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  • Perdoar e Melhor Para Seu Coracao (C, Terapia...

    Morrow,Carol Ann

    Perdoar e Melhor Para Seu Coracao (C, Terapia Infantil)

  • Bolos para Festas Infantis

    Wilson, Anne

    Estes bolos para festas infantis são simples de confeccionar, colorir e, acima de tudo, divertidos para si e para as crianças.

  • e-book



    There's been a spate of break-ins lately in the area and everyone in Kate's class is saying that the burglar is Desmond Locke's dad because he's just come out of prison. Everyone, that is, except Kate. She's sure that Mr Locke is innocent and turns...

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    Heartwarming tale of a cheerful orphan sent to live with her hermit-like grandfather high in the Swiss Alps. There, she transforms the lives of Peter, a goatherd; Peter's blind grandmother; Clara, a well-to-do but sickly girl; and even the old...

  • e-book



    Imagine having a Premier league and England striker as your dad! Lee Brooks loves it, until his dad - 'Brooksie' - loses form and goes downhill embarrassingly fast. Lee hates Brooksie for letting him down. And Lee hates having to move to a grotty new...

  • e-book



    Every secret has a price.For most girls, sleepaway camp is great fun. But for Amy Becker, it's a nightmare. Amy, whose home life is in turmoil, is sent to Camp Takawanda for Girls for the first time as a teenager. Although Amy swears she hates her...

  • e-book


    Cooper,Susan; Doherty,Berlie; Delaney,Joseph

    Derek Landy, Philip Reeve, Joseph Delaney, Susan Cooper, Eleanor Updale, Jamila Gavin, Mal Peet, Matt Haig, Berlie Doherty, Robin Jarvis and Sam Llewellyn have come together to bring you eleven ghost stories: from a ghost walk around York; to a...

  • e-book

    Tokyo Friends


    Katie is a young American girl living in present-day Tokyo. One day, as she walks her dog, she meets Keiko, a young Japanese girl, and her brother Kenji. Together they explore the city and its surroundings as they teach each other the customs of...

  • e-book

    Clean Break

    Wilson,Jacqueline; Sharratt,Nick

    Em adores her funny, glamorous dad - who cares if he's not her real father? He's wonderful to her, and to her little brother Maxie and sister Vita. True to form at Christmas, Dad gives them fantastic presents, including a real emerald ring for his...

  • e-book

    Point Blank


    All Seth Anderson wanted to do was to graduate. Point Blank takes us into the final weeks of his senior year as Seth finishes his last assignment-a project for his philosophy class exploring the question, 'What is the meaning of life?' Suddenly Seth...

  • e-book

    Monster Hunter

    Hansen,Justin LaRocca

    Billy is a monster hunter. That’s because his home is infested with slimy, hairy, creeping, slithering, garbage-eating monsters! One week, Billy does battle with the monsters—in his bedroom, in the bathroom, even in the kitchen. But the problem is...

  • e-book

    Dark Waters


    A gripping tale of family loyalty put to the test from acclaimed story-teller Cathy Macphail

  • e-book

    Plain Girl

    Sorensen,Virginia; Geer,Charles

    An Amish girl, Esther feels like 'one black bird against the sky' in her plain clothes. So when she's forced to attend public school she's terrified. She fears the new world she must enter, fears the way she sticks out next to other kids, and--most...

  • e-book

    Pinky Pye

    Ardizzone,Edward; Estes,Eleanor

    In Pinky Pye, the Pye family adds another member. A furious black kitten abandoned on their doorstep endears itself to the whole family--even Ginger--and foreshadows another addition to the Pye family that will change their lives forever.

  • e-book

    The Crew


    Meet Ellie, Jas, Della, Will and Billy. They're tough. They're street-smart. They're the Crew, and they live in what they call the Ghetto - the estates round the city centre where everyone is skint and it's important to stick together. No-one has a...

