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  • Guia Practica de La Pesca


    Guia Practica de La Pesca

  • Manual Pratico de Piscicultura

    Silva,Joao Moreira Ferreira

    Manual Pratico de Piscicultura

  • A Arte da Pesca Esportiva no Mar


    No Brasil são raras as publicações que tratam da pesca esportiva em geral. Sobre a pesca esportiva marítima, o número é ínfimo. Na condição de pescador experimentado, o autor, desde a mais tenra idade, percorreu o país de norte a sul, caniço em punho...

  • Enciclopedia da Pesca

    Silva,Oswaldo Wenceslau

    Enciclopedia da Pesca

  • Fishers Of Men (Classic Reprint)

    Richards, James A

    Excerpt from Fishers of Men Aye, but there are lots of people who can't follow Christ. They haven't the beautiful feet spoken of in Isaiah. Still there's no trouble with them physi cally. The difficulty is, that they are dead in trespasses and sins....

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  • Angling Experiences And Reminiscences...

    Mason, Richard

    Excerpt from Angling Experiences and Reminiscences You wager'd on your angling; when your diver Did hang a salt fish on his book, which he With fervency drew up. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic...

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  • Angling Days - A Fly Fisher's Journals

    Demott, Robert

    'From the very first, it seems, fishing was a respite and a therapy along with all of its other potentially redemptive qualities.' --Robert DeMott Spanning more than forty-five years, Angling Days is a collection of Robert DeMott's numerous journal...

  • American Game - In Its Seasons (Classic...

    Herbert, Henry William

    Excerpt from American Game: In Its Seasons The leading idea of the plan was to adopt for each month in the year the finest, and most generally, favor ite species of game, with reference principally, as regards season, to the Northern, Midland, and...

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  • A Word From The Maine Woods (Classic Reprint)

    Thoreau,Henry David

    Excerpt from A Word From the Maine Woods Editor's note - Since Thoreau's time the spelling has been changed of many of the Indian names, which he enumerates. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic...

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  • Madras Fisheries Bureau - Madras Fisheries...


    Excerpt from Madras Fisheries Bureau: Madras Fisheries Investigations, 1908 During three weeks in August 1908 devoted to a tour Of inspection of Pulicat Lake, I was able to locate eight distinct beds and patches of edible oysters. I believe the...

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  • The Fishing Tourist - Angler's Guide And...

    Hallock, Charles

    Excerpt from The Fishing Tourist: Angler's Guide and Reference Book Not vain enough to suppose that the material of these pages meets this requisition, nor intending to write a book upon such a model, I nevertheless indulge the belief that it answers...

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  • An Older Form Of The Treatyse Of Fysshynge...

    Berners, Juliana

    Excerpt from An Older Form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge Wyth an Angle The differences between the treatise as given in this ms. And as printed in the Book of St. Albans, are more important than the above statements would lead us to believe. They...

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  • An Angler's Garland Of Fields, Rivers, And...

    Parker, Eric

    Excerpt from An Angler's Garland of Fields, Rivers, and Other Country Contentments The chalkstream A vision the little pang rough water the grey-brown shadow the dry-fly the sources OF the wandle the mountain the mountain tarn blessing ON the forest...

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  • The Art Of Angling, Confirmed By Actual...

    Best, Thomas

    Excerpt from The Art of Angling, Confirmed by Actual Experience: Interspersed With Several New and Recent Discoveries A man mayfirl: with a worm that hath eat of a king, and eat of a flair that fed of that tiarm. Bid. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • The Fresh Water Fishes Of New England And...


    Excerpt from The Fresh Water Fishes of New England and Those Ascending the Streams From the Sea Full-grown fishes have generally some distinct marks by which they can be recognized with certainty. It is not so easy with the young, which often differ...

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  • Fish Diseases (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Fish Diseases If the mucous membrane lining the mouth be reckoned with the integument, of which it really is a part, it may be said that the affection under discussion is strictly a cutaneous disease, comparable to ringworm among men....

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  • A Pesca - Nova Ortografia

    Sant Anna,Affonso Romano de

    A disposição gráfica dos versos distribuídos nas dez estrofes, os vocábulos escolhidos por campos semânticos afins, a sequencia temporal em que foram colocadas as palavras, a riqueza da sonoridade, o jogo linguístico, o poder de síntese são aspectos...

  • Lição De Pesca

    Heinrich Böll

    Em um pequeno e tranquilo porto, um velho pescador descansa. Um turista – curioso e inquieto – se aproxima e inicia uma conversa... Tudo separa esses dois homens aparentemente tão estranhos um ao outro, mas uma questão essencial irá os unir......

  • e-book

    À Pesca de Tolos - A Economia da Manipulação...

    Akerlof,George A.; Shiller,Robert J.

