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  • Fashion House - Illustrated Interiors From...


    A collection of beautifully illustrated interiors celebrating fashionable people in their inspirational, eclectic, fun, and always extraordinary habitats. Within the sumptuously illustrated pages of this book, you will find every extravagant interior...

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  • Vintage Industrial Interiors

    Alonso, Claudia Martinez

    El objetivo de este libro es mostrar mediante imágenes impactantes el ambiente del estilo vintage y el desarrollo del diseno de muebles industriales.

  • Interiors - The Home Since 1700


    The development of the domestic interior is a history of consumption and taste. Illustrated with contemporary plates from catalogues and books, as well as paintings and photography, this book is suitable for students of and enthusiasts for the...

  • Gayliving - Inspiration Interiors


    Gayliving - Inspiration Interiors

  • Lumitecture - Illuminating Interiors For...


    Light makes an architectural space livable, shapes it and guides us within it. The role of light reaches well beyond practical needs and can create environments, emotions and spatial illusions. Today, as our homes and buildings become increasingly...

  • Wanderlust - Interiors That Bring The World...


    The first book from designer Michelle Nussbaumer features her dramatically lush interiors and shows readers how spaces can be inspired by travel and filled with treasures from around the world. As a curator who discovers exquisite treasures all over...

  • Northern Delights - Scandinavian Homes,...

    Fexeus ,Emma

    Northern Delights reveals why hardly any other interior or product design is so timeless, so functional, so aesthetic, and of such high quality as that of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The book s stunning selection of Scandinavian design...

  • New York Interiors


    Manhattan, uma ilha de cerca de 21 km de comprimento e de 3 km de largura, entre o Hudson e o East River, pátria de todas as culturas do mundo, é um universo em si mesma. A cidade de New York é constituída por cinco distritos, sendo Manhattan o mais...

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  • New Seaside Interiors


    A posse de uma casa junto ao mar é um sonho partilhado por muitas pessoas de todo o mundo. Este livro apresenta alguns dos mais encantadores sonhos que se tornaram realidade; desde a cabana de madeira junto a um fiorde norueguês, à futurista cápsula...

  • 100 Interiors Around The World


    Este livro reúne alguns dos mais destacados projetos de design de interiores mais excepcionais e inspirando da atualidade, em sua jornada através de seis continentes: América do Norte e América do Sul, Europa, Ásia, África e Austrália. Esta seleção...

  • London Interiors - Editado Por/ A Cura Di...


    London Interiors - Editado Por/ A Cura Di Angelika Taschen

  • Rough Interiors


    The concept of taking the existing material as an idea is what is behind the expression Rough Interiors. The building and rooms are taken as they are and the traces of the past are preserved in the sense of remaining visible, into which the design...

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  • Interiors


    Interiors lavishly chronicles Nunnerley's design vision, as expressed through these exquisite projects. Sumptuously illustrated with beautiful photography thematically organized in chapters on Serenity, Individuality, Refinement, Glamour, and more,...

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  • Alberto Pinto - Signature Interiors

    Bony,Anne; Givenchy,Hubert de

    Revered as one of the greatest decorators of the twentieth century, Alberto Pinto made his distinctive mark on the world of interior design thanks to his style, his extraordinary perception and understanding of locations and local cultures, and his...

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  • Parisian Interiors: Bold, Elegant, Refined

    Stoeltie,Barbara; Garcia,Jacques; Stoeltie,René

    Bursting with color and dramatic focal points, these exceptional interiors offer exclusive access into the homes of Paris’s finest art and antiques aficionados. The magic of Paris is distinctly captured in its interiors: windows are tall, and rooms...

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  • Brooklyn Interiors

    Williams,Matthew; Hackett,Kathleen

    Brooklyn today fosters creative communities as never before, and they have cultivated a renegade approach to style one rooted in broad-minded eclecticism and independence. 'Brooklyn Interiors' roams through twenty-four homes that embody this spirit...

  • Dreaming Small - Intimate Interiors

    Levick,Melba; Woods,Douglas

    Dreaming Small is a celebration of 22 jewel box homes, each marked by a sense of style that marries eclecticism, practicality, beauty, and livability. In addition to quintessential bungalows, classic Spanish-style casas, and Tudor fantasies designed...

  • Interiors For Living

    Vários Autores

    Interiors for Living es un libro dedicado a mostrar un testimonio gráfico de las diferentes tendencias y estilos del mejor diseño interior mundial y sus exponentes más originales, éxitos únicos en la reinvención de diferentes estilos para su...

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  • e-book

    Interiors, An Introduction

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Interiors, An Introduction. In this book, you will learn topics such as Design Principles, Elements, and Style, Color, Lighting and Technology, and Space Planning Considerations plus much more. With key features...

  • e-book

    Interiors, An Introduction - Arts, Visual...

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Interiors, An Introduction. In this book, you will learn topics such as Design Principles, Elements, and Style, Color, Lighting and Technology, and Space Planning Considerations plus much more. With key features...

