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  • Conversation Starter - Acompanha 100 Cartas

    Tadeu, Paulo

    Este livro em forma de caixa contém 100 perguntas para conversar em inglês com amigos e parentes. Uma maneira de conhecer aos outros e a sí mesmo.

  • Reclaiming Conversation - The Power Of Talk...

    Turkle, Sherry

    Renowned media scholar Sherry Turkle investigates how a flight from conversation undermines our relationships, creativity, and productivity—and why reclaiming face-to-face conversation can help us regain lost ground.We live in a technological...

  • Conversation - Resource Books For Teachers

    Nolasco,Rob; Arthur,Lois

    Conversation - Resource Books For Teachers

  • The Challenger Sale - Taking Control Of The...

    Dixon, Matthew; Adamson, Brent

    What's the secret to sales success? If you're like most business leaders, you'd say it's fundamentally about relationships-and you'd be wrong. The best salespeople don't just build relationships with customers. They challenge them.The need to...

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation French

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation French

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation


    Pimsleur Instant Conversation

  • Instant Conversation English For Spanish

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    El Método Pimsleur es el programa de aprendizaje de idiomas más eficaz de la historia. Con Pimsleur usted domina rápidamente la estructura del idioma inglés sin tener que someterse a ejercicios aburridos. Aprender a hablar inglés termina siendo una...

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Greek

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Greek

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Arabic

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Arabic

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Spanish

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Spanish

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Greek

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Greek

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Japanese

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Japanese

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Italian

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Italian

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Russian

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Russian

  • Pimsleur Instant Conversation Mandarin...

    Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur Instant Conversation Mandarin Chinese

  • Teach Yourself Russian Conversation


    Teach Yourself Russian Conversation

  • Coffret Conversation Marocain


    Ce coffret réunit le guide conversation et sa version audio sur CD mp3. Marrakech ? Fès ou Tanger ? Le créateur de la célèbre méthode Assimil a conçu pour vous le compagnon indispensable de votre week-end ou séjour au Maroc.Initiation à la langue en...

  • Teach Yourself Irish Conversation


    Teach Yourself Irish Conversation

  • Now You´re Talking! Strategies For...

    Bragger,Jeannette D.

    Now You´re Talking! Strategies For Conversation 1 - Audio Program

  • Guide de Conversation Français-portugais

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Guide de Conversation Français-portugais

  • Guide de Conversation Français - Portugais

    Editora Porto

    Guide de Conversation Français - Portugais

  • Easy Reading Selections In English: With...

    Dixson, Robert J.

    Uma seleção de histórias bem conhecidas de autores clássicos como Poe, O. Henry, Conan Doyle e Nathaniel Hawthorne adaptadas para estudantes de nível intermediário. Depois de cada história são apresentados exercícios de compreensão de leitura,...

  • Changing The Conversation

    Caspersen, Dana

    You can't change how other people act in a conflict, and often you can't change your situation. But you can change what you do.Changing the Conversation is a graphic, two-colour manual that teaches essential strategies for resolving conflict in your...

  • A Healing Conversation

    Symington, Neville

    A Healing Conversation

  • Prosody in Conversation

    Couper-Kuhlen,Elizabeth; Selting,Margret

    Prosody in Conversation

  • The Essential Conversation

    Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara

    Offers practical guidelines on how to establish an effective dialogue between parents and teachers, examining the dynamics of such conversations, the nature of the learning process, and the diverse principles and practices of improving family-school...

  • Computers And Conversation

    "luff,Paul; Frohlich, David; Gilbert, Nigel"

    In the past few years a branch of sociology, conversation analysis, has begun to have a significant impact on the design of human*b1computer interaction (HCI). The investigation of human*b1human dialogue has emerged as a fruitful foundation for...

  • Homeric Conversation


    Homeric Conversation

  • Now You're Talking! - Strategies For...

    Jeannette D. Bragger; Janet Solberg

    Now You're Talking! - Strategies For Conversation 3

  • Practical Conversation Guide - English/...

    Hernández,Purificación Blanco

    This guide, with the other books of collection: Español- Inglés, Portugês- Espanhol, Español-Potugués, intend to bring to the no fluent readers in the respective languages a support to communicate easily in the foreign language.

  • The Conversation Piece

    Nicholaus,Bret; Lowrie,Paul

    Presents intriguing questions to inspire thought and conversation such as 'What moment of `glory' have you watched another person celebrate that you too would love to experience?'

  • Coffret Conversation Italien


    Coffret Conversation Italien

  • The Conversation Piece 2

    Nicholaus,Bret; Lowrie,Paul

    Provides a collection of approximately three hundred questions for adults and children to start conversations and encourage creative thinking.

  • The Art of Civilized Conversation

    Shepherd,Margaret; Hogan,Sharon

    A guide to the art of personal communication and conversation explains how to find the right words regardless of the situation, with advice on body language, appropriate subject matter, graceful exits, and other important speaking skills.

  • Guide de Conversation Porto Français -...

    Editora Porto

    Le Guide de Conversation Français-Portugais est un ouvrage indispensable dans tous les déplacements en pays lusophone car il fournit les bases fondamentales pour une communication efficace dans les situations les plus habituelles en voyages de...

  • Conversation and Cognition

    te Molder,Hedwig; Molder,Hedwig Te; Potter,Jonathan

    Conversation and Cognition

  • Conversation Power

    Van Fleet,James K.

    An introduction to the art of effective communication explains how to develop important conversational skills that can promote business success, negotiation and sales effectiveness, and self-image enhancement.

  • A Conversation With the Mann


    Dreaming of making it big in the world of entertainment, aspiring black comic Jackie Mann will do anything to achieve his goal, sacrificing friends, family, love, and his own self-respect as he journeys from Harlem to the heights of fame and fortune,...

  • Francis Bacon in Conversation With Michel...

    Bacon, Francis; Archimbaud,Michel

    Francis Bacon in Conversation With Michel Archimbaud

  • Conversation And Cognition

    Molder,Hedwig Te; Potter,Jonathan

    Conversation And Cognition

  • How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

    Gabor,Don; Power,Mary

    An updated edition of the classic guide to the art of conversation describes how to begin and guide a conversation, avoid common conversation problems, improve listening skills, remember names, and understand body language. Original.

  • Counterpoint: Daniel Libeskind In...

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Counterpoint: Daniel Libeskind In Conversation With Paul Goldberger

  • Conversation With the Blues

    Oliver,Paul; Oliver,Paul

    Reproduced in a larger format containing a new introduction and a compact disc, a collection of interviews with blues musicians--from the segregated South to the urban North--conducted in 1960 features photographs taken by the author. UP.

  • Shakespeare And The Law - A Conversation...

    Cormack, Bradin

    William Shakespeare is inextricably linked with the law. Legal documents make up most of the records we have of his life, and trials, lawsuits, and legal terms permeate his plays. Gathering an extraordinary team of literary and legal scholars,...

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