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  • O Tarot de Marselha - Livro + Baralho

    White ,Julian M.

    O tempo todo a vida fala conosco, porém, desafortunadamente, nós, seres humanos, não damos atenção e nem sabemos como ouvir suas mensagens. Com o tarô de Marselha e este simples manual, se podem avaliar facilmente aquelas reações que escapam da...

  • 25 Ferramentas de Gestão

    Birkinshaw, Julian; Mark , Ken

    Não importa se você é um estudante prestes a iniciar um MBA ou um gestor que busca aprofundar conhecimentos; este livro lhe dará um rápido acesso a tudo o que precisa saber. Em 25 ferramentas de gestão, você poderá acessar rapidamente as ferramentas...

  • A Resistência

    Fuks, Julián; Julián Fuks

    ' “Meu irmão é adotado, mas não posso e não quero dizer que meu irmão é adotado.”, escreve, logo na primeira linha, Sebastián, narrador deste romance. Como em diversas obras que tematizam a Guerra Suja — o regime de terror inaugurado em 1976 na...

  • e-book

    Julian Onderdonk in New York - The Lost Years...

    James Graham Baker

    Famed for his bluebonnet landscapes, San Antonio native Julian Onderdonk may be the most well-known artist Texas has ever produced. Onderdonk spent several years outside the state, though, seeking to make a name for himself in New York City. He spent...

  • e-book

    Julian Assange - The Unauthorised...


    In December 2010, Julian Assange signed a contract with Canongate Books to write a book - part memoir, part manifesto - for publication the following year.At the time, Julian said: 'I hope this book will become one of the unifying documents of our...

  • e-book

    Julian Hawthorne - The Life of a Prodigal Son

    Scharnhorst, Gary

    The complicated life and profligate career of Nathaniel Hawthorne's only son, Julian

  • e-book

    Julian'apos;s Gods - Religion and Philosophy...

    Rowland B. E. Smith

    Julian'apos;s brief reign (360-363 AD) had a profound impact on his contemporaries, as he worked fervently for a pagan restoration in the Roman Empire, which was rapidly becoming Christian. Julian'apos;s Gods focuses on the cultural mentality of `the...

  • e-book

    Julian (Routledge Revivals) - An Intellectual...


    Julian: An Intellectual Biography, first published in 1981, presents a penetrating and scholarly analysis of Julian'apos;s intellectual development against the background of philosophy and religion in the late Roman Empire. Professor Polymnia...

  • e-book

    Julian Assange

    Guichaoua,Valerie; Radermecker,Sophie

    Julian Assange, fundador do WikiLeaks, é talvez o homem mais polêmico da atualidade. O seu site foi responsável por constranger a maior potência do planeta, contribuir para a derrocada de governos tirânicos e desmascarar escândalos financeiros....

  • Julian


    An insightful historical novel recreates the brief but brilliant career of Julian, the Roman emperor and philosopher who dedicated himself to the restoration of Hellenism and tried to halt the spread of Christianity. Reprint.

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  • e-book

    Julian of Norwich

    Magill, Kevin

    Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth-century woman who at the age of thirty had a series of vivid visions centred around the crucified Christ. Twenty years later, while living as an anchoress in a church, she is believed to have set out these visions...

  • e-book

    Julian of Norwich, Theologian


    For centuries readers have comfortably accepted Julian of Norwich as simply a mystic. In this astute book, Denys Turner offers a new interpretation of Julian and the significance of her work. Turner argues that this fourteenth-century thinker'apos;s...

  • e-book

    Julian the Apostate - Roman Emperor (361-363)

    Giuseppe Ricciotti

    Flavius Claudius Julianus (331-363); known to history as 'Julian the Apostate;' is one of the most interesting Roman Emperors (361- 363); and his life is one of the most fascinating in all of ancient history. (There is more accurate historical...

