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  • Desenvolvimento Urbano e Habitacao Popular em...

    Dias,Marcia L. R. P.

    Desenvolvimento Urbano e Habitacao Popular em Sao Paulo

  • Making L.A. Modern - Craig Ellwood - Myth,...

    Powers,Richard; BOYD,MICHAEL

    This is the definitive volume on Craig Ellwood, a visionary architect, designer, and tastemaker often called the 'California Mies van der Rohe.' Craig Ellwood, 'the Cary Grant of architecture,' was one of the most visible faces of California...

  • Digital Design And Manufacturing - Cad/Cam...

    Bechthold,Martin; Kao,Kenneth Martin; Steinberg,Marco; Griggs,Kimo; Schodek,Daniel L.; Schodek,Daniel L.

    A reliable, concise guide to computer-aided design and manufacturingPositioned to be the leading book of its kind in the field, Digital Design and Manufacturing explains the ins and outs of CAD/CAM technologies and how these tools can be used to...

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  • Ecossistemas Urbanos - Princípios Ecológicos...

    Adler ,Frederick L.; Tanner,Colby J.

    Este livro investiga como as plantas e animais que vivem nas grandes cidades interagem, se alimentam, se reproduzem e lutam pela sobrevivência. Em linguagem acessível e criativa, ele conta com recursos complementares como questionários, sugestões de...

  • The Cathedral Of Rheims - 1211-1914, Special...


    Excerpt from The Cathedral of Rheims: 1211-1914, Special Number of 'L'art Et Les Artistes' It is by degrees that! Came unto our old Now I can say that I owe to them my most perfect joys. Therefore I Wish, before I disappear, to have said my...

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  • e-book

    Arquitetura de Computadores

    Hennessy,John L.; David Patterson; Hennessy,John

    Atualizado para cobrir a revolução da computação móvel, o livro campeão de vendas sobre arquitetura de computadores, concentra-se nas novas plataformas – dispositivos móveis pessoais e sistemas de computação em escala de depósito – e novas...

  • La Désobéissance de L'architecte

    Piano Renzo

    La Désobéissance de L'architecte

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  • Great Garden Formulas

    Benjamin,Joan; Martin,Deborah L.

    Tells how to make compost, fertilizers, soil mixes, pest control formulas, salves, balms, and home remedies

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  • Dictionnaire Raisonne De L'Architecture...


    Excerpt from Dictionnaire Raisonne de l'Architecture Francaise du Xie au Xvie Siecle, Vol. 2 La main pour recevoir une correction; sa figure est grimacante. Sous la Grammaire, Chilon ecrit. Nous donnons (1) la copie de cette derniere sculpture du xm'...

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  • New Jersey's Great Gardens

    Zatz,Arline; Zatz,Joel L.; Zatz,Joel L.

    New Jersey's Great Gardens

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  • Beyond Architecture - Imaginative Buildings...

    Klanten,R.; Feireiss,L.

    Beyond Architecture is the first publication of its kind to document the creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts. Presenting experimental projects from an array of creative contexts, the book features a...

  • The Rodale Book of Composting

    Gershuny, Grace; Martin,Deborah L.; Martin,Deborah L.; Minnich,Jerry

    Explains what composting is and how it works, provides instructions for making and using compost, and offers ecologically sound solutions to waste disposal problems

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  • Cafes / Cafes


    This book proposes a suggestive journey through the most attractive and unique cafés in the world. It includes current projects by the most prestigious architects illustrated by a fine series of photographs and plans. The book shows the latest...

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  • American Houses Today

    Guyon,Scott L.

    American Houses Today

  • Beyond Geometry

    Labelle,Brandon (CON); Hillings,Valerie L.; Zelevansky,Lynn; Los Angles County Museum of Art (CON); Peternak,Miklos (CON); Katzenstein,Ines (CON); Le Blanc,Aleca (CON); Frank,Peter (CON)

    Beyond Geometry

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  • Hummingbird Gardens

    Nielsen,Barbara; Newfield,Nancy L.

    Offers advice on attracting the small bejeweled bird to one's garden while discussing habitat, feeding requirements, and plant varieties

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  • Natural Stonescapes

    Campbell,Frederick C.; Dube,Richard L.

    Explains how to design arrangements that highlight the natural beauty of the chosen stone, adapt designs to showcase a particular site, and then set the stones in place

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  • Open-air Restaurants

    Kliczkowski,María Sol

    Este libro recoge una excelente muestra de proyectos de restaurantes cuya premisa principal es privilegiar el entorno exterior.

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  • Weed-Crop Competition

    Zimdahl,Robert L.

