be a giant aliencreature'apos;s mouth? Will Luke,...

  • e-book

    Ice Drift


    This latest novel from acclaimed author Theodore Taylor follows two young Inuit brothers as they struggle for survival on an ice floe adrift in the Arctic Ocean.

  • e-book

    Ice Age Giants of the South

    Ginny Johnston; Judy Cutchins

    The bones of extinct giants such as mammoths, mastodons, giant ground sloths, and saber-toothed cats have been found across the southern United States. These fossils help scientists understand what life was like more than 10,000 years ago.

  • e-book

    Ice Storm


    The deadly ice storm that struck Eastern Canada and the US in January of 1998 has a drastic effect on the lives of two 12-year-old cousins, one a figure-skating 'princess' from Montreal, and the other her down-to-earth farm-girl cousin.

  • e-book

    Ice Dogs


    A middle-grade novel of high adventure set in Alaska about a girl with her own dog team who finds an injured sledder in the wilderness. How they survive for the next few days makes for gripping adventure reading. 

  • Ice Like Fire - Snow Like Ashes 2

    Sara Raasch

    Game of Thrones meets Graceling in this thrilling fantasy filled with shocking twists and heart-pounding action, the highly anticipated sequel to Snow Like Ashes. This action-packed series is perfect for fans of An Ember in the Ashes and A Court of...

  • Ice-Cream Dreams

    Krulik,Nancy E.; Martinez,Heather

    SpongeBob's dream to become manager of the Krusty Krab is shattered when Squidward gets the job, so SpongeBob decides to drown his sorrows in sundaes from Goofy Goobers' Party Boat.

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  • Ice Skating Stars

    Buckley, James

    Profiles the lives of famous ice skating stars, including Sonja Henie, Peggy Fleming, and Michelle Kwan.

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  • Ice Drift

    Taylor, Theodore

    In 1863, two young Inuits, fourteen-year-old Alika and his younger brother Sulu, must fend for themselves during the six months they are stranded on an ice floe drifting south from Ellesmere Island towards the Greenland Strait.

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  • Ice Bear

    Davies,Nicola; Blythe,Gary (ilt)

    Describes how the polar bear, also called Nanuk, thrives in the Arctic and explains the lessons that the Inuit people have learned from watching the creature.

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  • Ice Palace

    Blumenthal,Deborah; Rand,Ted (ilt)

    A girl and her father help plan the annual winter carnival in Saranac Lake Village, New York, as the girl's uncle and other prisoners work together to build its centerpiece, the ice palace.

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  • Ice Story

    Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody

    Describes the events of the 1914 Shackleton Antarctic expedition, when the ship Endurance was crushed in a frozen sea and the men made the perilous journey across ice and stormy seas to reach inhabited land.

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