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  • e-book

    Solar Energy - The physics and engineering of...

    Olindo Isabella; Arno Smets

    This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications. From the fundamental principles of semiconductor solar cells; through PV technology (crystalline silicon solar cells;...

  • Sistemas Digitais - Princípios e Aplicações -...

    Tocci, Ronald J.; Widmer,Neal S.

    Sabemos que um dos maiores desafios dos autores de obras que tratam de tecnologia digital é encontrar o equilíbrio entre o material já existente e o novo, decorrente das inovações. Foi com isso em mente que os renomados autores Widmer, Moss e Tocci...

  • e-book

    Redes de Computadores - 5ª Edição

    J. Wetherall,David; Tanenbaum, Andrew S.

    Este clássico best-seller foi totalmente atualizado e passa a abordar as redes desenvolvidas a partir de 1990. Entretanto, há partir do ano 2000 também há uma grande quantidade de novos desenvolvimentos. O mais importante é o enorme crescimento das...

  • e-book

    Engenharia de software


    Engenharia de software

  • e-book

    100 Circuitos de Automação e Controle

    Braga, Newton C.

    Neste volume da série Banco de Circuito, disponibilizamos 100 circuitos de automação e controle. Estes circuitos funcionarão tanto de forma independente como uma aplicação definitiva, como no caso de controles de potência, dimmers, controles para...

  • e-book

    Sistemas Digitais - Princípios e Aplicações

    Tocci, Ronald J.; Widmer,Neal S.; Moss,Gregory L.

    'Considerado um clássico da área, Sistemas digitais sempre se destacou por abordar tanto os temas clássicos como as novidades da área de maneira objetiva e didática, primando pelo aprendizado. E, nesta 11a edição, isso não é diferente. Por meio de...

  • e-book

    Engenharia Assistida Por Computador

    Andrew Fairbairn

    Este livro foi elaborado no fomato de aulas individuais, pois utiliza as matérias de várias disciplinas simultaneamente, tais como, Engenharia Eletrônica, Engenharia Elétrica, Engenharia Mecânica, Sistemas de Controle, Matemática, Lógica e Controle e...

  • e-book

    Steam at Work - Preserved Industrial...

    Fred Kerr

    The author, Fred Kerr, was introduced to the world of industrial railways in 1956 when his parents moved from Edinburgh to Corby in Northamptonshire, where the local steelworks offered a mix of locomotives from several manufacturers. When steam...

  • e-book

    Introduction to Industrial Engineering,...

    Shtub, Avraham; Yuval Cohen

    A Firsthand Look at the Role of the Industrial EngineerThe industrial engineer helps decide how best to utilize an organization'apos;s resources to achieve company goals and objectives. Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Second Edition offers an...

  • e-book

    Implementing Standardized Work - Training and...

    Alain Patchong

    Standardized Work refers to the process of finding and applying the best operational methods that will lead to cost reduction, better product quality, and increased operator safety. This book, the latest in a series dedicated to Standardized Work,...

  • e-book

    Steam at Work - Preserved Industrial...

    Fred Kerr

    The author, Fred Kerr, was introduced to the world of industrial railways in 1956 when his parents moved from Edinburgh to Corby in Northamptonshire, where the local steelworks offered a mix of locomotives from several manufacturers. When steam...

  • e-book

    Design and Control of Automotive Propulsion...

    Guoming G. Zhu; Zongxuan Sun

      Better Understand the Relationship between Powertrain System Design and Its Control IntegrationWhile powertrain system design and its control integration are traditionally divided into two different functional groups, a growing trend introduces the...

  • e-book

    Lignocellulosic Fibre and Biomass-Based...

    Mohammad Jawaid; Paridah Md Tahir; Naheed Saba

    Lignocellulosic Fibre and Biomass-Based Composite Materials: Processing, Properties and Applications presents a comprehensive review on the development, characterization and applications of composite materials developed from the effective use of...

