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  • Vingadores - Prelúdio Para Infinito

    Spencer, Nick; Hickman, Jonathan; Deodato,Mike

    As Raízes Que Deram Origem Ao Maior Evento Marvel Dos Últimos Anos! Primeiro, Hipérion e a Capitã Universo começam a educação divina das crianças transformadas da Terra Selvagem. Mas, quando o Alto Evolucionário reclama para si os Filhos do Sol,...

  • Vingança

    Casey, Joe; Dragotta, Nick

    A próxima geração de heróis e vilões surge num dramático conto de ação, aventura e intriga nos moldes tradicionais da Casa das Ideias! Os jovens heróis da Brigada Juvenil lutam para manter a ordem no Universo Marvel, agindo nos bastidores e fazendo...

  • Desaplanar

    Sousanis, Nick

    Uma epopeia filosófica em forma de história em quadrinhos na qual Nick Sousanis explora os limites das nossas percepções, demonstra como os condicionamentos mentais limitam nosso entendimento e analisa os meios de desenvolver nossas potencialidades....

  • e-book

    Doctor Who - Free Comic Book Day

    Abadzis, Nick; Al Ewing

    Take a blistering trip through time and space with three stunning ALL-NEW short stories featuring Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and the brand-new Twelfth Doctor by the ongoing DOCTOR WHO creative teams - PLUS a sneak peek of the TOP SECRET Summer...

  • Indomável


    Milhares de pessoas já conhecem o rosto sorridente e a mensagem revigorante de Nick Vujicic, o coach motivacional que é ele mesmo, uma motivação para todo o mundo. Apesar de ter nascido sem braços nem pernas, Vujicic não deixou de desfrutar de...

  • Educação - o Roteiro

    Hornby, Nick

    Educação - o Roteiro

  • e-book

    Losing It

    Chivers, Nick

    Sequel to Witch HuntMike Srevic blinked and the world turned upside down. For fifty years he lived alone, mystically bound and incapable of comfortably using his magic. Now he'apos;s back on the throne as High Mage and soul-bound to Rick Behr, a man...

  • e-book

    Death Card

    Sacco, Nick L.

    A United States president mad with power declares himself dictator, suspends the Constitution and declares war on the American public.Unleashing a reign of terror, the United States citizens find themselves victims of a tyrannical ruler harsher than...

  • e-book

    Judgement Call

    Oldham, Nick

    It's 1982, and Henry Christie is a young cop with a point to prove and an attitude to control. When a series of rash decisions results in disaster, Henry determines to put things right his own way, despite being warned off by his detective inspector....

  • e-book

    Bad Tidings

    Oldham, Nick

    The possibility of catching a serial killer is the bait used by Detective Superintendent Henry Christie'apos;s chief constable to lure him away from his planned Christmas festivities. Henry could have said no - but if there'apos;s one thing he...

  • Superação


    Nick Vujicic sabe que não existe esperança maior do que confi ar nos planos de Deus para a sua vida. Nascido sem os braços e as pernas, Nick já vivenciou picos de confiança e também já se entregou ao desespero. E ele superou todas as...

  • e-book

    Thin Ice - Capital Crime

    Nick Wilkshire

    Major Crimes Unit investigator Jack Smith is assigned to the murder of a young number one draft pick who was set to play for Ottawa in the upcoming pro hockey seaon. But he's surprised by how much the kid's life differs from his clean-cut media...

  • e-book


    Jeff Sturge

    The Voyageur is a graphic novel, illustrated by Nick Marinkovich (KENK, Marvel's When The Hulk Attacks, Underworld, Nightwolf, Impaler), written and conceived by documentary filmmaker/screenwriter Jeff Sturge (Mayday, Storming Juno, Cold Blood)....

  • e-book

    Unpresidented - A Comedy of Errors

    Paige Nick

    In the irreverent tradition of her best-selling Death by Carbs, Paige Nick rounds up a fresh herd of sacred cows in another hilarious South African satire. But this time it'apos;s Number One who gets the treatment. When ex-president J Muza is...

  • e-book


    Jacqueline Wilson

    Violet has always been in the shadow of her mesmerising, controlling brother Will, and when a shocking secret about Will's past is revealed, things get even worse. Violet retreats further into her own fantasy world, built around the fairy characters...

