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  • Will Eisner Life, In Pictures - Vida, Em...




    Em 500 páginas, no estilo de quadrinhos graphic novel que Will Eisner inventou nos anos 1980, Life, In Pictures é um autorretrato e a crônica de sua carreira como artista. As histórias contadas permeiam a sociedade de Nova York, a judaica...

  • Life, In Pictures

    Eisner, Will; Eisner,Will

    A visual self-assessment by the creator of 'A Contract With God' and 'The Plot' evaluates his life as a writer, a professional, and an artist, in a collection of autobiographical tales that includes 'The Dreamer,' 'To the Heart of the Storm,' and...

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  • Marilyn Monroe - A Life In Pictures

    Vários Autores

    Following the same format as the previous Life in Pictures titles, Marilyn Monroe presents the icon at her very best - retelling her story through amazing images ( some not published before) and allowing the reader new insight into the real womam.

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  • Michael Jackson - A Life In Pictures

    Dherbier,Yann-Brice; Bal,Candace

    A fitting tribute to the undisputed 'King of Pop,' this lavishly illustrated book takes us on a visual tour of Michael Jackson’s colorful, highly publicized, sometimes controversial, but exceptionally gifted life. From his earliest performances with...

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  • Muhammad Ali - Life In Pictures


    Life in pictures: Muhammad Ali presents his life an achievements in a series of photographs accompanied by a detailed narrative captions. His place in the sporting pantheon was assured long before he hung up his gloves in 1981. those who do no follow...

  • Marisa Berenson: A Life In Pictures

    Berenson, Marisa

    A captivating selection of images by the world’s leading photographers celebrating one of the most recognized faces in fashion and film. Dubbed an “It Girl” by Yves Saint Laurent in the early 1970s, Marisa Berenson is the original modern...

  • e-book

    A Life In Pictures


    ALASDAIR GRAY is Scotland's best known polymath. Born in 1934 in Glasgow, he graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1957 then lived by part-time teaching, painting and writing plays for TV and radio until 1981. His first novel, the loosely...

  • e-book

    Hitler - A Life in Pictures: The Official...


    This exceptional source is probably the best of the contemporary accounts of Hitler in power, albeit from a heavily pro-Nazi stance. The testimonies collected together were based on interviews conducted by Heinz A. Heinz in 1933 and 1934, shortly...

  • e-book

    Drucker - A Life in Pictures


    A Photographic Celebration of the Life and Work of the Legendary Peter DruckerBorn on November 19, 1909, Peter Drucker grew up in Austria and moved to Germany at the age of seventeen. When the Nazis rose to power in 1933, they burned and banned some...

  • e-book

    Autobiographical Comics - Life Writing in...

    Elisabeth El Refaie

    A troubled childhood in Iran. Living with a disability. Grieving for a dead child. Over the last forty years the comic book has become an increasingly popular way of telling personal stories of considerable complexity and depth. In Autobiographical...

  • e-book

    Billy Graham - A Life in Pictures


    Celebrating the life and legacy of one of America’s best-known religious figures in words and photographs, this book traces the amazing journey of the lanky farm boy from Charlotte, North Carolina, who grew up to preach to more than 200 million...

  • e-book


    Emma Straub

    Irving snapped his fingers, so loudly that it echoed through the room, over all the chatting and flirting. Elsa was surprised that such a sharp, loud noise could come out of such a small person. 'quot;Laura Lamont,'quot; he said. 'quot;You want it?...

  • The Great Painters' Gospel - Pictures...

    Bailey, Henry Turner

    Excerpt from The Great Painters' Gospel: Pictures Representing Scenes and Incidents in the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ; With Scriptural Quotations, References and Suggestions for Comparative Study The Holy Ghost than come upon thee Let it he unto...

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  • e-book

    The Dales Vet - A Working Life in Pictures

    Neville Turner

    Thanks to James Herriot, the Dales have fame and popularity worldwide. The Herriot books introduced a huge public to the colourful life of a rural veterinary surgeon - an interest which has endured for more than four decades.The Dales Vet is...

  • Excursions And Adventures In New South Wales,...


    Excerpt from Excursions and Adventures in New South Wales, Vol. 2 of 2: With Pictures of Squatting and of Life in the Bush; An Account of the Climate, Productions, and Natural History of the Colony, and of the Manners and Customs of the Natives, With...

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  • Life In Pictures - Marilyn


    Life In Pictures - Marilyn

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  • Life In Pictures - John Lennon


    Life In Pictures - John Lennon

    Produto indisponível

  • Life In Pictures - Beatles


    Life In Pictures - Beatles

    Produto indisponível

  • Elvis - Life In Pictures


    Elvis - Life In Pictures

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  • Rolling Stones - Life In Pictures


    This highly illustrated book charts one of the most successful and influential bands the world has ever seen. With hundreds of photographs selected from the archives and rich, informative text that chronicles the history, lives, and rock n' roll...

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  • Katharine Hepburn - A Life In Pictures


    Katharine Hepburn - A Life In Pictures

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  • Darcey Bussell - a Life In Pictures


    This book of stunning images by some of today's leading photographers, chronicles Darcey Bussell's amazing career on the stage. From her early years through to her final perfomance, every significant moment has been captured. Along with images of her...

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  • Sophia Loren - A Life In Pictures


    Sophia Loren is seen as one of the first cinematic sex symbols, her charisma and voluptuous figure attracted many admirers. Yet her life away from the cameras may surprise some - she was married to Carlo Ponti, film producer, throughout her career...

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  • Hemingway - a Life In Pictures

    Hemingway,Mariel; Vejdovsky,Boris

    A loving homage to one of America's greatest writers.July 2, 2011, marks the 50th anniversary of the tragic death of Ernest Hemingway. The year will also see the release of two documentaries about the famed writer.In this first-ever tribute to her...

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  • Our Century In Pictures - Life

    Stolley,Richard B.

    More than five hundred images, selected from the photographic archives of 'Life' and other collections, portray the people and events that transformed the modern era

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  • Hitler's Life In Pictures - A Photo Book -...

    Joachim Von Halasz

    This photo book with about 250 pictures was published in 1940 as a propaganda work to promote the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany and to illustrate the deep roots common to both countries. Even though many Austrians had welcomed Hitler as...

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  • Anne Frank - Her Life In Words And Pictures

    Fondation Anne Frank

    Anne Frank - Her Life In Words And Pictures

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  • Elizabeth Taylor - A Life In Pictures


    Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first great actresses to embrace the Hollywood lifestyle. Accomplished in her field and revered for her beauty, Liz's career firmly placed her in the limelight from an early age. Films such as 'National Velvet', 'Who's...

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  • Herbert Von Karajan - A Life In Pictures


    Herbert Von Karajan - A Life In Pictures

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    Produto indisponível




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