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  • Cidade Dos Etéreos - Livro II - Série o...




    Cidade dos etéreos dá sequência ao celebrado O orfanato da srta. Peregrine para crianças peculiares, em que o jovem Jacob Portman, para descobrir a verdade sobre a morte do avô, segue pistas que o levam a um antigo lar para crianças em uma ilha...

  • Para Educar Crianças Feministas - Um...

    Adichie,Chimamanda Ngozi



    Um texto comovente e propositivo de uma das maiores escritoras contemporâneas sobre como combater o preconceito pela educação. Após o enorme sucesso de Sejamos todos feministas, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie retoma o tema da...

  • O Lar da Srta. Peregrine Para Criança...




    Agora a saga está completa. O primeiro livro da série chega às livrarias em edição de luxo, em novembro, pela Intrínseca. Jacob Portman cresceu ouvindo as histórias fantásticas que o avô, Abe, contava. Na época da Segunda Guerra Mundial, Abe havia...

  • O Orfanato da Srta. Peregrine Para Crianças...




    O best-seller de cara nova. Os milhares de fãs brasileiros do livro “O orfanato da Srta. Peregrine para crianças peculiares” estão a poucos dias de assistir à adaptação cinematográfica de Tim Burton, que estreia em 29 de setembro. O cineasta já havia...

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    Kit O Orfanato da Srta. Peregrine Para...



    O Orfanato da Srta. Peregrine Para Crianças PeculiaresO best-seller de cara nova. Os milhares de fãs brasileiros do livro “O orfanato da Srta. Peregrine para crianças peculiares” estão a poucos dias de assistir à adaptação cinematográfica de Tim...

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    R$ 94,90
  • e-book


    Costa,Marta Morais Da

    Contar histórias, assim como ouvi-las, é uma experiência humana insubstituível. Para isso, o exercício de formação do leitor é fundamental desde a infância. Pelo ensino a distância você poderá fazer o curso de Literatura Infantil, que abrirá novos...

  • Children Of The Frost


    A weary journey beyond the last scrub timber and straggling copses, into the heart of the Barrens where the niggard North is supposed to deny the Earth, are to be found great sweeps of forests and stretches of smiling land. But this the world is just...

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  • Children Of The Fleet

    Card,Orson Scott; Card,Orson Scott

    Children of the Fleet is a new angle on Card's bestselling series, telling the story of the Fleet in space, parallel to the story on Earth told in the Ender's Shadow series. Ender Wiggin won the Third Formic war, ending the alien threat to Earth....

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  • Children Of Blood And Bone - International...

    Adeyemi, Tomi

    Zélie lives in a world where magic has disappeared and magis, once revered, are targeted by a ruthless king. But at seventeen, Zélie has a chance to bring magic back to the land of Orïsha. In the face of danger, death, and a star-crossed romance,...

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  • Children Of The Jacaranda Tree


    New York Times bestselling author Khaled Hosseini says, 'Set in post-revolutionary Iran, Sahar Delijani's gripping novel is a blistering indictment of tyranny, a poignant tribute to those who bear the scars of it, and a celebration of the human...

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  • Children Of The Whirlwind (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Children of the Whirlwind Some believed that she was now the mere ashes Of a woman, in whom lived only the last flickering spark. And some believed that beneath that drab and spent appearance there smouldered a great fire, which might...

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  • Children Of The Mist - Tamed By A Highlander


    A LOVER'S PROMISE Connor Grant left his first love in the Highlands, vowing to return after serving in the king's army. Seven years later, he is still fighting for the crown, and his victories are legendary-both in the battlefield and in the bedroom....

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  • Railway Children


    The Phoenix and the Carpet is E. Nesbit's second fantasy novel and is the sequel to Five Children and It.From Robert, Anthea, Jane and Cyril's new nursery carpet there falls a mysterious egg which is hatched in the fire to reveal a benevolent,...

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  • The Children Act


    This book is a brilliant, emotionally wrenching new novel from the author of Atonement and Amsterdam. Fiona Maye, a leading High Court judge, renowned for her fierce intelligence and sensitivity is called on to try an urgent case. For religious...

