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  • Um Novo Jeito de Trabalhar - o Que o Google...

    Bock, Laszlo



    “Algumas pessoas pensarão que este é um livro sobre o Google, mas ele vai muito além disso. Escrito com clareza, baseado em evidências e voltado para a prática, ele chegou para transformar o mundo do trabalho.” – Jeffrey Pfeffer, autor de Poder: Por...

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    LÁSZLÓ TÁBORI, A Biography - The Legendary...


    László Tábori's dream to compete in the Melbourne Olympics became a reality but his hope of standing on the victory stand had but all been dashed by the events of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. "My Hungarian teammates, Rózsavölgyi, Iharos and I...

  • Plenitude do Cosmos - A Revolução Akasha na...


    Ervin Laszlo, o mais proeminente teórico sistêmico do mundo, explora a gênese da atual revolução no pensamento científico: as mais recentes descobertas em apoio ao campo akáshico, um campo cósmico que integra tudo numa dimensão além do espaço e do...

  • Cosmos - Unindo Ciência e Espiritualidade...

    Laszlo,Ervin; Currivan,Jude

    Estamos no limiar de uma visão de mundo nova e revolucionária, capaz de nos conferir poder e autoridade interiores. As descobertas realizadas na linha de frente da ciência e as descobertas no campo da espiritualidade estão convergindo para nos...

  • Physics As Natural Philosophy - Essays In...


    When Laszlo Tisza first came to MIT in 1941, he had already made significant contributions to physics. In the years since, he has consolidated his position as one of the most important theoreticians of his time. Tisza's major areas of activity,...

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  • e-book

    Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #5: The...

    Hunter, Erin

    A loyal dog must make her way alone in this gripping fifth book in the second Survivors series.From Erin Hunter, #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors, Survivors is full of “wild and wonderful adventure” (Kirkus Reviews; starred review) that...

  • e-book


    Laszlo Groh

    This book is about a young Polynesian girl who got marooned on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific ocean and got rescued by a Spanish boy from Mexico, and their adventures. This semi-fictitious story happened in the 1825--1855 years in the...

  • e-book

    Corporal Schneider

    Laszlo Endrody

    Danny joined the union army during the civil war, even though he was under age. He gained respect for being an excellent shot & providing food for his fellow troops. He worked in a medical wagon & saw usual incidents & injuries. After the war, he...

  • e-book

    Seiobo There Below


    Winner of the 2015 Man Booker International Prize Beauty, in László Krasznahorkai'apos;s new novel, reflects, however fleeting, the sacred - even if we are mostly unable to bear it. In Seiobo There Below we see the Japanese goddess Seiobo returning...

  • e-book

    Margaret Miller

    Laszlo Endrody

    Margaret lived in Tennessee after the end of the Civil War in April, 1865. The pro confederate families in Tennessee were very bitter towards anyone that fought or supported the union soldiers. Margaret's husband was a union solider that was killed...

  • e-book

    War and War


    Winner of the 2015 Man Booker International Prize War & War begins at a point of danger: on a dark train platform Korim is on the verge of being attacked and robbed by thuggish teenagers. From here, we are carried along by the insistent voice of this...

  • e-book

    Captain Dancer

    Laszlo Endrody

    At the end of the Civil War, June 2, 1865, Captain David Dancer sets out on an exploration of the countryside with his horse and his mule. Along his journey, he meets a Confederate officer who teaches him the ways of making jerky.While traveling the...

  • e-book

    The Last Wolf& Herman


    In The Last Wolf, a philosophy professor is mistakenly hired to write the true tale of the last wolf of Extremadura, a barren stretch of Spain. His miserable experience is narrated in a single, rolling sentence to a patently bored bartender in a...

  • e-book

    The Melancholy of Resistance


    Winner of the 2015 Man Booker International PrizeThe Melancholy of Resistance, László Krasznahorkai'apos;s magisterial, surreal novel, depicts a chain of mysterious events in a small Hungarian town.A circus, promising to display the stuffed body of...

