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19 produtos
  • Vingança

    Casey,Joe; Dragotta,Nick

    A próxima geração de heróis e vilões surge num dramático conto de ação, aventura e intriga nos moldes tradicionais da Casa das Ideias! Os jovens heróis da Brigada Juvenil lutam para manter a ordem no Universo Marvel, agindo nos bastidores e fazendo...

  • Wildcats Vicious Circle


    Wildcats Vicious Circle

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  • Nixon's Pals

    Casey,Joe; Burnham,Chris

    ALL-NEW HARDCOVER EDITION IN FULL COLOR! What s worse than being a super-villain in Los Angeles County? Being their parole officer, of course! This is your chance to enjoy this crime neo-classic in new, glorious color! Loaded with extra features!...

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  • Catalyst Comix


    Straight from the glory of Comics' Greatest World, Frank 'Titan' Wells, Amazing Grace, and the Agents of Change are back, baby! But you've never seen them like this! Superstar writer Joe Casey--along with the widest array of artistic talent this side...

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  • Cable: The Nemesis Contract


    Cable stars in power-packed adventures from an explosive era! The Askani'son's world is rocked when he battles Jack Truman, the highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. operative known as Agent 18! When the Nemesis Contract is opened, Cable will face the wrath of...

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  • The Milkman Murders

    Casey,Joe; Parkhouse,Steve

    A dark and disturbing fantasy unfolds after a typical American housewife is raped by a depraved milkman, setting off a horrific series of events involving her deranged family members and carving knives.

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  • Godland Celestial vol.3

    Casey,Joe; Scioli,Tom

    The final edition of the Eisner Award-nominated GODLAND Celestial Edition hardcover series is here! This is how the universe ends! All of your favorites are back: Adam Archer! Basil Cronus! Friedrich Nickelhead! And the ultimate secret of Iboga! If...

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  • Avengers - Road To Marvel's The Avengers

    David,Peter; Casey,Joe; Gage,Christos; Theroux,Justin

    Gear up for the upcoming Avengers movie with these official in-movie-continuity stories starring Avengers mainstays Iron Man, Captain America and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! First, it's an expanded re-imagining of the original Iron Man, featuring...

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  • e-book

    Infantry #2


    Insurance investigator Charlie Alexander has stumbled upon a mystery that could have global implications. While the masked soldier known as Infantry makes himself the number one enemy of Nemesis, Charlie slowly tears at the shroud of secrecy...

  • e-book

    Infantry #1


    Who is Infantry? What is his agenda? Is he a new hero of the people... or merely a pawn in a larger game? The hordes of NEMESIS are America'apos;s greatest enemy, attacking it from within at its highest levels of power. What does this have to do with...

  • e-book

    Infantry #4


    Even as Charlie Alexander begins to uncover some truths behind his recent encounters with the C.I.A. and its connection to his investigation, the mystery surrounding the man called Infantry deepens. How is he connected to a century-old man who claims...

  • e-book

    Infantry #3


    Charlie Alexander is just a normal, workaday insurance investigator who has stumbled onto an incredible mystery. After coming face to face with the man called Infantry, Charlie is more determined than ever to find out who he is. But what possible...

  • e-book

    Valhalla Mad


    Their names are legend: the Glorious Knox! Greghorn the Battlebj_rn! Jhago the Irritator! Three warrior gods vacationing on Earth, just looking to get their drink on and have a good time! Join the drunken festivities with toastmasters Joe Casey (SEX)...

  • e-book

    Sex Vol. 1


    'quot;DO YOU WANNA BUY TEN BUCKS WORTH OF SEX?SPECIAL LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE!Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a 'quot;normal'quot; civilian. Easier said than done! You might'apos;ve heard about SEX, but...

  • e-book

    Sex Vol. 4


    The fourth volume of SEX in book form!

  • Sex Tp - 3 - Sex Volume 3: Broken Toys

    Casey,Joe; Harris,Sonia

    Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a 'normal' civilian. Easier said than done! Now that the full-blown, ten-year superhero orgy is over, life in Saturn City is getting even more complicated. And not only for the...

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  • Sex Tp - 2 - Sex Volume 2: Supercool Tp

    Casey,Joe; Harris,Sonia

    Now that the full-blown ten-year superhero orgy is over, life in Saturn City is getting even more complicated. And not only for the newly-'normalized' Simon Cooke; everyone seems to have their own kink to deal with. Just remember: morality may be...

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  • Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One

    Casey, Joe

    Wildcats Version 3.0 Year One

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  • Casey at the Bat

    Thayer,Ernest Lawrence; Neiman,Leroy; Torre,Joe; Neiman,Leroy

    The baseball verse is presented with charcoal drawings by the noted sports artist.

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