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  • Uma Breve História da Humanidade - Sapiens

    Harari,Yuval Noah

    O autor repassa a história da humanidade, ou do homo sapiens, desde o surgimento da espécie durante a pré-história até o presente, mas em vez de apenas “inventariar” os fatos históricos ele os relaciona com questões do presente e os questiona de...

  • Box - A História da Primeira Guerra Mundial...


    No verão de 1914, a Europa explodiu em um frenesi de violência em massa. A guerra que se seguiu teve repercussões globais, destruindo quatro impérios e custando milhões de vidas. Mesmo os países vitoriosos foram marcados por uma geração, e ainda hoje...

  • A History Of Spain, Vol. 1 Of 2 (Classic...

    Callcott, Maria

    Excerpt from A History of Spain, Vol. 1 of 2 The following little work was written to supply the want of a popular History of Spain, such as might be put into the hands of young persons. It was at first intended to model it after Mrs. Markham's...

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  • Uma Breve História do Tempo


    Marco definitivo da literatura de divulgação científica, “Uma breve história do tempo” é relançado em edição revista e atualizada.Uma das mentes mais geniais do mundo moderno, Stephen Hawking guia o leitor na busca por respostas a algumas das maiores...

  • The Reign Of Mary I

    Tittler, Robert

    Until recently, the reign of Mary Tudor was generally seen as a �sterile interlude� in the Tudor century, with Mary herself dismissed as �Bloody Mary�. Extensive research in the past several decades has overturned these assumptions in almost every...

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  • The Greatest Trials I Ever Had - The Civil...

    Cahill, Thomas

    This edited collection of Civil War correspondence between Col. Thomas Cahill and his wife, Margaret, offers a rare glimpse into the symbiotic relationship between soldiers and their home communities. In the only substantial extant collection of...

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  • e-book

    American History 1 (Speedy Study Guides)

    Speedy Publishing

    History is perceived by many as boring and a good study guide can pique interest in learning by guiding students to pertinent and interesting events. Study guides are also very important for helping students make the most of their study time. Good...

  • Faust: Parts One And Two

    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

    Hailed as Germany's greatest contribution to world literature, Goethe's Faust drew upon a folktale and Marlowe's Dr. Faustus for inspiration. But in this epic version, Faust sells his soul not for magic powers but for a heightened sense of existence....

  • Livro - Uma História Viva


    Há 2.500 anos, livros têm sido usados para legislar, registrar, idolatrar, educar e divertir. Esta belíssima história ilustrada explora uma das tecnologias mais versáteis, úteis e duradouras já inventadas. Livro: uma história viva apresenta a...

  • e-book

    Honest History - Volume 1

    Garrison Clifford Gibson

    This is my non-concise contemporary history capture of 2011 and 2012. Presenting my own worldview Honest History regards phenomenal events and provides commentary on select social and political phenomena concerning Americans. Excreted through the...

  • Natural History, Vol. 1 - Or Second Division...


    Excerpt from Natural History, Vol. 1: Or Second Division of 'the English Encyclopaedia,' During the progress of the publication, the Conductor has become more and more satisfied that the plan of issuing The English Cyclopaedia in Four Divisions is a...

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  • The Story Of The Jews, Volume One - Finding...

    Schama, Simon

    In this magnificently illustrated cultural history--the tie-in to the PBS and BBC series The Story of the Jews--Simon Schama details the story of the Jewish experience, tracing it across three millennia, from their beginnings as an ancient tribal...

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  • 1808


    1808, o maior fenômeno de vendas do mercado editorial brasileiro na categoria não-ficção nos últimos anos, será relançado na Bienal Internacional de São Paulo em versão atualizada e ampliada pela Globo Livros. Entre outras novidades, o livro, que já...

  • The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement...


    The 637 documents in this volume span 1 February to 31 August 1819. As a founding member of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors, Jefferson helps to obtain builders for the infant institution, responds to those seeking professorships, and...

  • Noite De Trevas: Uma História Real do Batman

    Dini, Paul; Risso, Eduardo

    Nos anos 1990, o roteirista Paul Dini tinha uma carreira em ascensão escrevendo para os desenhos incrivelmente populares BATMAN: A SÉRIE ANIMADA e TINY TOONS. Era uma fase áurea para roteiristas de televisão, e Dini e seus amigos autores estavam na...

