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  • All - American Ads 60's

    Heimann, Jim

    The mood of advertising in the sixties was cheerful, optimistic, and at times, revolutionary. This nostalgic and diverse collection of print ads explores the wide, wonderful world of 60s Americana.

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  • All-American Ads Of The 40S

    Heimann, Jim

    Out of the blackout, into the boom years: Tracing 1940s America through ads The aftermath of World War II brought unprecedented pride and prosperity to the American people. From Western Electric communication tools (for 'the modern battle') to...

  • 20th Century Fashion

    Heimann,Jim; Nieder,Alison A.

    20th Century Fashion

  • Surfing - Taschen 365, Day-By-Day

    Heimann, Jim

    Bring a little thrill to your every morning. With TASCHEN’s 365 Day-by-Day Surfing, discover with each new date a new vintage photograph or art work that will have you waxing nostalgic for bygone beach vibes. Accompanying quotes from the heart of...

  • All - American Ads 20s

    Heimann, Jim

    The rip-roaring twenties Prohibition made liquor illegal but all the more fun to drink. Speak easies, luxury cars, women's liberation, and a booming economy kept the country's mood on the up-and-up.

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  • Halloween - Vintage Holiday Graphics


    A guaranteed trip down memory lane, this book celebrates All Hallows' Eve in American graphic and print media from the early 1900s to the '60s. Featuring witches, ghouls, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns, the scariest postcards and decorations, the...

  • Mid-Century Ads

    Heller, Steven; Heimann, Jim

    Gleaned from thousands of images, this book offers the best of American print advertising in the age of the “Big Idea.” From the height of American consumerism, bold and colorful campaigns paint a fascinating portrait of the 1950s and 60s, as...

  • Surfing 1778–2015

    Heimann, Jim

    This platinum tome is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to date, marking a major cultural event as much as a publication. Following three and a half years of meticulous research, it brings together more than 900 images to chart the...

  • All - American Ads 60s

    Heimann, Jim

    60s Americana galore! With the consumerist euphoria of the fifties still going strong and the race to the moon at its height, the mood of advertising in the sixties was cheerful, optimistic, and at times, revolutionary. The decade's ads touted...

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  • Fashion of the 70s

    Heimann, Jim

    Fashion of the 70s

  • All American Ads of the 50s

    Heimann, Jim

    La bomba atómica lo alteró todo. A finales del verano de 1949, la explosión de una bomba atómica rusa confirmó que Estados unidos no era el único poseedor del arma nuclear, lo cual suscitó reacciones de todo tipo entre la población. Algunos...

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  • California Here I Come - Vintage Calofornia...

    Heimann, Jim

    This book presents a delightful selection of vintage graphic designs extolling the virtues of sunny California, the land where dreams come true.

  • 20Th Century Travel

    Heimann,Jim; Silver, Allison

    Over the course of the twentieth century, travel experienced an unprecedented boom. As ocean liners broke speed records, aerodynamic trains roared down tracks, and stylish boat-plane clippers evolved into jumbo jets, travel transformed from a...

  • Menu Design In America

    Heimann,Jim; Heller,Steven; Meriani,John

    Until restaurants became commonplace in the late 1800s, printed menus for meals were rare commodities reserved for special occasions. As restaurants proliferated, the menu became more than just a culinary listing. The design of the menu became an...

  • All-american Ads of the 80s

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    A pictorial tour of advertisements from the nineteen eighties provides a colorful look at the decade.

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  • The Golden Age of Advertising - The 60s

    Heimann, Jim

    A pictorial tour of advertisements from the nineteen sixties provides a colorful look at the cheerful, optimistic, and at times revolutionary decade.

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  • Vintage Surfing

    Heimann, Jim

    Vintage Surfing

  • Cars of the 50s


    Cars of the 50s

  • Automobile Design Graphics

    Heller, Steven; Jim Heimann

    n the heyday of the automobile, marketing cars was an exacting process. Selling the public one of their major life purchases involved not only traditional advertising but also a crucial item that extolled the virtue of the cars: the brochure. Often...

  • Fashion - Taschen 365 - a Year In Pictures -...

    Heimann, Jim; Nieder,Alison A.

    For those of you whose datebooks have been replaced by smartphones, TASCHEN has created the new 365 Day-By-Day series so that you can still enjoy the warm analog feeling of marking every day with the turn of a page. Each day you'll discover a new...

  • Kitchen Kitsch

    Heimann, Jim

    Kitchen Kitsch

  • Future Perfect

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    Há muito tempo que não me assusto com previsões de prodígios que estão para vir, problemas antigos resolvidos, novos mundos revelados.Como as Feiras Mundiais e as exibições na Futuramic Motor a que estão tão intimamente ligados, os prognósticos...

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  • Classic Cars - 100 Anos de Publicidade...