  • e-book

    Energy Principles and Variational Methods in...

    Reddy, J. N.

    A comprehensive guide to using energy principles and variational methods for solving problems in solid mechanics This book provides a systematic, highly practical introduction to the use of energy principles, traditional variational methods, and the...

  • e-book

    Designing Knowledge Organizations - A Pathway...

    Morabito, Joseph; Sack, Ira; Bhate, Anilkumar

    A pedagogical approach to the principles and architecture of knowledge management in organizations This textbook is based on a graduate course taught at Stevens Institute of Technology. It focuses on the design and management of today’s complex K...

  • e-book

    Engenharia Civil 1 - Col. Perito Criminal...

    Silva,Ben-hur de Albuquerque e; Lüke,Washington

    Em meio ao cenário promissor de concursos públicos do Brasil, esta coleção foi criada com o objetivo de quebrar paradigmas e preencher a carência de literatura de preparação para especialidades não jurídicas, com livros direcionados a outras...

  • e-book

    Mobile Positioning and Tracking - From...

    Simone Frattasi; Francescantonio Della Rosa

    The essential guide to state-of-the art mobile positioning and tracking techniques—fully updated for new and emerging trends in the field Mobile Positioning and Tracking, Second Edition explores state-of-the-art mobile positioning solutions applied...

  • e-book

    Real-Time Embedded Systems

    Jiacun Wang

    Offering comprehensive coverage of the convergence of real-time embedded systems scheduling, resource access control, software design and development, and high-level system modeling, analysis and verification  Following an introductory overview, Dr....

  • e-book

    Spatial Context - An Introduction to...

    Gold, Christopher

    Many disciplines are concerned with manipulating geometric (or spatial) objects in the computer - such as geology, cartography, computer aided design (CAD), etc. - and each of these have developed their own data structures and techniques, often...

  • e-book


    Deitel, Harvey; Deitel, paul

    Milhões de alunos e profissionais aprenderam programação e desenvolvimento de software com os livros Deitel®. Java: como programar, 10ª edição, fornece uma introdução clara, simples, envolvente e divertida à programação Java com ênfase inicial em...

  • e-book


    Baker, R. Jacob

    The Third Edition of CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation continues to cover the practical design of both analog and digital integrated circuits, offering a vital, contemporary view of a wide range of analog/digital circuit blocks including:...

  • e-book

    Castles In The Air - The Restoration...

    Corbett, Judy

    Castles in the Air is a beautifully written, autobiographical story of rescuing an ancient mansion. Gwydir Castle was inhabited by ravers and rats until Judy Corbett and her husband Peter Welford found and acquired this 500-year-old house mouldering...

  • e-book

    Canada - A New Tax Haven: How the Country...

    Deneault, Alain

    How numerous tax loopholes and the lowest corporate tax rates are morphing Canada into the world'apos;s favourite tax haven.

  • e-book


    Nellis, gregory; Klein, Sanford

    This book differs from other thermodynamics texts in its objective which is to provide engineers with the concepts, tools, and experience needed to solve practical real-world energy problems. The presentation integrates computer tools (e.g., EES)...

  • e-book


    Marcus Bowman

    Screwcutting is a guide to the theory and practice of threads and thread-making, whether that is threading a hole using hand tools or cutting a thread using a lathe. The book covers details of the major threadforms, such as metric, Whitworth and...

  • e-book



    This new volume focuses on a new, exciting field of research: Spintronics, the area also known as spin-based electronics. The ultimate aim of researchers in this area is to develop new devices that exploit the spin of an electron instead of, or in...

  • e-book


    F. Scheller; F. Schubert

    Biosensors combine the unique properties of biological systems to selectively recognize and convert molecules with the benefits of physicochemical sensor technology, such as high sensitivity, simplicity of operation and mass production, and modern...

