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  • Beyoncé - Life Is But A Dream + Live In...


    A Diva Beyoncé lança o novo DVD duplo Life Is But a Dream. O DVD traz um lindo documentários sobre a vida e carreira da artista, + o show ao vivo arrebatador em Atlantic City! Apenas as versões físicas incluem um código para download da faixa inédita...

  • Life - AME - 2 - Combo Split 2B With CD-Rom

    Hughes,John; Paul Dummett; Helen Stephenson

    National Geographic Learning brings the world to your classroom with Life, a six-level integrated-skills series that develops fluency in American English. Through an exploration of real world content from National Geographic presented through...

  • DVD Life On Mars - 2ª Temporada - 4 Discos


    “Olá. Meu nome é Sam Tyler. Eu enlouqueci, estou em coma ou voltei no tempo?” Sam Tyler (John Simm, 24 Hour Party People e Crime e Castigo) conseguiu se dar conta de que está em um outro tempo. Mas por que ele está em 1973? Para prevenir crimes no...

  • Run For Your Life - Level 1 - Pack CD -...


    Run For Your Life - Level 1 - Pack CD - Penguin Readers - 2Nd Ed.

  • Faith No More - King For A Day...Fool For A...


    Seguindo o álbum Angel Dust, nomeado ao Grammy, o Faith No More retornou em 1995 com King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime. Gravado nos estúdios Bearsville perto de Woodstock, Nova York, foi o primeiro álbum sem o guitarrista de longa data Jim Martin, o...

  • Drawn To Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney...


    Drawn To Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 2: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures

  • Life Story - A Jornada Pela Vida - 2 DVDs


    Life Story, narrado por por David Attenborough, mostra como animais tentam superar os desafios que os encaram em cada um dos seis estágios cruciais da vida. Os animais devem sobreviver aos perigos de ser jovem e indefeso, aprender como sobreviver no...

  • Life - American English Edition 2 - Student...

    Le Coveney; Samantha Alcott; Alexandra Green

    Life - American English Edition 2 - Student Book With Cd-Rom

  • Life Coaching - Ansiedades, Medos, Bloqueios...


    Será que você está, neste momento, assim como milhares de pessoas, querendo mudar de vida, mas alguma coisa inexplicável simplesmente está te impedindo? Então este livro é perfeito para você. Vamos entender – e eliminar – forças inconscientes que...

  • Life 2 - Student Book With Online Workbook

    Hughes,John; Paul Dummett; Helen Stephenson

    Life 2 - Student Book With Online Workbook

  • Life 2 - Combo Split 2B With Online Workbook

    Hughes,John; Paul Dummett; Helen Stephenson

    Life 2 - Combo Split 2B With Online Workbook

  • e-book

    Life of Johnson, Book II

    James Boswell

    Life of Johnson, by Boswell was published in 1791, and it remains one of the best biographies ever written. It is a compilation of letters, journals, memoirs and extracts of other works. It presents the personality of the author, his profound ideas...

  • e-book

    Life In Cartoons! - Volume 2!

    Steve Kang

    Life in Cartoons Volume 2 contains 46 cartoons in the following topics of Kids and Parenting, The Holidays, Technology, and The Oddballs. Sadly true in many ways, viewing life in this media makes it less painful and maybe even laughable. All in all,...

  • e-book

    Life in the Fast Lane - Two Tom Cats Strike...

    Burchfield, Sondra Linton

    This book is a humorous account of a retired couple who travel between their winter home in California and their summer home on the Iowa/Minnesota border. They travel with two Humane Society adopted tom cats who do not like on another. The antics of...

  • e-book

    The Two Lives of Annie McGraw

    Sharry Madden Neary

    Spanning 1934-2002. Annie was born into a family with a violently abusive father and a narcissistic mother. She learns to maneuver the nuances of a dysfunctional family at an early age. Her strength of character, honed by skills learned in her...

  • e-book

    Life of Charlotte Bronte - Volume 2

    Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
    (3164555) present you this new edition. During this summer of 1846, while her literary hopes were waning, an anxiety of another kind was increasing. Her father's eyesight had become seriously impaired by the progress of the cataract which was...

  • e-book

    Vamps #2: Night Life

    Collins, Nancy A.

    Fashion victim just got a whole new meaning.When vampire heiress Lilith Todd decides she wants a modeling career, she won't let her father stop her—even if he does threaten to cut off her credit cards. Lilith's rival, Cally Monture, is in a different...

  • e-book

    Reunions Two - And Life Goes On

    author Jeanie Le Claire

    'While Julie Davidson embraces her future, she hides secrets about her mother's past. Julie knows she must find a way to keep her mother's secrets buried as her own story unfolds. When she realizes that her fiancé, Kenny, is not all that he pretends...

  • e-book

    Twenty Two Years To Life

    Mohammed Massoud Morsi

    What is the one thing you wish for more than anything else in the world?And what would you do if that one thing, once granted, was taken from you?Fathi wakes up one morning to discover Allah has decided to give every old chicken a second chance. And,...

  • e-book

    The Two of Us - My Life with John Thaw


    Sheila Hancock'apos;s moving and compelling memoir of her marriage to John Thaw

  • e-book

    After Life 2 Cradle of Darkness

    Bill Chapple

    After Life two has both books 1 and 2. with now twice as scary twice the chills. buckle up for the new after life with four new novella books.

  • e-book

    One, two. One, two. One Man'apos;s Life in...

    Mick Foden

    Synopsis: Alone in a hospital bed the night before major surgery, Bernie Malone struggles to find a purpose in his life. None of the various pub bands he managed over the years was ever picked up; he gave his whole life to music, infatuated with...

