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  • Green Arrow Vol.1 - The Death And Life Of...

    Benjamin Percy

    Green Arrow's life will be forever changed as he is betrayed by those closest to him! A budding relationship with Black Canary forces Ollie to confront the fact that he can't fight 'the man' if he is 'the man.' And one by one, his friends desert...

  • The Life And The Death Of Beeshop - Digipack


    O Beeshop já existia nas entrelinhas do grupo principal de Lucas Silveira, líder da Fresno. No meio do sucesso todo que o grupo gaúcho fez/faz, você pinçava diferenciais em timbres, arranjos, progressões em composições que os destacavam. Era o...

  • e-book

    Zen - Life and Death In the Biggest Little...

    Ed SJC Park

    4th in the Bill Keane series, we find Bill a career bureaucrat pondering retirement when once again the psychotic ruling class comes knocking on his door to unburden him from the banality and middling mediocrity of a cushy government job and send him...

  • e-book

    Life and Death at the Dog Park

    Scott Douglas Sowers

    A normal day at the dog park is disrupted when Mooky, a black lab comes bounding out of the woods with a human leg bone in her mouth. Retired Secret Service agent, Vivien Szabo, who is the owner of Mooky is pulled into this cozy-style, mystery-...

  • e-book

    Life and Death In the Abode of Snows

    Andrew James Pritchard

    His wife of fifteen years having abandoned him, Jason Person is then diagnosed with cancer and told that he has less than a year to live. Therefore he travels to the Himalayan country of Nepal, his final desire is to simply die swiftly in peace and...

  • e-book

    Racketeer for Life - Fighting the Culture of...

    Scheidler, Joseph M.

    Joseph M. Scheidler has fought for the unborn since the Supreme Court allowed abortion on demand with its 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton rulings. He was the target of a lawsuit brought by the National Organization for Women under federal...

  • e-book

    Life After Death Karma Bit Me In the Ass -...

    Chima Vincenza

    A mother's love for her son, a man's love for them both, and a spiritual love that transcends all are the centerpieces of this joyous book about the miraculous side of tragedy. As a young pre-med student unsuccessfully juggling work, school, and...

  • e-book

    Life, Death and the Odd Miracle In Between

    Marsha Gusti

    'Life, Death and the Odd Miracle In Between' is a unique spiritual memoir. Marsha Gusti found her place on the planet through the gut-wrenching agony of the unexpected and mysterious loss of her one-week-old grandchild and 25-year-old son seven years...

  • The Life And Death Of Abraham Lincoln - A...

    Brooks, Phillips

    Excerpt from The Life and Death of Abraham Lincoln: A Sermon Preached at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, Sunday Morning, April 23, 1865 Here is a description of a great and good ruler - Of the source from Which God took him, of the...

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  • e-book

    Canaris - The Life and Death of Hitler'apos;s...


    Even today Wilhelm Canaris is the principal mystery man of the Nazi regime a man that historians cannot easily classify; a man who rarely showed his hand, who talked little and preferred to listen. Few who knew him ever understood his intentions or...

  • e-book

    The Life And Death Of Mr. Badman

    John Bunyan

    John Bunyan is most famous for his work 'The Pilgrim's Progress' one of the most significant works in English Literature. This novel was written by Bunyan as a companion to 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. A must read for anybody interested in the history...

  • e-book

    Dance of Death - The Life of John Fahey,...

    Steve Lowenthal

    John Fahey is to the solo acoustic guitar what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric: the man whom all subsequent musicians had to listen to. Fahey made more than 40 albums between 1959 and his death in 2001, most of them featuring only his solo...

  • e-book

    Life and Death in the Mesolithic of Sweden


    Over the last 20 years a vast number of new and important Swedish Mesolithic sites have been excavated and published in different ways as articles, books and site reports. As yet there has been no study that tries to bring the loose ends together...

