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  • Sem Medo da Rejeição - Como Superei o Medo de...


    Jia Jiang tinha 30 anos, um bom emprego e um ótimo salário. Mas não estava feliz. Ainda adolescente, viera da China para os Estados Unidos com o sonho de se tornar o próximo Bill Gates, mas, conforme os anos foram passando, não teve coragem de se...

  • e-book

    Jiang Guangci'apos;s Selected Novels (Ducool...

    Guo Yanhong; Jiang Guangci

    This book contains The Young Wanderer, Wild & Fete, One Night In Xu Zhou Hotel,Searching For Love,which are written byJiang Guangci.

  • e-book

    The Nature of Chinese Politics - From Mao to...


    This book describes and analyzes how politics among the Chinese leadership has operated and evolved from the period of Mao's court up to the present day. Part I explores politics under Mao and Deng. For this section the five leading western analysts...

  • e-book

    Urban Development in Post-Reform China: State...

    Wu,Fulong; Xu,Jiang; Gar-On Yeh,Anthony

    Radically reoriented under market reform, Chinese cities present both the landscapes of the First and Third World, and are increasingly playing a critical role in the country's economic development. Yet, radical marketization co-exists with the...

  • e-book

    The Mandate of Heaven and The Great Ming Code


    After overthrowing the Mongol Yuan dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), proclaimed that he had obtained the Mandate of Heaven (Tianming), enabling establishment of a spiritual orientation and social agenda for China....

  • e-book

    A Path for Chinese Civil Society: A Case...

    Yu,Jianxing; Zhou,Jun; Jiang,Hua

    Through close investigation into the industrial, organizational, and social governance of industrial associations in Wenzhou and in-depth analysis of their challenges and developments within the institutional context, this book explores the...

  • Reforma e Construção da China


    A opção da China de um sistema social e um caminho de desenvolvimento, as políticas internas e externas que segue e as metas que identificou para o próximo século, estão baseadas tanto na realidade como na história. Estão em conformidade não somente...

  • China Under Jiang Zemin

    Vários Autores

    An analysis of the evolution of China's leader, Jiang Zemin, taking as its starting point the pivotal 15th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It details the personalities and platforms that have been contending for control and the strategies...

  • e-book

    Graphene Chemistry - Theoretical Perspectives

    Jiang,De-En; Chen,Zhongfang

    What are the chemical aspects of graphene as a novel 2D material and how do they relate to the molecular structure? This book addresses these important questions from a theoretical and computational standpoint.  Graphene Chemistry: Theoretical...

  • e-book

    Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming

    Yu, Hao; Zhong-Ping Jiang; Yu Jiang

    A comprehensive look at state-of-the-art ADP theory and real-world applications This book fills a gap in the literature by providing a theoretical framework for integrating techniques from adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) and modern nonlinear...

  • e-book

    A Practical Guide to Error-Control Coding...

    Jiang, Yuan

    This practical resource provides you with a comprehensive understanding of error control coding, an essential and widely applied area in modern digital communications. The goal of error control coding is to encode information in such a way that even...

  • e-book

    Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy...

    Singh, Mrityunjay; Dongliang Jiang; Juergen Heinrich; Yuping Zeng

    This volume of the Ceramic Transactions series compiles a number of papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (9th CMCEE) in Shanghai, China and was the...

  • e-book

    Smart Structures - Innovative Systems for...

    Cheng, Franklin Y.; Jiang, Hongping; Lou, Kangyu

    An innovative concept, smart structural systems have proven to be extremely effective in absorbing damaging energy and/or counteracting potentially devastating force, thus limiting structural collapse and subsequent injury. As this technology rapidly...

  • e-book

    Artificial Intelligence - With an...

    Neapolitan, richard E.; Jiang, Xia

    The first edition of this popular textbook, Contemporary Artificial Intelligence, provided an accessible and student friendly introduction to AI. This fully revised and expanded update, Artificial Intelligence: With an Introduction to Machine...

  • e-book

    Readings in Multimedia Computing and...

    Zhang,Hong Jiang; Jeffay,Kevin

    Readings in Multimedia Computing and Networking captures the broad areas of research and developments in this burgeoning field, distills the key findings, and makes them accessible to professionals, researchers, and students alike. For the first time...

  • e-book

    Truth of The Vanished Ancient Civilization

    Jiang Zifan

    This book is a popular book that fit for the whole public. It gives a panoramic impression of those vanished ancient civilizations in the world history with both words and pictures. It is strongly knowledgeable and readable.

  • e-book

    Surface Patterning for Controlling...


    Chapter 3 from Micro and Nanoengineering of the Cell Microenvironment, Ali Khademhosseini, Jeffrey Borenstein, Mehmet Toner, Shuichi Takayama, editors

  • The Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Jiang H Jiehong

    The Chinese Cultural Revolution

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Conducting Reaction Time Research in Second...

    Jiang, Nan

    This book offers a general introduction to reaction time research as relevant to Second Language Studies and explores a collection of tasks and paradigms that are often used in such research. It provides a lucid explanation of the technical aspects...

  • e-book

    World War Two - Famous Generals Legend...

    Jiang Jing

    This book selects sixteen famous generals'apos; brilliant lifetime of both sides in World War Two. It makes use of accurate historical materials to tell ups and downs of their life from fair perspective and simultaneously analyzes many famous...

