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  • O Jardim Secreto - Col. Reencontro Infantil

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson

    Órfã, Mary chega da Índia para morar com o tio viúvo em uma propriedade rural da Inglaterra. A princípio deslocada naquele imenso casarão, a menina, aos poucos, explora os arredores e encontra o jardim secreto, onde depara com uma natureza...

  • O Jardim Secreto

    Hodgson Burnett,Frances



    A clássica história de Mary, uma órfã de 10 anos que vai viver com o tio em um casarão na Inglaterra. Lá encontra Dickon, um menino que conversa com as plantas e os animais, e Colin, um pequeno lorde, doente e isolado em um dos quartos. A amizade das...

  • Our Children - Scenes From The Country And...

    France, Anatole

    Excerpt from Our Children: Scenes From the Country and the Town Even when quite a long way off, she could see her grandmother seated on her stone doorstep. The dear grandmother who smiled with her toothless mouth and Opened her old arms thin as grape...

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  • Army Boys In France, Or From Training Camp To...

    Randall, Homer

    Excerpt from Army Boys in France, or From Training Camp to Trenches Looks like war, fellows! Exclaimed Frank Sheldon, as, on a cold March morning he came briskly into the business house where he was employed, and slipped off his overcoat. About the...

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  • Fair France - Impressions Of A Traveller...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Fair France: Impressions of a Traveller The rain lasted till we came within a few leagues from Paris. Then it ceased; and after safely extricating our selves from the wild whirl of the douane, so trying to John Bull's temper, we passed...

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  • Philosophia Musarum - Containing The Songs...

    Forster, Thomas

    Excerpt from Philosophia Musarum: Containing The Songs And Romances Of The Pipers Wallet, Pan, The Harmonia Musarum, And Other Miscellaneous Poems Leberata we have a more regular and chastened verse, though per haps less force of expression. Spencer...

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  • Frances Waldeaux - A Novel (Classic Reprint)

    Davis, Rebecca Harding

    Excerpt from Frances Waldeaux: A Novel Now they stood looking up to the crowded decks, shouting out last fond words. Aband playing The Merry Maiden and the Tar marched on board. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • The Lost Provinces, How Vansittart Came Back...

    Tracy, Louis

    Excerpt from The Lost Provinces, How Vansittart Came Back to France Unless you go back again, guv'nor, and take a hand in the game. The interruption came from Arizona Jim, who was sitting with Vansittart and Evelyn in a canoe lying motionless on a...

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  • On A Candlestick (Classic Reprint)

    Lee, Frances

    Excerpt from On a Candlestick When they had gone through the psalm in this way somebody prayed, and then the school repeated together the Lord's Prayer, and after that a little bell rang, and the infant class went to their room, while the Older...

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  • Audrey Hepburn - My First Audrey Hepburn

    Sanchez Vegara , Isabel; Arrazola, Amaia

    New, in the My First Little People, Big Dreams series Introduce your littlest one to the world's most Hollywood movie star, Audrey Hepburn. Told in simple sentences, this young reader edition of the best-selling series is perfect to read out loud to...

  • Fables

    Fontaine, Jean de La

    Les Fables occupent une place singulière dans notre mémoire : par le souvenir que nous gardons de ces poèmes devant lesquels nous sommes restés enfants, mais aussi par la grâce de tant de vers devenus proverbiaux et que notre parole quotidienne fait...

  • Vive La France (Classic Reprint)

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Vive La France I finished my dinner without tasting what I ate, my thoughts centered upon the impossible task of try ing to realize what this war was to bring us. The ringing of the bell roused me, and Julie, our little maid, Ushered in...

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  • Little Saint Elizabeth - And Other Stories...

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from Little Saint Elizabeth: And Other Stories Poor little Saint Elizabeth! She had not lived a very natural or healthy life herself, and she knew absolutely nothing of real childish pleasures. You see, it had occurred in this way: When she...

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  • The Children's Book (Classic Reprint)

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from The Children's Book You think the baby's laughing at the sunshine on the floor, But the baby sees the Little Folk dancing by the score. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find...

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  • Beyond The Argentine - Or, Letters From...

    Frances, May

    Excerpt from Beyond the Argentine: Or, Letters From Brazil He said that G. Had telegraphed asking him to meet me, but he had understood it to mean the next day, owing, as I afterwards found, to a clerk's having changed the word during the...

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  • Manners, Vol. 1 Of 3 - A Novel (Classic...

    Brooke, Frances

    Excerpt from Manners, Vol. 1 of 3: A Novel Mrs. Martin, the lady alluded to, was certainly one of those more sinned against than sinning3 for malice itself could not accuse her of one uncharitable thought, word, or action: and even her enemies, if...

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  • The History Of Emily Montague, Vol. 3...

    Brooke, Frances

    Excerpt from The History of Emily Montague, Vol. 3 For your own fake, I once more entreat you to return to England: I will follow you willfifiear never to marry another; I will fee you, I will allow you to continue the tender inclination which unites...

