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39 produtos
  • S.

    Dorst,Doug; Abrams,J.J.



    Uma jovem encontra numa biblioteca um livro com anotações de um estranho. As margens repletas de observações revelam um leitor inebriado pela histó- ria e pelo misterioso autor da obra. Ela responde os comentários e devolve o livro, que o estranho...

  • e-book

    J.J. Abrams vs. Joss Whedon - Duel for Media...

    Wendy Sterba

    In J.J. Abrams vs. Joss Whedon, Wendy Sterba compares the parallel careers in film and television of two creative masterminds—pitting one against the other in a light-hearted competition. The author looks back upon the beginnings of both men’s...

  • S.

    Dorst,Doug; Abrams,J.J.

    One book. Two readers. A world of mystery, menace and desireA young woman picks up a book left behind by a stranger. Inside it are his margin notes, which reveal a reader entranced by the story and by its mysterious author. She responds with notes of...

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  • Vigilance

    Abrams,J. J.; Ruditis,Paul

    Struggling with work ethics that require her to work with criminals whom she would rather see behind bars, Sydney is alarmed when some of the APO's shadier contacts are targeted by a highly trained vigilante organization.

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  • Birds

    Martin,Gilles; Dubois,Philippe J.; Guidoux,Valerie; Chevallier,Jean

    From fascinating facts to differing nesting practices and comparisons of beaks and songs, an informative book features a wide range of feathered friends, from owls to toucans.

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  • Arches to Zigzags

    Crosbie,Michael J.; Rosenthal,Kit; Rosenthal,Steve; Rosenthal,Kit

    Through lively verse and striking photographs, a large-format book helps young readers learn the ABCs of architecture, including gargoyles, hinges, I-beams, urns, and more.

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  • Replaced

    Harrison,Emma; Abrams,J. J. (CRT)

    Temporarily sidelined after a botched mission, Sydney's sister Nadia joins Vaughn in the field, but when their assignment goes terribly wrong, Sydney is forced to step in to save them both.

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  • Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon

    Corwin,Oliver J.

    Even though his best friend Hare may have a super-speedy spaceship, Tortoise is confident that his reliable craft will do the job well and make him the winner in their race to the moon.

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  • The Future of the Earth

    Arthus-bertrand,Yann; Burleigh,Robert; Dubois,Philippe J.; Guidoux,Valerie; Bataille,Sylvia

    An attention-grabbing primer on mankind's direct and indirect effects on the natural world explains how such topics as global trends, economic disparity, and invasive species, among others, have changed the world in which we live.

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  • e-book

    Star Trek - The Next Generation 365

    Erdmann, Terry J.; Block, Paula M.

    With the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gene Roddenberry somehow managed to recapture lightning in a bottle. This new incarnation of Star Trek was an instant hit, and its popularity inspired four films and three spin-off television series....

  • e-book

    Puppyhood - Life-size Portraits of Puppies at...

    J. Nichole Smith

    Puppyhood showcases adorable puppies in life-size photographs taken at six weeks old. The book itself is oversize at 13 by 11 inches, allowing enough space to bring each of these little ones to life. Twenty-five breeds are captured in engaging...

  • e-book

    Parish-Hadley Tree of Life - An Intimate...

    Williams,Bunny; Brian J. McCarthy

    The legendary interior design firm Parish-Hadley Associates set the standard for American style in the finest homes for more than three decades, from the 1960s through the 1990s. Throughout its colorful history, Parish-Hadley was commissioned by the...

  • Gems

    Dennis,Daniel J., Jr.

    Provides information on colored gems and diamonds, including things to be aware of before buying a precious stone such as color, cut, and setting.

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  • Turks

    Roxburgh,David J.


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  • Alias (Paperback) - Vigilance

    Ruditis,Paul; Abrams,J J

    Sydney's conscience struggles with her job, which too often asks her to work with criminals she'd much rather put away. She understands the logic -- the small fish versus big fish pragmatism -- but that doesn't make acceptance easier. Someone else is...

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  • Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles

    Sansweet,Stephen J

    Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles takes the reader on a journey through cool and kitsch, from toys and costumes to life-size statues made of LEGO bricks to consumer goods such as candy, clothing, toothpaste--and much more. Drawn from the largest private...

  • The Glory of Gardens

    Tilden,Scott J.

    A sweeping compilation of essays and writings by landcape architects, garden designers, poets, philosophers, statesmen, and scientists from around the world chronicles two millennia of garden design, in a volume that is arranged by topics including...

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  • Abram Szajman - a Construção de Um Homem e de...

    Okubaro,Jorge J.

    Nesta obra, 'Abram Szajman - a Construção de Um Homem e de Seu Legado', é possível conhecer mais sobre um dos grandes líderes, Abram Szajman, que ajuda a construir este Brasil, e cuja marca já está, indelevelmente, registrada com muita honra na...

  • Alias (Paperback) - Mind Games

    Ruditis,Paul; Abrams,J J

    Agents Sydney Bristow and Marcus Dixon are hot on the trail of a drug lord who has created a mind-control drug so potent that in the wrong hands it could be one of the world's most dangerous bioweapons. Determined to halt production of the substance,...

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  • Scene of the Crime

    Ellroy,James; Wride,Tim B.; Bratton,William J.

