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22 produtos
  • e-book

    James I

    S.J. Houston

    Since publication in 1973James I has established itself as one of the most popular short accounts of James I'apos;s reign. The First Edition was described by John Morrill as `a far better, shrewder, more incisive account of the reign'apos; than the...

  • e-book

    Whitney Houston - Return of the Diva

    Parish,James Robert

    Whitney Houston burst onto the international music scene in 1985 with her debut album which was awarded a Grammy Award for the single 'Saving All My Love For You'. Since then, the acclaimed artist has released only a limited amount of new material,...

  • e-book

    Captain James A. Baker of Houston, 1857-1941

    Kirkland, Kate Sayen

    Captain James A. Baker, Houston lawyer, banker, and businessman, received an alarming telegram on September 23, 1900: his elderly millionaire client William Marsh Rice had died unexpectedly in New York City. Baker rushed to New York, where he...

  • e-book

    Houston Legends - History and Heritage of...


    Houston was the first word spoken from the moon. It is the hub of the world'apos;s energy industry, the headquarters of medical innovation and entrepreneurial phenomena. For 200 years, Houston has been the funnel to international commerce....

  • e-book

    Root and Branch - Charles Hamilton Houston,...

    Jr. Rawn James

    The stirring history of the legal fight to end segregation, and the unlikely partnership of legal pioneers Thurgood Marshall and Charles Hamilton Houston

  • Farewell To Manzanar

    Houston,Jeanne Wakatsuki; Houston,James D.

    The American-born author describes her family's experience and impressions when they were forced to relocate to a camp for the Japanese in Owens Valley, California, during World War II.

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  • Farewell to Manzanar With Connections

    Watatsuki Houston,Jeanne D.; Houston,James D.

    Farewell to Manzanar With Connections

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  • Snow Mountain Passage

    Houston,James D.

    The hardships, tragedy, and devastating starvation that confronted the Donner party, which became trapped by winter snows in the Sierra Nevadas before they can make their way into California, are seen through the eyes of James Frazier Reed and his...

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  • e-book

    Farewell to Manzanar

    Houston,Jeanne Wakatsuki; Houston,James D.

    During World War II a community called Manzanar was hastily created in the high mountain desert country of California, east of the Sierras. Its purpose was to house thousands of Japanese American internees. One of the first families to arrive was the...

  • Os Salmos Como Adoração Cristã - Um...

    Waltke,Bruce K.; Houston,James M.; Moore ,Erika

    Esta colaboração por dois estimados eruditos evangélicos integra uma exposição versículo por versículo de salmos selecionados, com a história da sua interpretação na igreja desde o tempo dos apóstolos até os dias atuais. Waltke e Houston focam seu...

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  • Real Christianity

    James M. Houston; William Wilberforce; Mark O. Hatfield

    As a young politician, William Wilberforce (1759-1833) set out to do two things: rouse professing Christians to understand the nature of true faith, and bring about the end of slavery in England's colonies. Real Christianity challenged the ruling...

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  • In Pursuit Of Happiness

    Houston,James M.

    In Pursuit Of Happiness

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  • The Heart's Desire

    Houston,James M.

    The Heart's Desire

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  • Religious Affections

    Edwards,Jonathan; James M. Houston; Charles Colson

    In the wake of recent revival movements, Christians need Jonathan Edwards' classic Religious Affections more than ever. Edwards, the central figure in New England's first Great Awakening, offers here his most detailed description of the signs-false...

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  • I Believe In The Creator

    Houston,James M.; James M. Houston; Michael Green

    I Believe In The Creator

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  • The Reformed Pastor

    Baxter, Richard; James M. Houston; Richard C. Halverson

    The Reformed Pastor

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  • Em Busca da Felicidade - Trilogia " A...


    “Em Busca da Felicidade”, James Houston fala da sociedade em que vivemos. Como somos conduzidos pelo pós-modernismo e pelo hedonismo vigentes e levados a colocar valor exagerado no consumo – como demonstração de poder e realização – e na performance...

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  • Meu Legado Espiritual


    Em plena pós-modernidade, viver a fé cristã genuína passou a ser manifestação contracultural. Quem afirma não é um jovem rebelde inconformado com a sociedade de consumo. Com mais de 80 anos de estrada, James Houston — professor, acadêmico, escritor e...

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  • O Criador - Vivendo Bem no Mundo de Deus


    Este livro é para cristãos comuns que querem seguir em sua jornada rumo a um conhecimento mais profundo de Deus como Criador do céu e da terra.

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  • Ghost Fox

    Houston,James M

    A novel that shares a time and place with The Last of the Mohicans, relating the experiences of a young woman caught in the fury of the French and Indian Wars. Seventeen-year-old Sarah Wells is taken from a New Hampshire farm by Abnaki Indians and...

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  • A Life Of Prayer

    James M. Houston; St Theresa of Avila; Clayton L. Berg

    In one of the church's darkest hours, Teresa of Avila (1515-1582 allowed neither illness nor threat of death to stop her from calling men and women to walk in the peace and light of Christ. Known for her devotion to unceasing prayer, her fervor for...

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  • Sin & Temptation

    Owen,John; J. I. Packer; James M. Houston

    Sin and Temptation helps us recover the concepts of sin and individual responsibility our world has all but destroyed. John Owen, an English theologian of vast learning, has dealt with the nature of sinful humanity as no writer has done as keenly or...

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