  • e-book


    Susheel Kalia; Luc Avérous

    This handbook focuses on biopolymers for both environmental and biomedical applications.  It shows recent advances in technology in all areas from chemical synthesis or biosynthesis to end use applications. These areas have not been covered in a...

  • e-book


    Clark, David A

    Milling is one of the principal and most versatile machining processes for sizing parts in the workshop. Whether a professional engineer looking for advice, or an amateur looking to install your first milling machine, this book will show you how to...

  • e-book


    Fan, Maohong; Bland,Alan E.; Huang,C.P.; Huang,C. P.

    Understanding and utilizing the interactions between environment and nanoscale materials is a new way to resolve the increasingly challenging environmental issues we are facing and will continue to face. Environanotechnology is the nanoscale...

  • e-book


    Glassman, Irvin; Yetter, Richard A.

    Combustion Engineering, a topic generally taught at the upper undergraduate and graduate level in most mechanical engineering programs, and many chemical engineering programs, is the study of rapid energy and mass transfer usually through the common...

  • e-book


    Blee, Jill

    Since ancient times gold has exerted a powerful fascination for humankind. In Australia, its discovery sparked frenzied gold rushes that opened up large parts of the land to settlement, transformed Melbourne and Sydney from colonial outposts into two...

  • e-book


    Glassman, Irvin; Yetter, Richard A.; Nick G. Glumac

    Throughout its previous four editions, Combustion has made a very complex subject both enjoyable and understandable to its student readers and a pleasure for instructors to teach. With its clearly articulated physical and chemical processes of flame...

  • e-book


    Kumar, Vijay

    Properties of nanosilicon in the form of nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, and as porous material are of great interest. They can be used in finding suitable components for future miniature devices, and for the more exciting possibilities of novel...

  • e-book


    Florio, Filippo de

    Understanding airworthiness is central to maintaining and operating aircraft safely. While no book can replace the published Federal Aviation Regulation and Joint Aviation Requirements documentation for airworthiness, this unique guide provides...

  • e-book


    Volker Schauerhammer

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2003 im Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften - Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Note: bestanden, HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst - Fachhochschule Hildesheim, Holzminden, Göttingen (Fachbereich...

  • e-book



    Students setting out for a career in plumbing need a clear, concise and comprehensive textbook to help them study for their Technical Certificate and Level 2 NVQ - and this book meets all those needs.Steve Muscroft expertly guides you through each of...

  • e-book


    Higman, Christopher; Van Der Burgt, Maarten

    This book provides an excellent overview of current technologies for the gasification of coal, oil, gas, biomass and waste feedstocks. Starting from the basic theory, it reviews the potential feedstocks and their suitability for different types of...

  • e-book


    Le Corre, Olivier

    Emergy presents the fundamentals of emergy, proposing the definition and representation of emergy diagrams and 'apos;spreading.'apos; Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a building, from...

  • e-book


    D.C. Pritchard

    Lighting, now in its sixth edition, is the standard text on the principles and practice of lighting interiors and exteriors. The book introduces all the main principles of light and colour, along with the design of general lighting schemes. It...

  • e-book


    Higman, Christopher; Van Der Burgt, Maarten

    Gasification is a process that if properly utilized can transform the world in which we live. Comprehensive in its coverage, this second edition continues the tradition of the first by providing engineers and scientists with an up-to-date overview of...

  • e-book


    Duroudier, Jean-Paul

    Distillation, part of the Industrial Equipment for Chemical Engineering set, includes thirteen independent volumes that define how to perform the selection and calculation of equipment involved in the thirteen basic operations of process engineering,...

  • e-book


    E. J. M. Kendall

    Transistors covers the main thread of transistor development.This book is organized into 2 parts encompassing 19, and starts with an overview of the semi-conductor physics pertinent to the understanding of transistors, as well as features and...

  • e-book


    Mullin,J W

    Since the first publication of this definitive work nearly 40 years ago, this fourth edition has been completely rewritten. Crystallization is used at some stage in nearly all process industries as a method of production, purification or recovery of...

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