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  • Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - A Biografia...

    Wall, Mick

    A história do Iron Maiden, desde sua origem nos pubs de Londres até seus shows nos imensos festivais mundiais, nos passa mensagens de auto-confiança, determinação e sacrifício pessoal em uma extraordinária odisseia musical. Muitos dos artistas da...

  • Iron Man Mark VI And Hall Of Armor -...


    O Homem de Ferro enfrentou os soldados e os derrotou. Sua armadura resistia aos disparos contra ele. Wong Chu tentou fugir e o Homem de Ferro incendiou o galpão de munições fazendo com que a explosão o matasse. Os prisioneiros foram libertados.

  • Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls - 2 CDs



    The Book Of Souls é o 16º álbum de Uma das bandas mais renomadas e conceituadas no mundo do metal. O álbum será o primeiro duplo gravado em estúdio na história da banda e conta com 11 faixas inéditas, incluindo duas faixas escritas apenas por Bruce...

  • Caneca Soco Inglês - Iron Man


    Caneca Soco Inglês 350ml Iron Man. Caneca decora com tema de heroi com alça que imita soco inglês. Não pode ser usada em microondas.

  • Iron Maiden Especial - Rock Am Ring 2005 -...


    12 anos separam os dois shows deste dvd, que somados temos um enorme número de sucessos do iron, para deleite de todos fãs que apreciam o Heavy Metal.Faixas do DVD:Rock Am Ring 2005 1. Another Life2. The Trooper 3. Remember Tomorrow 4. Where Eagless...

  • Dance of Death


    Álbum inédito da banda de rock mais aclamada do planeta. Dance of Death traz 11 faixas novíssimas de Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain and Janick Gers, o Iron Maiden em sua melhor forma.

  • Iron Man 3 War Machine - Chaveiro


    Chaveiro edição limitada, baseado no concept e 3D original do filme, pintura automotiva, luz de LED nos olhos...

  • Rogue One Darth Vader - 1/10 Art Scale


    O Darth Vader é um dos personagens mais icônicos da saga Star Wars e tem sido frequentemente considerado como um dos maiores vilões da história do cinema.

  • Iron Man Mark V And Hall Of Armor -...


    A Bandai tem o grande prazer de anunciar o Dan Moroboshi Ultraseven S.H.Figuarts Bandai, agora na famosa linha de figuras articuladas da Bandai.

  • Iron Man Vol. 3 -The Secret Origin Of Tony...


    Prepare for more mind-blowing revelations as the shocking secret origin of Tony Stark continues...and it begins with a birth! As the manipulative alien 451's ulterior motive is laid bare. a massive surprise awaits Tony in a deserted battlefield from...

  • Iron Man -Extremis

    Ellis Warren; ELLIS. WARREN



    It's the beginning of a new era for Iron Man! Renowned scribe Warren Ellis joins forces with acclaimed illustrator Adi Granov to redefine the armored Avenger's world for the 21st century - a landscape of terrifying new technologies that threaten to...

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  • Iron Man 3: Prelude

    Gage,Christos; Pilgrim,Will

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns! First. it's the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2! Why is the U.S. government going after Iron Man? Plus. a mysterious figure from Tony's past returns - and he's got a vendetta. Featuring the...

  • Iron Man - Infamous Iron Man, Volume 1 -...

    Bendis, Brian Michael

    There's a new Iron Man in town, and his name is...Victor Von Doom! The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe is no stranger to armor, but now he's trying something new on for size. And where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. But what is Doom's...

  • Marvel: Iron Man Hardcover Ruled Journal


    Celebrate your love of Iron Man with this deluxe hardcover ruled journal. As one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man is a fan-favorite Avenger, and now Marvel fans can show off their fandom with this high-quality journal from Insight Editions'...

  • Iron Man Vol.1 - Believe


    Tony Stark is Iron Man - technological visionary. wealthy playboy. unparalleled engineer and armored Avenger. But now. his armor's most powerful upgrade has become a lethal danger: the techno-virus Extremis is loose! Tony's hunt for the rogue...

