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  • Box Harry Potter - Série Completa

    Rowling, J. K.

    Os sete livros da saga do bruxo mais querido do mundo reunidos num box exclusivo e em nova edição, com projeto gráfico de Kazu Kibuishi em que as lombadas alinhadas formam o castelo de Hogwarts, ilustrações de abertura de capítulo por Mary GrandPré e...

  • Extraordinário

    R. J. Palacio

    “Extraordinário” é um livro que conquistou diversos públicos e foi adaptado para o cinema ainda em 2017! Aproveite para ler o livro e conhecer essa história inteligente, sensível e leve que traz mensagens sutis e humanas, deixando uma verdadeira...

  • Harry Potter e A Pedra Filosofal 1

    Rowling, J. K.

    Em Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal, o leitor é apresentado a Harry, filho de Tiago e Lílian Potter, feiticeiros que foram assassinados por um poderosíssimo bruxo, quando ele ainda era um bebê. Com isso, o menino acaba sendo levado para a casa dos...

  • Caça ao Tesouro

    Wood,A. J.

    Acompanhando a tripulação do navio ‘Roedor dos Mares’, composta de sete destemidos camundongos, o leitor vai decifrar enigmas e pistas secretas, caminhar por labirintos e mares bravios e finalmente encontrará o tesouro. Mas o final pode ser...

  • Harry Potter e A Criança Amaldiçoada - Parte...

    Rowling, J. K.

    Sempre foi difícil ser Harry Potter e não é mais fácil agora que ele é um sobrecarregado funcionário do Ministério da Magia, marido e pai de três crianças em idade escolar. Enquanto Harry lida com um passado que se recusa a ficar para trás, seu filho...

  • e-book

    John J. Robinette - Peerless Mentor: An...

    George D. Finlayson

    John J. Robinette was Canada'apos;s top lawyer from the 1930s to 1980s, showing unparalleled versatility and virtuosity in criminal, civil, and constitutional cases.

  • e-book

    J.S. Bach - Volume 1

    Albert Schweitzer

    A fantastic little book about Bach and the musical climate before and during his life, with a look at his continuing influence in music. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and...

  • e-book


    V.J. Allison

    A heartbeat later, he was alone—shattered, confused and suicidal. Why had Marti walked away from him? Years later, in another place and a new chapter of Ewan’s life, fate brings them face to face again.  They start building a friendship, but Ewan...

  • e-book


    Michael J. Sahno

    Jana is a literary novel. Because of her sexual orientation, Jana Odessi loses her child care job. It's not until she is halfway across the country on a road trip with her partner that she realizes she must return to her home in Connecticut and find...

  • e-book


    Stewart J.R.

    If you enjoy futuristic what-if books like The Hunger Games or The Matrix, give this series a read.- Victoria Harvey, Ivy's Ecclectic Reviews"Intriguing meld of virtual reality, species extinction, and corporate evil." - Wendy Stephens, Director,...

  • e-book

    Sex& Sourdough

    A.J. Thomas

    Anders Blankenship never intended to hike the Appalachian Trail alone, but when his boyfriend cancels, Anders steels his courage, leaving the abusive relationship to tackle the long-distance hike. Though a hiking virgin, he'apos;s glad he made the...

  • e-book

    The J& P Transformer Book - A Practical...

    A. C. Franklin; D. P. Franklin

    The J&P Transformer Book, 11th Edition deals with the design, installation, and maintenance of transformers. The book contains technical information, tables, calculations, diagrams, and illustrations based on information supplied by transformer...

  • e-book

    Angel Blood

    J.R. Bergwick

    A wish, a sacrifice, and a deal. When a religious cult murders her family and burns her home to the ground, Sydney Ravenwood is the sole member of her esteemed family. In an attempt to avenge them she makes a pact with a Devil, Deveroh Valentine,...

  • e-book

    The Fool

    Marcus, A.J.

    When Arron Carmichael and Ramsey Roland broke up it devastated both of them, but Ramsey couldn’t handle Arron’s family secret. When the family business brings them together, they discover Ramsey has a secret larger than any Arron thought...

