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  • First Greek Myths - Arion , the Dolphin Boy


    Arion was the greatest poet in the world. On his way home from a far-off land, sailors want to steal his treasure and leave him to drown. Who will save him?

  • Greek Myths - Classic Starts


    From Icarus's legendary flight to Orpheus's trip to the underworld, this stunning edition brings to life 15 classic Greek myths. Easy to read and beautifully illustrated, it includes Heracles' mighty tasks, Pandora's box, King Midas's golden touch,...

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  • Car Design America - Myths, Brands, People

    Tumminelli, Paolo

    'Car Design America' is second in a series on world automotive history. From the streamliner to the show cars of the '50s and '60s, American car design's influence on international style is reflected in Cadillac's slogan, the standard of the world....

  • Language Myths

    Trudgill,Peter; Bauer,Laurie

    Language Myths

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  • Illustrated Stories From The Greek Myths...

    Usborne Publishing Ltd

    A fantastic compendium, this wonderful collection of Greek myths taken from 'Usborne Young Reading' titles is a thrilling and informative read. Featuring the best-known of all the Greek heroes and monsters, with six stories starring Perseus and...

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  • Norse Myths


    Retells thirty-two Scandinavian myths that have intrigued countless generations with stories of gods, giants, dwarfs, and monsters involved in the creation, development, and ultimate destruction of nine mortal and divine worlds

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  • African Myths of Origin


    Spanning centuries and the entire continent of Africa, a panoramic collection of traditional African myths, fables, and folklore captures the rich and diverse cultures of Africa, from ancient Egypt and Ethiopia to the desert Sahara and sub-Saharan...

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  • Favorite Greek Myths

    Blaisdell, Bob

    The Greek myths have intrigued countless generations of readers with their exciting tales of adventure, calamity, and conquest. This entertaining collection -- excellently retold for young audiences by Bob Blaisdell -- invites children to relive the...

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  • Favorite Norse Myths

    Brown, Abbie Farwell

    The oldest stories from around the world tell about the -beginnings of things.- This collection of thrilling tales of the Far North is no different. Narratives from the Land of the Midnight Sun describe winters as terrible times of cold and gloom, in...

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  • Living With Myths - The Imagery Of Roman...

    Zanker,Paul; Ewald, Bjorn C.

    Roman sarcophagi have fascinated posterity since the Middle Ages, largely because of their mythological reliefs. Living with Myths provides a comprehensive introduction to this important genre, exploring such subjects as the role of the mythological...

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  • Egyptian Myths


    Egyptian Myths

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  • The Myths Of The North American Indians


    The Myths Of The North American Indians

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  • Selected Myths - Oxford World's Classics


    This volume brings together ten of the most celebrated Platonic myths, from eight of Plato's dialogues ranging from the early Protagoras and Gorgias to the late Timaeus and Critias. They include the famous myth of the cave from Republic as well as...

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  • Founding Myths


    Examines thirteen well-known American stories, including those about Paul Revere's legendary ride and Thomas Jefferson's pivotal role in the establishment of American equality, contending that many of their surrounding myths are not supported by...

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  • Celtic Myths

    Aldhouse-Green,Miranda J.; Green,Miranda Jane

    Celtic Myths

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  • Favorite Greek Myths

    Osborne, Mary Pope

    Here are twelve Greek myths, retold in an accessible style and magnificently illustrated with classic elegance. Full color.

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  • First Greek Myths - King Midas' Gold Fingers


    King Midas's greatest wish is for everything he touches to turn to gold. But once this wish is granted, Midas realises he will never be able to hug his little princess again. What will he do? Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of...

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  • Usborne Greek Myths For Young Children


    The Greek myths are timeless stories, full of brave heroes, terrifying monsters, powerful gods and goddesses, battles and great adventures. This book contains a collection of Greek myths, retold in a way suitable for young children to listen to and...

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  • First Greek Myths - Pegasus And The Flying...


    The king wants Bellerophon, the bravest man in the country, to kill a hideous monster that is scaring his people. Bellerophon must use Pegasus, the flying horse, to help.

  • First Greek Myths - Icarus, the Boy Who Could...


    Icarus's dad is a great inventor but when he gives his son wings, so they can escape the island they live on, things don't go according to plan at all. Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

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  • Myths Of The Norsemen - From The Eddas And...

    Guerber, H A

    Over the centuries, Northern mythology has exerted much influence on Western customs, language, and literature. Its principal theme of the perpetual struggle of the beneficent forces of nature against the injurious, and its twin characteristics of...

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  • African Myths And Folk Tales


    How was the earth formed, and where did animals come from? Imaginative answers to age-old questions can be found among Africa's oral traditions. Compiled by the 'Father of Black History,' these fables unfold amid a magical realm of tricksters and...

