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435 produtos
  • Death Note Another Note - o Caso Dos...

    Ohba,Tsugumi; Obata,Takeshi

    Um legítimo thriller policial repleto de mistérios e com um final surpreendente. Death Note - Another Note: O Caso dos Assassinatos em Los Angeles é o empolgante prelúdio de Death Note, um dos maiores sucessos da história dos mangás, fenômeno de...

  • Another - 2º Período

    Ayatsuji,Yukito; Kiyohara,Hiro

    Sem ninguém perceber, a turma 3-3 passa a ter mais um aluno na classe. E quando isso acontece, os alunos daquela turma começam a morrer um atrás do outro. Para impedir que isso aconteça, é preciso tornar um dos alunos em algo que não existe.No lugar...

  • Another - 3º Período

    Ayatsuji,Yukito; Kiyohara,Hiro

    O fenômeno da classe 3-3 toma novas proporções com as revelações do Sr. Chibiki, que conta à Koichi e Mei sobre detalhes da maldição que ocorreu em outros anos no colégio Yomikita.A pressão aumenta e a situação se torna insuportável para alguns. As...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child Vol. 1


    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • Another


    In the spring of 1998, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into Class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Middle School. But little does he know...his new class has a horrible secret. When he takes his seat in class for the first day of school, Koichi is unsettled by his...

  • e-book

    In Another Life

    Julie Christine Johnson

    She has fallen for a man who shouldn'apos;t existHistorian Lia Carrer has finally returned to southern France, determined to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. But instead of finding solace in the region'apos;s quiet hills and medieval...

  • e-book

    Home Another Way


    A contemporary story of God's grace and forgiveness, and the flawed, faithful people He uses to bring His purposes to fruition.

  • e-book

    In Another Life

    Julie Christine Johnson

    She has fallen for a man who shouldn'apos;t existHistorian Lia Carrer has finally returned to southern France, determined to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. But instead of finding solace in the region'apos;s quiet hills and medieval...

  • e-book

    Just Another Lady


    A regency romance by Penelope Friday. Published by Xcite Books winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

  • e-book

    Torchwood - Another Life


    'apos;The twenty-first century is when it all changes, and you'apos;ve got to be ready.'apos;Separate from the government; outside the police, beyond the United Nations: Torchwood sets its own rules.A team of investigators, using alien technology to...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child - Vol. 3


    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • e-book

    Not Another Nun Story

    Margaret Bolton

    The stories of Not Another Nun Story recount some of the more human side of life in a convent in the 1960s. Before Vatican II, convent life was rather like that depicted in Audrey Hepburn's film A Nun's Story. Margaret Breuer became a Sister of Mercy...

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  • e-book

    In Another Life (novella)

    E.E. Montgomery

    A moving short story about finding yourself, fixing past mistakes, and forevers... When Eli was twenty-four, he thought he had it all: the job of his dreams, the man of his dreams, and a future that would last forever. But Mike had different plans,...

  • e-book

    Produce Another Dumb Instructor

    John Triggerfish

    John Triggerfish nearly wound up dead at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately for many women and large succulent fruit he survived, and decided to further his diving education. This is a story about doing the dreaded instructor development...

  • e-book

    Not Another Bad Date


    What does a gal have to do to get a good date in this town?Adele Harris can't even begin to answer that question. She's had so many lousy dates that she's sure she's cursed. Why else would every man she goes out with suddenly act like he's lost his...

  • e-book

    Just Another Girl - A Novel

    Carlson, Melody

    Sometimes Aster just wants to be like all her friends. Why can't she have a normal life? Teen fans of Melody Carlson will love her newest novel.

  • e-book

    Just Another Quiet Little City

    Frankel, J.S.

    Magic is in the air, and it makes the rules. Teenagers Gabe Common and his girlfriend, Millie Themmes, have settled in Angels Camp, California. As a high school dropout with little education and no future job prospects, Gabe is forced to work as a...

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  • e-book

    Just Another Viscount in Love

    Vivienne Lorret

    A brand new story in the Season's Original series from USA Today bestseller, Vivienne Lorret!As the toast of the ton, Samuel Wortham, Viscount Ellery, should have no trouble finding a wife. Yet each lady he pursues ends up married to another. As a...

  • e-book

    Desktopping - Another Story of Office Erotica

    St. Goar, M.

    ***WARNING!!! EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!***A sexy secretary finds that her workload doubles when her hunky boss calls her into a last-minute meeting with the Regional Sales Manager. Yes, it's a M/F/M threesome that could only happen in the...

  • e-book

    Ghosts - Another Summer in the Old Town

    Cribbs, Randy

    What haunting mystery connects the Old Jail and Tolomato Cemetery?Determined to find the cause behind ghostly encounters, three unsuspecting friends enter the realm of apparitions and poltergeists. In a race against time, they discover the secret...

  • e-book

    Disappearances - Another Spirited Novel By...

    Linda Byler

              Sadie may be married now, but she'apos;s as spirited as ever, and her life is no less tame. In fact, soon after she and Mark are settled into the farmhouse which Mark is renovating, she'apos;s visited by three FBI agents who question her...

  • e-book

    Sins of Another

    Davies, Jessica Skye

    One morning Padrig Kennedy comes home to find his partner, Nick Glenfielding, in bed with another man. Shocked, hurt, and vulnerable, Padrig flees and meets a stranger who seems to offer comfort-but he force-feeds Padrig a steady diet of drugs and...

  • e-book

    Tomorrow is Another Day

    John Findley

    Mark is a young Man graduating university; the reader gets to follow along on his search for employment. Carol has been his girlfriend since primary school and they have a very happy life together. John, his father, is a widower but has fallen in...