  • The Cambridge History Of The Second World War...

    Ferris, John

    The military events of the Second World War have been the subject of historical debate from 1945 to the present. It mattered greatly who won, and fighting was the essential determinant of victory or defeat. In Volume 1 of The Cambridge History of the...

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  • The History Of Ireland, Vol. 1 (Classic...

    Moore, Thomas

    Excerpt from The History of Ireland, Vol. 1 Retrospect of Christianity in Britain Britain reluctantly separates from Rome The Letter styled The Greens of the Britons. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • e-book

    History Fundamentals 1 (Speedy Study Guides)

    Speedy Publishing

    The problem with studying history is that there are just so many dates, names and facts that you need to remember. In between, there are stories that should be learned in order to justify events. But this quick study guide has been laid out for easy...

  • e-book

    The History of England Volume I


    Volume I surveys pre-Roman Britain, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norman Conquest, and the kings of England from William I through John, and ends with a comparison of the feudal and the Anglo-Norman systems of government in England.

  • e-book

    The History of Cuba - Volume I (Illustrated)

    Johnson,Willis Fletcher

    'Cuba was thus in her foundation the fortunate recipient of the rugged and masterful spirit of Estremadura, and of the elements of government and of social grace and intellectual power which Seville could so well and so abundantly supply; and these...

  • e-book

    A History of England, Volume 1 - Prehistory...

    Roberts,Clayton; F David Roberts; Douglas Bisson

    This two-volume narrative of English history draws on the most up-to-date primary and secondary research, encouraging students to interpret the full range of England'apos;s social, economic, cultural, and political past. A History of England, Volume...

  • e-book

    A History of Ethiopia - Volume I (Routledge...

    E. A. Wallis Budge

    This, the first volume of Sir E. A. Wallis Budge'apos;s The History of Ethiopia: Nubia and Abyssinia, first published in 1928, presents an account of Ethiopian history from the earliest legendary and mythic records up until the death of King Lebna...

  • e-book

    Chinese History and Culture, volume 1 - Sixth...

    Josephine Chiu-Duke; Ying-shih Yu; Michael S Duke

    The recipient of the Kluge Prize for lifetime achievement in the humanities and the Tang Prize for “revolutionary research” in Sinology, Ying-shih Yü is a premier scholar of Chinese studies. Chinese History and Culture volumes 1 and 2 bring his...

  • e-book

    A History of Britain - Volume 1 - At the Edge...

    Schama, Simon

    Change - sometimes gentle and subtle, sometimes shocking and violent - is the dynamic of Simon Schama'apos;s unapologetically personal and grippingly written history of Britain, especially the changes that wash over custom and habit, transforming our...

  • The Secret History Of The Court And Cabinet...


    Excerpt from The Secret History of the Court and Cabinet of St. Claud, Vol. 1 of 2: In a Series of Letters From a Gentleman at Paris to a Nobleman in London; Written During the Months of August, September and October, 1805 The poverty and dependent...

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  • Hell's Traces - One Murder, Two Families,...

    Ripp, Victor

    'With this act of memory and imagination, Mr. Ripp transforms his cousin from a ghostly memory to a vivid presence whose loss he--and his readers--can more fully grasp.' --Diane Cole, Wall Street JournalIn July 1942, the French police in Paris,...

  • O Monge e o Executivo - Uma História Sobre A...

    Hunter,James C.

    James C. Hunter apresenta uma obra literária completamente restauradora, emocionante e transformadora. Quem lê O Monge e o Executivo - Uma história sobre a essência da liderança descobre como se tornar uma pessoa melhor na sociedade, no trabalho, na...

  • Annual Summaries, Vol. 1 - Reprinted From The...


    Excerpt from Annual Summaries, Vol. 1: Reprinted From the Times; 1851 1875 Of much divided Germany, and accomplish at Paris her long-matured scheme for the restora tion of the German Empire under her own dynasty; it has seen the losses and humilia...

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  • Francis I - The Maker Of Modern France

    Frieda, Leonie

    The bestselling author of Catherine de Medici returns to sixteenth-century Europe in this evocative and entertaining biography that recreates a remarkable era of French history and brings to life a great monarch--Francis I--who turned France into a...

