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  • Greek Myths - A Wonder Book For Girls & Boys

    Hawthorne,Nathaniel; Hawthorne,Nathaniel

    Tales of Greek mythology have entertained countless generations of young readers with their accounts of brave heroes and heroines and the marvels and monsters that they encounter. This edition of Greek Myths: A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys features...

  • Greek Myths


    Make the mythology of Ancient Greece come to life for young readers through engaging stories and dramatic photos and illustrations. Discover the gods and goddesses behind the myths and the powers they used to control and change the world. There's...

  • Language Myths

    Trudgill,Peter; Trudgill,Peter; Bauer,Laurie

    Language Myths

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  • Some Myths And Tales Of The Ojibwa Of...

    Radin, Paul

    Excerpt from Some Myths and Tales of the Ojibwa of Southeastern Ontario The following myths were collected under the auspices of the Geological Survey of Canada, Division of Anthropology, during the months of march-august, 1912. They were collected...

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  • First Greek Myths - Pegasus And The Flying...


    The king wants Bellerophon, the bravest man in the country, to kill a hideous monster that is scaring his people. Bellerophon must use Pegasus, the flying horse, to help.

  • Seneca Indian Myths Collected (Classic...


    Excerpt from Seneca Indian Myths Collected The Indian myths here presented, in their original form as dictated to Mr. Curtin by aged Indians of the Seneca people, were collected by him while acting as an agent of the Bureau of Ethnology of the...

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  • Favorite Greek Myths


    The Greek myths have intrigued countless generations of readers with their exciting tales of adventure, calamity, and conquest. This entertaining collection -- excellently retold for young audiences by Bob Blaisdell -- invites children to relive the...

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  • First Greek Myths - King Midas' Gold Fingers


    King Midas's greatest wish is for everything he touches to turn to gold. But once this wish is granted, Midas realises he will never be able to hug his little princess again. What will he do? Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of...

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  • Favorite Norse Myths

    Brown,Abbie Farwell

    The oldest stories from around the world tell about the -beginnings of things.- This collection of thrilling tales of the Far North is no different. Narratives from the Land of the Midnight Sun describe winters as terrible times of cold and gloom, in...

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  • First Greek Myths - Icarus, the Boy Who Could...


    Icarus's dad is a great inventor but when he gives his son wings, so they can escape the island they live on, things don't go according to plan at all. Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

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  • Favorite Greek Myths

    Osborne, Mary Pope; Osborne, Mary Pope; Osborne,Mary Pope

    Here are twelve Greek myths, retold in an accessible style and magnificently illustrated with classic elegance. Full color.

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  • National Geographic Kids Myths Busted!:

    National Geographic; Geographic, National

    Did you know fortune cookies aren't even found in China? Or that alligators don't actually live in the sewers of New York City? Want to prove it to your friends? This book gives kids the tools to break and bust wild and wacky myths from around the...

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  • Myths From Many Lands (Classic Reprint)

    Tappan,Eva March

    Excerpt from Myths From Many Lands Sometimes they felt afraid of this sun god, for the rays were so fierce and burning that people sickened and died. He is Shooting his arrows at us, they said, as they hid away in terror. Oftener, however, they were...

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  • Myths - Every Child Should Know (Classic...

    Mabie,Hamilton Wright

    Excerpt from Myths: Every Child Should Know A middle-aged country fellow (he had driven his cow to drink out of the spring) stared hard at young Bellerophon, and at the handsome bridle which he carried in his hand. The watercourses must be getting...

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  • African Myths And Folk Tales

    Woodson; Woodson

    How was the earth formed, and where did animals come from? Imaginative answers to age-old questions can be found among Africa's oral traditions. Compiled by the 'Father of Black History,' these fables unfold amid a magical realm of tricksters and...

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  • Egyptian Myths


    Egyptian Myths

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  • Maidu Myths (Classic Reprint)

    Dixon, Roland Burrage

    Excerpt from Maidu Myths In their social organization the Maidu showed apparently a complete lack of any clan organization or totemic grouping. They were grouped loosely in village communities which seem to have been by no means firmly knit. The...

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  • Greek Myths

    Coolidge,Olivia E.; Sandoz,Edouard (ilt)

    A collection of stories about the heroes of early Greece and the inhabitants of Olympus, based on original sources.

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  • Greek Myths

    Coolidge,Olivia E.; Sandoz,Edouard (ilt)

    A collection of stories about the heroes of early Greece and the inhabitants of Olympus, based on original sources.

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  • Gender Myths And Feminist Fables - The...

    Cornwall,Andrea; Harrison, Elizabeth; Whitehead,Ann

    Over the last 30 years, 'gender' has gained both official status within development institutions and become a recognised field of research and scholarly enquiry. This book explores how bowdlerised and impoverished representations of gender relations...

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  • The Wonder Garden - Nature Myths And Tales...

    Olcott,Frances Jenkins

    Excerpt from The Wonder Garden: Nature Myths and Tales From All the World Over for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading Here are 150 nature myths and short stories from all parts of the World. They are the kind that...

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  • e-book

    Listening Myths - Applying Second Language...


    This volume was conceived as a 'best practices' resource for teachers of ESL listening courses in the way that Vocabulary Myths by Keith S. Folse (and Writing Myths by Joy Reid) is one for reading and vocabulary teachers. It was written to help...

