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  • Essencialismo - A Disciplinada Busca Por...

    Mckeown, Greg

    O essencialista não faz mais coisas em menos tempo – ele faz apenas as coisas certas.Se você se sente sobrecarregado e ao mesmo tempo subutilizado, ocupado mas pouco produtivo, e se o seu tempo parece servir apenas aos interesses dos outros, você...

  • Batman – Ano Zero

    Capullo, Greg; Snyder, Scott; Miki, Danny

    Antes da era dos super-heróis – antes do Batman passar a proteger os inocentes e punir o mal –, o filho pródigo de Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, ficou desaparecido por anos. Usando esse mistério como cobertura, o jovem patrulhou as ruas de sua cidade...

  • Interestelar

    Nolan, Christopher; Keyes, Greg; Nolan, Jonathan

    Interestelar é a crônica de um grupo de exploradores que se aproveita de um recém-descoberto buraco de minhoca para ultrapassar os limites das viagens espaciais tripuladas e assim conquistar as grandes distâncias de uma jornada interestelar. Enquanto...

  • Os Túneis - A História Jamais Contada Das...

    Mitchell, Greg

    No verão de 1962, um ano após a construção do Muro de Berlim, um grupo de jovens da Alemanha Ocidental arriscou a prisão, a tortura e a morte para libertar amigos, amantes e desconhecidos da Berlim Oriental, escavando túneis debaixo do Muro. Em...

  • Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka Vol. 2

    Rucka, Greg

    From the legendary Greg Rucka comes the next volume and collection of Wonder Woman's action-packed adventures. The aftermath of the ruination of Wonder Woman's island home brings tragedy to Princess Diana's closest friends, and a reborn threat from...

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  • e-book

    System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager...

    Meyler, Kerrie; Ramsey, Greg; Jason Sandys

    Since Microsoft introduced System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, it has released two sets of important changes and improvements: Service Pack 1 and R2. This comprehensive reference and technical guide focuses specifically on those enhancements....

  • e-book

    Postcards from the Ledge - Collected...

    Child, Greg

    Selections of the best writing from the elite mountaineer Greg Child now in paperback.

  • e-book

    Work! Work!! Work!!! - Then You Die.

    Greg Hoey

    Born in the town of Kalgoorlie 300 miles east of the lovely although very insular and rather nepotic city of Perth in the great crony's only 'British, Christian and forever loyal to the Queen' -big suburban homes and giant sized four-wheel drive...

  • e-book

    Software-Defined Data Infrastructure...

    Schulz, Greg

    Server and Storage I/O Fundamentals is the definitive source providing comprehensive coverage addressing IT data storage networking infrastructure topics involving public and private cloud, virtualization and traditional IT environments. This book...

  • e-book

    Project Management Absolute Beginner'apos;s...

    Horine, Greg

    Succeed as a project manager, even if you’ve never run a project before! This book is the fastest way to master every project management task, from upfront budgeting and scheduling through execution, managing teams through closing projects, and...

  • e-book

    VW Transporter T4 Workshop Manual Diesel...

    Greg Hudock

    Covers all T4 diesel vehicles from 2000 to the end of 2004, including Vans 800, 1,000, and 1,200, Caravelle CL and GL, Bus (long and short wheelbase). Engines covered: Diesel 1.9L, 2.4L & 2.5L TDI, with a manual gearbox only. 164 large pages...

  • Checkmate By Greg Rucka Vol. 2

    Rucka, Greg

    After the explosive events of INFINITE CRISIS and THE OMAC PROJECT, the U.N. formed Checkmate to bring down heroes and villains that get out of line. Using their unique abilities to deputize human and metahuman forces, this agency pulls out all the...

  • e-book

    Israel, Iran, ISIS - in Bible Prophecy

    Laurie, Greg

    A new poll reveals that many Americans believe our country has spun off of its axis and is out of control. But it is not just the United States that is out of control; it’s the entire world. Why? It’s because we’re living in the last days.One-third...

  • e-book

    Integral Operational Leadership

    Park, Greg

    Throughout Integral Operational Leadership, Park acknowledges that the principles, perspectives and priorities highlighted in his first book Collaborative Wisdom: From Pervasive Logic to Effective Operational Leadership must be translated into...

  • Elektra By Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection

    Greg Rucka

    Forced by Jeremy Locke to face the reality of her existence, Elektra agrees to seek help from a sensei named Drake, a woman whose past closely resembles Elektra's own, while the Hand seeks to bring Elektra back into the fold.

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  • e-book

    Ultimate Things - An Introduction to Jewish...

    Carey, Greg

    Carey presents an introduction to the elements of apocalyptic discourse in the Hebrew Bible, the intertestamental texts of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, and the Jewish and Christian apocalyptic texts. He seeks to help modern readers perplexed by...

  • Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka Vol. 1

    Rucka, Greg

    Eisner Award-winning author Greg Rucka's critically acclaimed run writing the Amazon Warrior is finally collected in its entirety, beginning in WONDER WOMAN BY GREG RUCKA VOL. 1! When Diana writes a book that shares her beliefs, it ignites a...

  • e-book

    Economics for a Civilized Society

    Davidson, Paul; Greg Davidson

    This collection includes translated works by Japanese women writers that deal with the experiences of modern women. The work of these women represents current feminist perception, imagination and thought.

