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  • O Monge e o Executivo - Uma História Sobre A...

    Hunter, James C.

    James C. Hunter apresenta uma obra literária completamente restauradora, emocionante e transformadora. Quem lê O Monge e o Executivo - Uma história sobre a essência da liderança descobre como se tornar uma pessoa melhor na sociedade, no trabalho, na...

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  • e-book

    Interfacing with C

    James, Mike; Howard Hutchings

    Interfacing with C is about interfacing personal computers using C. Anyone who is interested in ports, transducer interfacing, analog to digital conversion, convolution, filters or digital/analog conversion will benefit from reading Interfacing with...

  • e-book

    Objective-C for iPhone Developers, a...

    Brannan,James A.; Brannan, James

    Essential Skills--Made Easy!Create your own iPhone and Mac OS X applications with ease. Objective-C for iPhone Developers: A Beginner's Guide shows you how to use the Objective-C programming language, Apple's Foundation framework, the iPhone SDK, and...

  • Como Se Tornar um Líder Servidor - Os...

    Hunter, James C.

    Com 700 mil exemplares vendidos, O Monge e o Executivo se tornou um dos mais influentes livros sobre liderança já publicados no Brasil, disseminando conceitos inovadores que estão sendo debatidos e adotados por empresas, universidades, escolas,...

  • e-book

    True Myth - C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell...

    James W. Menzies

    Each generation asks in its own way, 'What does it mean to be human?' In True Myth, James Menzies addresses this question by exploring myth and religion in the thinking of mythologist Joseph Campbell and Oxford don C. S. Lewis.Joseph Campbell...

  • e-book

    James and the Alien Experiment

    Prue, Sally

    An engaging, well-written, humorous story about a perennially popular subject. James and the Alien Experiment is a comedy about a boy who is kidnapped by aliens. They’re quite well-meaning aliens though, who want to improve his rather useless human...

  • 7 Secrets Of Persuasion - Leading-Edge...

    Crimmins, James C

    7 Secrets of Persuasion is the first book to take the latest scientific insights about the mind and apply them to the art of persuasion. It directly translates the revolution in neuroscience that has occurred over the last 40 years into practical new...

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  • Alfred C. Kinsey

    Jones,James H.

    Alfred C. Kinsey

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  • e-book

    Leaving It at the Office - A Guide to...

    Norcross, John C.; Jr. James D. Guy

    Wise, warm, and authoritative, this straight-talking guide addresses the real-world struggles that psychotherapists face in balancing their professional and personal lives. It demonstrates that recognizing and tending to one'apos;s physical,...

  • e-book

    Methods and Evaluation in Clinical and...

    Theodore C. Kahn; James T. Cameron; Martin B. Giffen

    Methods and Evaluation in Clinical and Counseling Psychology discusses the many-sided problems that psychology faces, as well as contributions psychology can make in many areas of human concern.This book reviews methods, tests, and therapeutic...

  • e-book

    Increase Your Score In 3 Minutes A Day - ACT...

    Schaffer, James; McCutcheon, Randall

    Accessible, concise guides for quicker, more effective studyingThese new additions to the Increase Your Score series present key principles and practical strategies for the ACT Writing Test (new for 2005) and the ACT Reading Test, explained in...

  • Etta James - Série C. Budget - E


    Etta James - Série C. Budget - E

  • e-book

    C# Design Patterns - A Tutorial

    Cooper, James W.

    Design patterns are elegant, adaptable, and reusable solutions to everyday software development problems. Programmers use design patterns to organize objects in programs, making them easier to write and modify. C# Design Patterns: A Tutorial is a...

  • e-book

    Tape, I-C-E, and Sound Advice - Life Lessons...

    Rod Walters

    Hall of Fame, Rod Walters, has enjoyed a wonderful career in sports. As a youth, he knew he wanted to be in the health care industry. During the summer of his ninth grade year, his parents scholarshipped him to the North Carolina All-Star Student...