  • e-book

    The Renegades: Nick

    Dellin, Genell

    The WomanFor the sake of her unborn child, Callie Sloane is willing to endure the hardships of this wild Western land—but not her attraction to an untamed half-Cherokee renegade. She lost everything to love once before, and she's not making that...

  • e-book

    The Alpha Wolf - A Tale About the Modern Male

    Nick Clements

    A compelling and inspiring tale of one man's journey from Alpha Boy to Alpha Wolf.

  • e-book

    Pound Cocktail

    Nick Armbrister

    This story is four chapters of erotic stories about different people doing eroticism during sex, taking place in different locations. Like two young female students getting to know each other in a nice city park, to a shy inexperienced woman on a...

  • e-book

    Enlightenment, the Simple Path

    Nick Roach

    Nick teaches that you are perfect exactly as you are, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing, exactly where you are meant to be. There are many who teach different paths and practises to find inner peace, to reach a place often called...

  • e-book


    Nick Lampert

    Although scholars have devoted much attention to the impact of technology on society, they have tended to slight the question of how technology is affected by social systems. The authors of this volume take precisely this approach in their...

  • e-book


    Nick Bleszynski

    The Unsavoury Tale of Alexander Pearce - The Convict Cannibal.Powerful and relentless, the hunger pursues you like a wild beast without respite. You can resist it for hours, even days, but it eventually overwhelms your reason with its desperate...

  • O Urso Rabugento


    Num dia de chuva e vento , uma zebra , um alce , um leão e uma ovelha procuravam um lugar para brincar - e achavam que tinham encontrado o local ideal numa caverna seca e quentinha . Mas eis que a caverna já conta com um inquilino e ele não quer...

  • e-book

    The Rantings of a Damaged Mind - A Collection...

    Nick Armbrister; Mel Grobler

    THE RANTINGS OF A DAMAGED MIND: A Collection of Thoughts, Poetry and Verse is Nick Armbrister's new poetry book jointly written with poetess Mel Grobler. Poetry includes light and dark work covering human emotions and relationships, the death of a...

  • e-book

    Hostage Three

    Lake, Nick

    A taut, emotionally loaded, devastatingly powerful thriller from the acclaimed author of In Darkness

  • e-book

    Zero Hour - (Nick Stone Thriller 13)

    Mcnab, Andy

    The pulsating Nick Stone thriller from the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero.ONE MANWhen the beautiful twenty-year-old daughter of a Moldovan businessman goes missing from her university, British Intelligence are unusually interested in her safe...

  • e-book

    Dead Centre - (Nick Stone Thriller 14)

    Mcnab, Andy

    The new Nick Stone thriller from the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero.Somalia - a lawless, violent land, ignored by the West, ripped apart by civil war and famine, fought over by drug-fuelled, gun-crazy clan fighters. They want the world to sit...

  • e-book

    Deep Shelter - Nick Belsey Book 2

    Harris, Oliver

    London is steaming under a summer of filthy heat and sudden storms - and Detective Nick Belsey, of Hampstead CID, is trying to stay out of trouble. But then somebody sets him a riddle. How does a man walk into a dead-end alley and never come out? How...

  • e-book

    Exit Wound - (Nick Stone Thriller 12)

    Mcnab, Andy

    The breathtaking new Nick Stone thriller from the bestselling author of Bravo Two ZeroOPPORTUNITYThree tons of Saddam Hussein'apos;s gold in an unguarded warehouse in Dubai. For two of Nick Stone'apos;s closest ex-SAS comrades, it should have been...

  • e-book

    Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor #2.9

    Abadzis, Nick

    The Doctor, Gabby and Cindy investigate 'apos;the Wishing Well Witch'apos; in the town of Dewbury... only to find what lurks in the well is something far worse, and more strange, than the legend! It'apos;s an unearthly terror, cast through a schism...

  • e-book

    Asperger Syndrome and Bullying - Strategies...

    Dubin, Nick

    The author describes the bullying behavior he and other individuals have experienced, and the effect this has had on their lives. He outlines the reasons for bullying behavior and the danger of persistent recurrence if it remains unchecked, as well...