  • Julian 'cannonball' Adderley Collection

    Adderly,Julian (CRT)

    Julian 'cannonball' Adderley Collection

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  • Julian Casablancas + The Voidz - Tyranny


    'Através de diferentes conexões musicais e amigos em Nova York e Los Angeles, Julian Casablancas e a banda The Voidz se reuniram e ao longo dos últimos quatro anos, construíram um projeto que resultou no álbum Tyranny. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz...

  • e-book

    Julian of Norwich - A Book of Essays


    These essays-written specifically for this book-provide a rich evaluation of this late 14th and early 15th-century mystical writer's book of revelations and considers the construction of her narrative, its theological complexity, and its literary and...

  • O Tarot de Marselha - Baralho

    White ,Julian M.

    A vida está sempre falando conosco, porém, desafortunadamente, os seres humanos, não damos atenção e nem sabemos como ouvir suas mensagens. Com o tarô de Marselha poderemos avaliar facilmente aquelas situações que nos escapam na análise direta da...

  • Julian Rodriguez - Crisis De Basura En La...


    Julian Rodriguez is on a mission for the Mothership. He's been sent to Earth to study human lifeforms and their bizarre habits--from their disgusting diet (orange sticks named carrots, flavorless liquid called water, and the revolting substance known...

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  • Julian Assange - o Guerreiro da Verdade

    Guichaoua,Valerie; Radermecker,Sophie

    Julian Assange - o Guerreiro da Verdade

  • audio livro

    Julian Hosp's Daily Audio Blog Podcast |...


    Daily Motivational and Inspirational Audio Messages

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Julian Treasure's posts


    Julian Treasures recent posts to

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Julián Tiene Miedo


    Cuando llega la hora de acostarse. las luces se apagan y Julián es incapaz de quedarse dormido: tiene miedo. Miedo a los ruidos extraños. a las luces que entran por la ventana. a la oscuridad de su cuarto. Pero Julián sabe cuál es el mejor remedio...

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  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    It's been a long shift for Detective Vincent Pasquale. Back at his desk at the station he finds a phone message from his vampire spouse, Mark, waiting for him:'Listen our friend Dexter found something about who may have tried to frame Jean-Claude....

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    Werewolves assigned to New York City's supernatural security forces are being snatched while on patrols with their new vampire partners. Worse, these vampires are unable to explain to anyone how the events occurred. Jean-Claude, the new chief...

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    The crown prince of the werewolf clan has disappeared and Tortego, his vampire enemy on the city's supernatural governing body, is suspected. With a horrific werewolf vs. vampire civil war now looming the crafty Tortego has once more turned to Mark...

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    Vampires from around the globe are gathering in New York City to attend meetings of their worldwide Grand Council. Unfortunately someone is methodically hunting the delegates and killing them. The undead community has given their host, Tortego, an...

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    The Case of the Choirboy Killer: The city is being hit by a wave of killings where the victims share two things in common: 1) they are gay and, 2) they have been drained of blood. The press is having a field day using a witness' description to label...

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case of the...


    It's a madhouse as Mark and Vinnie prepare for their wedding. Jaime is missing in action consumed with her quest to find 'just the right forties' gown' for her own pending nuptials. Vinnie is stuck on a complex 'secret' case and has no free time to...

  • e-book

    Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - The Case No One...


    Two men engage in an altercation in a movie lobby. Later one of the men turns up dead in a New York City alley. But this is no ordinary murder. The dead man is a sex demon and his fellow combatant was Jean-Claude Roué. Now the werewolf is accused of...

  • e-book

    The Quest of Julian Day


    1938 - 20 Jan 1939Julian Day, while seeking revenge upon those who had ruined his career in the Diplomatic Service, becomes drawn into a quest for treasure, buried for over 2,000 years. It was for lovely Sylvia Shane that Julian decided to set out...

  • e-book

    A Broken Vessel - Julian Kestral #2


    Julian Kestrel, the dandy detective of Regency London, is most decidedly a man of the world and, through his valet, Dipper, reformed Cockney pickpocket, is not without ties to the underworld. One such connection is Dipper's sister Sally, a prostitute...

