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  • Hands-On Machine Learning With Scikit-Learn,...

    Geron Aurelien

    Through a series of recent breakthroughs, deep learning has boosted the entire field of machine learning. Now, even programmers who know close to nothing about this technology can use simple, efficient tools to implement programs capable of learning...

  • e-book

    Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

    Pedro,Coelho Luis; Willi,Richert

    A practical, scenario-based tutorial, this book will help you get to grips with machine learning with Python and start building your own machine learning projects. By the end of the book you will have learnt critical aspects of machine learning...

  • Machine Learning

    Tom M. Mitchell; Jaime G. Carbonell; Ryszard S. Michalski

    Machine Learning

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  • e-book

    Learning with Support Vector Machines

    Campbell, Colin; Ying, Yiming

    Support Vectors Machines have become a well established tool within machine learning. They work well in practice and have now been used across a wide range of applications from recognizing hand-written digits, to face identification, text...

  • e-book

    Modern Machine Learning Techniques and Their...

    Dacheng Tao; Jun Yu

    The integration of machine learning techniques and cartoon animation research is fast becoming a hot topic. This book helps readers learn the latest machine learning techniques, including patch alignment framework; spectral clustering, graph cuts,...

  • e-book

    Lifelong Machine Learning

    Chen,Zhiyuan; Liu,Bing

    Lifelong Machine Learning (or Lifelong Learning) is an advanced machine learning paradigm that learns continuously, accumulates the knowledge learned in previous tasks, and uses it to help future learning. In the process, the learner becomes more and...

  • e-book

    Ensemble Machine Learning


    Ensembling is a technique of combining two or more machine learning algorithms to create a model that delivers superior prediction power. This book will show you how you can use many weak algorithms to make a strong predictive model. This book...

  • Machine Learning For Dummies

    Mueller,John Paul; Massaron,Luca

    Your no-nonsense guide to making sense of machine learning Machine learning can be a mind-boggling concept for the masses, but those who are in the trenches of computer programming know just how invaluable it is. Without machine learning, fraud...

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  • e-book

    Advanced Machine Learning with Python

    John Hearty

    Solve challenging data science problems by mastering cutting-edge machine learning techniques in PythonAbout This Book• Resolve complex machine learning problems and explore deep learning• Learn to use Python code for implementing a range of machine...

  • e-book

    Python Machine Learning Blueprints -...

    Alexander T. Combs

    An approachable guide to applying advanced machine learning methods to everyday problemsAbout This Book• Put machine learning principles into practice to solve real-world problems• Get to grips with Python's impressive range of Machine Learning...

  • e-book

    Practical Machine Learning Cookbook

    Atul Tripathi

    Resolving and offering solutions to your machine learning problems with RAbout This Book• Implement a wide range of algorithms and techniques for tackling complex data• Improve predictions and recommendations to have better levels of accuracy•...

  • e-book

    Practical Machine Learning


    Tackle the real-world complexities of modern machine learning with innovative, cutting-edge, techniquesAbout This Book• Fully-coded working examples using a wide range of machine learning libraries and tools, including Python, R, Julia, and Spark•...

  • e-book

    R Machine Learning Essentials

    Usuelli Michele

    If you want to learn how to develop effective machine learning solutions to your business problems in R, this book is for you. It would be helpful to have a bit of familiarity with basic object-oriented programming concepts, but no prior experience...

  • e-book

    R Machine Learning By Example

    Raghav Bali; Dipanjan Sarkar

    Understand the fundamentals of machine learning with R and build your own dynamic algorithms to tackle complicated real-world problems successfullyAbout This Book• Get to grips with the concepts of machine learning through exciting real-world...

  • e-book

    Designing Machine Learning Systems with...


    Design efficient machine learning systems that give you more accurate resultsAbout This Book• Gain an understanding of the machine learning design process• Optimize machine learning systems for improved accuracy• Understand common programming tools...

  • e-book

    Building Machine Learning Systems with Python...

    Willi,Richert; Pedro,Coelho Luis

    This book primarily targets Python developers who want to learn and use Python's machine learning capabilities and gain valuable insights from data to develop effective solutions for business problems.

  • e-book

    Python Machine Learning Cookbook

    Prateek Joshi

    100 recipes that teach you how to perform various machine learning tasks in the real worldAbout This Book• Understand which algorithms to use in a given context with the help of this exciting recipe-based guide• Learn about perceptrons and see how...

  • Bayesian Reasoning And Machine Learning


    Machine learning methods extract value from vast data sets quickly and with modest resources. They are established tools in a wide range of industrial applications, including search engines, DNA sequencing, stock market analysis, and robot locomotion...

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  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning for...

    Kelleher,John D; Macnamee,Brian; D'Arcy,Aoife

    A comprehensive introduction to the most important machine learning approaches used in predictive data analytics, covering both theoretical concepts and practical applications.Machine learning is often used to build predictive models by extracting...

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  • audio livro

    Learning Machines 101


    Smart machines based upon the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning are now prevalent in our everyday life. For example, artificially intelligent systems recognize our voices, sort our pictures, make purchasing suggestions, and...

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Machine Learning in Python - Essential...

    Michael Bowles

    Learn a simpler and more effective way to analyze data and predict outcomes with Python Machine Learning in Python shows you how to successfully analyze data using only two core machine learning algorithms, and how to apply them using Python. By...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Diagnosis...


    Medical imaging is an indispensable tool for modern healthcare. Machine leaning plays an essential role in the medical imaging field, with applications including medical image analysis, computer-aided diagnosis, organ/lesion segmentation, image...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - Algorithms and...

