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  • A Viúva Clicquot - A História de um Império...

    Mazzeo,Tilar J.

    Viúva aos 27 anos, com uma filha pequena e sem qualquer formação empresarial, esta mulher assumiu o controle da vinícola do marido. Tornou-se uma lenda na França e entrou para a História como a figura que abriu horizontes para as mulheres no mundo...

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  • Enquanto Houver Champanhe, Há Esperança - Uma...

    Santos,Joaquim Ferreira dos

    “No fundo, Zózimo foi um verdadeiro anarquista, um Groucho Marx, que observava com elegante desdém o grand monde que circulava em sua coluna. Ele sabia aproveitar o que esse mundo tinha de gostoso, no sentido do tato e do paladar, mas não o...

  • e-book

    Enquanto houver champanhe, há esperança: Uma...

    Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos

    Por quase trinta anos, entre 1969 e 1997, a sociedade brasileira foi desnudada pela escrita espirituosa do jornalista Zózimo Barrozo do Amaral em sua coluna diária no Jornal do Brasil e depois em O Globo. Muito além dos registros sociais, ele...

  • e-book

    Champagne Blues


    The story begins with Claude, the most formidable concierge in all Paris. Claude is preparing for a crisis. As he waits, we note the Baccarat crystal, the Meisonnier silver tray, the Lalique ashtray. The crisis? The threatened invasion of the...

  • e-book

    Champagne Babes


    Eva Valentine is back and Trouble is still her middle name! After surviving a near-death experience, Eva marries the man who nursed her back to health. Living it up in style on their honeymoon she discovers she is already three months pregnant.When...

  • e-book

    Champagne Kisses


    Like any great diva, Eva Valentine is a flawed character. Spoilt, stubborn and sassy, she exudes lioness confidence when in the company of her fellow bitches Maddie and Parker, and hungers for sex like others desire chocolate.Eva is a woman who would...

  • e-book

    Champagne Secrets


    After filming a group of footballers'apos; wives in a bust-up on a plane using only her camera phone, Eva Valentine is offered the chance of a lifetime - a job as an undercover TV reporter.But, as always, there'apos;s a downside - the fabulous offer...

  • e-book

    Champagne Kisses

    Aicher, Lynda

    The Christmas Eve wedding Evan Cleary pulled together in four weeks is crashing down around him and taking his fledgling event planning business with it. With an empty altar and over a hundred guests arriving soon, he turns to the resistant, gorgeous...

  • e-book

    Champagne and Meatballs

    Whyte,Bert; Hannant,Larry

    A cigar-smoking rabble-rouser, Whyte was known by many as a most charming storyteller.

  • e-book

    Champagne and Cocaine - A Novel


    New York. Winter. 1980. Behind the glitter of the disco era, the city streets run wild. In countless secret spaces, high stakes poker games fuel an underground economy flush with cocaine, champagne, and call girls. Winners are on top of the world....

  • e-book

    Midnight Champagne

    Ansay,A. Manette

    April Liesgang and Caleb Shannon have known each other for just three short months, so their Valentine's Day wedding at a chapel near the shores of Lake Michigan has both families in an uproar. As the festivities unfold (and the cash bar opens),...

  • Sangue e Champanhe

    Kershaw, Alex

    O livro reconstrói a vida e a época de Robert Capa, o mais famoso fotojornalista do século XX. Capa teve suas fotos mais emblemáticas publicadas nas principais revistas do mundo, fundou a legendária agência Magnum e foi o primeiro a conferir à...

  • Champagne Secrets


    Champagne Secrets

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  • Champagne Babes

    Brunker, Amanda

    Champagne Babes

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  • Champagne for One

    Stout,Rex; Horne,Lena

    Unwilling to accept a suicide ruling after witnessing the death of the admittedly morbid Faith Usher, Archie Goodwin is assisted in the investigation by Nero Wolfe, who has been warned to stay away from the case. Reissue.

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  • e-book

    Sarah'apos;s Sexploits - Champagne and...

    Red,K T

    Emil and Sarah escape to a luxury hotel to begin afresh after Emil surprises Sarah by showing his feelings for her - and she surprises herself by reciprocating. A shadowy figure from Emil's past threatens to spoil their weekend by harassing Sarah but...

  • e-book

    Blame It on the Champagne: A Collection of...

    Masters,Gwen,; Albrow, Stephen; Chowen,Diane

    A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied thems from Xcite Books.

  • e-book

    Sangue e champanhe


    O livro reconstrói a vida e a época de Robert Capa, o mais famoso fotojornalista do século XX. Capa teve suas fotos mais emblemáticas publicadas nas principais revistas do mundo, fundou a legendária agência Magnum e foi o primeiro a conferir à...

  • e-book

    A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

    Kristen Marie Math

    Kristen Math had it all. She was married to her best friend, Thomas. They had four young children and a baby on the way. After struggling through a difficult childhood, she built her life around her family. When she was sixteen weeks pregnant,...

  • e-book

    Love'apos;s Misadventure - The Mason Siblings...

    Cheri Champagne

    Love's Misadventure (2nd edition) is the first Amazon Best Selling regency period novel in Cheri Champagne's Mason Sibling Series.Miss Annabel Bradley refuses to accept life as a spinster. Her many years of pouring greedily over gothic novels has put...

  • Blood and Champagne

    Kershaw, Alex

    Traces the life and career of the respected war photographer, noting his relationships with classical twentieth-century authors and Hollywood stars, his often harrowing assignments, his co-founding of the Magnum photo agency, and his death in the...

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  • Meurtre Au Champagne


    Meurtre Au Champagne

  • e-book

    Marcus Wouldn'apos;t Listen

    Yvonne Champagne Frasier

    This book is about a young boy named Marcus who wouldn't listen.

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