  • Five Children And It


    Like Nesbit's The Railway Children, the story begins when a group of children move from London to the countryside of Kent. The five children - Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and their baby brother, known as the Lamb - are playing in a gravel pit when...

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  • The Children Of Freedom

    Levy, Marc

    A remarkable story of struggle and survival in World War II by France's No. 1 bestselling novelistEarly in 1942, two young brothers join a Resistance group. All the members of the group are young, most of their families came from elsewhere in Europe...

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  • Vengeance - Children Of Faust - Paperback

    Ulm, Chris

    In Kim's everyday middle school facade, she is faced with relentless figures of malice on a daily basis. An alcoholic father and abusive school-mate prove too much to handle at times; leaving her emotionally vulnerable and tempted by her hate. Things...

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  • Child 44

    Smith,Tom Rob

    Stalin's Soviet Union strives to be a paradise for its workers, providing for all of their needs. One of its fundamental pillars is that its citizens live free from the fear of ordinary crime and criminals. But in this society, millions do live in...

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  • Children Of The Fleet

    Card,Orson Scott

    From Orson Scott Card, award-winning and bestselling author of Ender's Game, his first solo Enderverse novel in years.Children of the Fleet is a new angle on Card's bestselling series, telling the story of the Fleet in space, parallel to the story on...

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  • The Children's Munchausen (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Children's Munchausen When I was younger I seldom read Forewords or even Afterwords to the books I hoped to enjoy, or, having read, had enjoyed. My habit was to think that authors deprived me of pages that might have been much more...

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  • Children Of Earth And Sky

    Kay,Guy Gavriel

    Guy Gavriel Kay, bestselling author of the groundbreaking novels Under Heaven and River of Stars, once again visits a world that evokes one that existed in our own past, this time the tumultuous period of Renaissance Europe-a world on the verge of...

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  • Men, Women & Children


    Chad Kultgen, cult hero and author of the buzz-generating illicit classics The Average American Male and The Lie, cuts to the quick of the American psyche like no other author writing today. In Men, Women & Children he explores the sexual pressures...

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  • Child Of Storm

    Haggard,Henry Rider

    Child of Storm is a 1913 novel by H. Rider Haggard featuring Allan Quatermain. The plot is set in 1854-56 and concerns Quatermain hunting in Zululand and getting involved with Mameema, a beautiful African girl who causes great turmoil in the Zulu...

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  • The Railway Children


    The Railway Children is a children's book by Edith Nesbit, originally serialised in The London Magazine during 1905 and first published in book form in 1906. It has been adapted for the screen several times, of which the 1970 film version is the best...

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  • Wild Child


    Wild Child

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  • Meddling Kids


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'The story proves as cleverly witty as its title. It's filled with high jinks both terrorizing and hilarious.' --USA Today In 1977, four teenagers and a dog--Andy (the tomboy), Nate (the nerd), Kerri (the bookworm), Peter...

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  • Brain Child


    A brilliant high school senior girl is quite taken with the science of behavioral modification. When her father suffers a stroke, she experiments with her own family, turning her home into a laboratory, unbeknownst to her teachers and neighbors who...

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  • Child On The Doorstep

    Bennett, Anne

    The heartbreaking new novel from the bestselling author of The Forget-me-not Child and If You Were the Only Girl. Angela McClusky is haunted by the young baby that she left on the steps of the workhouse. Born out of wedlock and the result of a...

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  • Child Of The Mersey


    A brand new series from the bestselling author of A Christmas Promise. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn.For the ordinary people of Empire Street, life will never be the same again. Kitty Fisher has plenty on her plate to keep her busy. Since her...

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  • Child 44 Film Tie-In

    Smith,Tom Rob

    MGB officer Leo is a man who never questions the Party Line. He arrests whomever he is told to arrest. He dismisses the horrific death of a young boy because he is told to, because he believes the Party stance that there can be no murder in Communist...

