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20 produtos
  • Living In The End Times

    Zizek, Slavoj

    There should no longer be any doubt: global capitalism is fast approaching its terminal crisis. Slavoj Žižek has identified the four horsemen of this coming apocalypse: the worldwide ecological crisis; imbalances within the economic system; the...

  • Six Hours One Friday-Expanded Edition -...

    Lucado, Max

    Max Lucado takes the reader deep into the meaning of Jesus' last hours on the cross in this expanded edition of the Lucado classic.There is a truth greater than all the losses and sorrow of life. And it can be discovered in the life, death, and...

  • Living In The Weather Of The World - Stories


    In stories by turns suspenseful, comic, subtle, and profound, Richard Bausch probes the fault lines of daily life. At three in the morning a man tries not to wake his sleeping wife while fielding calls from his suicidal mistress. A successful real...

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  • Life Without Lack - Living In The Fullness Of...


    Learn the secret of living with contentment, peace, and security.Pause for a moment and ask yourself what your life would be like if it were completely without fear? If you did not fear death. If you did not fear life and what it might bring. If you...

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  • e-book

    Living and Dying in the USA: Behavioral,...

    Nam,Charles B.; Rogers,Richard G.; Hummer,Robert A.

    The simplicity of using one data set in addressing the relationship of single variables to mortality distinguishes Living and Dying in the USA from other recent investigations of mortality. The authors use the recently released National Health...

  • The Art Of Living - Peace And Freedom In The...

    Hanh,Thich Nhat

    In troubled times, there is an urgency to understand ourselves and our world. We have so many questions, and they tug at us night and day, consciously and unconsciously. In this important volume Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh----one of the most revered...

  • How's Your Dad - Living In The Shadow Of A...

    Howe, Zöe Street

    How's Your Dad - Living In The Shadow Of A Rock Star Parent

  • The Handbook For The End Times - Hope, Help...


    Hopeful Message for the Days Ahead from a Bestselling AuthorThe future of this planet has never looked bleaker . . . or brighter. The darkest time in all of history, as well as the most brilliant for the people of God, lies before us. Jesus' own...

  • e-book

    Quest for the Living God - Mapping Frontiers...

    Johnson,Elizabeth A.

    Concerned with new frontiers in our understanding of God, this book aims to spread the light of theological knowledge, 'apos;ever ancient, ever new'apos;.

  • Conserving Living Natural Resources in the...

    Weddell,Bertie Josephson

    Conserving Living Natural Resources in the Context of a Changing World

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  • In The Land Of The Living


    The Auberons are a lovably neurotic, infernally intelligent family who love and hate each other-and themselves - in equal measure. Driven both by grief at his young mother's death and war with his distant, abusive immigrant father, patriarch Isidore...

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  • e-book

    Wounded Trust: Living Fully in the Midst of...

    Yutzy,Mary L.

    Wounded Trust encourages embracing the situations and experiences of life in the view of eternity. The likeness of a wound to traumatic experiences makes a real-to-life understanding of our emotional wounds. Life brings wounds, bumps, and bruises...

  • e-book

    A Book of Instructions for Living With A...

    The Anonymous Desert Rat

    This witty collection of instructive warnings and anecdotes were penned by a long-term veteran of the marriage wars after he took one too many frying pans to the knee. He illustrates the usual mistakes men make with women and how to avoid them. Be...

  • Rescued - What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us...


    Discover the astonishing lessons rescue dogs can teach us about life, love, and ourselves As seen on BuzzFeed's 'Best Books Gift Guide' In the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller Rescue Road, acclaimed journalist Peter Zheutlin offers a...

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  • Living In The Material World - George...

    Holborn,Mark; Harrison,Olivia

    Drawing on George Harrison’s personal archive of photographs, letters, diaries, and memorabilia, Olivia Harrison reveals the arc of his life, from his guitar-obsessed boyhood in Liverpool, to the astonishment of the Beatles years, to his days as an...

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  • Living In the Usa


    Living In the Usa

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  • Living In the Usa


    Living In the Usa

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  • Living In the Usa


    Living In the Usa

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  • The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace

    Dalai Lama XIV; Lopez,Donald S.

    A religious leader's wise and gentle presentation of Buddhist wisdom on death and dying also includes his own thoughts on the end of life and offers straightforward lessons on living a good life through compassion, patience, and Buddhist teachings.

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