    Shares case information, articles, and recently discovered crime photos from the LAPD archives for dramatic cases that took place between the 1930s and 1960s, in a compilation that includes information related to such crimes as the Black Dahlia...

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  • Selections From The Writings Of John Boyle...

    O'Reilly, John Boyle

    Excerpt from Selections From the Writings of John Boyle O'reilly and Reverend Abram J. Ryan: Edited With an Introduction and Notes and Questions For no other reason than, convenience this number of Catholic Authors includes two names, both admired...

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  • The Universe

    Nemiroff,Robert J.; Bonnell,Jerry T.

    Brings together a year's worth of visually significant images selected from the collection that has been published on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, complementing each picture with a short explanatory text about the subject.

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  • Birds Of The World

    Dubois Philippe J

    Birds 365 gives this perennially popular subject the 365 treatment: ornithologist and conservationist Philippe J. Dubois presents a day in the lifeA' of a different species of bird in each entry, describing the behaviors, habitats and migrations of...

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  • Creating The Worlds Of Star Wars: 365 Days

    Knoll,John; Rinzler,J. W.

    John Knoll was 14 years old when the first Star Wars film (Episode IV) came out in 1977, and it changed his life. By the time the first prequel, The Phantom Menace, was released in 1999, he was its visual effects supervisor - in charge of all special...

  • An American Century of Photography

    Davis,Keith F.; Hallmark Photographic Collection; Hall,Donald J.

    A survey of American photography features a variety of famous and little-known images and emphasizes relationships between individuals and the aesthetic movements

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  • Light on Life

    Iyengar,B. K. S.; Abrams,Douglas; Evans,John J.; Walden,Patricia (NRT)

    A leading yoga instructor demonstrates how practitioners can apply yogic principles to all aspects of daily living for improved mental and physical health, in a guide that explains how yoga can assist the progression of a spiritual path.

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  • In the Fold...

    Robinson,D. J.; Bates,Harry

    In the Fold...

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  • 21st Century Dog

    Rosen,Michael J.

    In a colorful, humorous speculation on the future of 'Dogdom,' the author takes a colorful look the third-millennium canine, covering everything from extreme sports for dogs to reality based programming for pets.

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  • e-book

    My Basmati Bat Mitzvah

    Paula J. Freedman

      During the fall leading up to her bat mitzvah, Tara (Hindi for “star”) Feinstein has a lot more than her Torah portion on her mind. Between Hebrew school and study sessions with the rabbi, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to hang out with her...

  • Once Lost

    Abrams,J. J.; Beyer,Kirsten

    Investigating a black market attempt to sell a deadly virus that has been used to infect an African village, field agent Sydney Bristow and her father, Jack, team up to rescue a kidnapped scientific researcher who has successfully treated the...

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  • Interlúdios em Veneza - Os Diálogos Quase...

    Eksterman,Abram J.

    O que Freud e Thomas Mann dizem nesta obra, salvo algumas referências, não se apoia em obras publicadas por eles ou sobre eles. Apenas 'poderia ter sido', se considerarmos esse limbo intelectual sem tempo, no qual todos os pensamentos podem se...

  • e-book

    Evidence Synthesis for Decision Making in...

    Abrams, Keith R.; Cooper, Nicola; Sutton, Alexander J.; Nicky J. Welton; A. E. Ades

    In the evaluation of healthcare, rigorous methods of quantitative assessment are necessary to establish interventions that are both effective and cost-effective. Usually a single study will not fully address these issues and it is desirable to...

  • Evidence Synthesis for Decision Making in...

    Sutton,A J; Sutton,Alexander J; R Abrams,Keith; Ades,A E; Cooper,Nicola J; Welton,Nicky J; Abrams,Keith R

    In the evaluation of healthcare, rigorous methods of quantitative assessment arenecessary to establish interventions that are both effective and cost-effective. Usually a single study will not fully address these issues and it is desirable to...

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  • Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy : A Ruff , Dog -...

    Nelson,Michael J.

    From Toto to Lassie to Benji and beyond, the dog has thrived in the soil of modern-age media and pop culture. What is it about dogs anyway? 'Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy' is a loving tribute to man's oldest and yes, smelliest, friends. Containing over...

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  • Happy Kitty Bunny Pony

    Nelson,Michael J.

    From turn-of-the-century novelties and Depression-era distraction, through wartime comfort, to Hello Kitty and Jeff Koons, a collection of more than two hundred images of cute things is spiked with fun and curious facts, bits of sarcasm, and dry and...

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  • Homage To Nature

    Stankard,Paul J.

    Homage To Nature

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  • Astronomy - 365 Days

    Nemiroff,Robert J.; Bonnell,Jerry T.

    Brings together a year's worth of spectacular images, drawn from photographs taken by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers on Mars, the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn, and the Hubble Space Telescope, along with others taken by professional and...

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  • Light on Life

    Iyengar,B. K. S.; Abrams,Douglas; Evans,John J.

    A leading yoga instructor demonstrates how practitioners can apply yogic principles to all aspects of daily living for improved mental and physical health.

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  • Rings: Five Passions In World Art

    Brown,J. Carter

    Rings: Five Passions In World Art

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