  • e-book

    Governance and Planning of Mega-City Regions


    Neoliberalism's market revolution has had a tremendous effect on contemporary mega-city regions. The negative consequences of market-oriented politics for territorial growth have been recognized. While a lot of attention has been given to how...

  • e-book

    The Pandect of Choosing Complementary Food...

    Jiang Jingxiong

    The first challenge for each new mothers is lactating in the problems of looking after babies. When babies are four or five months, choosing complementary food becomes the second challenge. At the same time, the healthy development of milk teeth also...

  • e-book

    MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WiFi and WiMAX - Coherent...

    Hanzo, Lajos; Ming Jiang; Yosef Akhtman; Li Wang

    MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WIFI and WIMAX: Coherent versus Non-Coherent and Cooperative Turbo-Transceivers provides an up-to-date portrayal of wireless transmission based on OFDM techniques augmented with Space-Time Block Codes (STBCs) and Spatial-Division...

  • e-book

    Mao´s Children in the New China - Voices From...

    Jiang, Yarong

    Around 18 million young Chinese people were sent to the countryside between 1966 and 1976 as part of the Cultural Revolution. Mao'apos;s Children in the New China allows some of them to tell their moving stories in their own voices for the first...

  • e-book

    The Nature of Chinese Politics - From Mao to...

    Unger, Jonathan; Unger, Jonathan

    This book describes and analyzes how politics among the Chinese leadership has operated and evolved from the period of Mao's court up to the present day. Part I explores politics under Mao and Deng. For this section the five leading western analysts...

  • e-book

    Red Scarf Girl

    Jiang, Ji-Li

    Publishers Weekly Best Book * ALA Best Book for Young Adults * ALA Notable Children's Book * ALA Booklist Editors' ChoiceMoving, honest, and deeply personal, Red Scarf Girl is the incredible true story of one girl’s courage and determination during...

  • e-book

    HBase Administration Cookbook


    As part of Packt's cookbook series, each recipe offers a practical, step-by-step solution to common problems found in HBase administration. This book is for HBase administrators, developers, and will even help Hadoop administrators. You are not...

  • e-book

    The Wolf Totem


    A story of the wild Mongolia plain, a story of life and death, and a story about the wolf sprit.

  • e-book

    Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates -...

    Nokami,Toshiki; Kimura,Tsutomu; Jiang,Xuefeng

    The Science of Synthesis Editorial Board, together with the volume editors and authors, is constantly reviewing the whole field of synthetic organic chemistry as presented in Science of Synthesis and evaluating significant developments in synthetic...

  • e-book

    Centennial Vicissitudes of Chinese Discourses

    Jiang Yingchun

    In the past 60 years, Chinese society has undergone an earth-shaking change, which is manifested in such aspects as the material and spiritual life of people. The vicissitudes of discourses in the past 60 years are one of the manifestations of social...

  • e-book

    Women Behind Bars

    Deborah Jiang-Stein

    In interviews by the author, a woman born in prison, six incarcerated women share stories of trauma, loss, and hope.

  • e-book

    Second Language Processing - An Introduction

    Jiang, Nan

    Second Language Processing: An Introduction is the first textbook to offer a thorough introduction to the field of second language processing (SLP). The study of SLP seeks to illuminate the cognitive processes underlying the processing of a...

  • East-Asian Archaeoastronomy

    Pankenier,David W.; Xu,Zhenoao; Jiang,Yaotiao

    East-Asian Archaeoastronomy

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Fiber-Optic Fabry-Perot Sensors - An...

    Zeng-Ling Ran; Yun-Jiang Rao; Yuan Gong

    The authors deliver a complete overview of fiber-optic Fabry-Perot (FFP) sensing technology, integrating the knowledge and tools of multiple fields including optics, sensing, micromachining, instrumentation, physics, and materials science. The main...

  • Quality Strategy for Research and Development

    Shiu,M; Shiu,Ming-Li; Jiang,Jui-Chin; Tu,Mao-Hsiung; Shiu,Mingli

    Provides a clear, useful framework and methods for R&D, including robust technology development, product planning, and product design and development management 'Quality Strategy for Research and Development' integrates the Japanese and Western...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Advanced Techniques for Assessment Surface...

    Blunt,Liam; Jiang,Xiang

    This publication deals with the latest developments in the field of 3D surface metrology and will become a seminal text in this important area. It has been prepared with the support of the European Community's Directorate General XII and represents...

  • e-book

    Along the Roaring River - My Wild Ride from...

    Hao Jiang Tian

    Since his 1991 debut at New York's Metropolitan Opera, Hao Jiang Tian has appeared on the world's greatest stages, more than 300 times at the Met alone. How he got there is a drama of bittersweet humor, mortal danger, heartbreaking tragedy, and...

  • e-book

    The Story of Laocius/The Story of Chinese...

    Jiang Weiyu

    This book introduces entertaining and funny life of Laocius with text and illustration. Both splendid Chinese paintings and comprehensive introduction are attractive extremely. It is an excellent sinological picture book and the best choice to...




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  • Strongly Irreducible Operators On Hilbert...

    Jiang,Chunlan; Wang,Zongyao

    Strongly Irreducible Operators On Hilbert Space

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