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11 produtos
  • The Art Of War

    Jonathan Clements

    A new translation for the 21st century. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is one of the most influential political and business books of our era. This gateway edition for the 21st century reader rediscovers the essential clarity of the ancient masterpiece,...

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  • Rei Pirata - Coxinga e a Queda da Dinastia...


    As verdadeiras histórias sobre piratas aconteceram em meados do século XVII, na Ásia, mais especificamente na China e arredores, onde as exóticas especiarias atraíam mercadores de todo o mundo. Em 'Rei Pirata - Coxinga e a Queda da Dinastia Ming',...

  • 25 Myths You've Got To Avoid-if You Want To...


    STOP THINKING ABOUT MONEY IN THE SAME OLD WAY Have you ever been told that you can't go wrong with mutual funds? That stocks are risky? That you should take out the largest mortgage possible? That life insurance is a good investment? That you should...

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  • e-book

    Mannerheim - President, Soldier, Spy


    The amazing life of Gustav Mannerheim, a life tragically and heroically intertwined with the twentieth century.

  • e-book

    The Anime Encyclopedia, Revised& Expanded...

    Clements,Jonathan; McCarthy,Helen; Helen Mccarthy

    Completely revised edition, with more films plus all-new studio and artist entries

  • The Lexus Story

    Mahler,Jonathan; Potter,Maximillian; Melcher Media (COR); Melcher Media (COR); Clements,Denny

    The Lexus Story

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  • Darwin's Notebook: The Life, Times, And...


    One of the most fascinating writers and scientists the world has ever seen, Charles Darwin is presented in this journal-like biography through his personal writings and discoveries. Progress with Darwin through his early schooling, his studies in the...

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  • The Dorama Encyclopedia

    Clements,Jonathan; Tamamuro,Motoko

    The Dorama Encyclopedia

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  • Manga Impact

    Clements,Jonathan; Brophy,Philip; Gravett,Paul; Costa Jordi; Surman,David; Novielli,Maria Roberta; Paganelli, Grazia; Chatrian,Carlo; Casa,Luca Della; Delorme,Stéphane; Di Giorgio,Davide; Dottorini,Daniele; Gariglio,Stefano; Higuinen,Erwan; Libert,Fabrizio; Modina,Fabrizio; Nazzaro,Giona; Raffaelli,Luca; Rondolino,Gianni; Roudevitch,Michel; Rumor,Mario; Sarrazin,Stephen; Tsugata,Nobuyuki

    An easily-accessible, A–Z guide to the world of Japanese anime and manga, detailing everything from world-famous movies to the very latest cutting-edge projects by emerging directors and animators. Features thematic essays and directory-style entries...

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  • The Anime Encyclopedia

    Clements,Jonathan; McCarthy,Helen

    The Anime Encyclopedia

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  • Os Mitos que Você Deve Evitar Se Quiser...


    'Os Mitos que Você Deve Evitar - se quiser administrar corretamente o seu dinheiro', de Jonathan Clements, derruba um por um todos os velhos mitos financeiros. Clements mostra que alguns mitos são antigas verdades que já funcionaram um dia. Hoje,...

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