  • The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place

    Wood, Maryrose; Klassen,Jon

    The first book in the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place--the acclaimed and hilarious Victorian mystery series by Maryrose Wood, perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Trenton Lee Stewart--has a brand-new look.Discovered in the forest of Ashton...

  • Odd Child Out


    How well do you know the people you love...?Best friends Noah Sadler and Abdi Mahad have always been inseparable. But when Noah is found floating unconscious in Bristol's Feeder Canal, Abdi can't--or won't--tell anyone what happened.Just back from...

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  • Odd Child Out


    How well do you know the people you love...?Best friends Noah Sadler and Abdi Mahad have always been inseparable. But when Noah is found floating unconscious in Bristol's Feeder Canal, Abdi can't--or won't--tell anyone what happened.Just back from...

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  • Odd Child Out


    From New York Times Bestselling Author of WHAT SHE KNEW 'A hugely satisfying and thrilling read. Highly recommended!' -Shari LaPena, New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door'Literary suspense at its finest.'--Mary Kubica, New York...

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  • The Ultimate Children's Classic Collection

    Carroll,Lewis; Saint-Exupéry,Antoine De; Grahame,Kenneth

    The perfect gift for any book-lover, this box set contains eight of the best children's classics ever writtenBeautifully packaged in a ridged, matt-laminated slipcase with metallic detailing, complete with strikingly attractive, bespoke artwork, this...

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  • Sleepy Hollow: Children Of The Revolution

    Decandido,Keith R.a.

    Ichabod Crane, a soldier from the Colonial Army, has been resurrected from his grave in 2013, more than two centuries after he was killed in battle. He soon meets lieutenant Abbie Mills of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department who is investigating the...

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  • Rich Kids Of Instagram


    Based on the wildly popular blog 'Rich Kids of Instagram,' a dishy and hilarious novel about the intersecting lives of the world's most extravagant, unapologetically uber-rich teenagers. The 'Rich Kids of Instagram' are not your typical well-to-do...

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  • e-book

    Mundo Infantil

    Clovis Oliveira Cardoso

    O MUNDO INFANTIL, é um trabalho literário em que Clóvis Oliveira Cardoso se integrou com facilidade por gostar do mundo das crianças. O autor diz que todos nós temos uma criança em potencial dentro de cada um e que por esse motivo procura escrever...

  • e-book

    Literalmente Infantil

    Clóvis Oliveira Cardoso

    Um livro que como diz o oportuno título LITERALMENTE INFANTIL. Aqui o autor que sempre se identifica com o mundo infantil, mais uma vez voltou ao seu tempo de criança e debulhou cada poesia com o mesmo carinho, a mesma dedicação e aproveita para...

  • Treating Child-Abusive Families

    KELLY , JEFFREY A.; Jeffrey A. Kelly

    During the past ten years, the problem of child abuse has been the subject of increased attention both in the professional community and among the general public. The reasons for this widespread recogni- tion are clear. First, professionals of many...

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  • Bless The Beasts & Children


    'Send Us a Boy -- We'll Send You a Cowboy!' is the slogan of the Box Canyon Boys Camp. But for the nail biters, thumb suckers, and teeth grinders -- the cast-away offspring of parents who are busy travelling, being divorced, remarrying, and garnering...

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  • A Criança No Tempo


    Do autor de Reparação e Enclausurado e vencedor do Man Booker Prize, um romance contundente sobre a dor do desaparecimento de um filho.Numa ida rotineira ao supermercado, Stephen Lewis, escritor bem-sucedido de livros infantis, se depara com a maior...

  • The Golden Child


    Beth Mahony is a stay-at-home mother of two daughters, Lucy and Charlotte. She's also a blogger, whose alter ego, Lizzie, paints a picture of a busy, happy life. Originally from Australia, Beth and her family have lived in New Jersey for ten years....

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  • The Wish Child


    WINNER OF THE ACORN FOUNDATION FICTION PRIZE AT THE OCKHAM NEW ZEALAND BOOK AWARDS 'A remarkable book with a stunningly original twist.' --The Times (London) This international bestselling historical novel follows two children and a mysterious...

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