  • e-book

    Two Lives Unconnected


    The life of a woman gets turned around when she finds her husband is not who she thought he was. She engages her childhood friend, who is a private investigator, to help her unravel what has happened to her husband.As children they read mystery...

  • e-book

    Two Lives of Charlemagne

    Einhard,; The Monk of St. Gall

    This work contains the two best-known early separate biographical accounts of Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, the man considered to be the father of Europe. This work contains the two best-known early separate biographical accounts of Charlemagne,...

  • e-book

    Two Lives


    Modern, original fiction for learners of English. In a small Welsh village Megan and Huw fall in love. But then a tragic accident changes Huw's life and he must move abroad. Fifty years later, Huw and Megan finally meet again. Both their lives have...

  • e-book

    Secret Lives - Part 2

    Barbara Greig

    The Gharsias have guarded their secret closely, but has it secured their safety?1547: the old kings of France and England are dead. In both kingdoms, uncertainty hovers over the question of religious reform. Discontent simmers in the countryside,...

  • American Life 2 1e - Pack CD Pack MP3


    * The Penguin Readers are graded at seven levels of difficulty from easystarts to level 6 (Advanced). * They fall into three sub-categories (Contemporary, Classics and Originals) ithin the one series, making the selection of titles easy and...

  • e-book

    Blessed With Two Lives - A Story of Addiction...

    Harry John Overend

    Author Harry John Overend grew up in the tough projects in Connecticut. His life was infested with negativity, drugs, and violence. But he was able to turn his life around, and Overend went from jail to Yale. In Blessed with Two Lives, he shares his...

  • e-book

    Star! Life Poems - Volume 2

    Margaret A. Lort

    These words to be treasured are a little slice of heaven to help lighten your load and to brighten your day, beginning with the poem, 'Laughter.' Margaret Lort lives in Colorado with her husband, two married children, and five grandchildren. She...

  • Life Styles Workbook 2

    Kimbrough, Victoria

    Life Styles Workbook 2

  • e-book

    One Life, One Love Vol. II.

    Mary Elizabeth Braddon

    This early work by Mary Elizabeth Braddon was originally published in 1890 and we are now republishing it with a brand new biography of the author. 'One Life, One Love' is one of Braddon's novels in the sensation literature genre. Mary Elizabeth...

  • Life - American English Edition 2 - Workbook

    Hughes,John; Paul Dummett; Helen Stephenson

    Life - American English Edition 2 - Workbook

  • e-book

    A Life For A Life Part 2


    Drako is back to finish what he started! Now with his own label, Reality Records, up and running and a few won't-back-down soldiers behind it, nothing can stop him. He still has his list of white collar schemes to be carried out, as well as his knack...

  • e-book

    The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 2 -...

    Lemay,J. A. Leo

    Representing a lifetime of research, this seven-volume biography will give readers an unmatched resource for understanding Benjamin Franklin'apos;s character and place in American history. This second volume chronicles the years of Franklin'apos;s...

  • e-book

    The Life and Adventures of Baron Trenck,...

    Von Der Trenck,Friedrich Freiherr
    (3164253) present you this new edition. Thomas Holcroft, the translator of these Memoirs of Baron Trenck, was the author of about thirty plays, among which one, The Road to Ruin, produced in 1792, has kept its place upon the stage. He was born in...

  • e-book

    Life Writings, II - Printed Writings...

    Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler

    Early modern men and women represented their lives very differently from twentieth-century autobiographers, sharing none of the current preoccupation with individuality and the unique self. The writers represented in this two-volume collection sought...

  • Life With Two Languages

    Grosjean, Francois

    Life With Two Languages

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Best of Two Lives - Al Ahsan fi Hayat...

    Doris Ayyoub

    The Best of Two Lives is a love story as well as family history. It is shaped as a journey, beginning with the cultural foundations of Jordan and the United States. Weaving threads of family stories, Doris introduces us to compelling characters, and...

  • e-book

    Pidge and Jamie - Two Lives Transformed By...

    Marjorie Jamison Douglas

    Pidge and Jamie grew up in the peaceful last days of the Victorian Age. Each thought their ordered lives would follow a predictable future. But with the onset of World War I their lives were drastically changed. Intensely patriotic, both were...

  • e-book

    The Gypsy Saw Two Lives

    Mihalis, Rodica

    Synopsis:The Gypsy Saw Two Lives is the memoir of a woman whose life journey takes her from communist Romania to America, the land of freedom, but it also holds many surprises, good and bad. -----This true story is a fast-paced and entertaining book....

  • e-book

    Life'apos;s 2% Solution - Simple Steps to...


    Building on the work of eminent thinkers and scholars in the areas of emotional intelligence and whole-mind thinking, Marcia Hughes has successfully introduced a new way to connect with your core strengths and values, balance productivity and...

  • e-book

    The Life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord...

    James Harrison

    James Harrison spent many months with the friends and relatives of Lord Nelson collection anecdotes, letters and interviews about this famous British hero. His 2 volume biography is the most comprehensive work on Lord Nelson. Nelson became famous...

  • e-book

    The Life and Times of a Baby Boomer - How...

    Edwin Ashton

    The Life and Times of a Baby Boomer will make you laugh, but it should also make you angry. Part memoir, part philosophical musing, and part political-economy this book describes how The Baby Boomer generation experienced a life previously unknown by...

  • e-book

    My Life, My Loves, My Sexual Freedom - 18+...


    Volume two. This book is one of three volumes covering a lifetime of love, sex and relationships. Although listed as 'fiction erotica,' this is, in fact, an explicit autobiography, so actually 'non-fiction erotica.' All names, including mine, have...

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