  • e-book

    The Crime of Julian Wells

    Cook,Thomas H.

    With THE CRIME OF JULIAN WELLS, Thomas H. Cook, one of America'apos;s most acclaimed suspense writers, has written a novel in the grand tradition of the twisty, cerebral thriller. Like Eric Ambler'apos;s A COFFIN FOR DIMITRIOS and Graham...

  • e-book

    The Daughters of Julian Dane


    At sixteen, Addie Martin learns the identity of the spirit with whom she shares her mind and memory. But when this spirit begins to take over Addie'apos;s life, she can no longer keep secret from her parents, Ben and Della Martin, that she is...

  • e-book

    Tyranny Fighters - The Julian Heicklen...

    Garry Reed

    Between September, 2009 and June, 2012 Julian Heicklen and his Tyranny Fighters were, confronted, harassed, attacked, arrested, jailed and more by the very law enforcers charged with protecting their rights. Their 'crime' was peacefully giving jury...

  • Tarot Renascentista de Giovanni Vacchetta -...

    White ,Julian M.

    Giovanni Vacchetta foi um famoso artista e erudito piemontês que viveu no final do século XIX e na primeira metade do século XX. Alguns dos motivos que tornou tão interessante seu tarot, independentemente de sua grande beleza e detalhe, foram a visão...

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  • e-book

    Cut to the Quick - Julian Kestrel #1


    Julian Kestrel is the walking definition of a Regency-era dandy. He cares about little beyond the perfection of his tailoring, he lives for the bon mot, and his life has the specific gravity and the fleeting charm of a soap-bubble. At least that's...

  • e-book

    Whom the Gods Love - Julian Kestrel #3


    Fans of Regency-era romances will love this series, featuring the dashing Julian Kestrel. But it will also be catnip for devotees of classic gentlemen-sleuth mysteries, like those by Dorothy Sayers: with his quips, his impeccable tailoring and his...

  • e-book

    The Devil in Music - Julian Kestrel #4


    Julian Kestrel, gentleman sleuth and dandy, becomes fascinated with the unsolved case of the murder of a Milanese aristocrat and the disappearance of his protégé, a brilliant young English opera singer. What has become of the singer’s fiancée and the...

  • Passado Imperfeito

    Fellowes, Julian

    Damian Baxter é o homem mais rico da Inglaterra, com um patrimônio estimado em 500 milhões de libras. Mora sozinho em um castelo suntuoso, cercado de empregados. Porém, está morrendo. Uma carta, sem remetente ou assinatura, recebida há meses, afirma...

  • Don Julián


    Don Julián es el resultado de la revisión y retitulación por parte de Juan Goytisolo de su novela 'Reivindicación del Conde don Julián'. La radical propuesta julianesca de hace más de treinta años sigue sin embargo vigente hoy en día. A medida que...

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  • e-book

    Walk Tall - The Music and Life of...


    (Book). Cannonball Adderley introduces his 1967 recording of 'Walk Tall,' by saying, 'There are times when things don't lay the way they're supposed to lay. But regardless, you're supposed to hold your head up high and walk tall.' This sums up the...

  • e-book

    You'apos;re in high school now -...


    What?!!  Go to a dance?  With a girl?!!When the large flower appeared in front of Julian’s face, he thought the girl was checking to see if it matched his light blond hair—he ran into that a lot.  Not this time: he had been tagged to attend the Sadie...

  • e-book

    O capítulo do Julian

    R. J. Palacio

    Mais de 1 milhão de leitores já se encantaram com Extraordinário e a bela história de Auggie Pullman – um garotinho de feições incomuns que tem pela frente uma difícil missão: convencer as pessoas de que, apesar da aparência, é uma criança igual a...

  • e-book

    Failing Upwards

    Julian Caesar

    Failing Upwards is the classic coming of age story. Sort of. I spent a decade of my life depressed, angry and aimless. I responded to that with an amoral hedonism that at times, flirted with nihilism. At some point in that decade, something...

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