  • Iron Man - Invincible Iron Man, Volume 2 -...

    Bendis, Brian Michael

    Something is rotten in the house of Stark, and Tony must delve into the nooks and crannies of his international organization to find out what. War Machine and Iron Man team up to stop a brand-new technological threat - with a little help from a...

  • Iron Man - Iron Man Volume 2 - The Secret...


    Iron space! The story that will shake Iron Man to his very core starts here! Many years ago, Howard and Maria Stark had a baby. But there's something you don't know - something not even Tony knows - and the long-buried secret will span the...

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  • Iron Man -Fatal Frontier

    Gillen,Kieron; Ewing,Al

    It's the first printed edition of the story previously available in Marvel's innovative Infinite Comics! The moon has declared war on Earth! After stopping a missile aimed at Hollywood, Iron Man travels to the moon to investigate, where he clashes...

  • Iron Fist - Vol. 1 - The Gauntlet


    The mystical city of K'un-Lun lies in ruins. The chi that fuels Danny Rand's power is wavering. Can there be any future for the Iron Fist? Danny must push himself to the breaking point, finding fi ghts to prove his worth. But a bigger battle than he...

  • Iron Man Epic Collection 13 - Stark Wars

    Layton,Bob; Michelinie, David

    Time for the Armored Avenger to start avenging! Tony Stark is back in the groove as Iron Man. from outer space to the ocean depths. But the new Stark Enterprises is under constant super-villain alert. under attack from familiar faces like Spymaster...

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  • Iron Man Epic Collection Vol.16 - War Games


    At last. John Byrne's complete Iron Man run is collected in one volume! Tony Stark has a bullet lodged in his spine...but if it wants to kill him. it had better get in line! The ghost of an old enemy. the machinations of a vengeful madman and a...

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  • Iron Fist The Living Weapon Vol.1 -Rage

    Andrews. Kaare Kyle

    High above the city. in a multi -million dollar penthouse. Danny Rand. a.k.a. Iron Fist. 'The Living Weapon.' is haunted by the consequences of choosing death over life. A message from Iron Fist's mystical homeland of K'un Lun brings Danny back to...

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  • Iron Man Epic Collection: Doom

    Fingeroth, Danny; Layton,Bob; McDuffie,Dwayne; Michelinie, David

    Iron Man and Doctor Doom face off in the future! The armored foes are reunited in a future version of Camelot, where they must join a reborn Arthur and Merlin in battle with very familiar faces! Then, Loki cultivates chaos as his Acts of Vengeance...

  • Iron Fist - The Living Weapon - The Complete...


    A one-of-a-kind kung-fu action epic directed by the inimitable Kaare Andrews! Danny Rand, Iron Fist, is haunted by the consequences of choosing death over life. But when he receives a message from his mystical homeland of K'un-Lun, he must return and...

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  • Iron Fist Vol. 2 - Sabertooth - Round 2


    The punches and kicks fly as the man with the Iron Fist teams up with Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu! But what brings these two heroes with the deadly hands together? Oh, nothing much - only a murder cult trying to kill Danny! But that's easier...

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    O'Neil, Denny; Harris,Bob; B. Gillis,Peter

    They're best friends, teammates, brothers-in-arms but that bond is tested to the limit when Falcon targets the Rivas drug cartel and the Super-Sailor known as the 'Anti-Cap' sets his sights on Falc! Can Captain America thwart his dark doppelganger...

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  • Iron Man - Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The...


    Tony Stark takes on the Marvel Universe's hardest job: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And he's just the futurist to bring the peacekeeping intelligence organization up to date! But with Tony in the hot seat, what will that mean for Iron Man? He'll face...

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  • Iron Man - Invincible Iron Man, Volume 3 -...

    Bendis, Brian Michael

    A heartbreaking chapter in the history of Iron Man as the events of CIVIL WAR II come crashing down around him. But what exactly is Doctor Doom up to as the Marvel Universe is engulfed in all-out war? The hits keep on coming as Brian Michael Bendis...

