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16 produtos
  • Para Tudo Há Um Tempo - A Sabedoria do...


    Todas as experiências que a vida nos proporciona são importantes. Todas as fases, todas as horas, todas as estações são oportunidades de desenvolvimento e de autoconhecimento. Ninguém possui a visão do todo sobre sua vida, pois só vemos o que está...

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    Para tudo há um tempo


    Todas as experiências que a vida nos proporciona são importantes. Todas as fases, todas as horas, todas as estações são oportunidades de desenvolvimento e de autoconhecimento. Ninguém possui a visão do todo sobre sua vida, pois só vemos o que está...

  • e-book

    Joan Chittister - In My Own Words

    Kownacki Mary Lou

    Sister Joan D. Chittister, a Benedictine nun for over fifty years, has been one of the Church'apos;s key visionary voices and spiritual leaders for more than thirty years. A prolific writer and international speaker, she concentrates on women'apos;s...

  • Para Aprofundar o Creio

    Chittister Joan

    O livro revê frase a frase as partes do Creio, procurando tirar delas, mais que enunciados dogmáticos, a síntese da espiritualidade genuinamente cristã que anima homens e mulheres devotados ao seguimento de Jesus. Segundo a autora, nunca tivemos...

  • e-book

    Wisdom Distilled from the Daily


    Wise and enduring spiritual guidelines for everyday living –– as relevant today as when The Rule was originally conceived by St. Benedict in fifth century Rome.

  • e-book

    Uncommon Gratitude - Alleluia for All That Is

    Williams,Rowan; Chittister, Joan

    Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams often says that, no matter what, the proper stance of the Christian in the world is one of gratitude. In this book, Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, and Archbishop Rowan Williams offer us a sweeping set of things...

  • e-book

    Becoming Fully Human - The Greatest Glory of...

    Sister Joan Chittister

    Drawing from the folklore and scripture of other cultures, as well as her own monastic tradition, Sister Joan Chittister develops a spirituality that understands what it means to be human and the importance of seeing others for what they truly...

  • e-book

    Listen with the Heart - Sacred Moments in...

    Sister Joan Chittister

    Known as one of the most challenging and charismatic leaders in Christianity, Joan Chittister is a Benedictine sister with an ecumenical outreach and vision. Listen with the Heart is her insightful, personal call to reach beyond the immediacy of a...

  • e-book

    The Rule of Benedict - A Spirituality for the...


    This new edition of a classic religious text combines the timeless wisdom of Benedict of Nursia'apos;s Rule with the perceptive commentary of a renowned Benedictine mystic and scholar. In her new introduction to the Rule, the author boldly claims...

  • e-book

    For All that has Been Thanks - Growing a...

    Williams,Rowan; Chittister,Joan

    Rowan Williams, writing in partnership with the bestselling American Benedictine author, Joan Chittister, explores the meaning of a word often spoken in Christian worship, but rarely considered. What are we doing when we say the word 'Alleluia'? In...

  • Bem-vindo À Sabedoria do Mundo


    Freira beneditina, a autora mostra como hinduístas, budistas, judeus, cristãos e islâmicos encontraram um modelo próprio para buscar o alimento para o espírito. Um livro que oferece uma rica e imparcial exploração da espiritualidade, e ensina que,...

  • e-book

    Called to Question - A Spiritual Memoir

    Chittister,Joan D.

    This unique and intensely personal memoir is about spirituality, not about religion,and it is alive with the raw energy of a journal and polisjed with the skill of the master storyteller.

  • e-book

    The Monastery of the Heart - An invitation to...


    Every age has answered the questions and challenges of spiritual living in its own particular ways through its languages, arts, and lifestyles, giving seekers various concepts for guidance. In this original manifesto, bestselling author Joan...

  • e-book

    Our Holy Yearnings - Life lessons for...


    This newest treasury of Joan's wisdom explores how God calls each of us to become fully alive. Here she reflects on the myth of perfection, our need for failure, the power of true humility, reverence for the created world, and the search for God....

  • God At 2000

    Kushner,Lawrence; Armstrong,Karen; Borg,Marcus J.; Chittister,Joan; Eck,Diana; MacKenzie,Ross; Nasr,Seyyed Hossein; Borg,Marcus J.; MacKenzie,Ross; Tutu, Desmond

    God At 2000

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  • The Tent of Abraham

    Douglas-klotz,Neil; Chittister,Joan; Waskow,Arthur; Waskow,Arthur Ocean; Chishti,Murshid Saadi Shakur

    Three distinguished religious thinkers, representing the three major religions, speak out on the conflict among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, addressing important questions of deep spiritual and religious significance and providing stories and...

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