    Weed-Crop Competition

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  • Sean Godsell Br

    Van Schaik L

    Sean Godsell Br

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  • Art In Europe

    Collectif (c.a.i.l)

    Art In Europe

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  • Ipm For Gardeners

    Cloyd,Raymond A.; Nixon,Philip L.; Pataky,Nancy R.

    Ipm For Gardeners

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  • Environmental Issues For Architecture

    Smith,David L.

    A comprehensive introduction to environmental controls for architectural design With concerns for sustainability rapidly changing the technological playing field, the romanticized depiction of architects as solitary artists confined to their drafting...

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  • Gardening in Sandy Soil

    Fornari,C. L.

    Gardening in Sandy Soil

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  • Domus Vol. 1 - L'arte Nella Casa

    Fiell,Peter; Fiell,Charlotte

    Domus Vol. 1 - L'arte Nella Casa

  • California Bungalows Of The Twenties

    Wilson,Henry L.

    California Bungalows Of The Twenties

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  • Perennials for the Backyard Gardener

    Turcotte,Patricia L.

    Discusses soil, light, and moisture conditions, offers advice on creating a garden plan and profiles of the most popular perennials, including bulbs and ground covers.

    sob encomenda
  • The Arts In Latin America, 1492-1820

    Rishel,Joseph J.; Stratton-pruitt,Suzanne L.

    The Arts In Latin America, 1492-1820

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  • Les Dessins D'architecture Au Xviiie Siècle...


    Les Dessins D'architecture Au Xviiie Siècle (broché)

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  • Spacecraft 2 - More Fleeting Architecture And...

    Klanten,R.; Meyer,B.; Feireiss,L.

    Spacecraft 2 - More Fleeting Architecture And Hideouts

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  • Perspecta - 31 - Perspecta 31 "Reading...

    Foug,Carolyn Ann; Joyce,Sharon L

    Perspecta 31 examines the relationship between architectural design and structural engineering through the processes and products of both disciplines.'Reading Structures' Founded in the early 1950s, Perspecta is the oldest and most distinguished of...

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  • Integrative Studies In Water Management And...

    France,Robert L

    What if environmentally damaged landscapes could not only be remediated from an ecological standpoint, but also designed to replenish an entire community as well as the nature surrounding it? The Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design incorporates...

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  • Native Trees Shrubs And Vines For Urban And...

    Hightshoe,Gary L.

    A basic planting design reference, this book provides the amateur, student, and professional with information that assists in simplifying plant–use decisions where native plants are desired. The characteristics, cultural requirements, and most...

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  • Micro Planejamento - Práticas Urbanas...

    L. Rosa,Marcos

    Este trabalho apresenta e analisa a documentação de micropráticas em prol da qualidade de vida realizadas na metrópole paulistana. São 18 iniciativas de intervenção urbana que focalizam as pessoas e as comunidades em ações culturais, esportivas,...

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  • Desenho Arquitetônico


    ´Desenho Arquitetônico´ lançado em 1973, é uma obra consagrada no mercado. Sua importância, como um método prático do aprendizado do desenho, se renova nesta 34° edição. O autor é pioneiro do desenho no Brasil e fundador do curso OBERG, uma...

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  • Nature de L'espace

    Santos Milton

    Nature de L'espace

    Produto indisponível

  • Production de L'espace 4 Ed.

    Vários Autores; Lefebvre H.

    Production de L'espace 4 Ed.

    Produto indisponível

  • Colored Gemstones - 3rd Edition

    Matlins,Antoinette L.

    With more varieties than ever before to choose from, including altogether new gems, revolutionary new cuts and new ways to buy gems—such as Internet auctions and TV shopping—there has never been a more exciting time to buy or collect colored...

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  • Rogelio Salmona

    Castro,Ricardo L.

    Rogelio Salmona

    Produto indisponível

  • The Gardener's A-z Guide To Growing Organic...

    Alcorn,Stephen; Denckla,Tanya L. K.

    A single-volume reference for organic food gardening is arranged in an A-to-Z format that covers planting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, storing, working in a greenhouse, and preventing and combating plant diseases and garden pests. Original.

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  • Cycads of the World

    Jones,David L.

    Cycads of the World

    Produto indisponível

  • Tour of Frank Gehry Architecture & Other L.a....

    Smith,Laura Massino

    Tour of Frank Gehry Architecture & Other L.a. Buildings

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  • EL CUADRADO Más de 300 ejemplos ilustrados...


    Este libro, especialmente dirigido a docentes y estudiantes de disciplinas técnicas, artísticas y relacionadas con el diseño y las artes plásticas, supone un estimulante instrumento de consulta. Ampliamente ilustrado, se centra en temas clave del...

    Produto indisponível

  • Philip Trager

    Michaels,B L Et Al

    Philip Trager

    Produto indisponível

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