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14 produtos
  • Jesus' Son


    Denis Johnson's now classic story collection chronicles a wild netherworld of addicts and lost souls, a violent and disordered landscape that encompasses every extreme of American culture. These are stories of transcendence and spiraling grief, of...

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  • e-book

    Jesus - The Life and Ministry of God the...

    A. W. Tozer

    Reflections on Christ, from a beloved spiritual writerJesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son features selections from Tozer’s writings on the God-man, Jesus Christ. It follows the chronology of Christ'apos;s earthly life and explores classic...

  • e-book

    The Son Rises - Historical Evidence for the...

    Craig,William L.

    Is the Christian message of Jesus Christ and his resurrection true? Using ten lines of historical evidence, Dr. Craig defends the probability that Jesus was resurrected following his crucifixion. He examines the origin of the Christian movement, and...

  • e-book

    Jesus the Son of God

    Joy Melissa Jensen

    The Famous People of the Bible is a series for children ages 2-5 that tells the story of some of the most well-known people from the Bible. With simple words and colourful illustrations, these books show the smallest kids why these biblical...

  • e-book

    Jesus'apos; Son


    Jesus' Son is a visionary chronicle of dreamers, addicts, and lost souls. These stories tell of spiralling grief and transcendence, of rock bottom and redemption, of getting lost and found and lost again. The narrator of these interlinked stories is...

  • e-book

    If You Are the Son of God - The Suffering and...

    Jacques Ellul

    This significant book, written a few years before his death, presents Ellul's fullest understanding of the meaning of Jesus' life. One ?nds all of the major themes of Ellul's writings. The first half of this book deals with Jesus' sufferings, which...

  • e-book

    Son of Mary - The Family of Jesus and the...

    Margaret Wesley

    Son of Mary offers new solutions to some persistent exegetical problems in the interpretation of three of the most puzzling passages in the Gospel of John, and does so in a way that illuminates the social-cultural context to the New Testament world....

  • e-book

    This Is My Beloved Son - Jesus, the Man

    Snyder,Doyle Herbert

    A great many books have been written about Jesus, the Christ. While they help us to understand the church'apos;s theology, they do little to help us relate to the human side of Jesus, the carpenter from Galilee. Until we can see ourselves as partners...

  • e-book

    My Ideal Jesus - Son of Mary

    Emil Neubert

    A famous little book based on the teaching of Fr. Chaminade. 'Conversations' between the disciple of Mary on the one hand and Jesus and the Blessed Mother on the other. All about imitation of Our Lord's filial love for His Mother. Leads the soul to...

  • e-book

    Flesh-and-Blood Jesus, Second Edition -...

    Dan Russ

    Christians are prone to so focus on the realities of Jesus' divinity that we minimize or ignore the realities of his humanity. That he called himself the Son of Man more than any other title emphasizes that Jesus lived humanly in our fallen world,...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Hybrid Son - The Human Element in...

    Johnson,Paul G.

    Synopsis:The public image of Jesus is shaped by his walking on water and converting water into wine. It all but defines his divinity. In this book his humanity is lifted up, not as a model for Christian behavior, but to make the Incarnation more...

  • Dissertations Of The Unity Of God In The...

    Christie, William; CHRISTIE, WILLIAM

    Excerpt from Dissertations of the Unity of God in the Person of the Father and on the Messiahship of Jesus the Son of God of Mary: With Proofs and Illustrations From Holy Scripture and Ecclesiastical Antiquity Among those strangers to me, who wrote...

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  • Jesus And The Son Of Man

    A. J. B. Higgins; Angus Jb Higgins

    Short description:A study of the relationship between early Christian belief about Jesus and Jesus?

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  • Jesus Christ, Son of Man

    Black,Susan Easton

    Jesus Christ, Son of Man

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