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  • Peregrinos do Sol - a Arte da Espada Samurai


     Elaborou-se para esta obra um aprofundado estudo sobre a história e as técnicas de kenjutsu/kendô, a arte da espada samurai, desde suas origens longíquas no Japão até os dias atuais, desaguando na trajetória da arte da esgrima japonesa em solo...

  • Rashomon - A Commissioner Heigo Kobayashi...


    Victor Santos (Polar, Violent Love) writes and illustrates a crime and mystery story inspired by Ryunosuke Akutagawa's tales featuring the heroic commissioner Heigo Kobayashi When the body of a skilled samurai is found along the road to Yamashina in...

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  • Marca-Passo - Competências Clínicas Para...

    Ayoub,Andrea Cotait; Oliveira,Denise Viana Rodrigues De; Kobayashi,Rika Miyahara

    “Marca-passo – Competências Clínicas para Enfermeiros” destina-se a transmitir os atuais e mais modernos conhecimentos sobre assistência de enfermagem a pacientes portadores de dispositivo cardíaco eletrônico implantável (DCEI). O livro é abrangente....

  • Pastel - Vol. 6


    In this romantic comedy series from the unstoppable Del Rey Manga program, a lovestruck teenage boy meets the girl of his dreams, loses her, and finds her again—in his own home!

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  • Utamaro



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  • School Rumble - Vol. 5


    In this major Del Rey Manga series, high-schooler Karasuma doesn’t realize he’s the object of sweet, quiet Tenma’s affections. And she’s oblivious to the amorous interest of class delinquent Harima. It’s a recipe for hilarity and heartbreak.

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  • Tai Chi Chuan

    Kobayashi,Toyo; Kobayashi,Petra

    A guide to the classical Yang style of t'ai chi ch'uan provides explanations and instructions of the thirty-seven positions and basic partner exercises.

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  • Classical Tai Chi Sword

    Chi,Chiang Tao; Kobayashi,Toyo; Kobayashi,Petra; Chi,Chiang Tao (CON)

    Classical Tai Chi Sword

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  • e-book

    An Innocent Relationship Vol. 2

    Takumi Kobayashi

    To take a quick look at him, no one would consider 25 year old office worker Tadashi Kimijima to be a sex symbol. But as luck would have it, Tadashi has somehow won the attention of his incredibly sexy boss, Kana Akashi. Tadashi knows he's the...

  • e-book

    Principles of Nanophotonics

    Kobayashi,Kiyoshi; Ohtsu,Motoichi; Kawazoe,Tadashi

    The Theory and Applications of Nanophotonics Devices, Fabrication, and Systems Coauthored by the developer of nanophotonics, Principles of Nanophotonics outlines physically intuitive concepts of the subject using a novel theoretical framework that...

  • e-book

    Society, Schools, and Progress in Japan

    Tetsuya Kobayashi

    Society, Schools, and Progress in Japan introduces the reader to some of the major features of national education in Japan, with emphasis on the role of schools in society and in promoting progress. The principles of national education are discussed,...

  • Exile And the Heart


    Exile And the Heart

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Probability, Random Processes, and...

    Turin,William; Kobayashi, Hisashi

    Together with the fundamentals of probability, random processes, and statistical analysis, this insightful book also presents a broad range of advanced topics and applications. There is extensive coverage of Bayesian vs. frequentist statistics, time...

  • Guia de Estilo Para Candidatos Ao Poder e...

    Kobayashi,Sérgio; Molina,Luci; Mathías,Milla

    A primeira impressão pode ser decisiva para que se inicie uma relação de confiança entre candidato e eleitor. Saber o que vestir e como se comportar em diferentes ocasiões é importante para a criação da imagem como o candidato quer ser conhecido....

  • Ciranda Das Diferenças - Libras - Uma Zebra...

    Marcia Honora; Lie Kobayashi

    Ciranda Das Diferenças - Libras - Uma Zebra Legal

  • Direitos Humanos, Desenvolvimento e Os...

    Alves Hilário, Gloriete Marques; Kobayashi, Cláudio Roberto Dos Santos; Soares De Paula, Francinaldo; Silva De Paula, Maura Souza Da

    Com o sugestivo nome “Direitos Humanos, Desenvolvimento E Os Desafios Para A Gestão Social Contemporânea”, tem-se o fio condutor do livro que ora se apresenta. Trata-se de obra que passeia por temas como o do Programa Bolsa Família, analisando suas...

  • Filosofia Natural de Descartes, a

    Michio Kobayashi

    Descartes declara, em diversos momentos, que é a sua metafísica que constitui o fundamento da sua física. Efectivamente, em nenhuma das suas obras mais significativas, Descartes desenvolve a sua metafísica sem a relacionar com a sua filosofia...