  • e-book

    Sustainable Transportation Systems...

    Banks, James; Vanek, Francis; Angenent, Largus

    Engineer and implement sustainable transportation solutionsFeaturing in-depth coverage of passenger and freight transportation, this comprehensive resource discusses contemporary transportation systems and options for improving their sustainability....

  • e-book

    The Jung-Kirsch Letters - The Correspondence...

    Ann Conrad Lammers

    This book charts Carl Gustav Jung'apos;s 33-year (1928-61) correspondence with James Kirsch, adding depth and complexity to the previously published record of the early Jungian movement. Kirsch was a German-Jewish psychiatrist, a first-generation...

  • e-book

    An Introduction to Rhetorical Communication

    James C Mccroskey

    An Introduction to Rhetorical Communication offers a true integration of rhetorical theory and social science approaches to public communication.This highly successful text guides students through message planning and presentation in an easy...

  • e-book

    Sams Teach Yourself Visual C# 2005 in 24...

    Foxall, James

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Looking to break into C# programming? Sams Teach Yourself Visual C# 2005 in 24 Hours, Complete Starter Kit is...

  • e-book

    Applying Advanced Analytics to HR Management...

    James C. Sesil

    Dramatically improve human capital management decisions by applying advanced analytics and 'Big Data' technologies and processes! Pioneering HR technology expert James Sesil identifies widespread flaws in today's HR decision-making processes, and...

  • e-book

    Polyacetylene - Chemistry, Physics, and...

    James C. W. Chien

    Polyacetylene: Chemistry, Physics, and Material Science reviews the chemistry, physics, and material science of polyacetylene. Topics covered include polymerization and crystal structure of polyacetylene, isomerization, neutral defects, and solitons....

  • e-book

    Applying Advanced Analytics to HR Management...

    James C. Sesil

    Dramatically improve human capital management decisions by applying advanced analytics and 'Big Data' technologies and processes! Pioneering HR technology expert James Sesil identifies widespread flaws in today's HR decision-making processes, and...

  • e-book

    Professional Test Driven Development with C#...

    Mcwherter, Jeff; James Bender

    Hands-on guidance to creating great test-driven development practice Test-driven development (TDD) practice helps developers recognize a well-designed application, and encourages writing a test before writing the functionality that needs to be...

  • e-book

    A Theory of Behavior in Organizations

    Ilgen, Daniel R.; Pritchard, Robert D.; James C. Naylor

    A Theory of Behavior in Organizations develops a theory for organizational behavior, or, more accurately, a theory of individual behavior within organizations of behavior.The book begins by discussing a series of general issues involved in the theory...

  • The Five C's Of Cinematography

    Mascelli,Joseph V.

    The Five C's Of Cinematography

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  • Feitas para Durar

    Collins,James C.; Porras, Jerry I.

    Reunindo as conclusões de uma pesquisa realizada em 18 empresas 'excepcionais e duradouras' - algumas com quase cem anos de existência e desempenho superior ao da média do mercado acionário desde 1926 - os autores mostram os fatores que as levaram a...

  • e-book

    A New Notion: Two Works by C. L. R. James:...

    James, C. L. R.; Ignatiev,Noel

    Portraying C. L. R. James as a leading figure in the independence movement in the West Indies and in the black and working-class movements in both Britain and the United States, this volume provides an extensive introduction to James's life and...

  • e-book

    Raising Teenagers Right

    Dobson, James C.

    A respected authority on child development answers questions about the teenage years: how to implement discipline, build confidence, and talk about puberty.

  • e-book

    The New Dare to Discipline

    Dobson, James C.

    Much-needed answers to your toughest parenting questions! Why are boundaries so important? Do children really want limits set on their behavior? My spouse doesn’t seem to care about discipline; why I am I stuck being the “bad guy?” Is it okay to...

  • e-book

    The New Strong-Willed Child

    Dobson, James C.