    Patton,Phil; Heimann, Jim

    Classic Cars - 100 Anos de Publicidade Automóvel - Espanhol / Italiano / Português

  • 70s Fashion - Vintage Fashion And Beauty Ads


    Deste os hippies até a era disco e o punk, este livro visual revive a moda dos anos 70 através das campanhas publicitárias de moda desta década.

  • 20th Century Travel - Edição Trilingue - Port...

    Heimann, Jim; Silver, Allison

    20th Century Travel - Edição Trilingue - Port / Itali / Espa

  • 70s Cars - Vintage Auto Ads

    Heimann,Jim; Thacker, Tony

    During a decade of tumultuous change that gave us disco and optional 8-track tape decks, the seventies would also witness the demise of muscle cars and the birth of the economy car. And with an influx of imports from Europe and Japan there was more...

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  • 60s Cards Vintage Auto Ads

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    From the ubiquitous VW Bug to the short-lived Studebaker Avanti, this nostalgic look at 1960s cars brings automobiles from the swinging sixties back to life. Family cars and big-engine sports cars from Detroit mingle alongside classic and...

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  • Leroy Grannis - Surf Photography of the 1960s...

    Heimann, Jim; Barilotti,Steve

    At a time when surfing is more popular than ever, it's fitting to look back at the years that brought the sport into the mainstream. Developed by Hawaiian islanders over five centuries ago, surfing began to peak on the mainland in the 1950s, taking...

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  • Shop America - Midcentury Storefront Design...

    Heimann, Jim

    In postwar America, everything pointed to a bright, shiny future. Sheer optimism and opulence informed everything from automobile design to architecture, infusing design with larger-than-life planes and curves. Storefront design of the era is...

  • Valentines - Vintage Holiday Graphics


    While it may be true that our annual celebration of love began as a pagan feast of the flesh in third century Rome, that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying this charming collection of Valentine's Day ephemera. From cards to candy boxes, party favors...

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  • All - American Ads 30s

    Heimann, Jim

    At the dawn of the 1930s, modernism started to influence the American advertising industry as waves from the European avant-garde movement made their way across the Atlantic. The trend of literal, uninspired print ads was shaken up by new stylized,...

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  • 70´s - All-american Ads

    Heimann, Jim

    A fascinating study of mass culture dissemination in a post-hippie, television-obsessed nation, this weighty volume delivers an exhaustive and nostalgic overview of 70's advertising.

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  • All-american Ads 1900-1919

    Heimann, Jim

    A far cry from the aggressive ads we've become used to, American print advertisements from the first two decades of the 20th century were almost shockingly pleasant. Intricately designed and beautifully illustrated, often in the art nouveau style...

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  • All - American Ads 40s

    Heimann, Jim

    World War II brought unprecedented pride and prosperity to the American people and nothing better mirrors the new wave of consumerism and progress than the ads of the time. From Western Electric communication tools (for 'the modern battlefield') to...

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  • 20Th Century - Classic Cars

    Patton,Phil; Heimann, Jim

    Wheels of history. From the Model T and DB5 to the VW Beetle and the Hummer Henry Ford jump-started the age of the automobile with the first assembly-line car in 1908: the Model T. Over the next century the automobile evolved from chugging workhorse...

    Produto indisponível

  • Guia de Certificação Linux

    Heimann, Jim; Mendonça,Nelson

    Este livro procura detalhar o conteúdo das duas certificações em Linux mais difundidas no Brasil: Conectiva Linux e LPIC-1. Dividido em informações gerais, tópicos abordados, mais de 180 questões comentadas, links para referência e dicas dos autores,...

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  • All-american Ads 50´s

    Heimann, Jim

    As McCarthyism swept across the United States and capitalism was king, white America enjoyed a feeling of pride and security that was reflected in advertising. Carelessly flooding society with dangerous misinformation, companies in the 50s promoted...

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  • Christmas Vintage Holiday Graphics

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    O São Nicolau é um ícone natalício tão omnipresente que é impossível não pensar nela a distribuir presentes, pilotando o seu trenó bem lubrificado puxado por renas. E,no entanto, este gigante bem-disposto, eternamente vestido de vermelho, foi visto...

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  • Surfing - Vintage Surfing Graphics - Icons

    Heimann, Jim

    Surfing - Vintage Surfing Graphics - Icons

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  • The Golden Age of Advertising - The 70s

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    Provides a pictorial tour of advertisements from the 1970s, including categories such as automobiles, travel, interiors, entertainment, fashion, alcohol, business, consumer products, and food and beverages.

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  • Po-see the World

    Heimann Jim

    Po-see the World

    Produto indisponível

  • The Golden Age of Advertising - The 50´s

    Heimann, Jim

    Produto indisponível

  • 50s Fashion - Vintage Fashion And Beauty Ads

    Heimann,Ed Jim

    50s Fashion - Vintage Fashion And Beauty Ads

    Produto indisponível

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