  • e-book

    Stendhal Syndrome

    J. M. Donellan

    STENDHAL SYNDROME: Feelings of increased heart rate, dizziness, disorientation, amnesia, hallucinations etc. in response to immense beauty present in either artistic works or the natural world.A collection of poems, short stories, lists and rants by...

  • e-book

    Educational Indiscretion

    B. J. Mink

    A young teacher's weakness for her teenage student advances into an illicit relationship. Crossing the line became too easy. Shattering the line was inevitable. As it heats up neither wants it to end but keeping it secret may prove impossible. Ripped...

  • e-book

    The Snowball

    Weyman, Stanley J.

    Sometimes, a seemingly trivial turn of events can spiral into a huge mess. That's exactly what happens in Stanley J. Weyman's story 'The Snowball,' in which a casually tossed clod of ice and snow sets off an international incident. Packed with...

  • e-book

    Virtual Blue

    Sullivan, R. J.

    Did you ever wish you could escape to a virtual world? What if you could...but then couldn't get out?Two years after her deadly clash with a vengeful ghost, Fiona 'Blue' Shaefer still can't shake off the trauma of that night. Moving to New York with...

  • e-book

    Stockholm Hero

    R.J. Griffith

    Amy Bath has to move on with her life. She leaves her barista job, blows her entire savings account, and heads to Sweden to seek out a man she thinks is her father...but she needs help.Archer Stock, a former professional fighter and devout Christian,...

  • e-book

    Breaking the Ice

    Marcus, A.J.

    Ben Miner is happy with his life as a business major at Colorado University Boulder. For the first time in his life, he's getting things planned out. He's about to graduate and ready for anything life can throw at him, as long as he doesn't have to...

  • e-book

    Time of Blessing

    J Nicole Fripp

    A new home and an opened door to a promising career-life was finally beginning for Raphaela Edwards. This was a time she had prayed for, waited for, and desperately needed. After taking major steps to initiate the life she thought she'd lost sight of...

  • e-book

    The Realignment Case

    R. J. Dearden

    Should the dead stay dead?

  • e-book

    A Heart for Robbie

    J. P. Barnaby

    Celebrated Young Adult author Julian Holmes pits the heroic characters in his Black Heart series against all different kinds of monsters. But when a critical heart defect threatens his son'apos;s life, he finds he has no champion. No amount of books,...

  • The Tolkien Treasury

    Tolkien, J. R. R.

    De luxe boxed gift set of Tolkien’s most popular and charming tales; full of wit and humour, giants, dragons, magic and more, they are collected together for the first time and will delight readers of all ages. Farmer Giles did not look like a hero....

  • e-book

    Life& Other Passing Moments

    Victor J. Banis

    In this collection of shorter pieces, Victor J. Banis demonstrates once again the astonishing breadth of his talent, covering virtually every facet of the human experience with astonishing brevity and clarity. Here are pathos and heartache, love and...

  • e-book

    Signed with a Heart

    Marcus, A.J.; Caitlin Ricci

    Leo, a cheetah shifter, knows he will be married off to a man of his parents' choosing. He won't have any choice in the matter. When his father informs him Antonio will be his mate, he doesn't exactly like the man, but is determined to make the best...

  • e-book

    Nietzsche'apos;s Bitch

    Michael J Halloran

    Out of the depths of their own traumatic experience, two nasty and contemptuous men find redemption through each other. Nietzsche's Bitch is a contemporary and profound story about the downfall of Sam and Moses who lead otherwise successful lives...

  • e-book

    Some Blue Suited Bird

    C.J. Cala

    And some blue suited bird, on the wing, will take, / Slipping through a windy stream, / Singing: 'If you live life awake, / Then death is a dream.'C.J. Cala is the author of numerous 'schizonautic' texts that are centered on exploring the relativity...

  • e-book

    The Nightinghouls of Paris

    Smoller, Sanford J.

    The Nightinghouls of Paris is a thinly fictionalized memoir of the darker side of expatriate life in Paris. Beginning in 1928, the story follows the changes undergone by Canadian youths John Glassco and his friend Graeme Taylor during their...

