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Resultados para: joe-r-lansdale

13 produtos
  • Hap And Leonard: Savage Season

    Lansdale,Joe R

    An all-new graphic novel adapting the original story which is the basis for the first season of the Sundance TV series. A rip-roaring, high-octane, Texas-sized thriller, featuring two friends, one vixen, a crew of washed-up radicals, loads of money,...

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  • e-book

    Sanctified and Chicken-Fried - The Portable...

    Joe R Lansdale

    Master of mojo storytelling, spinner of over-the-top yarns of horror, suspense, humor, mystery, science fiction, and even the Old West, Joe R. Lansdale has attracted a wide and enthusiastic following. His genre-defying work has brought him numerous...

  • Conan And the Songs of the Dead

    Truman,Timothy; Lansdale,Joe R.

    Conan And the Songs of the Dead

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  • Krasse Killer

    Lansdale,Joe R.

    Eine falsche Schönheit, die Luxusautos und mehr verkauft, eine Rockerbande als Schlägertruppe der Dixie-Mafia, und immer wieder übelste Gerüchte über einen unfassbaren Profikiller. Schlagfertigkeit, Mut und Witz reichen da nicht aus. Hap und Leonard...

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  • Zombie Tales Omnibus: Undead

    Waid, Mark; Giffen, Keith; Lansdale,Joe R.

    A who's who of great storytellers that collects two of the bestselling ZOMBIE TALES graphic novels into one gigantic 220-page package! Featuring heavyweights Mark Waid, Keith Giffen, Steve Niles, William Messner-Loebs, Karl Kesel, Brian Augustyn,...

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  • By Bizarre Hands

    Lansdale,Joe R

    'Lansdale is an immense talent.' Booklist.Small-town juvenile delinquents, Pentecostal snake-handlers, zombies, psychopaths, and assorted freaks populate these witty and gritty tales of horror by a master of the genre. The suspenseful, action-packed...

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  • e-book

    Deadman'apos;s Crossing

    Lansdale,Joe R.

    Deadwood meets The Walking Dead in this wild and profane Western romp featuring zombies, werewolves, killer bees, and one pissed-off gun-slinging preacher.The Wild West has never seen the likes of Reverend Jebidiah Mercer, a hard man wielding a...

  • Grave Predictions - Tales Of Mankind's...

    Vonnegut,Kurt; Campbell,Ramsey; King,Stephen; Bear,Greg; Stableford,Brian; CLARKE,ARTHUR C; Du Bois,W E B; Bradbury,Ray D; Lansdale,Joe R; Machado,Carmen Maria; Samuels,Mark; Satifka,Erica L; Ford,Drew

    'This is a book of stories intended to describe that hand of mortal destruction in 16 utterly different, yet all apocalyptically stunning ways!' Harlan Ellison, from the Introduction.These compelling visions of post-apocalyptic societies and...

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  • Tarzan the Lost Adventure

    Burroughs, Edgar Rice; Burroughs,Edgar Rice (UNK); Lansdale,Joe R.

    Burroughs' final story begun nearly fifty years ago, revised and completed, features the jungle hero and his faithful lion Jad-bal-ja in a battle against an outlaw safari and a search for a lost city of gold

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  • The Two-Bear Mambo

    Lansdale,Joe R.

    Hap and Leonard drive deep into the redneck heart of East Texas, into a town packed with Klan members, to investigate the disappearance of Florida Grange, Leonard's lawyer, and witness a series of bizarre events, such as an exhumation in a voodoo...

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  • Freezer Burn

    Lansdale,Joe R.

    After a botched holdup, Bill, a not-too-bright bungler who has been living with his dead mother in order to collect her social security checks, hides out in a traveling freak show.

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  • The Bottoms

    Lansdale,Joe R.

    When young Harry Crane stumbles upon a mutilated body in the local river bottoms, the region beomes trapped in a nightmare of fear and racial tension, as a vicious serial killer stalks the town, a man is lynched, and local law enforcement races...

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  • A Fine Dark Line

    Landsdale,Joe R.; Lansdale,Joe R.

    Young Stanley Mitchell, Jr., enters the underworld of his 1958 East Texas home when he discovers a cache of love letters by a murdered girl and experiences his first encounters with blues music, racism, and lost dreams.

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