  • e-book

    Marathon Mouse


    The little mouse Preston sets out to prove that mice, too, can run marathons! The mice of New York City dread the day of the New York City Marathon more than any other-the crowds, the large shoes, the noise. All of them, that is, except for Preston....

  • e-book

    Jacqueline Hyde


    When Jacqueline Hyde finds the little glass bottle in Grandma's attic her life suddenly changes. Goodbye clean, good Jacqueline. Hello cheeky, loud Jacqueline Bad. It's fun at first. Exciting. But then Jacqueline Bad gets into serious trouble....

  • e-book

    Singled Out

    Griffiths, Sara

    There was a time when all was right in Taylor Dresden's world-that is, as long as she was on the baseball diamond, pitching with all her heart. But that was years ago. Now, as she heads toward her senior year, the magic is gone. There's no...

  • e-book

    Topsy & Turvys


    Quirky, clever, and marvelously inventive, this book takes the reader into a world of imagination and adventure. It provides as much entertainment for adults as it does for the children for whom it was created. Topsys & Turvys Book 2 also available...

  • e-book

    Little Yokozuna


    When a group of children is mysteriously transported from a museum garden into a fantastic world where myths, magic, and spirits of traditional Japan have come to life, they find escape isn't as simple as a phone call home. The children must win a...

  • e-book

    Spoofer Rooney


    They've put a price on Hopper's head, A million quid I heard it said... Hopper Rooney's famous for his outrageously unreal stories. So it's no surprise that no-one believes him when he tells them that someone is living in his da's garden shed! ...

  • e-book

    Football Fever


    Tenn Top-Scoring Soccer Stories Take a grandstand seat for some great soccer action: - a barefoot boy who beats the odds and amazes everyone with his stunning skills; - a goalie called Titch, who proves height isn't everything when it comes to...

  • e-book

    Noodle Head


    DOPED UP AND LOCKED UP - OR FREE? Marcus King - Noodle Head to his friends - is coming to the end of his six-month stint at the Dovedale Home for Young Offenders. He's settled down and he's taking his meds - even if they do dull his senses and leave...

  • e-book

    The Secret


    Mum knew she shouldn't have left the children alone. That was why she was hurrying home, running to catch the evening train. She was so worried about Nicky and Roy that she didn't hear the thief come up behind her; she didn't look carefully when she...

  • e-book

    The Runner


    Jason has had enough of his parents' arguments. He's running away to stay with his brother in Liverpool. On the train journey he meets a 'runner' called Jam, who lives on the monster Intercity trains and stations. His carefree and adventurous life...

  • e-book

    Cloud Busting


    Despite his Mum's insistence, Sam doesn't want to be friends with Davey, he thinks Davey's a first class, grade A, top of the dung heap moron. But one day Davey saves Sam's life and a bond is formed between them. Sam is still embarrassed to be seen...

  • e-book



    'There's something in the sky... something terrible!' On the night of the great storm, a mysterious new planet suddently appears in the sky. Orbiting the sun between Mercury and Venus, the huge blue-grey sphere has scientists baffled as probes...

  • e-book

    Scabbit Isle


    The first time Sam sees the mysterious figure of Janet she vanishes into the deserted fields beyond the town where nothing has ever been built. Sam learns that centuries before this was the place to which plague victims were banished - Scabbit Isle -...

  • e-book

    Wicked Catch!

    Childs,Rob; Reid,Michael

    It's summer and so Bradley, Jagdish, Suresh and Shannon are playing rounders! Who will be the best fielder - could it be Dylan the dog? A Sports Special story from Rob Childs, featuring the characters from Wicked Day!

  • e-book

    Lizzie Zipmouth

    Wilson,Jacqueline; Sharratt,Nick

    Lizzie refuses to speak. She doesn't want to talk to Rory or Jake, her new stepbrothers. Or to Sam, their dad. Or even to her mum. She's completely fed up with having to join a new family, and nothing can convince her to speak to them. Not football,...

  • e-book

    Wicked Day!

