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  • Last Letter From Your Lover

    Moyes, Jojo

    When journalist Ellie looks through her newspaper's archives for a story, she doesn't think she'll find anything of interest. Instead she discovers a letter from 1960, written by a man asking his lover to leave her husband - and Ellie is caught up in...

  • Letters To A Young Poet

    Rilke,Rainer Maria

    'What matters is to live everything. Live the questions for now.'A hugely influential collection for writers and artists of all kinds, Rilke's profound and lyrical letters to a young friend advise on writing, love, sex, suffering and the nature of...

  • Letters From Father Christmas

    Tolkien,J. R. R.

    Letters From Father Christmas

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  • The Scarlet Letter

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    In seventeenth-century Boston, Hester Prynne shoulders the scorn of her fellow Puritan townsfolk for bearing a child out of wedlock. For her refusal to name the father of her daughter Pearl, Hester is made to wear a scarlet 'A' stitched conspicuously...

  • Letters From Father Christmas

    Tolkien, J. R. R.

    This revised edition of Tolkien's famous illustrated letters from Father Christmas to his children includes a number of pictures and letters that have not been seen in print before. The perfect Christmas gift for Tolkien lovers of all ages. This...

  • Letters To Vera


    No marriage of a major twentieth-century writer is quite as beguiling as that of Vladimir Nabokov's to Vera Slonim. She shared his delight at the enchantment of life's trifles and literature's treasures, and he rated her as having the best and...

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  • Letters To My Palestinian Neighbor

    Halevi, Yossi Klein

    Attempting to break the agonizing impasse between Israelis and Palestinians, the Israeli commentator and award-winning author of Like Dreamers directly addresses his Palestinian neighbors in this taut and provocative book, empathizing with...

  • Love Letters of Great Men


    Remember the wonderfully romantic book of letters by Beethoven, Byron and Napoleon that featured in the Sex and the City film? That collection never actually existed, but all of the letters referenced in the film were real; so Macmillan decided to...

  • The Scarlet Letter

    Hawthorne, Nathaniel

    The canonical American masterpiece of sin, guilt, and revenge, in an authoritative new edition from Penguin Classics with a foreword by Tom Perrotta At once retrospective and radically new, The Scarlet Letter portrays seventeenth-century Puritan New...

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  • Letters Of Sidney Lanier - Selections From...

    Lanier, Sidney

    Excerpt from Letters of Sidney Lanier: Selections From His Correspondence, 1866-1881 Oner and confined at Point Lookout. In February, 1865, he was exchanged, and, travelling most of the dis tance on foot, made his way back to Macon, where he broke...

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  • Letters And Papers, Vol. 3 - Relating To The...

    Gardiner, Samuel Rawson

    Excerpt from Letters and Papers, Vol. 3: Relating to the First Dutch War, 1652 1654 Committee January 2 - Orders of c.o.s. Resolutions of the states-general January 21. - Edmond Courties to Robert Coytmor January 21. - Petition of Jeffery Dare to...

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  • Letters To The Inhabitants Of Northumberland...

    Priestley, Joseph

    Excerpt from Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland and Its Neighborhood, Vol. 1: On Subjects Interesting to the Author, and to Them Of my Right to treat o/ Suljjec'ls of civil Policy, and the Advantages I have had for acquiring Know ledge (f...

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  • Letters, Written By The Late Jonathan Swift,...

    Swift, Jonathan

    Excerpt from Letters, Written by the Late Jonathan Swift, D. D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Vol. 4: And Several of His Friends; From the Year 1710 to 1742; Published From the Originals I can tell you a fecret, which I was nor apprized of myfelf...

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  • Letters And Papers, Foreign And Domestic, Of...

    Gairdner, James

    Excerpt from Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII, Vol. 20: Preserved in the Public Record Office, the British Museum, and Elsewhere in England; Part 1 IT was not a comfortable new year that dawned on England, and...

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  • Letters On The Equality Of The Sexes, And The...

    Grimke, Sarah Moore

    Excerpt from Letters on the Equality of the Sexes, and the Condition of Woman: Addressed to Mary S. Parker, President of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society In examining this important subject, Ishull depend solely on the Bible to designate the...