  • e-book

    Life and Death in the Mesolithic of Sweden


    Over the last 20 years a vast number of new and important Swedish Mesolithic sites have been excavated and published in different ways as articles, books and site reports. As yet there has been no study that tries to bring the loose ends together...

  • e-book

    Life and Death in the Garden - Sex, Drugs,...


    This compelling book provides a rare glimpse into the heart of wartime China. Kathryn Meyer draws us into the perilous world of the Garden of Grand Vision, a ramshackle structure where a floating population of thousands found shelter—and despair. We...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Jason - A Poem

    Morris, William

    This vintage book contains William Morris's 1867 poem, 'The Life and Death of Jason: A Poem'. It was originally intended as a story to accompany 'The Earthly Paradise', a work presented as a poetic collection recounted by Greek travellers who...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Yukio Mishima

    Stokes,Henry Scott

    This incisive biography begins withthe spectacularly tragic last day of the militant Japanese novelist, perhaps best known for his monumental four-book masterpieceThe Sea of Fertility.

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay


    Books for All Kinds of Readers Read HowYouWant offers the widest selection of on-demand, accessible format editions on the market today. Our 7 different sizes of EasyRead are optimized by increasing the font size and spacing between the words and the...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Rowan Du Preez - Safe...

    Simone Haysom

    This piece by Simone Haysom is from the anthologySafe House. The creative nonfiction gathered together in Safe House include a mix of memoir, life writing, reportage, and essays, from east, west, and southern Africa, illuminating African narratives...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Venus - A Chapbook

    Shayla Law

    The Life and Death of Venus is a poetic coming of age. A short collection of 26 poems, Venus explores the literal and symbolic themes of death and life through a lens of womanhood. Sensuous, humorous, brazen and heartfelt, these poems tell a story of...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay

    Hewlett, Maurice Henry
    (3166830) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. THE ABBOT MILO URBI ET ORBI, CONCERNING THE NATURE OF THE LEOPARD

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Gus Reed

    Thomas Bahde

    Gus Reed was a freed slave who traveled north as Sherman'apos;s March was sweeping through Georgia in 1864. His journey ended in Springfield, Illinois, a city undergoing fundamental changes as its white citizens struggled to understand the political,...

  • e-book

    The Life and Death of Poetry - Poems


    Winner of the 2013 L. E. Phillabaum Poetry AwardIn her ninth collection of poetry, Kelly Cherry explores the domain of language. Clear and accessible, the poems in The Life and Death of Poetry examine the intricacies and limitations of communication...

  • The Life And Death Of Anne Boleyn - 'The Most...

    Ives,E. W.

    The Life And Death Of Anne Boleyn - 'The Most Happy'

  • e-book

    The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of...

    Mundy,Barbara E.

    The capital of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan, was, in its era, one of the largest cities in the world. Built on an island in the middle of a shallow lake, its population numbered perhaps 150,000, with another 350,000 people in the urban network...

  • Life And Death In The Third Reich


    In deciphering the reasons behind Nazism's ideological grip on the German people, the author argues that its basic appeal lay in the Volksgemeinschaft - a 'people's community' that seemed to be part of a great project to right the wrongs of...

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  • Life And Death In The Andes


    A thoughtfully observed travel memoir and history as richly detailed as it is deeply felt (Kirkus Reviews) of South America, from Butch Cassidy to Che Guevara to cocaine king Pablo Escobar to Charles Darwin, all set in the Andes Mountains. The Andes...

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  • Life And Death In The Andes - On The Trail Of...


    Unique portraits of legendary characters along South America s mountain spine, from Charles Darwin to the present day, told by a master traveler and observer. The Andes Mountains are the world s longest mountain chain, linking most of the countries...

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  • e-book

    Life After the Death of My Son - What...


    On the morning of February 6, 1991, Dennis Apple discovered the lifeless body of his son on their family room couch. Eighteen-year-old Denny had died without warning from what was later explained as complications due to Mono. Sixteen years later,...

  • e-book

    Where The Light Lives - A True Story about...

