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  • Black Ladies


    Black Ladies

  • Ladies First - The Hollywood Collection - Box...


    Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, estas e outras estrelas da grande tela não fizeram história apenas no cinema. Elas deixaram suas marcas na parada de sucessos musicais também. Títulos como “I Wanna Be Loved By You” ou “Falling In Love...

  • Steampunk Ladies - Vingança A Vapor

    Wellington, Zé; Amorim, Di

    Quando às mulheres não cabia decidir, Sue e Rabiosa tomaram as rédeas de suas vidas Em um mundo dominado pela violência de foras da lei com próteses mecânicas, nenhum homem era páreo para eles. Até que duas mulheres movidas a vingança e a vapor...

  • Jazz Ladies - a História de Uma Luta


    “Jazz Ladies – A história de uma luta” é um registro marcante de, como o título indica um combate intenso, travado ao longo de anos, de emancipação da mulher, em especial da mulher negra. Esse livro conta a vida de mulheres excepcionais, que ficaram...

  • The Ladies' Paradise - Oxford World's...


    The Ladies' Paradise (Au Bonheur des Dames) recounts the spectacular development of the modern department store in late nineteenth-century Paris. The store is a symbol of capitalism, of the modern city, and of the bourgeois family; it is emblematic...

  • e-book

    Ladies From Hell

    Robert Douglas Pinkerton

    'The Ladies From Hell' was the nickname applied to the kilted units of the British and Canadian armies in the First World War . Clearly this is meant to paint the men in question as something out of the ordinary; soldiers so tough that they can...

  • e-book

    Ladies of the Lake

    Ken Corday

    Getting away with murder. Seems unlikely, but in the gated community of Avalon it'apos;s what'apos;s in style.It all starts with Hudson'apos;s accidental decapitation. It was a terrible accident. He was drunk and in the middle of a fight with his...

  • e-book

    Ladies Must Live

    Alice,Duer Miller

    Books for All Kinds of Readers. ReadHowYouWant offers the widest selection of on-demand, accessible format editions on the market today. Our 7 different sizes of EasyRead™ are optimized by increasing the font size and spacing between the words and...

  • e-book

    Ladies'apos; Room Reader - The Ultimate...


    Fifty-seven percent of women would rather shop than have sex. Jodie Foster was born Ariane Munker, and Lauren Bacall, Betty Joan Perske. Oprah Winfrey and Margaret Avery, both nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscars for The Color Purple, were...

  • e-book

    Ladies'apos; Night at Finbar'apos;s Hotel


    'apos;Each story stands alone but also makes up the vivid picture of life in Dublin'apos;s newly refurbished Finbar'apos;s Hotel . . . funny and poignant'apos; Sunday Mirror 'apos;Finbar'apos;s Hotel is back, this time with a stellar cast of women...

  • e-book

    Ladies Must Live

    Miller,Alice Duer; 1stWorld Library

    Certain human beings are admitted to have a genius for discrimination in such matters as objects of art, pigs or stocks. Mrs. Ussher had this same instinct in regard to fashion, especially where fashions in people were concerned. She turned toward...

  • e-book

    Ladies of Lyndon

    Margaret Kennedy

    Agatha is aware of an intensity, a powerful storm of emotion briefly awakened by a shortlived love affair with her cousin Gerald, that is entirely lacking from the successful marriage on which she is about to embark. Beautiful, young and carefully...

  • e-book

    Ladies Listen Up


    You'll never hear the truth from your man, so . . . Ladies Listen Up Diego Christian's trail of deceit follows him all the way to the altar. After ruining the life of the woman he was to marry, he continues to find himself in one casual relationship...

  • e-book

    Ladies of the Shire


    <div></div>Spanning three centuries and two countries, Ladies of the Shire weaves together the lives of eight individuals on their unforgettable, epic journey from the hay-meadows of Leicestershire, England to the mud and bloody artistry of 1914-18...

  • Ladies And Gentlemen Miss - Dvd


    Dirigido por Tony Palmer, este filme retrata a vida, e consequentemente a carreira, da soprano norte-americana Renee Fleming. Acompanhe do início ao fim, a longa caminhada de Fleming ao estrelato. O DVD traz ainda trechos de extraordinárias...

  • e-book

    Ladies of the Field - Early Women...


    The first women archaeologists were Victorian era adventurers who felt most at home when farthest from it. Canvas tents were their domains, hot Middle Eastern deserts their gardens of inquiry and labor. Thanks to them, prevailing ideas about feminine...

  • e-book

    Ladies Full Of Love

    Takayoshi Sano

    Clumsy Masato is on a mission! If he can just travel back in time and change one tiny little detail from his fateful tryst with the super-sexy Kaori, then his lousy life will finally turn out perfectly...or will it? Was Masato's fumbling first time...

  • Ladies Coupe


    After years of dealing with her impossibly demanding family, Akhila, a forty-five-year-old income-tax clerk, purchases a one-way ticket to a resort town and, in the intimate atmosphere of the all-women sleeping car, encounters five other women with...

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  • Ladies Auxiliary


    A moving novel set in the Orthodox community of Memphis, Tennessee, follows the uneasy movement of Batsheva--a newly widowed convert to the Jewish faith--as she and her five-year-old daughter, Ayala, unwittingly stir up trouble in the community.

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  • Ladies in Waiting


    A dramatic novel follows the lives of four unforgettable women--Marlene, Keisha, Rosalinda, and Alexis--who meet at a correctional facility in the California desert, where they help each other overcome many challenges, face the truth about the men in...