    Is a willful little darling driving you to distraction? The New Strong-Willed Child is the resource you need—a classic bestseller completely rewritten, updated, and expanded for a new generation of parents and teachers. Challenging as they are to...

  • e-book

    Bringing Up Girls

    Dobson, James C.

    The ultimate guide to raising our daughters right—from parenting authority and trusted family counselor Dr. James Dobson.Peer pressure. Eating disorders. Decisions about love, romance, and sex. Academic demands. Life goals and how to achieve them....

  • e-book

    Bringing Up Boys

    Dobson, James C.

    Sensible advice and caring encouragement on raising boys from the nation’s most trusted parenting authority, Dr. James Dobson.With so much confusion about the role of men in our society, it’s no wonder so many parents and teachers are asking...

  • e-book

    Effective Bible Teaching

    Wilhoit, James C.; Ryken, Leland

    In this updated edition of a trusted classic, two Christian education specialists provide readers with the knowledge and methods needed to effectively communicate the message of the Bible.

  • e-book

    The Human Story

    Davis,James C.

    Has there ever been a history of the world as readable as this?In The Human Story, James C. Davis takes us on a journey to ancient times, telling how peoples of the world settled down and founded cities, conquered neighbors, and established religions...

  • e-book

    When God Doesn'apos;t Make Sense

    Dobson, James C.

    With more than one million copies sold,When God Doesn’t Make Sense is an immensely practical book for those who are struggling with trials and heartaches they can’t understand. Why does disease, natural disaster, divorce, rejection, death, or some...

  • e-book

    Christian Education and the Search for...

    Wilhoit, James C.

    The author explores how Christian education can go beyond mere activity to instill a solid perspective and make sense of a perplexing world.

  • e-book

    1 Enoch - The Hermeneia Translation

    Vanderkam, James C.

    1 Enoch was an important and popular text in ancient Judaism, well attested among the manuscripts at Qumran, and a key piece of the puzzle of Jewish origins. George W. E. Nickelsburg and James C. VanderKam have now revised their translation in...

  • Pantanais da Alma, os (c,amore Psique)


    Pantanais da Alma, os (c,amore Psique)

  • e-book

    Night Light: A Devotional for Couples

    Dobson, Shirley; Dobson, James C.

    Now for the first time in softcover! Whether you're just married or are celebrating your golden anniversary, you need regular, quiet moments with your mate—times to renew love and intimacy with each other and with the Lord. Night Light, by Dr. James...

  • e-book

    The Will of God - Answering the Hard...

    Howell, James C.

    How are we to know the will of God? In this honest discussion, veteran pastor and theologian James C. Howell considers a number of issues relating to God's will, how it is known, how it is done, and how we respond when bad things happen and we feel...

  • e-book

    Preaching Through Luke - The Gospel as...

    James C. Goodloe IV

    Luke wrote this Gospel so that you [Theophilus] may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught [i.e., catechesis] (1:4). It proceeds with a barrage of questions.The first comes from Zechariah: How shall I know? (1:18). This is a...

  • e-book

    America, Sea Power, and the World

    James C. Bradford

    This survey of American naval history features original chapters from key scholars in the field that trace the relationship between the American Navy and the position of the United States on the global political stage over the past 250 years. Places...

  • e-book

    America, Sea Power, and the World

    James C. Bradford

    This survey of American naval history features original chapters from key scholars in the field that trace the relationship between the American Navy and the position of the United States on the global political stage over the past 250 years. Places...

  • e-book

    Presidents in Florida

    James C Clark

    Presidents have played a major role in shaping Florida, whether waging wars, protecting the environment, seeking votes, or just attracting media attention to the state'apos;s attractions. Presidents and Florida looks at the role presidents have...

  • e-book

    A History of Pan-African Revolt

    James, C. L. R.; Kelley,Robin D. G.

    Originally published in England in 1938 and expanded in 1969, this work remains the classic account of global Black resistance. This concise, accessible history of revolts by African peoples worldwide explores the wide range of methods used by...

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