  • e-book

    Poems From Another Place

    Karen Sandford-Albarda

    These poems came from deep within my soul. Life as I knew it suddenly started to change. I had cancer and no longer trusted my body. My husband, who had become my caregiver, died without warning during my recovery and I was now thrust into the world...

  • e-book

    Restranded On Another Planet


    Clarissa is in for a surprise when Teal returns for a visit. While flying through space, they crash on Marciturn, a planet ruled by robots. Their ship is beyond repair. Only one thing will save them. One of them must become a robot. Who will it be?

  • e-book

    Jennifer Shot-Another Shot

    Patricia Kristensen

    Synopsis: Orphaned at the age of thirteen, Jennifer lives with her Aunt Elizabeth in the historic Tasmanian suburb of Battery Point. After her aunt moves into assisted care following some dementia-related incidents, Jennifer studies law with her...

  • e-book

    Memories of Another Day


    <p><b>'quot;Robbins grabs the reader and doesn’t let go…'quot; —<i>Publishers Weekly</i></b></p><p><b>'quot;His characters are compelling, his dialogue is dramatic, and his style is simple and straightforward.'quot; —<i>The LA...

  • e-book

    One Ends, Another Begins

    Lilly Sherman

    A story of two women who are two generations apart. The elder woman struggles through life and enters her later years in a senior citizens high-rise apartment building, while the younger woman experiences several years of questionable conduct before...

  • e-book

    Stranded On Another Planet

    Sara Casalino

    Clarissa meets Teal, a guy from another planet. It's always been Clarissa's wish to fly in space. But when her wish comes true, and a black hole sends them across the other end of the universe, Teal finds out his planet is dying. Can Clarissa return...

  • e-book

    Last Night Another Soldier

    Mcnab, Andy

    Afghanistan, 2009. A Rifle section is halfway through their six-month tour of duty in Helmand Province. Sixteen men from their Battalion have already been killed. Forty-seven others have been wounded and flown back home. The last three months have...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare by Another Name


    The debate over the true author of the Shakespeare canon has raged for centuries. Astonishingly little evidence supports the traditional belief that Will Shakespeare, the actor and businessman from Stratford-upon-Avon, was the author. Legendary...

  • e-book

    Not Just Another War Story


    'Not Just Another War Story' transports the reader back in time in one of the most compelling World War II stories in many years. The author masterfully weaves this story through authentic towns and places of conflict that were focal points in the...

  • e-book

    Jacqueline and Another Sexy Year

    George, Jacqueline

    Here is Jacqueline at her sparkling best, with a series of articles on romance, sex and love. Funny, irreverent, a great book to dip into or read at one sitting. Makes a wonderful Christmas present, and will put a smile on anyone's face.

  • e-book

    Finding Utopia - Another Journey Into Lost...


    A fascinating journey through Ohio's forgotten pastIn Finding Utopia, Randy McNutt sets off again to explore Ohio's for-gotten nooks and byways. He begins where his last journey ended- on roads less traveled-finding more ghost towns,...

  • e-book

    Mary--Another Redeemer?

    White,James R.

    What every reader needs to know about the controversial movement to name Mary as Co-Redeemer with Christ.

  • e-book

    Tomorrow Is Another Day - An Adams Family...

    Staples, Mary Jane

    From autumn 1941 to the first months of 1942, the war continued to affect the lives of the Adams and Somers families. It was not so much the war, however, as a succession of tragic domestic events that brought a sad and lonely little girl called...

  • e-book

    Tomorrow Is Another Trial - One Woman'apos;s...

    Phoebe Sayers

    'Tomorrow ... is Another Trial’ is a powerful blend of family history and a gentle account of events to honour two generations of remarkable women. The author details the trials and tribulations in her mother’s challenging and ultimately triumphant...

  • e-book

    Keeping Secrets - Another Spirited Novel By...

    Linda Byler

    There'apos;s horse trouble in Montana again in this second installment in Amish author, Linda Byler'apos;s, series, 'quot;Sadie'apos;s Montana.'quot; Someone is shooting horses and Sadie is determined to find out who it is. That is until she begins...

  • e-book

    Wild Horses - Another Spirited Novel By The...

    Linda Byler

              The Miller family'apos;s move from Ohio to Montana was, for the most part, uneventful, except that Sadie Miller had to leave her beloved horse, the palomino named Paris. Still, she likes the Montana snows and her job at Aspen East Ranch...

  • e-book

    Another Dimension


    In the boundless darkness, there wait enormous unanswered and mysterious things. One of the serious of Discovery, it wonderfully interprets the mysterious, fantasy, and suspense parts of human civilization, creating a colorful cultural feast.

  • e-book

    Another Homecoming

    Oke,Janette; Bunn,Davis

    After a heartbreaking loss, a woman finds herself searching for a family she never knew and a faith she's only beginning to understand.

  • e-book

    Another Hannah

    Klassen, Mari

    ...little Mari spotted a cup on the windowsill and reached for it. No one stopped her until she started coughing in great distress. What she thought was water was actually kerosene...Mother came running, picked up the now limp little girl, and took...

  • e-book

    Another Door


    Just out of mourning, Mia Reading is having trouble readjusting to Society. She scoffs at the idea of reinventing herself as a sensual woman until a masquerade ball when she stumbles into the wrong room and the powerful arms of wicked Aidan Reading.

  • e-book

    Another Way....


    Follow Jesse and Will through the years as their relationship grows. In Another Way, Jesse Ross seems happy with his college sweetheart and normal life, but on the side, he'apos;s having an affair with Dom Will Anderson. When Will admits to wanting...

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