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  • Letters And Papers Illustrating The Relations...

    Gardiner, Samuel Rawson

    Excerpt from Letters and Papers Illustrating the Relations Between Charles the Second and Scotland in 1650 The documents contained in this volume are intended to illus trate the relations between Charles II. And the Covenanting government in Scotland...

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  • Letters To An Old Garibaldian (Classic...


    Excerpt from Letters to an Old Garibaldian Rome, at her very weakest, has always been a river that wanders and widens and that waters many fields. Berlin, at its strongest, will never be anything but a whirlpool, which seeks its own centre, and is...

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  • Letters Of Sr. Francis Bacon, Baron Of...

    Bacon, Francis

    Excerpt from Letters of Sr. Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England: Written During the Reign of King James the First In divulging Memcires of this nature, the Englifll have heen formerly looked upon as...

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  • Letters, Vol. 1 Of 2 - Written By Eminent...

    Aubrey, John

    Excerpt from Letters, Vol. 1 of 2: Written by Eminent Persons in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, to Which Are Added, Hearne's Journeys to Reading, and to Whaddon Hall, the Seat of Browne Willis, Esq., And Lives of Eminent Men Matthew tate,...

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  • Letters From The South, Vol. 2 Of 2 - Written...

    Bull, John

    Excerpt from Letters From the South, Vol. 2 of 2: Written During an Excursion in the Summer of 1816 As I had heard much of the, rattlesnakes and moccasins that infest these regions, I was on the look out for them during this little excursion, but did...

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  • Letters To Juliet - Celebrating Shakespeare's...

    Friedman,Lise; Friedman,Ceil

    The enduring legend of Shakespeare’s pair of star-crossed lovers draws millions of visitors to Verona, Italy, each year. But that is just part of the story. Every day, letters, frequently addressed simply, “Juliet, Verona,” arrive in the city. They...

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  • Letters On Ethics - To Lucilius

    Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

    The Roman statesman and philosopher Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE) recorded his moral philosophy and reflections on life as a highly original kind of correspondence. Letters on Ethics includes vivid descriptions of town and country life in Nero's Italy,...

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  • Letters And Memorials Of Jane Welsh Carlyle,...

    Carlyle, Thomas

    Excerpt from Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, Vol. 1 of 2: Prepared for Publication The letters which form these volumes were placed, in my hands by Mr. Carlyle in 1871. They are annotated throughout by himself. The few additional...

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  • Letters, Speeches And Tracts On Irish Affairs...


    Excerpt from Letters, Speeches and Tracts on Irish Affairs Indeed, and a loss for which no conversance with con temporary prose literature can make up, any more than conversance with contemporary poetry could make up to us for unacquaintance with...

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  • e-book

    Letters of Cicero

    Cicero,Marcus Tullius

    The letters of Cicero are of a very mixed character. Many sides of Cicero's life, other than the political, are reflected in these letters. The period covered by them is one of the most interesting and momentous in world history.

  • e-book

    Letters of E. B. White, Revised Edition

    White, E. B.

    Letters of E. B. White touches on a wide variety of subjects, including the New Yorker editor who became the author's wife; their dachshund, Fred, with his "look of fake respectability"; and White's contemporaries, from Harold Ross and James Thurber...

  • e-book

    Letters of Love - Gay Cowboy Kisses

    Daniel Blue

    Chip is a straight cowboy who has a chance encounter with a gay guy he meets in a bar. When he goes back to the ranch he finds that he can't stop thinking about Ken so he writes to him to try and sort out his feelings. Soon the two men are writing...

  • e-book

    Letters to My Father

    William C. Jr. Styron

    From 1943 to 1953, William Styron wrote over one hundred letters to his father, detailing his adventures and works in progress, and ruminating on the craft of writing. In all of American literature, no other extended series of such letters exists....

  • Letters To Married Women (Classic Reprint)

    Smith, Hugh

    Excerpt from Letters to Married Women IN confidering my intended l'ubjefts, the familiar flyle of letter-writing appeared the mofi eligible; and particularly, when I reflected upon the abfurdity of ufing terms of art, in an addrefs to the ladies. The...

