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  • Fiduciary Loyalty

    Matthew Conaglen

    Winner of the second SLS Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2010. Fiduciary Loyalty presents a comprehensive analysis of the nature and function of fiduciary duties. The concept of loyalty, which lies at the heart of fiduciary...

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  • Ensinar Finanças Públicas Numa Faculdade de...

    Eduardo Paz Ferreira

    Ensinar Finanças Públicas Numa Faculdade de Direito

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  • New Rules For Today's Workplace

    Lindsell-roberts,Sheryl (edt)

    In her newest book, business communications expert Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts delivers timely advice for employees, managers, and business owners on surviving and succeeding in today’s technology-dependent workplace. An antidote to the boring business...

  • Concorrência Bancária?

    Carlos Baptista Lobo

    Concorrência Bancária?

  • Estudos de Direito Fiscal

    Luis M. T. Meneses Leitão

    Estudos de Direito Fiscal

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  • The Men Who Would Be King


    Here is the cinematic saga of three Hollywood entertainment legends—friends and rivals, brilliant and savage, ultraconfident and a little crazy—who built the company of their dream, but wound up with more than a few nightmares.

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  • Legislação de Direito Financeiro

    Jorge Bacelar Gouveia

    Legislação de Direito Financeiro

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  • Business Law - With UCC Applications

    Brown,Gordon; Sukys,Paul

    This full featured text is provided as an option to the price sensitive student. It is a full 4 color text that's three whole punched and made available at a discount to students.

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  • Legislação Económica de Moçambique

    Sérgio Vasques

    Legislação Económica de Moçambique

  • Casos Práticos de Direito Fiscal

    Sérgio Vasques; Ilustrações de André Letria

    Casos Práticos de Direito Fiscal

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  • Elementos de Economia Política Internacional

    José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes

    Elementos de Economia Política Internacional

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  • Do «oscilador de Samuelson» ao Espectáculo da...

    Aníbal Almeida

    Do «oscilador de Samuelson» ao Espectáculo da «propulsão»

  • Os Paraísos Fiscais - Casos Práticos com...

    José Manuel Braz da Silva

    Os Paraísos Fiscais - Casos Práticos com Empresas Portuguesas

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  • Teoria Pura da Imposição

    Aníbal Almeida

    Teoria Pura da Imposição

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  • Information Policy - Chasing The Tape -...

    Dombalagian,Onnig H

    An examination of regulation and use of information in capital markets, offering comparisons across different jurisdictions, regulated entities, and financial instruments.Financial information is a both a public resource and a commodity that market...

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  • Instituições e Mercados Financeiros

    Carlos Costa Pina

    Instituições e Mercados Financeiros

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  • Sistema Financeiro e Monetário Internacional,...

    Colette Voisin; Faugère

    Após quinze anos de estabilidade relativa, sob a égide do sistema de BrettonWoods, a economia mundial entrou, em meados dos anos 70, na era dos desequilíbrios. As flutuações do dólar, a pressão exercida pela dívida sobre os países do Terceiro Mundo,...

  • Long Bright Future


    The twentieth century bequeathed us a fabulous gift: thirty more years of life on average. Supersized life spans are going to radically alter society, and present an unprecedented opportunity to change our approach not only to old age but to all of...

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  • Estudos Sobre Irs: Rendimentos de Capitais e...

    Paula Rosado Pereira

    Estudos Sobre Irs: Rendimentos de Capitais e Mais-valias - Cadernos Ideff, N.º 2

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  • O Financiamento das Autarquias Locais...

    Zbyszewski,João Paulo

    O Financiamento das Autarquias Locais Portuguesas - Um Estudo Sobre a Provisão Pública Municipal

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  • Eça e os Impostos

    Textos Coligidos Por Sérgio Vasques

    Eça e os Impostos

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  • Os Impostos Especiais de Consumo

    Sérgio Vasques

    Os Impostos Especiais de Consumo

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  • A Repartição dos Recursos Públicos Entre o...

    Eugénio Carlos da Conceição Rodrigues Moreira

    A Repartição dos Recursos Públicos Entre o Estado e as Autarquias Locais no Ordenamento Jurídico Gui

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  • Conceito de Prestação e Destino da...