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  • Ladies With Options


    Thanks to the efforts of eighteen-year-old Skye, the diverse members of the Mostly Methodist Club develop an interest in investments, as their hopes for a comfortable nest egg take off when their investment in a company called Microsoft suddenly...

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  • Ladies With Options


    Thanks to the efforts of eighteen-year-old Skye, the diverse members of the Mostly Methodist Club develop an interest in investments and find themselves fabulously wealthy after a company called Microsoft strikes it rich, transforming their lives and...

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  • Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel

    Binchy, Maeve; Boylan,Clare; Dhuibhne,Eilis Ni; Donoghue, Emma; Haverty,Anne; Purcell,Deirdre; O'Riordan,Kate; Bolger,Dermot

    Seven Irish writers describe the revival of a legendary Dublin hotel, in individual chapters written by Maeve Binchy, Clare Boylan, Emma Donoghue, Anne Haverty, âEilis Nâi Dhuibhne, Kate O'Riordan, and Deirdre Purcell.

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  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

    Bycel,Benjamin; Lief,Michael S.; Caldwell,Harry Mitchell

    Provides background information and gathers the great closing arguments that concluded some of the most famous cases of the twentieth century.

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  • Ladies de Espanha

    Andrew Morton

    Quando o príncipe Filipe casou com a plebeia Letizia Ortiz assistiu-se a uma autêntica revolução no Palácio da Zarzuela. Contudo em poucos anos, a princesa das Astúrias passou de ser considerada inadequada para o trono espanhol, a potencial salvadora...

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  • e-book

    Ladies Laughing - Wit as Control in...

    Levy, Barbara

    This engaging and accessible book examines the world of seven contemporary, popular American women writers and their individual use of wit as a subtle and effective strategy to engage, or 'control', the reader. A chapter is devoted to each of the...

  • e-book

    Ladies Handbags - The Complete Guide to...

    Michelle Gilmore

    With so many authentic designer handbags for sale on the market, you will surely be totally spoilt for choice. So how do you exactly choose one that is right and fitting for you? Well, it depends on a few factors actually; the look of the designer...

  • e-book

    Ladies of Lost Causes

    Rumgay, Judith

    In this highly original study, Judith Rumgay evaluates the development of a residential programme for female offenders run by the Griffins Society. The text is unique in that it documents the radical contribution of women philanthropists and...

  • e-book

    Ladies of Soul


    American soul music of the 1960s is one of the most creative and influential musical forms of the twentieth century. With its merging of gospel, R&B, country, and blues, soul music succeeded in crossing over from African American culture into the...

  • Ladies Edition


    Ladies Edition

  • e-book

    Ladies of Liberty

    Roberts, Cokie

    In this eye-opening companion volume to her acclaimed history Founding Mothers, number-one New York Times bestselling author and renowned political commentator Cokie Roberts brings to life the extraordinary accomplishments of women who laid the...

  • e-book

    Ladies in the Laboratory? American and...

    Mary R.S. Creese

    A systematic survey and comparison of the work of 19th-century American and British women in scientific research, this book covers the two countries in which women of the period were most active in scientific work and examines all the fields in which...

  • e-book

    Ladies in the Laboratory IV

    Creese, Thomas M.

    This volume is the fourth and concluding part of a survey which brings to light the contributions of about 1000 nineteenth-century women whose published work appeared in journals listed in the London Royal Society’s Catalogue of Scientific Papers...

  • Ladies And Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning


    Chronicles a year in the life of New York City, gazing at the metropolis through the lens of the Yankees, exploring issues of race and crime and profiling Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Ed Koch, and Mario Cuomo, among others. Reprint. 25,000 first...

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  • e-book

    The Ladies'apos; Paradise

    Emile Zola

    Denise comes to Paris to work as a saleswoman at the heart of retail innovation - a new department store which threatens the existence of all the neighbourhood shops. Octave, the owner of this successful megastore, has gathered silks, woolens,...

  • Asian Ladies


    Asian Ladies

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  • e-book

    Ladies in Hunting and Some Famous Masters of...


    A historical look at ladies in fox hunting with some notes on famous masters of fox hounds from around Great Britain.

  • e-book

    Ladies of the Lights - Michigan Women in the...

    Majher, Patricia

    'A great read about some great ladies, Pat Majher's Ladies of the Lights pays long overdue homage to an overlooked part of Great Lakes maritime history in which a select group of stalwart women beat the odds to succeed in a field historically...

  • Ladies of the Night


    Ladies of the Night

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  • e-book

    Ladies at the Alamo


    Presented on Broadway, this biting, explosive and very funny play examines the behind-the-scenes intrigues and power struggles that beset a famous regional theatre and its long-time artistic director. 'For alley cat savagery, it would be hard to top...

  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

    Bycel,Benjamin; Lief,Michael S.; Caldwell,Harry Mitchell

    A collection of great closing arguments gathers the impassioned concluding oratory of the most famous cases in the twentieth century

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  • Ladies In Red Paper Dolls - Famous Fashions...

    Mattox, Brenda Sneathen

    These four alluring paper dolls model a collection of striking red outfits associated with actresses, singers, and other high-profile women. More than 40 costumes, each accompanied by a caption identifying the designer and wearer, include an Armani...

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  • e-book

    Ladies and Gentlemen - WHERE DO WE START

    Ray Cross

    My life has provided me with some wonderful experiences and opportunities to meet remarkable people along the way. Having been raised into a loving family and taught right from wrong from an early age I have lived my life appreciating true values...

  • e-book

    A Ladies Man


    This early work by Robert Barr was originally published in 1892 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. The short story 'A Ladies Man' depicts life aboard the oceangoing steamer ships around the turn of the last...

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