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  • O Jardim Secreto

    Hodgson Burnett,Frances

    A clássica história de Mary, uma órfã de 10 anos que vai viver com o tio em um casarão na Inglaterra. Lá encontra Dickon, um menino que conversa com as plantas e os animais, e Colin, um pequeno lorde, doente e isolado em um dos quartos. A amizade das...

  • O Jardim Secreto - Col. Reencontro Infantil

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson

    Órfã, Mary chega da Índia para morar com o tio viúvo em uma propriedade rural da Inglaterra. A princípio deslocada naquele imenso casarão, a menina, aos poucos, explora os arredores e encontra o jardim secreto, onde depara com uma natureza...

  • A Birthday For Frances

    Hoban, Russell

    Gloria's birthday is tomorrow, and everyone is looking forward to the celebration--except Frances. Frances can't help but think that it always seems to be someone else's birthday. To make matters worse, Gloria's birthday present costs Frances a whole...

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  • Home Fires In France (Classic Reprint)

    Canfield, Dorothy

    Excerpt from Home Fires in France Nothing, said the notary, except a great deal of human life. Gee! What a lot 0' that! Murmured the thoughtful boy from Virginia, his eyes widening imaginatively. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Bread And Jam For Frances

    Hoban, Russell

    America's favorite badger is now in full color!

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  • A Daughter Of New France - With Some Account...

    Crowley, Mary Catherine

    Excerpt from A Daughter of New France: With Some Account of the Gallant Sieur Cadillac and His Colony on the Detroit Although the recital keeps to fact in all important points, A Daughter of New France claims, how ever, to be only a novel. Therefore...

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  • Balthasar (Classic Reprint)

    France, Anatole

    Excerpt from Balthasar At last, after a march of twelve days, Balthasar became conscious of the fragrance of roses, and very soon they saw the gardens that surround the city of Sheba. On their way they passed young girls dancing under pomegranate...

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  • Triangle

    Barnett, Mac

    Multi-award-winning, New York Times best-selling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen conspire again on a slyly funny tale about some very sneaky shapes. Meet Triangle. He is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend, Square. Or so Triangle thinks. . . ....

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  • Air Service Boys, Flying For France - Or The...

    Beach, Charles Amory

    Excerpt from Air Service Boys, Flying for France: Or the Young Heroes of the Lafayette Escadrille They were great friends, and had been ever since childhood. T hey lived in the town of Bridgeton, Virginia. As Jack had hinted, Tom's father was an...

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  • The Red Lily (Classic Reprint)

    France, Anatole

    Excerpt from The Red Lily The General, who never liked young men, said that he had met Le Menil in the Bois the evening before galloping at a break-neck pace. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic...

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  • That Lass O' Lowrie's (Classic Reprint)

    Burnett, Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from That Lass O' Lowrie's Another burst of derisive laughter followed her, but she took no notice of it. She took no notice of anything - not even of the two men who at that very moment passed and turned to look at her as she went by. About...

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  • Pinocchio



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  • Stargirl

    Spinelli Jerry


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  • Gruffalo

    Donaldson Julia


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  • Humbert

    Burningham John


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  • Maths

    MEER; Millser; Witkows


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  • Cendrillon



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  • Moonfleet

    Falkner J M


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  • Martha



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  • In Connection With The De Willoughby Claim...

    Burnett, Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from In Connection With the De Willoughby Claim In the course of a month or so he carried out the plan, selecting Talbot's Cross-roads as the site for the store in question. He engaged hands to erect a frame building, collected by the...

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  • Chaise Bleue (La)

    Boujon C

    Escarbille, le long loup maigre, et Chaboudo, le toutou à courtes pattes, ne s'ennuient jamais. L'autre jour, en se promenant dans un désert très désertique (du sable, du sable et encore du sable, une pierre, une autre, un tas de cailloux et encore...

  • Mary Poppins


    Mary Poppins monte l'escalier sur la rampe, verse de la même bouteille, successivement : du sirop de citron, de la glace à la fraise, et du punch au rhum ! Mais qui est donc vraiment Mary Poppins, la nouvelle gouvernante des enfants Banks ?...

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  • Alexandre Le Grand Dans La Litterature...

    Meyer, Paul

    Excerpt from Alexandre le Grand dans la Litterature Francaise du Moyen Age, Vol. 1: Textes Pseudo - Calfisthene qui parut en 1836 dan: tome XIII des Notices et extraits des manuscrits publ par l'academie des Inscriptions. Ceux qui ont cor Berger de...

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  • Dico Dingo

    Garnier Pascal

    'Une place pour chaque chose et chaque chose à sa place.' C'est comme cela chez les Robert ! Mais un matin, Robert Robert, leur fils, fait tomber le dictionnaire : piaf ! tous les mots s'éparpillent par terre. Il se dépêche de les remettre dans les...

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  • Billy Elliot

    Burgess, Melvin

    Billy Elliot vit dans une petite ville minière d'Angleterre. Dans la famille Elliot, on est mineur de père en fils et, depuis de longues semaines, on se bat pour que le gouvernement ne ferme pas les mines. Dans la famille Elliot, on fait de la boxe...

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  • Syrie 1941


    Syrie 1941

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  • Livre de Jeux


    Livre de Jeux

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  • Cher Album

    Brami; Daisay

    Cher Album

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  • Au Galop !


    Au Galop !

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  • Catherine Certitude


    Catherine wears glasses, like her dad, and wants to be a dancer, like her mum. When she dances, without her glasses, her world is even more rose-tinted.

  • Madame Bonheur

    Boite 1

    Madame Bonheur

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  • Madame Dodue

    Boite 1

    Madame Dodue

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  • Madame Oui

    Boite 1

    Madame Oui

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  • Madame Contraire

    Boite 1

    Madame Contraire

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  • Monsieur Sale

    Boite 1

    Monsieur Sale

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  • Madame Geniale

    Boite 1

    Madame Geniale

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  • Legendes de Provence

    Bressy Eugene

    Legendes de Provence

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  • Madame Coquette

    Boite 1

    Madame Coquette

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  • Madame Bavarde

    Boite 1

    Madame Bavarde

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  • Madame Pourquoi

    Boite 1

    Madame Pourquoi

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  • Olivier Twist


    Olivier Twist

  • Leo - Biblio


    Leo - Biblio

  • Coyote Mauve


    Coyote Mauve

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  • Coyote Mauve


    Coyote Mauve

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