    A Pesca de tolos foi escrito por dois admiradores do sistema de mercado livre, com a esperanca de poder ajudar as pessoas a moverem-se melhor num regime economico que esta repleto de embustes acerca dos quais e importante tomar consciencia. E um...

  • Lochs And Loch Fishing (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Lochs and Loch Fishing For such errors and blemishes as the volume contains, I need scarcely Offer any special apology, though it is perhaps necessary to explain, that here and there, I adopt my own nomenclature, as when for example, I...

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  • Wild Life Of Scotland (Classic Reprint)

    Crawford, James Hunter

    Excerpt from Wild Life of Scotland N times less secure than our own, refuges were placed down, at intervals, over the untamed country, according to the special needs and dangers of the place. A common site was the river bank, or the entrance to the...

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  • Obesity


    First published in 1943, Vitamins and Hormones is the longest-running serial published by Academic Press. The Editorial Board now reflects expertise in the field of hormone action, vitamin action, X-ray crystal structure, physiology and enzyme...

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  • Fishbugs

    Ames,Thomas, Jr.; Ames,Thomas, Jr.; Richards,Carl


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  • The Game Fishes Of The World (Classic...

    Holder, Charles Frederick

    Excerpt from The Game Fishes of the World Anglers frequently wish to consult a volume of this kind, and I have often been asked if such a book, giving the essentials, and what is popularly known as up to date information on the subject, is available....

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  • The Art Of Angling - For Beginners (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Art of Angling: For Beginners Angling the art of catching fish by means of a rod, line, and baited hook; it is so termed because when held over the surface of the water. The appa ratus fonns an angle. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • A Pesca Artesanal - Geração de Renda e Meio...

    Barreto,Wagner Davy Lucas; Barreto,Lidianne Pereira Gomes Lucas

    'A pesca artesanal é caracterizada principalmente pela mão de obra familiar, embarcações de pequeno e médio porte, área de atuação próxima a mares, rios e lagos, com equipamentos, em sua maioria, rudimentares variando de acordo com a espécie a ser...

  • The Fly-Tying Bible


    The Fly-Tying Bible

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  • A Fly Rod Of Your Own


    'After five decades, twenty books, and countless columns, [John Gierach] is still a master,' (Forbes) and his newest book only confirms this assessment, along with his recent induction into the Flyfishing Hall of Fame. In A Fly Rod of Your Own,...

  • A Pesca do Salmão no Iêmen


    O dedicado cientista Alfred Jones, do Centro Nacional para a Excelência da Pesca, espantou-se com o conteúdo do memorando sobre sua mesa. Um xeique iemenita desejava introduzir a cultura do salmão no país da península arábica. Dr. Jones teria plenos...

  • Extreme Fishing


    Actor and passionate fisherman Robson Green is on a mission to discover the weird, the wonderful and the way-off-limits that the angling world has to offer. Working alongside some of the finest in their field, his exhilarating adventure series...

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  • Pesca e Piscicultura 2- Col Vis Mea In Labore


    Pesca e Piscicultura 2- Col Vis Mea In Labore

  • e-book

    A pesca

    Deométrio Barbosa de Araújo

    Três jovens pescadores passam a madrugada em alto-mar sem pegar peixe algum. Até que um homem aparece e muda tudo.

  • e-book

    Causos de Pesca

    Edson Teigi Hirae

    “Pescadores não são mentirosos, apenas são omissos com a verdade!”Durante anos de pescaria, reuni alguns dos causos de pesca, vivenciados por mim e amigos próximos, e com liberdade literária, complemento o livro com algumas sátiras (comum nesse...

  • Salmon Summer


    A colorful photoessay captures a way of life on Kodiak Island in Alaska as one young boy and his family set out during the summer months to fish for salmon, just as his Aleut ancestors did.

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  • Fishing Lessons

    Quinnett,Paul G.

    Fishing Lessons

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  • Fly Fishing


    Fly Fishing

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  • Top Water

    Weaver,Tony; Letherman,Troy

    Top Water

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  • Oklahoma Sportfishing

    Gifford,John Allen

    Oklahoma Sportfishing

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  • Ultralight Spinfishing

    Cammann,Peter F.

    Explores the thrill of catching big fish on a lightweight rod and six-pound test line, and discusses the tackle and technique necessary

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  • Faithful Travelers


    In the shadow of his imminent divorce, the author embarks on a restorative fly-fishing trip through America with his inquisitive eight-year-old daughter, who betters him at his own hobby

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  • Simple Flies

    Pfeiffer,C. Boyd

    Simple Flies

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  • Last Horizons

    Capstick,Peter Hathaway

    Recounts the author's wide-ranging hunting and angling exploits, his tracking of big game such as elephants, buffalo, and lions, and encounters with predators

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  • Guide Flies


    Guide Flies

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  • Trout Bum


    Essays discuss trout, bass, fishing camps, mosquitoes, fly rods, night fishing, fly-tying, and favorite fishing spots

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