  • e-book

    Primal Myths

    Sproul, Barbara C.

    A comprehensive collection of creation stories ranging across widely varying times and cultures, including Ancient Egyptian, African, and Native American.

  • e-book

    Challenging Myths of Masculinity -...

    Michael Atkinson; Monaghan, Lee F.

    Many myths surround male bodies and associated bodywork, especially when such bodywork is labelled culturally or socially atypical or 'problematic'. Bodybuilding, for example, has been explained in terms of gender inadequacy and an 'Adonis complex'...

  • Norse Myths


    Retells thirty-two Scandinavian myths that have intrigued countless generations with stories of gods, giants, dwarfs, and monsters involved in the creation, development, and ultimate destruction of nine mortal and divine worlds

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  • Language And Politics In The United States...

    Ricento,Thomas K.

    Language And Politics In The United States And Canada - Myths And Realities

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  • Great Myths Of The World


    -This treasure-chest of mythology will entertain and educate the reader for many hours.- -- M. G. Paregian. A treasury of tales from ancient myth and legend, this collection was assembled and recounted by a well-known and much-loved storyteller. All...

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  • e-book

    The Myths We Live By


    <P>Britain's foremost living philosopher argues that myth, far from being in opposition to, is actually part and parcel of science. According to Midgley, myths are neither lies nor stories, but a network of powerful symbols that suggest particular...

  • e-book

    Seven Myths About Education


    In this controversial new book, Daisy Christodoulou offers a thought-provoking critique of educational orthodoxy. Drawing on her recent experience of teaching in challenging schools, she shows through a wide range of examples and case studies just...

  • e-book

    Seven Myths About Education

    Daisy Christodoulou

    In this controversial new book, Daisy Christodoulou offers a thought-provoking critique of educational orthodoxy. Drawing on her recent experience of teaching in challenging schools, she shows through a wide range of examples and case studies just...

  • e-book

    Education Myths

    Greene, Jay P.

    How can we fix America's floundering public schools? Conventional wisdom says that schools and teachers need a lot more money, that poor and immigrant children can't do as well as most American kids, that high-stakes tests just produce teaching to...

  • e-book

    Founding Myths - Stories That Hide Our...

    Raphael, Ray

    First published ten years ago, award-winning historian Ray Raphael’s Founding Myths has since established itself as a landmark of historical myth-busting. With Raphael’s trademark wit and flair, Founding Myths exposed the errors and inventions in...

  • e-book

    From Myths to Money - How to Turn Old Ideas...


    From Myths To Money addresses how anyone can succeed in their own business regardless of their presentcircumstances. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, who you know or even how much you know ordon’t know. After reading this book the reader...

  • e-book

    Constitutional Myths - What We Get Wrong and...

    Raphael, Ray

    Americans of late have taken to waving the Constitution in the air and proclaiming, 'quot;The founders were on MY side! See, it’s all right here!'quot; But these phantom constitutions bear little relation to the historical one.By entering the world...

  • Curious Myths Of The Middle Ages


    Curious Myths Of The Middle Ages

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  • e-book

    Vocabulary Myths - Applying Second Language...

    Folse,Keith S.

    In Vocabulary Myths, Keith S. Folse breaks down the teaching of second language vocabulary into eight commonly held myths. In debunking each myth, he introduces the myth with a story based on his 25 years of teaching experience (in the United States...

  • Parallel Myths

    Bierlein,J. F.

    Examines parallel themes in the creation, flood, hero, and morality myths of Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse, Native American, Chinese, and Oceanic cultures while exploring modern questions of faith and the validity of the supernatural

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  • e-book

    Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons


    Expanded from an article that created a stir in foreign policy circles, Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons makes an explosive case that these weapons just don'apos;t work.

  • African Myths of Origin


    Spanning centuries and the entire continent of Africa, a panoramic collection of traditional African myths, fables, and folklore captures the rich and diverse cultures of Africa, from ancient Egypt and Ethiopia to the desert Sahara and sub-Saharan...

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  • Selected Myths - Oxford World's Classics

    Plato; Plato,

    This volume brings together ten of the most celebrated Platonic myths, from eight of Plato's dialogues ranging from the early Protagoras and Gorgias to the late Timaeus and Critias. They include the famous myth of the cave from Republic as well as...

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  • Keeper Of Myths - Secrets Of Valhalla #2


    Magic and myth collide in this fast-paced middle-grade fantasy, a sequel to the adventure Booklist said will make readers “clamor for more, especially those who loved Rick Riordan’s Norse-themed The Sword of Summer.”Ever since Buzz and his friend...

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  • Musical Myths And Facts, Vol. 1 Of 2 (Classic...


    Excerpt from Musical Myths and Facts, Vol. 1 of 2 Mainwaring (p. It was in the year 1698 that he went to Berlin. The Opera there was in a flourishing con dition under the direction of the King Of Prussia (grandfather Of the present), who, by the...

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  • 25 Myths You've Got To Avoid-if You Want To...


    STOP THINKING ABOUT MONEY IN THE SAME OLD WAY Have you ever been told that you can't go wrong with mutual funds? That stocks are risky? That you should take out the largest mortgage possible? That life insurance is a good investment? That you should...

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  • Private Myths


    Private Myths

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