  • Valor Sustentável


    Entre as 100 maiores economias do mundo, 42 são empresas multinacionais. O fato de haver empresas economicamente mais fortes do que nações inteiras vêm chamando atenção de líderes e executivos para questões econômicas, ambientais e sociais que até...

  • Casa Nossa De Cada Dia

    Carlos Solano

    Carlos Solano tem o poder do encantamento. Seja por um concluio com os deuses, seja por um conhecimento do mundo material, seja por um conhecimento do mundo material, seja por uma intimidade com a pulsão que anima os habitantes da arquitetura....

  • e-book

    Science and the Akashic Field - An Integral...


    'This important work unifies the realms of science and consciousness in a truly integral 'theory of everything.''--Ralph Abraham, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, University of California, and coauthor of Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness'A...

  • Empresa Sustentável

    Laszlo, Christopher

    Neste livro o leitor encontrará uma análise sistemática de como os líderes de empresas estão a criar uma mais valia accionista através da eficaz gestão da satisfação dos accionistas. Oferece um manancial de novas e poderosas ferramentas vem como de...

  • The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula


    An erotic reimagining of the myth of Dracula presents an all-too-human count, a beloved Hungarian doctor obsessed with possessing and destroying young women, whose self-loathing only drives him on to bloodier outrages. Reader's Guide included....

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  • O Ponto do Caos

    Laszlo, Ervin; Ervin Laszlo

    A obra oferece uma visão concisa da presente situação do mundo, mostrando onde estamos e como chegamos até aqui. De acordo com Ervin Laszlo, nos próximos anos temos a oportunidade de impedir tendências que levariam a um ponto crítico de mudança...

  • El Dios De La Lluvia Llora Sobre México


    La conquista de México constituyó sin duda una de las mayoras gestas acontecidas en la historia de la España Imperial. Hernán Cortés y su ejército de quinientos soldados consiguieron para su rey y su religión el más importante de los imperios del...

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  • e-book

    Teaching Atlas of Mammography

    Dean, Peter B.; Tabar, Laszlo

    The names Tabr and Dean are associated with high-quality mammography worldwide. In this fourth edition of the bestsellingTeaching Atlas of Mammography, readers are again invited to share in the authors experience of analyzing and evaluating...

  • e-book

    The Akashic Experience - Science and the...


    Knowing or feeling that we are all connected to each other and to the cosmos by more than our eyes and ears is not a new notion but one as old as humanity. Traditional indigenous societies were fully aware of nonmaterial connections and incorporated...

  • e-book

    Breast Cancer - The Art and Science of Early...

    Tabar,Laszlo; Tot,Tibor

    2004 RSNA Bestseller!Early detection is our most effective means for reducing the number of unnecessary deaths caused by breast cancer; however, the lack of skilled mammographic readings, especially in early stage breast cancer, makes this a less...

  • e-book

    Breast Cancer: Early Detection with...

    Tabar,Laszlo; Tot,Tibor

    Renowned clinicians distill decades of clinical expertise regarding the most frequently occurring malignant type of calcifications: the pleomorphic, crushed stone-like calcifications. The book presents a systematic approach to using mammographic...

  • Molecules And Medicine

    Corey,E. J.; Czako,Barbara; Kurti,Laszlo

    Molecules and Medicine provides, for the first time ever, a completely integrated look at chemistry, biology, drug discovery, and medicine. Beautifully illustrated and presented in full colour, this book delves into the discovery, application, and...

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  • e-book

    Shuffling Nags, Lame Ducks - The Archaeology...

    László Bartosiewicz; Erika Gal

    The analysis of animal bone assemblages from archaeological sites provides much valuable data concerning economic and husbandry practices in the past, as well as insights into cultural and symbolic or ritual activity. Animal palaeopathology can...

  • e-book

    Casting Type Calcifications: Sign of a...

    Tabar,Laszlo; Tot,Tibor

    This book is dedicated to those physicians who believe that greater knowledge of the many subtypes of breast cancer will lead to more individualized diagnosis and therapy, to the ultimate benefit of their patients.--the authorsIn Breast Cancer: The...