  • e-book

    One Man Two Votes

    J Russ Briley

    Swept into the exploding, sleazy side of Washington politics, Robert Carlton has become a target. There is no option to walk away. Every agency has been infiltrated. He must find the killers behind this conspiracy, or watch his friends become its...

  • e-book

    Echoes Of The Heart

    Alyssa J. Montgomery

    She betrayed him and left him to be with another. Now that she'apos;s alone again, nothing is going to stop him from coming for her. Australian media tycoon Jake Formosa does not believe in forgiving...or forgetting. So when he discovers that Amanda...

  • e-book

    The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock

    Rudkin, David

    Alfred Hitchcock, at the height of his powers, is possessed by a dreamlike vision of a woman. From his director'apos;s chair the sixty year old Hitchcock begins to unravel some of the defining films of our time, drawing us into the imagination of one...

  • e-book

    The Man Who Sired a Legend

    Robert J. Page

    Daedalus invented it, Ariadne made it, Theseus used it. When Theseus slays the Minotaur he breathed life into the myth by producing a bulls head, thus ensuring his immortality for 4,000 years. However he left a loose end. The rediscovery of the...

  • e-book

    Citizen J

    Daniela Olszewska

    In this series of interconnected poems, Olszewska'apos;s everywoman hero movesacross a landscape that might be America re-imagined as a post-Sovietstate.

  • e-book

    Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era

    William J. Jr. Cooper

    In his masterpiece, Jefferson Davis, American, William J. Cooper, Jr., crafted a sweeping, definitive biography and established himself as the foremost scholar on the intriguing Confederate president. Cooper narrows his focus considerably in...

  • e-book

    Maurpikios Fiddler - The Red Ruby of Edo

    M.J. Logan

    As the journey continues, the fate of many worlds united by the Treaty of Earthly Peace lies in the hands of Maurpikios Fiddler and the children of the prophecy.  The treacherous Apollonia has cast a spell of cataclysmic proportions on the town of...

  • e-book

    The HAARP Letters - A Climate Changing...

    Anthony J. Gerst

    Set in a world following a Sudden Climate Change Event brought on by scientists trying to avoid global warming and inadvertently making things much worse. Set mid-century, the story begins in Alaska at a doomsday shelter after an abrupt climate...

  • e-book

    A Cold White Fear - A Meg Harris Mystery

    Harlick, R.J.

    A major blizzard has cut off road access to Meg Harris's isolated cabin, where she and her young Adjidamo are getting ready for Christmas. The unexpected arrival of two strange men, one of them wounded, sparks a terrifying chain of events that has...

  • e-book

    Mark Spitz - The Extraordinary Life of an...

    Richard J Foster

    Mark Spitz is arguably the most famous and successful Olympic athlete of all time because of his legendary performances at the 1972 Olympics, where he won seven gold medals while breaking seven world records. His amazing life story is told for the...

  • e-book

    Dandelions and Dog Days - The Memoirs of a...

    J E Thompson

    Louis. A giant dog with a huge personality. This is his story, told by him. Follow his endearing account, from the moment he took his first tentative and clumsy steps into the lives of his human companions, and through all of his subsequent...

  • e-book

    How Different It Was - Canadians at the Time...

    Goodspeed, Michael J.

    Upending the portrait of the Victorian age as a time of stuffy morals and manners,How Different It Was reveals the chaotic years of early Canada. The lifestyles and daily struggles, the controversies and social values, the institutions and tensions...

  • e-book

    W J American Hero

    Michael W. Mountain

    WJ American Hero is the final book in the Mountain Family trilogy. This action-packed fictional story begins in 1864 as the family moves to their new homestead in Blue Earth County in southern Minnesota. After the Dakota War of 1862, the largest...

  • e-book

    Robert J. Flaherty - A Biography

    Paul Rotha

    Traces the life of the American explorer and documentary filmmaker, and describes the difficulties he faced in creating each of his films.

  • e-book

    The J.J. Graves Mysteries


    Books 1-3 of the J.J. Graves Mystery series by New York Times bestselling author Liliana Hart available as a box set for the very first time!DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS:J.J. Graves has seen a lot of dead bodies in her line of work...She's not only in the...

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