    Linda Cull

    Where The Light Lives is the inspirational memoir of Linda Cull, a young woman from a traditional Southern European culture which was traumatised and fragmented by the Second World War and civil conflicts, and the story of her spiritual awakening...

  • e-book

    Family Life - Birth, Death and the Whole Damn...


    Not everyone keeps an eagle owl in the spare bedroom cupboard, plays chess for the French Foreign Legion, or goes to school on an obstinate donkey. But this was all just a day in the life of the four Luard children. For the Luards, growing up as...

  • e-book

    Life Against Death - The Psychoanalytical...

    Brown,Norman O.

    A shocking and extreme interpretation of the father of psychoanalysis.

  • e-book

    Life and Death in the Bronze Age - An...

    Cyril Fox

    This is a great work by one of the pioneers of modern archaeology. The period covered is from 1700 to 700 B.C. and is mainly concerned with the author'apos;s field work in western Britain. It deals with burial ritual - dances, processions,...

  • e-book

    Life and Death Decisions - The Quest for...


    Issues of Life and Death such as abortion, assisted suicide, capital punishment and others are among the most contentious in many societies. Whose rights are protected? How do these rights and protections change over time and who makes those...

  • e-book

    Life and Death Matters - Seeking the Truth...


    A white Southerner from a middle-class family, physician Robert Baldwin inherited an outlook on race and criminal justice typical of his segregated society, but gradually began to question these assumptions. Challenged in a public policy class to...

  • e-book

    Beware the Corn Woman - More Than Life or...

    Neil Michael O'apos;Mara

    A young Native American believes an ancestor killed nearly three hundred years ago haunts him. He also has the conviction that he and his family are tormented at every twist and turn of their lives by the injustices exacted on their people both in...

  • e-book

    Acute Misfortune - The Life and Death of Adam...


    Winner, 2015 Nib Waverley Library Award for LiteratureAcute Misfortune is an unflinching portrait of talent and addiction.In 2008, the artist Adam Cullen invited journalist Erik Jensen to stay in his spare room and write his biography. A publisher...

  • e-book

    Broken Harts - The Life and Death of Owen...

    Hart,Martha; Francis,Eric

    Owen's wife Martha, tells the story of their life together from the days as high school sweethearts, through Owen's rise to fame in the WWF.

  • e-book

    Nathan Hale - The Life and Death of...

    Phelps, M. William

    Now in paperback, the New York Times best-selling biography—the first in nearly a century—of the legendary Revolutionary War patriot and our country’s first spy

  • e-book

    The Death and Life of Miguel De Cervantes - A...

    Marlowe, Stephen

    This is the story of my death and life, in which fiction and that lesser truth, history, from time to time form a seamless whole. Speaking is the hero of Stephen Marlowe'apos;s brilliant new novel. He is Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: son of a...

  • e-book

    Junior Seau - The Life and Death of a...

    Jim Trotter

    From a longtime NFL reporter and San Diego insider, a moving portrait of the life and legendary career of one of the NFL’s most beloved players, felled by the tough guy culture and concussion crisis that pervades the sport  

  • Life And Death Of The REV. Joseph Alleine, A....


    Excerpt from Life and Death of the Rev. Joseph Alleine, A. B., Author of 'an Alarm to the Unconverted' To Which Are Added, His Christian Letters, Full of Spiritual Instructions In an age When high-sounding profession is so apt to be substituted for...

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  • e-book

    The Lord of Death and The Queen of Life

    Flint,Homer Eon

    Homer Eon Flint was a pioneering science fiction author who was a master of the short story. In this matched set of tales featuring the intrepid scientist Dr. Kinney, a research team travels to two planets -- one dead and barren, one vibrant and...

  • e-book

    The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life

    Flint,Homer Eon

    The doctor, who was easily the most musical of the four men, sang in a cheerful baritone: 'The owl and the pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful, pea-green boat.' The geologist, who had held down the lower end of a quartet in his...

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