  • e-book

    Design Thinking for Interiors - Inquiry,...

    Margaret Portillo; Joy H. Dohr

    Take a holistic approach to contemporary interior design. The interior design process is changing. In order to create truly engaging work, designers are developing a deeper and broader understanding of how design theory, research, and existing...

  • 100 Interiors Around The World


    Esta edición especial reúne la crème de la crème de los interiores más excepcionales y evocadores del mundo. El libro se detiene en América del Norte, América del Sur, Europa, Asia y África para ofrecernos una cuidada y suntuosa selección fotográfica...

  • Furniture & Interiors Of The 1970S

    Bony,Anne; Rakocevic, Ivan (COL)

    The design of the 1970s was distinguished by a strong confluence of creativity and functionalism in furnishing and decor. We already recognize many '70s furniture designs as icons of mid-century modernism-and the proof is the prices they command at...

  • Interiors Now - Vol. 9 - Edição Trilíngue


    Architecture Now! 9 includes works in Amsterdam and Inner Mongolia by architects as famous as Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel, and those as little known to the general public as Carla Juaçaba from Brazil. Small ephemeral buildings like the BMW Guggenheim...

  • Let's Go Out Again - Interiors For...


    Interior designers and architects worldwide are using new concepts to make going to a restaurant a multisensory experience. Eating is more than a basic physical process. It is a social, aesthetic, and cultural need. We go out to meet friends or...

  • Interiors Now - Vol. 3 - Edição Trilíngue

    Mayer,Margit; Phillips,Ian

    A successful home is the perfect synthesis of personality and zeitgeist; it is a living work of art, a cultural artifact, and the object of ceaseless curiosity. Highly sensitive to this phenomenon, our Interiors Now series tracks the constantly...

  • Tuscany Interiors


    Nestling in the gentle hills and brushed with the hazy sfumato of the air, the homes of Tuscany have long been the objects of lust and legend. This book affords a privileged glimpse of Tuscan houses and interiors. Leading lights of the international...

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  • Provence Interiors


    People all over the world are fascinated by Provence. It is the untamed Roman Provincia, stretching from the crags of Vaucluse and undulating fields of lavender to fishing villages on the Mediterranean. From the whitewashed buildings of the Camargue...

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  • Contemporary Interiors


    A must-have design source, with cutting-edge ideas from the world s best designers and architects. 'Contemporary Interiors' showcases a wide range of twenty-first-century residences by world-renowned architects and designers. Filled with more than...

  • Moroccan Interiors


    This book explores contemporary interiors in the sun-soaked land that stretches from the Sahara to the Mediterranean: Morocco. The diversity is breathtaking: the rural pisé architecture of the south is a far cry from the Hispano-Mooresque ornamental...

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  • Provence Interiors


    Provence Interiors

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  • Seductive Interiors

    Hersham Loftus, Sera

    Seductive Interiors

  • e-book

    Interiors and Narrative - The Spatial Poetics...


    This comparative study is the first to bring together three of the most important writers of the Luso-Hispanic nineteenth century: Machado de Assis, Eça de Queirós, and Leopoldo Alas. It offers new readings of their well-known masterpieces, while...

  • Miami Interiors


    Miami Interiors

  • Moroccan Interiors


    Moroccan Interiors

  • Zen Interiors


    Shows examples of interiors that feature the balance, harmony, and simplicity found in the principles of Zen Buddhism, and shows how lighting, fabrics, and color to affect the senses

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  • Timeless Interiors


    Timeless Interiors

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  • Hybrid Interiors


    Hybrid Interiors

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  • Country Interiors

    Saeks,Diane Dorrans; Taschen,Angelika

    Este livro apresenta fascinantes chalés, rústicos refúgios e residências em lindos campos verdes, em volta dos rios e no alto de colinas em fotos de tirar o fôlego. 'Country Interiors' traz as mais belas paisagens rurais de todo mundo, fala da sua...

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  • Charleston Interiors

    Chamberlain, Samuel

    This splendid pictorial survey depicts 51 historic homes of Charleston, South Carolina. Over 300 photographs, accompanied by descriptive text, depict exquisite 18th- and 19th-century houses and their interiors. Includes illustrations of Ashley Hall,...

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  • Room - Inside Contemporary Interiors


    Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors explores a curated selection of exceptional spaces, ranging from retail concept stores, pop up dining experiences, and art installations, to hotels and private residences. Richly illustrated with extensive and...

  • Sustainable Residential Interiors

    Associates III

    An illustrated guide to 'green' design strategies 'This is a book that many in the design community have been waiting for--a volume that clearly and succinctly lays out the strategies and tools at our disposal for creating interiors that will serve...

  • New New York Interiors


    New New York Interiors

  • Art Deco Interiors

    Delacroix, Henry

    First published in Paris as Decoration Moderne dans l'Interieur, this rare 1935 portfolio of full-color plates reflects the influence of Art Deco modernism onarchitects and interior designers. Designs for everyspace include living rooms, dining...

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