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33 produtos
  • Chanel Set Of 3 Books: Fashion, Fine...


    Chanel Set Of 3 Books: Fashion, Fine Jewellery And Perfume

  • Vogue The Jewellery


    From couture to costume jewellery, the brilliant pieces featured on the pages of British Vogue for almost a century have encapsulated the fashion zeitgeist of each new age for which they were created. Adorning princesses and rock chicks alike, the...

  • Jewellery Crafting With Kids


    Making jewellery and accessories is a great way for kids to express themselves - and is also a fun and creative way to introduce them to new skills. The 35 colourful projects in this book will let kids' imaginations run wild, and they will be so...

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  • Jewellery Making And Design

    Rose,Augustus F.

    The ancient, highly skilled craft of manipulating gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones into jewelry is here set forth in a practical text. The authors take you through a graded series of problems, progressing from simple to complex pieces,...

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  • Understanding Jewellery

    Bennett,David; Mascetti,Daniela; Bennet,David

    Understanding Jewellery

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  • Adorn - New Jewellery


    Adorn - New Jewellery

  • René Lalique - Exceptional Jewellery 1890 -...


    René Lalique - Exceptional Jewellery 1890 - 1912

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  • 7000 Years of Jewellery - Paperback


    7000 Years of Jewellery - Paperback

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  • New Directions In Jewellery

    Astfalck,Jivan; Broadhead,Caroline; Derrez,Paul

    New Directions In Jewellery

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  • English Jewellery - From The Fifth Century A....


    Excerpt from English Jewellery: From the Fifth Century A. D. To 1800 O a book of this kind, conditioned in size by the series in which it is published, certain definite limits of scope and scale must be set. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Vintage Costume Jewellery Anglais

    Carole Tanenbaum

    Vintage Costume Jewellery Anglais

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  • e-book

    Victorian Jewellery

    Margaret Flower

    A comprehensive and informative look at Victorian jewellery, split into three eras - 'The Early Victorian, or Romantic Period (1837-60)', 'The Mid-Victorian, or Grand Period (1860-85)' and 'The Late Victorian, or Aesthetic Period (1885-1901)', each...

  • 20 To Make - Beaded Felt Jewellery


    20 To Make - Beaded Felt Jewellery

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  • 20 Twenty To Make - Micro Macramé Jewellery


    20 Twenty To Make - Micro Macramé Jewellery

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  • e-book

    The Craft of Jewellery Making - A Collection...

    Various Authors

    This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from our collection we have compiled a series...

  • Making Designer Bead And Wire Jewellery


    Making Designer Bead And Wire Jewellery

  • e-book

    So You Want to Work In Jewellery Sales

    Katie Houle

    A reference guide to starting in jewellery sales. A new job and a new environment may seem tough to grasp so take a moment to read through this comprehensive guide to starting your new job!

  • Jewellery Making Manual


    An informative and easy-to-follow manual on the techniques of jewellery making and how to create your own special pieces.

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  • Asian Jewellery


    The ultimate reference book on the ethnic jewelery of Asian peoples. This volume provides a vivid and varied insight into body adornment around Asia: ivory, beads, leather, shells, enamel work, precious metals, and stones, alone or in combination,...

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  • Fashion Jewellery - Made In Italy

    Cera,Deanna Farneti

    In Italy there has always been a tradition of making jewellery from semi-precious metal, as copies or prototypes of fine jewellery. 'Fashion Jewellery: Made in Italy' moves chronologically through the last 100 years, with pieces from the beginning of...

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  • Scottish Jewellery


    Scottish Jewellery

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  • Schmuck Jewellery 1840-1940


    Schmuck Jewellery 1840-1940

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  • Jewels And Jewellery


    Jewels And Jewellery

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  • Art Deco Jewellery


    Art Deco Jewellery

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  • Making Designer Seed Bead Stone And Crystal...


    Making Designer Seed Bead Stone And Crystal Jewellery

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  • Wire Jewellery


    Wire Jewellery

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  • Ethnic Jewellery

    Vários Autores

    Ethnic Jewellery

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  • Victorian Jewellery

    Flower,Margaret Cameron Coss; Moore,Doris Langley-Levy

    Victorian Jewellery

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  • Polymer Clay Beaded Jewellery


    Inspiration abounds in this fun and colorful guide's stunning photos of adorable clay beads and their transformation into eye-catching necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key rings, and brooches in a range of innovative styles, from fun and funky to...

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  • Miller's Costume Jewellery


    Dazzling, stunning, covetable and often decadent, costume jewellery has brought sparkle and elegance to the world of fashion for centuries. Whether you are just starting out, an established collector, or simply interested in vintage fashion, Costume...

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  • Jewels And Jewellery


    Explores the various aspects of jewels and jewellery within a broad historical framework. Photography illustrates examples of elaborate techniques such as chasing, enamelling and cameo, and the use of materials such as jet, marcasite and steel, as...

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  • History Of Jewellery, A


    History Of Jewellery, A

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  • The Art of Silver Jewellery

    Star ,René Van Der

    In thirty years of travel and passionate research, René van der Star has colleted and catalogued with philological rigor an exceptional collection of silver jewellery from the most remote villages if China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Tibet.

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