    Mohammed, Mohssen

    Machine learning, one of the top emerging sciences, has an extremely broad range of applications. However, many books on the subject provide only a theoretical approach, making it difficult for a newcomer to grasp the subject material. This book...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning For Dummies


    Your no-nonsense guide to making sense of machine learning Machine learning can be a mind-boggling concept for the masses, but those who are in the trenches of computer programming know just how invaluable it is. Without machine learning, fraud...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - Algorithms and...

    Mohammed, Mohssen; Muhammad Badruddin Khan

    Machine learning, one of the top emerging sciences, has an extremely broad range of applications. However, many books on the subject provide only a theoretical approach, making it difficult for a newcomer to grasp the subject material. This book...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - Concepts, Methodologies,...

    Information Resources Management Associa; Management Association,Information Reso

    Statistics, psychology, and computer science are major influences in machine learning research. This exciting interdisciplinary science is a crucial component in many cutting-edge systems and business processes. Innovations in machine learning stand...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning with Spark


    If you are a Scala, Java, or Python developer with an interest in machine learning and data analysis and are eager to learn how to apply common machine learning techniques at scale using the Spark framework, this is the book for you. While it may be...

  • Machine Learning

    Murphy,Kevin P

    Today's Web-enabled deluge of electronic data calls for automated methods of data analysis. Machine learning provides these, developing methods that can automatically detect patterns in data and then use the uncovered patterns to predict future data....

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  • e-book

    Building Machine Learning Projects with...

    Rodolfo Bonnin

    Engaging projects that will teach you how complex data can be exploited to gain the most insightAbout This Book• Bored of too much theory on TensorFlow? This book is what you need! Thirteen solid projects and four examples teach you how to implement...

  • e-book

    TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook


    Explore machine learning concepts using the latest numerical computing library - TensorFlow - with the help of this comprehensive cookbookAbout This Book• Your quick guide to implementing TensorFlow in your day-to-day machine learning activities•...

  • e-book

    Understanding Machine Learning - From Theory...

    Shai Ben-David; Shai Shalev-Shwartz

    Machine learning is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, with far-reaching applications. The aim of this textbook is to introduce machine learning, and the algorithmic paradigms it offers, in a principled way. The book provides an...

  • e-book

    Mastering Machine Learning with R - Second...

    Cory Lesmeister

    This book is for data science professionals, data analysts, or anyone with a working knowledge of machine learning, with R who now want to take their skills to the next level and become an expert in the field.

  • e-book

    Machine Learning in Java

    Bostjan Kaluza

    Design, build, and deploy your own machine learning applications by leveraging key Java machine learning librariesAbout This Book• Develop a sound strategy to solve predictive modelling problems using the most popular machine learning Java libraries•...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - An Algorithmic Perspective...


    A Proven, Hands-On Approach for Students without a Strong Statistical FoundationSince the best-selling first edition was published, there have been several prominent developments in the field of machine learning, including the increasing work on the...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning Forensics for Law...


    Increasingly, crimes and fraud are digital in nature, occurring at breakneck speed and encompassing large volumes of data. To combat this unlawful activity, knowledge about the use of machine learning technology and software is critical. Machine...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - a Concise Introduction

    Steven W. Knox

    AN INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING THAT INCLUDES THE FUNDAMENTAL TECHNIQUES, METHODS, AND APPLICATIONS Machine Learning: a Concise Introduction offers a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts, approaches, and applications of machine...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning with Spark - Second Edition

    Rajdeep Dua; Ghotra,Manpreet Singh; Pentreath,Nick

    Create scalable machine learning applications to power a modern data-driven business using Spark 2.xAbout This Book• Get to the grips with the latest version of Apache Spark• Utilize Spark's machine learning library to implement predictive analytics•...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning with R Cookbook


    If you want to learn how to use R for machine learning and gain insights from your data, then this book is ideal for you. Regardless of your level of experience, this book covers the basics of applying R to machine learning through to advanced...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning - Hands-On for Developers...


    Dig deep into the data with a hands-on guide to machine learning Machine Learning: Hands-On for Developers and Technical Professionals provides hands-on instruction and fully-coded working examples for the most common machine learning techniques used...

  • e-book

    Apache Spark Machine Learning Blueprints

    Alex Liu

    Develop a range of cutting-edge machine learning projects with Apache Spark using this actionable guideAbout This Book• Customize Apache Spark and R to fit your analytical needs in customer research, fraud detection, risk analytics, and...

  • e-book

    Scala - Applied Machine Learning

    Bugnion,Pascal; Kozlov,Alex; Nicolas,Patrick R.

    Leverage the power of Scala and master the art of building, improving, and validating scalable machine learning and AI applications using Scala's most advanced and finest featuresAbout This Book• Build functional, type-safe routines to interact with...

  • e-book

    Machine Learning for the Web

    Andrea Isoni

    Explore the web and make smarter predictions using PythonAbout This Book• Targets two big and prominent markets where sophisticated web apps are of need and importance.• Practical examples of building machine learning web application, which are easy...

  • e-book

    Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches...

    Dehmer,Matthias; Basak,Subhash C.

    Explore the multidisciplinary nature of complex networks through machine learning techniques Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis provides an accessible framework for structurally analyzing graphs by bringing together...

  • e-book

    Scala for Machine Learning

    Nicolas Patrick R.

    Are you curious about AI? All you need is a good understanding of the Scala programming language, a basic knowledge of statistics, a keen interest in Big Data processing, and this book!

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