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  • Greek Myths

    Coolidge,Olivia E.; Sandoz,Edouard (ilt)

    A collection of stories about the heroes of early Greece and the inhabitants of Olympus, based on original sources.

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  • Greek Myths

    Coolidge,Olivia E.; Sandoz,Edouard (ilt)

    A collection of stories about the heroes of early Greece and the inhabitants of Olympus, based on original sources.

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  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender Myths...

    Elledge,Jim (edt)

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender Myths From the Arapaho To the Zuni

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  • Navaho Indian Myths


    Navaho Indian Myths

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  • Great Myths Of The World

    Colum, Padraic

    -This treasure-chest of mythology will entertain and educate the reader for many hours.- -- M. G. Paregian. A treasury of tales from ancient myth and legend, this collection was assembled and recounted by a well-known and much-loved storyteller. All...

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  • National Geographic Kids Myths Busted!:

    National Geographic

    Did you know fortune cookies aren't even found in China? Or that alligators don't actually live in the sewers of New York City? Want to prove it to your friends? This book gives kids the tools to break and bust wild and wacky myths from around the...

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  • The Little Book Of Market Myths How To Profit...

    Fisher,Kenneth L

    Exposes the truth about common investing myths and misconceptions and shows you how the truth shall set you free--to reap greater long-term and short-term gains Everybody knows that a strong dollar equals a strong economy, bonds are safer than stocks...

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  • Mummies And Myths - Book With Online Access

    Cambridge University

    Mummies And Myths - Book With Online Access

  • Ancient Egyptian Myths And Legends

    Spence, Lewis

    'Let us walk in the gloom of the pyramids, in the cool shadows of ruined temples, aye, through the tortuous labyrinth of the Egyptian mind itself, trusting that by virtue of the light we carry we shall succeed in unravelling to some extent the...

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  • The Greek And Roman Myths

    Matyszak, Philip

    This handy guide to the Greek and Roman Myths brings classical mythology to life. Written by a bestselling author on Ancient Greece and Rome, the book features an engaging blend of stories, facts and quotations from ancient authors, and places...

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  • Curious Myths Of The Middle Ages


    Curious Myths Of The Middle Ages

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  • Language And Politics In The United States...

    Ricento,Thomas K.

    Language And Politics In The United States And Canada - Myths And Realities

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  • Myths of the Underworld Journey in Plato,...

    Edmonds,Radcliffe G., III

    Myths of the Underworld Journey in Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' Gold Tablets

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  • Parallel Myths

    Bierlein,J. F.

    Examines parallel themes in the creation, flood, hero, and morality myths of Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse, Native American, Chinese, and Oceanic cultures while exploring modern questions of faith and the validity of the supernatural

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  • Myths Of The Cherokee

    Mooney, James

    Myths Of The Cherokee

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  • e-book

    Listening Myths - Applying Second Language...

    Brown, Steven

    This volume was conceived as a 'best practices' resource for teachers of ESL listening courses in the way that Vocabulary Myths by Keith S. Folse (and Writing Myths by Joy Reid) is one for reading and vocabulary teachers. It was written to help...

  • e-book

    Vocabulary Myths - Applying Second Language...

    Folse, Keith S.

    In Vocabulary Myths, Keith S. Folse breaks down the teaching of second language vocabulary into eight commonly held myths. In debunking each myth, he introduces the myth with a story based on his 25 years of teaching experience (in the United States...

  • World of Myths Anglais

    British Museum

    This illustrated volume presents myths from five ancient cultures: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse.

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  • Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons


    ''Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons' is accessible, short and breathless. It has the tone of a TED talk: an avid speaker bursting with one big idea and eighteen minutes to hold your attention.' --'New York Times' Nuclear war would be an apocalypse....

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  • Gender Myths And Feminist Fables - The...

    Cornwall,Andrea; Harrison,Elizabeth; Whitehead,Ann

    Over the last 30 years, 'gender' has gained both official status within development institutions and become a recognised field of research and scholarly enquiry. This book explores how bowdlerised and impoverished representations of gender relations...

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  • e-book

    The Myths We Live By

    Midgley, Mary

    <P>Britain's foremost living philosopher argues that myth, far from being in opposition to, is actually part and parcel of science. According to Midgley, myths are neither lies nor stories, but a network of powerful symbols that suggest particular...

  • Great Myths Of Psychology - Great Myths Of...


    Great Myths of Education and Learning reviews the scientific research on a number of widely-held misconceptions pertaining to learning and education, including misconceptions regarding student characteristics, how students learn, and the validity of...

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