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  • Iron Man Epic Collection - By Force Of Arms


    Tony Stark is back as the Invincible Iron Man! Stan Lee and Gene Colan's complete run - a host of iconic Iron Man adventures, including one of Marvel's fi rst crossovers - is proudly presented in this Epic Collection. Brought before the United States...

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  • Iron Man - Armor Wars II

    Vários Autores

    When industrial villains Kearson Dewitt and the Marrs twins seize control of Tony Stark's central nervous system, he finds himself inexplicably paralyzed and suffering memory loss amidst deadly battles with the Living Laser, who is stronger, and...

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  • Iron Man - Armor Wars

    Vários Autores

    Cash, cars, boats, houses... Tony Stark has got it all. The only thing that could ruin his day? If every single one of his Iron Man armors were stolen, and then turned against him. Tony battles his greatest creations, and tries to discover who could...

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  • Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart Vol. 2 -...


    The whole world loves Riri Williams, A.K.A. Ironheart! Well, except for those who have a bone to pick with how she's doing the job. And the deadly villain who'd like to take a piece out of her. Come to think of it, that's a whole lot of people who...

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  • Iron Fist - The Book Of Changes


    Iron Fist is back and on a collision course with Spider-Man! But what could be going on at Danny Rand's company that would lead him to trade punches with the wall-crawler and the armored Platoon? Danny will fall prey to the mystical cult leader known...

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  • Virtual Xi



    A superbanda sai de sua fase pessimista e solta um disco clássico, de músicas rápidas e pesadas como ´Futureal´ e ´The Angel And The Gambler´, como nos velhos tempos.

  • Iron Gold - Red Rising Series #4


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - In the epic next chapter of the Red Rising Saga, the #1 bestselling author of Morning Star pushes the boundaries of one of the boldest series in fiction. They call him father, liberator, warlord, Slave King, Reaper. But...

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  • e-book

    Iron Maiden


    Jared Diamond'apos;s COLLAPSE inspired this alternate history that takes place during the American Civil War, and tells the story of eight people who come together after the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. They trick the...

  • e-book

    Iron and Ether

    August Li

    2nd EditionBook Three of the Blessed EpochSasha was born to, and has always defined himself by, the secret assassins'apos; Order of the Crimson Scythe. He chose the love of Yarrow L'apos;Estrella and Duncan Purefroy over his duty to his clan,...

  • e-book

    Iron Wolf


    New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown goes beyond the headlines in this high-tech, high-tension military thriller in which a resurgent Russia enflames sectarian unrest and violence in Ukraine and Poland, setting off a stealth robotic war and...

  • e-book

    Iron and Blood

    Auston Habershaw

    Part II of the Saga of the Redeemed picks up right where The Iron Ring left off …After Tyvian Reldamar gets double-crossed by his business partner, he is affixed with an iron ring that prevents the wearer from any evildoing. Not one to be deterred by...

  • Riot Control Stormtrooper - Star Wars Serie 3...



    Os Stormtroopers, ocasionalmente chamados de Stormtroopers da Primeira Ordem, foram soldados padrão à pé Primeira Ordem. Stormtroopers da Primeira Ordem eram equipados com lustrosas armaduras e armas poderosas como o rifle blaster F-11D e a pistola...

  • Iron Council


    A sequel to Perdido Street returns readers to New Crobuzon, where a new cast of characters shares mythical adventures in the sprawling, phantasmagoric city. By the author of The Scar. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

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  • Iron Fist - Star Wars


    Iron Fist - Star Wars

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  • Iron Sunrise


    Rachel Mansour, an agent for Old Earth, must join forces with a disaffected teenager calling herself Wednesday Shadowmist as she races to find out who was responsible for the destruction of the planet Moscow.

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  • Iron Butterfly


    Ex-special ops Marine Lysander Dalton is hired by a mysterious D.C. power player to find the group responsible for buying black market plutonium before they make an A-bomb out of it--a dangerous mission that leads him to the world's wealthiest...

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