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  • The History Of Emily Montague, Vol. 4...

    Brooke, Frances

    Excerpt from The History of Emily Montague, Vol. 4 Yes, my Rivers, our fouls have the mofi 'perfeet refemblance: I never heard you fpeak Without finding the feel ings of my own heart developed; your converfation conveyed your Emily's ideas, but...

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  • Memoir Of Frances Fowler (Classic Reprint)

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Memoir of Frances Fowler The birth of a daughter was matter of great joy, and awakened much gratitude and praise to the Giver of every good gift. She was early, and we may believe sincerely dedicated to God in baptism. To a believing,...

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  • The Spring Cleaning - As Told By Queen...

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from The Spring Cleaning: As Told by Queen Crosspatch Iand my Green Workers waken everything up - and a nice time we have of it. After it is all over my Green Workers are so tired I let them go to sleep for a month. Last Spring was a very...

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  • The Adventures Of Robert Chevalier, Call'd De...

    Alain-rene Lesage

    Excerpt from The Adventures of Robert Chevalier, Call'd De Beauchene, Captain of a Privateer in New-France, Vol. 1 of 2 Of a Rocheller, one of his Companions. They go to cruize upon the Coa/t of the Carraccas, and with a Voy'el of eight Gan: take two...

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  • Best Friends For Frances


    Frances doesn't think her younger sister Gloria can be her best friend. Besides, Albert is Frances's best friend. But when Albert has a no-girls baseball game, Franes sets out to prove to Albert a thing or two about friendship - and what girls can...

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  • A Birthday For Frances


    Gloria's birthday is tomorrow, and everyone is looking forward to the celebration--except Frances. Frances can't help but think that it always seems to be someone else's birthday. To make matters worse, Gloria's birthday present costs Frances a whole...

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  • The Mary Frances Story Or Adventures Among...

    Fryer, Jane Eayre

    Excerpt from The Mary Frances Story or Adventures Among the Story People The Brahmin, the Tiger, and the Jackal, from First Book of Religion; Cassel Company, for Music Bewitched by Hartley Richards; American Baptist Publication Society, for John and....

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  • A Little Princess Being The Whole Story Of...

    Burnett, Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from A Little Princess Being the Whole Story of Sara Crewe, Now Told for the First Time She sat with her feet tucked under her, and leaned against her father, who held her in his arm, as she stared out of the window at the passing people with...

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  • Fanny In France - Travel Adventures Of A...


    From famed chef Alice Waters, a treat for anyone who loves France, food, adventure or all three! Fanny is a girl who knows a lot about food and cooking since she s grown up in and around the famous restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California....

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  • Editha's Burglar - A Story For Children...

    Burnett, Frances Hodgson

    Excerpt from Editha's Burglar: A Story for Children She was very fond of the newspapers, because she found SO many curious things in them, stories, for instance, of strange events which happened every day in the great city of London, and yet never...

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  • Pinocchio



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  • Stargirl

    Spinelli Jerry


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  • Maths

    MEER; Millser; Witkows


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  • Humbert

    Burningham John


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  • Cendrillon



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  • Gruffalo

    Donaldson Julia


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  • Moonfleet

    Falkner J M


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  • Martha



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  • Triangle


    Multi-award-winning, New York Times best-selling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen conspire again on a slyly funny tale about some very sneaky shapes. Meet Triangle. He is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend, Square. Or so Triangle thinks. . . ....

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  • Home Fires In France (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Home Fires in France Nothing, said the notary, except a great deal of human life. Gee! What a lot 0' that! Murmured the thoughtful boy from Virginia, his eyes widening imaginatively. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Bread And Jam For Frances


    Starring Frances, America's favorite badger, this beloved picture book is now available in the always-appealing 8x8 format!Frances is a fussy eater. In fact, the only thing she likes is bread and jam. So she's delighted when Mother and Father grant...

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  • Bread And Jam For Frances


    America's favorite badger is now in full color!

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  • 10 Reasons To Love A... Whale

    Barr, Catherine

    Did you know that blue whales are the largest animal on earth? Or that they can sing songs across the ocean? In this series, learn all about why blue whales are incredible and 10 reasons why you should love them. Also features five ways to show you...

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  • Evolucao da Psicose Infantil,a


    Evolucao da Psicose Infantil,a

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  • Leo - Biblio


    Leo - Biblio

  • Mary Poppins


    Mary Poppins monte l'escalier sur la rampe, verse de la même bouteille, successivement : du sirop de citron, de la glace à la fraise, et du punch au rhum ! Mais qui est donc vraiment Mary Poppins, la nouvelle gouvernante des enfants Banks ?...

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  • Catherine Certitude

    Modiano, Patrick

    Catherine wears glasses, like her dad, and wants to be a dancer, like her mum. When she dances, without her glasses, her world is even more rose-tinted.

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