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  • The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge

    Shortz,Will; Shortz, Will

    The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge

  • International Terrorism - Challenge And...


    In 1979, several world reknowned politicians, ambassadors, academicians, and journalists met at the Jerusalem Conference on Terrorism to discuss the origins, nature, and future of terrorism and to propose measures for combatting and defeating the...

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  • The Islamic Challenge In Europe


    Since the World Trade Center attacks in New York on September 11, 2001, Europe has been plagued by Islamist attacks that have taken many lives and disrupted many services. Considerable attention has been paid to radical Islamist attacks on the United...

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  • Sovereignty Under Challenge - How Governments...


    Sovereignty-the authority of a state to wield ultimate power over its territory, its citizens, its institutions-is everywhere undergoing change as states respond in various ways to the challenges posed, from above and below. 'Above' the state is the...

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  • Obama's Challenge To China - The Pivot To...


    This book explores U.S.-China relations, the most important bilateral relationship in the world, under the leadership of President Barack Obama. Obama took office just as China's rise to global power accelerated; his decisions set the stage for a new...

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  • China's Challenge To Liberal Norms - The...


    Is China challenging liberal norms or being socialised to them? This book argues that China is incrementally pushing for re-interpretation of liberal norms, but, the result is that rather than being illiberal, this reinterpretation produces norms...

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  • The Challenge To The Church, Vol. 12 - A...


    Excerpt from The Challenge to the Church, Vol. 12: A Sermon, Preached in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York at the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, October 8, 1913 The population Of...

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  • Sticker Girl And The Cupcake Challenge

    Tashjian, Janet

    Jump into Book 3 of this magical middle grade adventure series with Sticker Girl Martina Rivera! Bonus feature: Sticker sheet featuring the magic stickers from Book 3 packaged with the book.A gumball machine robot. Two adorable (and creative)...

  • Animorphia - An Extreme Coloring And Search...

    Rosanes , Kerby

    Coloring like you haven t seen it before perfect for colored pencils or crayons! An amazing coloring book for adults featuring the super-detailed animal images from artist Kerby Rosanes. Known for his popular Sketchy Stories blog, Kerby works in...

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  • The Challenge Of Developing Statistical...

    Ben-Zvi,Dani; Garfield,Joan B.

    The Challenge Of Developing Statistical Literacy, Reasoning And Thinking

  • Collaboration In Public Services - The...


    The International Group for Policy and Program Evaluation (INTEVAL) serves as a forum for scholars and practitioners of public policy to discuss ideas and developments as a community dedicated to enhancing the contribution of evaluation to...

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  • The Challenge of Democracy

    Berry,Jeffrey M.; Janda,Kenneth; Goldman,Jerry

    The Challenge of Democracy

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  • The Challenge of Democracy

    Berry,Jeffrey M.; Janda,Kenneth; Goldman,Jerry

    The Challenge of Democracy

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  • The Challenge Of The City (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Challenge of the City Sometimes I fall into despair, and want to run off into the woods, and never look at the city again. Then at other times, I want to take a club and smash things! Neither of these things ought to be done, but I...

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  • The Philosophical Challenge Of September 11

    Rockmore, Tom; Margolis, Joseph; Margolis,Joseph; Marsoobian,Armen T.

    In this book, fourteen leading philosophers reflect on the philosophical implications of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. A philosophical reflection on the implications of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Consists of fourteen...

  • Public Theology And The Challenge Of Feminism

    Burns,Stephen; Monro,Anita

    Public Theology is a rapidly growing international field of study which focuses on how Christian belief and practice engage with wider social issues. Yet, whilst the ultimate concern of public theology is the well-being of society, this body of...

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  • Youth And Disability - A Challenge To MR...


    In this ground-breaking book, Jenny Slater uses the lens of 'the reasonable' to explore how normative understandings of youth, dis/ability and the intersecting identities of gender and sexuality impact upon the lives of young dis/abled people....

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  • Rodeo Challenge


    When sent to Uncle Hank's ranch for the summer, Wade begins to dream of rodeo glory. Although Wade is athletic, he's got a knack for falling off of horses rather than staying on them. Can Wade find a way to buck the system?

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  • Jacques Derrida And The Challenge Of History


    This important new book argues that Jacques Derrida's work can be treated as the basis for a distinctive historiography. The possibility of seeing Derrida not as a philosopher of language but as a philosopher of history has become more apparent with...

  • The Challenge (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Challenge In person he was tall, lubberly, and sprawling; when he placed his hands in his pockets he forced them out wards till the cloth strained; when he collapsed in a chair he made it creak with the pressures and shovings of his...

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  • Chicago Challenge Activity Book

    Toufexis, George

    Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, so there are lots of people to meet and places to go--and this activity book will help you get around town. Coloring pages, word searches and scrambles, mazes, spot-the-differences,...

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  • Muslim Minorities In Modern States - The...


    Political leaders of the 1930s may be accused of blindness to danger in their failed attempts to appease totalitarian aggression, but no one doubts they believed they were doing so to preserve their way of life. In contrast, Raphael Israeli suggests...