  • Kare Kano 9

    Tsuda,Masami; Kobayashi,Michelle (TRN)

    After Soichiro threatens Yukino's status as most popular, Yukino tries to regain her idol-like popularity, struggling with her own inner problems while they develop a unique relationship.

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  • e-book

    Japanese - A Comprehensive Grammar

    Kobayashi,Noriko; Kaiser,Stefan; Ichikawa,Yasuko

    Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar is a thorough reference guide to modern Japanese grammar. With its detailed treatment of all grammatical structures, it explores the complexities of the language fully, concentrating on the real patterns of use in...

  • e-book

    T'ai Chi Ch'uan

    Kobayashi,Toyo; Kobayashi,Petra

    Well-known Tai Chi Chuan teachers Toyo and Petra Kobayashi present the art of classic Tai Chi Chuan in this highly informative introduction to the ancient Chinese Taoist system of exercise. Ideally suited for both beginners and advanced practitioners...

  • Japanese

    Kaiser,Stefan; Kobayashi,Noriko; Butler,Sarah; Ichikawa,Yasuko; Yamamoto,Hilofumi


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  • International Review Of Neurobiology - 097


    In this volume, members of the International Translational Research Network on Orofacial Neurological Disorders and invited experts provide authoritative overviews of new aspects of motor function and sensation relating to neurological disorders in...

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  • e-book

    Prairie Ostrich


    Bookish eight-year-old Imogene Murakami, nicknamed 'Egg,' lives with her parents and her teenaged sister, Kathy, on an ostrich farm in Bittercreek, Alberta. Egg's older brother Albert has died in an accident, her father has moved to the barn, and her...

  • e-book

    Biological Applications of Liquid...

    Yutaka Kobayashi

    Biological Applications of Liquid Scintillation Counting, based on a series of lectures given at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, discusses the various biological applications of liquid scintillation counting and presents its...

  • e-book

    Quantum Transport Calculations for...

    Kenji Hirose; Nobuhiko Kobayashi

    As electric devices become smaller and smaller, transport simulations based on the quantum mechanics become more and more important. There are currently numerous textbooks on the basic concepts of quantum transport, but few present calculation...

  • A Companion To Gender Studies

    Essed,Philomena; Kobayashi,Audrey; Goldberg,David Theo

    A Companion to Gender Studies presents a unified and comprehensive vision of its field, and its new directions. It is designed to demonstrate in action the rich interplay between gender and other markers of social position and (dis)privilege, such as...

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  • e-book

    Dealing With Stress - The Complete Guide to...

    Deborah Kobayashi

    You probably know that stress isn't good for you, but you shouldn't let that fact stress you out. There are some easy ways to relieve stress and not being stressed about stress is a good start. However, that may be easier said than done, so here are...

  • e-book

    Malfunctioning Democracy in Japan -...

    Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    In many developed countries, democratic political systems have demonstrated significant shortcomings. Malfunctioning Democracy in Japan: Quantitative Analysis in a Civil Society, by Yoshiaki Kobayashi, investigates the causes of these problems via...

  • Ukiyo-E

    Kobayashi,Tadashi; Harbison,Mark A. (TRN)


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  • Certo Kobayashi Maru, um

    Braz,Julio Emilio

    Certo Kobayashi Maru, um

    Produto indisponível

  • Um Certo Kobayashi Maru - Voleibol

    Braz,Julio Emilio

    A colonia terrestre Hawking estava ameaçada pelo ataque dos terríveis piratas especiais. Kobayashi Maru chefiava um grupo de andróides defensores e foi convocado para o combate. Enquanto aguardava a chegada dos invasores, Kobayashi contava histórias...

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  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Kobayashi Maru

    Martin,A. Michael; Mangels,Andy

    To stop the destruction of civilian shipping vessels, the fledgling Coalition of Planets sends Captain Jonathan Archer and Captain Erica Hernandez, commanders of two powerful starships, on escort duty, but as Archer begins to suspect the Romulans, he...

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  • Tribe



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  • Bonsai

    Kunio Kobayashi

    The art of growing miniature potted trees. In Japanese culture these graceful creations are often displayed in living rooms as symbols of the beauty of nature. It is a true art form that requires special techniques such as pruning, wiring,...

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  • Sal e Açucar


    Beto Kobayashi é músico radicado em Campinas-SP e toca guitarra, violão e baixo. Formado pela Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), o resultado de todos esses anos de estudo na música se traduziu em uma coleção de estudos, temas, arranjos e...

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  • Eleição: Vença a Sua - As Boas Técnicas do...

    Iten,Marco; Kobayashi,Sérgio

    Você tem nas mãos o mapa do tesouro eleitoral. Um mapa com todas as indicações necessárias, inclusive aquelas para tirar você do caminho do erro e deixá-lo para seu adversário. Este é o primeiro mapa com a finalidade de levá-lo, passo a passo, na...

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