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  • My First Stitching And Sewing Book

    Kidz, Cico

    Sewing is fun--learn how to stitch with this step-by-step guide. You'll soon be a sewing whiz, using a wide variety of hand stitches, as well as learning how to sew in a zipper, how to sew on buttons, and how to embroider and applique. In Jewelry and...

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  • e-book

    Aussie Kid Heroes

    Bates, Dianne; Gardner,Marjorie

    This book, in Guinness Book of Records style, tells the remarkable true stories of some of Australia's youngest heroes. At different times and in different ways, these brave, clever, adventurous, creative, athletic, caring or enterprising young...

  • e-book

    Global Cooling

    Reiter, David P.; Dunk,Sarah

    The second in a trilogy of environmentally conscious but enjoyable novels for kids who want to learn about how to save the Earth.

  • e-book

    The Greenhouse Effect

    Reiter, David P.; Dunk,Sarah

    The first in the Project Earthmend Series of environmentally conscious but enjoyable novels for kids who want to learn about how to save the Earth. When Tiger the Cat moves to Canberra with his owner Alexander, there are bound to be a few rough...

  • e-book

    Las Armas de Fuego

    Murphy, Patrick J.; Reiter, David P.; Reiter, David P

    Como muchos otros niños, Juan está fascinado con las armas, de juego y de fuego. Una noche, Juan escucha un argumento entre su padres acerca de una arma de fuego escondida en su casa. Al dÃa siguiente se propone encontrarla. Efectivamente, Juan...

  • e-book

    Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux

    Eimann, Céline

    En parfaite petite fille curieuse, Lyli aimerait bien savoir ce qui se trouve au-delà des montagnes qui encerclent la cité surpeuplée dans laquelle elle grandit. Elle n'a pas peur du terrible Mange-Cailloux, dont on raconte qu'il vit dans un...

  • e-book

    Le Bateau de Reves

    Morgan,Anna; Eimann, Céline; Eimann, C. Line

    Après la mort de sa sÅ?ur, le monde de Liam devient gris. Il passe des heures à regarder les nuages dans le ciel hivernal, espérant que Cassie soit là-haut quelque part. La nuit précédant son anniversaire, Cassie revient à la maison dans un...

  • e-book

    Plato the Platypus Plumber (part-time)

    Edwards, Hazel; Petropoulos,John

    Plato, an eco-warrior, and part-time plumber fixes watery problems like leaking taps, but he also fixes grumpy people with jokes or a smile spray. His tool kit is legendary. Despite ferals along the creek bank, Plato is on call to help Zanzibar and...

  • e-book

    Long Live Us!

    Wignell, Edel; Allert,Peter

    Once upon a time, in a cave under a bridge, there lived a Greedy Troll - and he was hungry! How long would he have to wait for his next meal? Soon he hears trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap, and hurries out. He discovers the Three Bears, who are on a...

  • e-book

    The Sky Dreamer = Le Bateau De Reves

    Morgan, Anne; Eimann, Céline

    When Liam's sister dies, his world turns grey. He spends hours watching clouds crossing the wintry skies, hoping that Cassie is out there somewhere. On the night before Liam's birthday, Cassie sails the Sky Dreamer to their home and drops anchor in...

  • e-book

    Tiger Tames the Min Min

    Green, Chris; MonkeyStack; Reiter, David P; Reiter,David; Bevin, Shane

    The third in the Project Earth-mend Series of environmentally conscious but enjoyable novels for kids who want to learn about how to save the Earth. After their early success with Project Earth-Mend in The Greenhouse Effect and Global Cooling, Tiger...

  • Let's Get Crafty With Paper & Glue

    Kidz, Cico

    25 step-by-step craft activities for parents to do with children aged 2 and up. Bring out your child's creative side with Let's Get Crafty with Paper & Glue. This inspiring book has 25 easy-to-achieve projects that you and your child can enjoy making...

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