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  • The Challenge of Crime

    Ruth,Henry S.; Reitz,Kevin R.

    AmericaÆs modern encounter with crime is beautifully rendered here, focusing on the gap between reliable information and public policy that has plagued the nationÆs attempts to grapple with its crime problem.

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  • The Challenge of Crime

    Ruth,Henry S.; Reitz,Kevin R.

    The Challenge of Crime

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  • Stormy Challenge

    Krentz,Jayne Ann

    Unable to trust the very same man she desires, Leya Brandon tries to resist Court Tremayne, who is determined to win her love at any cost. Reprint.

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  • Mathematical Challenge


    This book contains almost 600 unusual and challenging multiple-choice problems for students aged 11-15. The first part consists of past papers (1988-93) for the annual UK Schools Mathematical Challenge. The second part contains forty-two short papers...

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  • Stranger - The Challenge Of A Latino...


    'There are times when I feel like a stranger in this country. I am not complaining and it's not for lack of opportunity. But it is something of a disappointment. I never would have imagined that after having spent thirty five years in the United...

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  • Alvin To Go! - Alvin And The Superheroes; The...


    Watch out, 'cause here they come! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore cause some mischief in this boxed set that comes with six Level 2 Ready-to-Reads based on popular episodes of Bagdasarian Productions' hit TV show created by Janice Karman, Alvinnn!!! and...

  • Dark Challenge


    Julian Savage was golden. Powerful. But tormented. For the brooding hunter walked alone. Always alone, far from his Carpathian kind, alien to even his twin. Like his name, his existence was savage. Until he met the woman he was sworn to protect.......

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  • Ultimate Sketch Challenge (Pokémon)

    Barbo,Maria S

    Can you find your favorite Pokémon? They're all hiding in this cute Scratch and Sketch book! Kids can use the stylus (included) to scratch and reveal new and classic characters like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio,...

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  • The Challenge Of Apartheid: Uk-South African...


    This volume examines diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and South Africa during one of the most turbulent periods of the apartheid era. The crisis of apartheid that began in 1984 provoked international outrage on an unprecedented scale....

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  • The Challenge Of Cognitive Therapy

    T. Michael Vallis; Janice L. Howes; Philip C. Miller

    Cognitive therapy is fast becoming one of the more popular and well- respected forms of psychotherapy. In both research and clinical practice, several advantages of cognitive therapy have been identified. Cognitive therapy is structured enough to...

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  • Jewish Life In Early Modern Rome - Challenge,...


    The essays in this second volume by Kenneth Stow explore the fate of Jews living in Rome, directly under the eye of the Pope. Most Roman Jews were not immigrants; some had been there before the time of Christ. Nor were they cultural strangers. They...

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  • Status And The Challenge Of Rising Powers


    The rise of China and other great powers raises important questions about the persistence and stability of the 'liberal international order'. This book provides a new perspective on these questions by offering a novel theory of revisionist challenges...

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  • Scratch Challenge Made Easy

    Carol Vorderman

    Kids can develop their computer skills with Scratch Challenge Made Easy, the perfect workbook for budding computer whizzes itching for bigger, better Scratch challenges.Experts say computer programming is a powerful tool for children to 'learn'...

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  • The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights

    Bauer,Joanne R.; Bell,Daniel A.

    The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights

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  • Hidden Picture Challenge


    Hidden Picture Challenge

  • The Campout Challenge


    Watch out, 'cause here they come! Join Alvin, his brothers, and Dave on a camping trip in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode of Bagdasarian Productions' hit TV show, Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, airing on Nickelodeon. Fed up with...

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  • The Campout Challenge


    Watch out, 'cause here they come! Join Alvin, his brothers, and Dave on a camping trip in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode of Bagdasarian Productions' hit TV show, Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, airing on Nickelodeon. Fed up with...

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  • Disney Trivia Challenge

    Disney; Disney

    Disney Trivia Challenge

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  • The Challenge Of Art & Science - The European...


    Initiated in 2015, the European Digital Art and Science Network is composed of renowned research institutions (ESA, CERN, ESO) that collaborate with the Ars Electronica Futurelab to provide residencies for artists. This book presents the seven...

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  • The Comeback Challenge

    Christopher, Matt; Meyer,Karen

    Troubled by his violent behavior on the soccer field, Mark Conway desperately tries to find out what is bothering him, before his teammates turn against him. Reprint.

  • The Clues Challenge


    While Nancy and George visit Ned at college, they become embroiled in the Clues Challenge, an athletic treasure hunt, and Nancy must investigate after several 'accidents' indicate that someone is desperate to win at any cost.

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  • The Challenge Of The Present Crisis (Classic...

    Fosdick, Harry Emerson

    Excerpt from The Challenge of the Present Crisis I did not intend to write an essay on the War, and I am glad to see that I have avoided doing so. Many informing treatises are throwing light on every as pect of the great struggle, and it is not...

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