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  • Letters To John Bull, Esq. - On Affairs...

    Lytton, Edward Bulwer

    Excerpt from Letters to John Bull, Esq.: On Affairs Connected With His Landed Property the Persons Who Live Thereon Dear and respected J cum - Although I deeply sympathise with your natural vexation at the troubled state of your Town Household in...

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  • Letters From The South, Vol. 2 Of 2 (Classic...

    Campbell, Thomas

    Excerpt from Letters From the South, Vol. 2 of 2 French African Company - Coral - Ancient opinions respecting it - Natural History of Coral - Period of the Coral Fishery in the Mediterranean - Mode of fishing it up - Remarks of Spallanzani - Sicilian...

    sob encomenda
  • Letter Of Charles Butler, Esq. - To The...

    Butler, Charles

    Excerpt from Letter of Charles Butler, Esq.: To the Legislature of Indiana in Relation to the Public Debt If any apology for this course shall be deemed proper, it will be found in the importance and urgency of the interests represented by me, and in...

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  • Letters To A Young Chef

    Boulud, Daniel

    Daniel Boulud is a pioneer of our contemporary food culture-from the reinvention of French food to the fine dining revolution in America. A modern man with a classical foundation and a lifetime of experience, Boulud speaks with passion about the...

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  • e-book

    Letters from England

    Karel ?apek

    Karel ?apek was a Czech writer of the early 20th century. Letters from England is ?apek's collection of letters and illustrations from his travels around England. They convey a bemused admiration for England and the English.This early work by Karel...

  • e-book

    Letters from Cupid


    2nd EditionAfter breaking up with his partner, English professor Dr. Derek Chandler feels like a failure who will never win at romance. His aloof colleague, Dr. Macon Pinney, disagrees and pens an anonymous note of encouragement to Derek, which he...

  • e-book

    Letters To Victoria


    Letters to Victoria This poet will enchant you in ways which you have no knowledge yet; this I am sure. I also am happy you walk on the soft carpet of my Riviera with your bare feet, and tenderly feel the delicate flowers that...

  • e-book

    Letters of George Borrow to the British and...

    Borrow,George Henry
    (3166232) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. Revd. and dear Sir, - I have just received your communication, and notwithstanding it is Sunday morning, and the bells with their loud and clear voices are...

  • e-book

    Letters of a Woman Homesteader

    Stewart,Elinore Pruitt

    This towering classic of American frontier life paints a candid portrait of a young widow'apos;s work, travels, neighbors, and harsh existence on a Wyoming ranch in the early 1900s. 6 original illustrations by N.C. Wyeth.

  • e-book

    Letters Against the Firmament

    Bonney, Sean

    Letters Against the Firmament is a user’s report on the end of the world, a treatise against Tory terror, a proposal for a new zodiac, a defence of poetry, a hex against the devourers of planet earth. The Letters are fierce epistolary poems, a vivid...

  • e-book

    Letters to a Young Poet

    Rainer,María Rilke

    Rainer Rilke is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language. The letters in this book were written by Rilke to Franz Kappus, a 19-year-old student at the Military Academy of Vienna. Discouraged by the prospect of military life...

  • e-book

    Letters to a Secret Lover

    Blake, Toni

    The last thing she needs right now is a man . . .Lindsey Brooks had it all—an awesome job doling out advice to the lovelorn, a fabulous high-rise apartment, and a to-die-for fiancé. But then she got dumped—wearing nothing but a 'Kiss the Cook'...

  • e-book

    Letters to Grandchildren


    An effort to reach across a generational divide with observations, reactions and advice.

  • e-book

    Letters Around Midnight - 12 Confessional...

    Croft, Carla

    Based in the UK, Letters Around Midnight is a blog relating sexual experiences from a woman's perspective - but equally open to be read by men. Whether it is an intimate encounter at work, rest or play the tales are guaranteed to set your pulse...

  • e-book

    Letters to Omar


    Three women with time on their hands tackle a charitable cause in this novel about the pleasures of worshipping someone from afar, and the difficulties in trying to make the world a better place.

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