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22 produtos
  • Madagascar Dreamworks With Áudio CD


    No zoológico de Nova York, o leão Alex, a zebra Marty, a girafa Melman e a hipopótamo Glória vivem uma grande e forte amizade. Quando Marty foge para experimentar a vida fora do zoológico, seus três amigos partem para encontrá-lo. O barco que leva os...

  • Madagascar 2 - Escape Africa - With Áudio CD




    Alex e seus amigos estão de volta! Abandonados na ilha de Madagascar, os animais apoderam-se de um velho avião para voltarem a Nova York. Mas, em vez disso, o avião é obrigado a fazer um pouso de emergência no meio da planície africana, onde o grupo...

  • Madagascar


    A new, thoroughly updated 12th edition of Bradt's Madagascar, the leading and most comprehensive guide to this unique island nation, written by Hilary Bradt, who first visited in 1976 and has returned roughly 35 times, and Daniel Austin, who has...

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  • Madagascar Wildlife


    Lavishly illustrated and completely updated, this fourth edition of Bradt's Madagascar Wildlife is a celebration of the island's extraordinary flora and fauna, 90% of which is endemic. The pace of change in Madagascar's biodiversity is staggering,...

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  • Madagascar Highlights


    Madagascar's isolation means most of its mammals, birds, and plants exist nowhere else on earth. This guide showcases the best of the island with details of all the sights included in tour operators' itineraries; trips along the Route Nationale 7,...

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  • Madagascar - The Eighth Continent


    Madagascar is a land where lizards scream and monkey-like lemurs sing songs of inexpressible beauty. KKnown as the Great Red Island, it is a place where fossa and tenrecs, vangas and aye ayes thrive in a true 'Lost World' alongside bizarre plants...

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  • The Art Of Penguins Of Madagascar


    The Penguins of Madagascar are back in their very own feature film! Featuring the enterprising penguins from DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar franchise, this 3-D comedy-adventure stars Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, who must join forces with...

  • Birds of Madagascar

    Morris,Peter; Hawkins,Frank

    Birds of Madagascar

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  • Afrique Centre Et Sud, Madagascar - Cartes...

    Michelin; Publishing, Michelin

    Afrique Centre Et Sud, Madagascar - Cartes National

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  • Madagascar



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  • The Art Of Madagascar 3


    The Art Of Madagascar 3

  • Madagascar - Book With Online Access

    Cambridge University

    Madagascar - Book With Online Access

  • History Of Madagascar, Vol. 1 Of 2 -...

    Ellis, William

    Excerpt from History of Madagascar, Vol. 1 of 2: Comprising Also the Progress of the Christian Mission Established in 1818, and an Authentic Account of the Persecution and Recent Martyrdom of the Native Christians The history of Madagascar is, in...

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  • An Economic History of Imperial Madagascar...


    An Economic History of Imperial Madagascar 1750-1895

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  • Thea Stilton - 24 - Thea Stilton And The...


    The Thea Sisters are off to Madagascar for Adventure Camp, a wilderness survival competition! The five friends love exploring and learning about the many plants and animals that live there. But then they discover that they're not alone in the nature...

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  • Madagascar - Its Mission And Its Martyrs...

    Prout, Ebenezer

    Excerpt from Madagascar: Its Mission and Its Martyrs Madagascar. It is my firm Opinion that it is impossible for any one to feel the full force of this impression, unless he has witnessed and studied it himself. The effect of Christian teaching in...

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  • Madagascar And Its Martyrs - A Book For The...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Madagascar and Its Martyrs: A Book for the Young So late as 1851 persecution was renewed, and the sufferings of the native disciples were great. The accounts received of their fortitude, when brought forth to martyrdom, appeal to the...

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  • Madagascar And The United States - By A...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Madagascar and the United States: By a Former Resident of the Island The cause of human liberty, temperance and morality could not gain anything at the establishment of the Hovas power over the other tribes. It is known that the...

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  • Madagascar, Or Robert Drury's Journal, During...


    Excerpt from Madagascar, or Robert Drury's Journal, During Fifteen Years' Captivity on That Island: And a Further Description of Madagascar by the Abbe Alexis Rochon Our squadron sailed from St. Helens, in company with the latter, on the 15th of...

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  • The Sign Of The Cross In Madagascar (Classic...

    Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from The Sign of the Cross in Madagascar IN 1895 when the London Missionary Society of England was celebrating the centenary of its existence and work, I was laboring as pastor of one of the churches formed by missionaries of that society in...

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  • The Martyr Church - A Narrative Of The...


    Excerpt from The Martyr Church: A Narrative of the Introduction, Progress and Triumph of Christianity in Madagascar, With Notices of Personal Intercourse and Travel in That Island The present volume is offered to the Christian public, more especially...

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  • Madagascar Dreamworks With Áudio CD


    Extensive reading is essential for improving fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for contemporary, low-level reading material for younger learners. 'The Madagascar' films are popular with children around the world for their humorous...

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