  • e-book

    Next Jump - Erotic Stories

    Nick Armbrister

    Next Jump: Erotic Stories features four adult erotic stories by Nick Armbrister. Two feature Holy Men in compromising positions. Southern Cross features Javid, a Christian Minister, and Kenna, a pagan gothic witch. They become more than friends when...

  • e-book

    The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay


    It’s 1989 and Rachel Hill is the girl most likely to succeed at her school and most likely to have everything under control. That is, until her father invites the moody Nick McGowan to live with them. With the help of her best friend Zoe, Rachel...

  • e-book

    The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay

    Sparrow, Rebecca

    It’s 1989 and Rachel Hill is the girl most likely to succeed at her school and most likely to have everything under control. That is, until her father invites the moody Nick McGowan to live with them. With the help of her best friend Zoe, Rachel...

  • e-book

    The Complete Nick Armbrister Poetry...

    Nick Armbrister

    THE COMPLETE NICK ARMBRISTER POETRY COLLECTION Volume 2 covers it all, Nick Armbrister's work from early 1996 right through to late 2013. An epic career of poems on many topics and views. Much of his work has been published in the 'small press'...

  • e-book

    Ian and Abby Go Thai

    Nick Armbrister

    Join Ian and Abby on their first ever trip to Thailand. Here they do what they do best: enjoy good times and have fun! From times alone, experiencing Ladyboy culture, checking out room service, jaunts in the bar, they certainly have fun. Ian and Abby...

  • e-book

    The Lessons Learned Handbook - Practical...

    Milton, Nick

    The phrase'quot;lessons learned? is such a common one, yet people struggle with developing effective lessons learned approaches. The Lessons Learned Handbook is written for the project manager, quality manager or senior manager trying to put in place...

  • e-book

    Reclaiming Nick

    Warren, Susan May

    Nick Noble hadn't planned on being the prodigal son. But when his father dies and leaves half of Silver Buckle—the Noble family ranch—to Nick's former best friend, he must return home to face his mistakes, and guarantee that the Silver Buckle stays...

  • e-book

    5 Conversations - How to Transform Trust,...

    Lynn Allison; Nigel Purse; Nick Cowley

    5 Conversations will help the reader to dramatically improve trust, relationships, motivation and performance at work, build a better business by developing successful relationships and engage their personnel.

  • e-book

    Darke Plays - 1: The Dead Monkey; The King of...

    Nick Darke

    'quot;Passionately satirical and sharply observant, he is one of the most interesting of our playwrights'quot; (Sunday Telegraph)

  • e-book

    Silence (Russian Edition)

    Nick Burrin

    ??? ????? ??????? ????, ????????? ?? ????, ? ???, ?????????????? ? ?????????????, ? ?????, ??? ??? ????? ???, ?? ???? ??????? ???????, ?????? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ? ??????????? ? ????.???????????? ??????? ? ?????, ??????? ?? ?????????...

  • e-book

    Jacqueline Wilson'apos;s Happy Holidays

    Jacqueline Wilson

    How are you going to spend your summer holiday? Will you be going on a sunny beach holiday, meeting your friends at the park, or relaxing in the garden with an ice cream? Jacqueline Wilson's Happy Holidays is the perfect read for any fan. It's packed...

  • e-book

    Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos

    Gray, Kes

    It's Daisy's birthday and she's having a special birthday treat! Mum has invited her best friends, Gabby and Dylan, on a trip to the zoo - and, best of all, Mum has arranged for Daisy to go into the actual penguin cage with the actual zoo keeper and...

  • e-book

    Billy is a Dragon 3 - Shadow Shifter

    Nick Falk

    A new, laugh-out-loud series from the author and illustrator of Saurus Street.Billy'apos;s teenage sister has been kidnapped by werewolves, and only Billy the dragon can save her. Along with his best friend Jeanie, Benny the were-hamster and two...

  • e-book

    Saurus Street 3 - The Very Naughty...

    Nick Falk

    Saurus Street is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs!Tom and Tam are horrified when they find out Great Aunt Gertrude is coming to stay. She'apos;s got badbreath, smelly feet and her false teeth like to bite.It'apos;s time for...

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