  • War & War

    Krasznahorkai,Laszlo; Szirtes,George

    War & War

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  • Como Viver A Macrotransição


    Este livro vem selar o compromisso do Instituto Escola Brasil no sentido de apelar para a consciência do eu que levará o humano a encontrar o nós, trajetória percorrida por todos aqueles que se engajaram no Projeto Escola Brasil desde o seu...

  • e-book

    Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis - Methods...

    Kurti,Laszlo; Elias J. Corey

    Written by world-renowned and best-selling experts, Nobel Laureate E. J. Corey and Laszlo Kurti, Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis offers an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the field'apos;s progress; the processes and tools for key...

  • e-book

    Molecules and Medicine

    Corey,E. J.; Barbara Czakó; László Kürti

    Molecules and Medicine provides, for the first time ever, a completely integrated look at chemistry, biology, drug discovery, and medicine. It delves into the discovery, application, and mode of action of more than one hundred of the most significant...

  • The Melancholy of Resistance

    Krasznahorkai,Laszlo; Szirtes,George; Szirtes,George (TRN)

    Chaos errupts in a small Hungarian town when a circus promising to display the largest whale in the world arrives despite severe winter weather, and the townspeople begin to constuct bizarre rumors that the circus workers have a sinister plot in...

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  • e-book

    Gravimetric Analysis - International Series...


    Analytical Chemistry, Volume 7: Gravimetric Analysis, Part II describes the experimental procedures for the gravimetric analysis of Groups I to V cations. This book is composed of 43 chapters that also present sample preparation, separation, and...

  • e-book

    Gravimetric Analysis - International Series...


    Gravimetric Analysis, Part III describes the experimental procedures for the gravimetric analysis of various compounds. This book is composed of 13 chapters that also present sample preparation protocols.The first four chapters survey the steps for...

  • The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

    Wharton,Edith; Kubinyi, Laszlo

    Set in the bleak mansions of England, America, and Normandy, eleven classic tales depict the terrors of persons confronted by unearthly entities

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  • Work Rules! - Insights From Inside Google...

    Bock, Laszlo

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER The Globe and Mail Top Leadership and Management BookForbes Top Creative Leadership BookFrom the visionary head of Google's innovative People Operations comes a groundbreaking inquiry into the...

  • e-book

    Salt: Grain of Life

    Laszlo,Pierre; Mader,Mary Beth; Mader, Mary

    From proverbs to technical arguments, from anecdotes to examples of folklore, chemist and philosopher Pierre Laszlo takes us through the kingdom of 'white gold.' With 'enthusiasm and freshness' ( Le Monde) he mixes literary analysis, history,...

  • The Intelligence Of The Cosmo: Why Are We...


    The Intelligence Of The Cosmo: Why Are We Here? New Answers From The Frontiers Of Science

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Partially...


    Originally published in an important series of books on pure and applied mathematics, this monograph by a distinguished mathematician explores a high-level area in algebra. It constitutes the first systematic summary of research concerning partially...

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  • e-book


    L?szl? F. F?ld?nyi (Foldenyi); László F. Földényi (Foldenyi)

    Alberto Manguel praises the Hungarian writer L?szl? F?ld?nyi as 'quot;one of the most brilliant essayists of our time.'quot; ?F?ld?nyi'apos;s extraordinary Melancholy, with its profusion of literary, ecclesiastical, artistic, and historical insights,...

  • Handbook of Combinatorics

    Graham,Ronald L.; Grotschel,Martin; Lovasz,Laszlo

    Handbook of Combinatorics

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  • e-book

    The Holocaust in Hungary - Evolution of a...

    László Cs?sz; Zoltán Vági; Gábor Kádár

    The Holocaust in Hungary provides a comprehensive documentary account of one of the most brutal and effective killing campaigns in history. After Nazi Germany took control of Hungary late in World War II, Jews were rounded up with unprecedented speed...

  • e-book

    Quantum Shift in the Global Brain - How the...


    'Ervin Laszlo provides the most brilliant, comprehensive, and intellectually satisfying integral theory of everything that I have ever read. . . . His work transcends the vision of Darwin, Newton, Einstein, the quantum pioneers, and many other...

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