  • e-book

    Uma História da Violência


    A violência, que nos nossos dias nos é mostrada incessantemente através dos meios de comunicação social, é um tema que interessa a políticos, mas também a antropólogos e sociólogos e, por isso, objecto de uma história. Numa tese em contracorrente, o...

  • Sapiens - Uma Breve Historia da Humanidade

    Harari,Yuval Noah

    “Uma história abrangente da raça humana. [...] aborda alguns dos fatores cruciais que nos permitiram construir esta extraordinária civilização.” Barack Obama. “Ilumina as grandes questões da história e do mundo moderno.” Jared Diamond, autor de...

  • Stalin - História Crítica de Uma Lenda Negra


    Stalin - História Crítica de Uma Lenda Negra

  • 1889 – Como Um Imperador Cansado, Um ...


    Nas últimas semanas de 1889, a tripulação de um navio de guerra brasileiro ancorado no porto de Colombo, capital do Ceilão (atual Sri Lanka), foi pega de surpresa pelas notícias alarmantes que chegavam do outro lado do mundo. O Brasil havia se...

  • e-book

    World History - A Concise Thematic Analysis,...

    Daryaee,Touraj; Bakken,Gordon Morris; Hendricks,Craig; Negus,Anne Lynne; Wallech,Steven; Peter P. Wan

    World History: A Concise Thematic Analysis presents the highly anticipated second edition of the most affordable and accessible survey of world history designed for use at the college level. An engaging narrative that contextualizes history and does...

  • e-book

    Uma História dos Estados Unidos da América

    Jenkins, Philip

    Raros países no mundo suscitam tanta controvérsia, adesão tão apaixonada ou análise crítica tão extrema como os Estados Unidos da América; na realidade, pela posição que ocupa de nação hegemónica, o país está permanentemente convocado para exercer um...

  • e-book

    World War I - A Short History

    Proctor, Tammy M.

    A lively, engaging history of The Great War written for a new generation of readers In recent years, scholarship on World War I has turned from a fairly narrow focus on military tactics, weaponry, and diplomacy to incorporate considerations of empire...

  • Spqr - Uma História da Roma Antiga

    Beard, Mary

    Cobrindo mil anos da história romana, SPQR revela em detalhes como Roma cresceu de uma vila insignificante na Itália Central para se tornar a primeira potência global. A inglesa Mary Beard, professora de Cambridge e autora de vários best-sellers,...

  • Rome In Triumph, Volume 1 - Books I-II

    Flavio, Biondo

    Biondo Flavio (1392-1463), humanist and historian, was a pioneering figure in the Renaissance discovery of antiquity; famously, he was the author who popularized the term 'Middle Age' to describe the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and...

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  • Histórias - Livro I - Clio


    Primeira obra da clássica série Histórias de Heródoto, composta por 9 volumes. Este livro, dedicado à musa Clio, expõe as origens das inimizades entre bárbaros e helenos, que, segundo ele, aconteceram por meio dos raptos de mulheres realizados por...

  • Maus - A História de Um Sobrevivente


    Maus ('rato', em alemão) é a história de Vladek Spiegelman, judeu polonês que sobreviveu ao campo de concentração de Auschwitz, narrada por ele próprio ao filho Art. O livro é considerado um clássico contemporâneo das histórias em quadrinhos. Foi...

  • e-book

    A History of the English Poor Law - Volume I

    Sir George Nicholls

    First published in 1854, this comprehensive work charts over three volumes the history of poor relief in England from the Saxon period through to the establishment of the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834 and its reception. This edition, updated in 1898...

  • e-book

    The History of Sligo - Town and County - Vol....

    Terrence O'apos;Rorke

    This classic and well-loved history of Sligo was first published in 1889. The present edition has been reformatted using a pleasing modern searchable text, retaining the original illustrations. Also, new notes have been added.Its author, the Rev....

  • e-book

    A History of the English Poor Law - Volume I

    Sir George Nicholls

    First published in 1854, this comprehensive work charts over three volumes the history of poor relief in England from the Saxon period through to the establishment of the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834 and its reception. This edition, updated in 1898...

  • e-book

    A History of the English-Speaking Peoples...

    Winston S. Churchill

    <p>A vibrant account of the people who shaped Britain's early history, <i>The Birth of Britain</i> is the first of Churchill's popular and accessible four-volume <i>A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. </i>Here, Churchill guides the reader...

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