    Maria de Lurdes Pereira

    Conceito de Prestação e Destino da Contraprestação

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  • Eu Law: Text, Cases, And Materials

    Burca,Grainne De; Craig,Paul

    The second edition of this text has been fully revised to take account of the many important developments in EC and EU law since the first edition was published. It preserves the same structure which made the first edition so successful, and includes...

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  • Marketing Fashion

    Harriet Posner

    Marketing and fashion branding inform many of the strategic and creative decisions involved in fashion design and product development. Marketing is a vital component of the industry supply chain and an understanding of its importance and role is...

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  • Tributação do Património

    Nuno Sá Gomes

    Tributação do Património

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  • Introdução a um Ensaio Sobre Estatísticas...

    Pedro Soares Martinez

    Introdução a um Ensaio Sobre Estatísticas Económicas

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  • 1.º Colóquio Internacional - O Sistema...


    1.º Colóquio Internacional - O Sistema Financeiro e Fiscal do Urbanismo - Ciclo de Colóquios: O Dire

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  • O Controlo Parlamentar das Finanças Públicas...

    António Ribeiro Gameiro

    O Controlo Parlamentar das Finanças Públicas em Portugal (1976-2002)

  • A Tributação das Sociedades na União Europeia...

    Paula Rosado Pereira

    A Tributação das Sociedades na União Europeia - Entraves Fiscais ao Mercado Interno e Estratégias da

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  • Tributação dos Grupos de Sociedades Pelo...

    Gonçalo Avelãs Nunes

    Tributação dos Grupos de Sociedades Pelo Lucro Consolidado em Sede de Irc - Contributo para um Novo

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  • Networks As Connected Contracts


    Business networks consist of several independent businesses that enter into interrelated contracts, conferring on the parties many of the benefits of co-ordination achieved through vertical integration in a single firm, without creating a single...

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  • Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis - Notas...

    Esmeralda Nascimento; Márcia Trabulo

    Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis - Notas Práticas

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  • The Law Of Private Investment Funds


    Now in its third edition, The Law of Private Investment Funds provides the clearest and most concise dual US/UK and pan-asset analysis available on the legal and regulatory issues that arise in connection with private investment funds. The book...

  • Entertainment Litigation

    Charles J. Harder

    Entertainment Litigation, edited by Charles J. Harder, provides in-depth discussion and analysis of the substantive law regarding a range of the most important subjects pertinent to entertainment litigation and includes sample briefs, memoranda, and...

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  • Titularização de Créditos

    Diogo Leite Campos e Manuel Monteiro

    Titularização de Créditos

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  • Jurisprudência Fiscal Anotada - Supremo...

    J. L. Saldanha Sanches; Glória Teixeira; Jaim

    Jurisprudência Fiscal Anotada - Supremo Tribunal Administrativo - 2001

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  • O Investimento Directo Estrangeiro e a...

    Tânia Meireles da Cunha

    O Investimento Directo Estrangeiro e a Fiscalidade

  • Legislação de Finanças Públicas de Portugal e...

    José Manuel Quelhas; Maria Matilde Lavouras;

    Legislação de Finanças Públicas de Portugal e da União Europeia

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  • Hispanic Marketing: Connecting With The New...

    Korzenny,Betty Ann; Korzenny,Felipe

    'Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer' is about using cultural insights to connect with Latino consumers. It's about marketing strategies that tap into the passion of Hispanic consumers so that marketers and service providers...

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  • Regime Jurídico dos Títulos de Crédito -...

    Paula Quintas e Helder Quintas

    Regime Jurídico dos Títulos de Crédito - Compilação Anotada com Jurisprudência

  • International Environmental Law

    Ulrich Beyerlin

    'International Environmental Law' is a new textbook written for students, practitioners, and anyone interested in the subject. The overall aim of the book is to provide a fresh understanding of international environmental law as a whole, seen in the...

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  • International Child Abduction

    Thalia Kruger

    International child abduction occurs when one parent wrongfully (i.e. in breach of the parental responsibility of the other parent) takes a child to a country other than that of the child's habitual residence, or wrongfully keeps a child in such...

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