    Childs,Rob; Reid,Michael

    What a wicked day! Join in all the fun and games of Sports Day. Bradley and his mates are out to make it a very special day. But why can't Jagdish take part? What's happened to the Cup? And why does the school's grumpy old caretaker think it's a...

  • e-book

    Genie Us

    Cole,Steve; Chapman,Linda

    What would YOU wish for? When Milly, Michael, Jason and Jess move to a town in the middle of nowhere, the last thing they expect to find is a magic book - with its own talking bookworm called Skribble! The grumpy worm promises that The Genie...

  • e-book

    Filipino Friends

    Romulo,Liana; Dandan-Albano,Corazon

    Through the eyes of Sam, a Filipino-American boy visiting the Philippines for the very first time, children will learn about Philippine customs and language. Soft, whimsical watercolors labeled with English words and Filipino translations bring to...

  • e-book

    Operation Marriage

    Chin-Lee,Cynthia; Lyon,Lea

    Set in the San Francisco Bay area months before the passage of Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in California, this heartwarming picture book tells the humorous story of two stubborn kids who take matters into their own hands. When Alex loses her...

  • e-book

    User Unfriendly

    Vande Velde,Vivian

    From Edgar Award-winning author Vivian Vande Velde comes the suspenseful story of a virtual reality RPG (role-playing game) that can result in real death for a young hacker looking to explore the danger-filled fortresses and malevolent sorceries of...

  • e-book

    The Passage

    Sumpolec,Sarah Anne; Sumpolec,Sarah Anne A.

    It's springtime in Bragg County and love is in the air. A church retreat allows Beka to get to know Josh better, but she learns that even though she likes him, his college choice may put a wrench in their relationship. Confused about her ...

  • e-book

    The Alliance

    Sumpolec,Sarah Anne; Sumpolec,Sarah Anne A.

    Beka's newfound faith is tested when she spends time with the eclectic theater group at school and a friend who is involved in the occult. Beka also struggles with her growing relationship with Mark. Where do Beka's true loyalties lie in the midst...

  • e-book

    The Masquerade

    Sumpolec,Sarah Anne; Sumpolec,Sarah Anne A.

    Beka Madison's good girl image is crumbling around her. She can't let her family and friends discover she's not really a Christian, but her ragged emotions threaten to expose her.

  • e-book

    Planet Hell

    Lennon,Joan; Longcroft,Sean

    Sam is one of the Miners who live on Planet Hell, digging ore to power the Earth. It's a nightmarish underground life. Going to the surface means death. Nothing can live there. And then one day, Sam finds a note from the Surface...

  • e-book

    Shifty Business

    Trine,Greg; Dormer,Frank W.

    In the third hilarious adventure of this chapter book series, fourth-grade superhero Jo Schmo discovers a very unusual talent for shape-shifting as she and her dog Raymond try to stop a crime wave in San Francisco. Monsters and sharks and bad guys,...

  • e-book

    Taekwondo For Kids

    Tok,Stephanie; Park,Y. H.

    First time martial arts students are not just starting a program of physical and mental practice. They are entering a new world--one that not only has new rules, new goals, and even new clothing but that also offers them lots of new opportunities for...

  • e-book

    Football Fever 2


    Ten top-of-the-league soccer stories. Meet Craig, who takes advice from a phantom footballer to help his team on a goal-scoring run in the league championship; Dave, an inexperienced goalie who has to make split-second decisions in a penalty...

  • e-book

    The Last Taboo


    Simran likes Tyrone from the moment she spots him in the crowd. He's gorgeous and he won't take no for an answer. There's just one problem. . . Tyrone is black and Simran's not sure how her family will react. Even though her parents were a 'love...

  • e-book

    Amigos: Friends Forever


    The world can present many obstacles—for people with a handicap, simply getting from place to place can be a major challenge. A dog named Pedro wants to explore the world but his lack of sight makes it too dangerous for him to dodge the whizzing cars...

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