  • Diario de Greg 1

    Kinney Jeff
    sob encomenda
  • Love, Greg & Lauren


    The husband of a senior vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald who was burned over more than eighty percent of her body on September 11, 2001, recounts the ordeal of her recovery, from intensive care to a stay at a rehabilitation hospital.

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  • e-book

    Greg Egan

    Karen Burnham

    This first study of the hard sci-fi pioneer includes a rare interview with Greg Egan

  • Batman

    Rucka,Greg; Burchett,Rick; Ramos, Rodney

    After Commissioner Gordon is shot, Batman and his allies Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Azrael, and Oracle race to find the attacker and Catwoman, the only witness to the event.

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  • e-book

    Children'apos;s Perspectives on Believing and...

    Smith, Greg

    Based on interviews with 100 pupils, this book explores children's religious identity and experiences in their own words. It provides valuable insights for educators and other professionals.

  • Batman

    Rucka, Greg; Martinbrough, Shawn; Kane, Bob; Rucka,Greg; Mitchell,Steve; Klein,Todd


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  • Homework Helpers (Career Press) - Physics

    Curran, Greg

    Homework Helpers: Physics is the latest book in the popular series that has been designed to help students master the material and tackle the tests. It will help any student unravel the formulas that describe the world around him or her. Each lesson...

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  • Veil

    Rucka, Greg

    Passions run high when a beautiful woman wanders out of an abandoned subway tunnel. With no memory of who she is or how she got there, Veil must figure out who to trust and what she is--an object of desire or a force to be reckoned with--as her past...

    sob encomenda
  • Batman

    Dixon, Chuck; Rucka, Greg; Brubaker, Ed; Dixon, Chuck; McDaniel,Scott


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  • Homework Helpers (Career Press) - Chemistry

    Curran, Greg

    'Homework Helpers: Chemistry' is a user-friendly review book that will make every student--or parent trying to help their child feel like he or she has a private Chemistry tutor. Concepts are explained in clear, easy-to-understand language, and...

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  • e-book

    Pinpoint - How GPS is Changing Our World

    Milner, Greg

    Over the last fifty years, humanity has developed an extraordinary global utility which is omnipresent, universal, and available to all: the Global Positioning System (GPS). A network of twenty-four satellites and their monitoring stations on Earth,...

  • Body Language Secrets To Win More...

    Williams, Greg

    The success of a negotiation is profoundly affected by how well you read body language. How can you learn to read the subtle clues many lasting a fraction of a second that your opponent projects? Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations will...

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  • e-book

    Bradley, Greg, Folger - Great Shakespeareans:...

    Dipietro, Cary

    A comprehensive critical analysis of the most important Shakespearean critics, editors, actors and directors. This volume focuses on Shakespeare's reception by Bradley, Greg and Folger.

  • e-book

    C Programming Absolute Beginner'apos;s Guide

    Perry, Greg; MILLER, DEAN

    Updated for C11 Write powerful C programs…without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to get comfortable with C, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. You’ll learn all the basics: how to organize programs,...

  • e-book

    Real-Time Java Programming - With Java RTS

    Bruno, Eric J.; Bollella, Greg

    The Definitive Guide to Java RTS for Developers and Architects  For Java developers and architects moving to real-time, and real-time developers moving to Java Walks through start-to-finish case study applications, identifying their...

  • Superman - Doomed

    Pak, Greg

    The super-event you have been waiting for in The New 52- Superman vs. Doomsday in a way you've never seen before!

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  • Batwoman- Elegy

    Rucka, Greg

    Batwoman battles a demented villain inspired by Alice in Wonderland -- but can she stop Alice from releasing a toxic cloud of death on Gotham City?

    sob encomenda
  • Superman: Doomed

    Pak, Greg; Soule, Charles

    Its name is Doomsday. It came from the Phantom Zone, where the Man of Steel had banished it once before. Bigger. Deadlier. Capable of killing life on Earth. Only Superman can stop it. But even that is not the end. Evil is in its blood. And when that...

  • World War Hulk

    Pak, Greg

    After having been exiled by a group of Marvel 'heroes' to the savage alien planet of Sakaar. the Hulk returns to Earth to wreak his terrible vengeance on Iron Man. Reed Richards. Dr. Strange. Black Bolt - and anyone else who gets in the way. The Hulk...

  • e-book

    Greg Biffle


    Young readers will build their vocabularies as they learn about Greg Biffle, one of NASCAR's hottest stars. Simple text provides statistics and a biographical profile, while the up-to-the-minute photos engage young fans of racing.

  • Sudden Gravity

    Gore,Shawna; Ruth, Greg

    Sudden Gravity

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  • Dragon Age - Magekiller

    Greg Rucka

    Legendary writer Greg Rucka begins an all-new story set in the immersive dark fantasy world of Dragon Age!Tessa and Marius are mercenary partners united by an unbreakable bond and compelled to eliminate those who use magic to hurt others. When they...

    sob encomenda

    Pak, Greg

    Savage alien planet. Oppressed barbarian tribes. Currupt emperor. Deadly woman warrior. Gladiators and slaves. Battle axes and hand blasters. Monsters and heroes - and the Incredible Hulk! Let the smashing commence!

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Weather, Climate and Climate Change - Human...

    Sweeney, John; Greg O'apos;Hare; Rob Wilby

    A timely and accessible analysis of one of the most crucial and contentious issues facing the world today - the processes and consequences of natural and human induced changes in the structure and function of the climate system.Integrating the latest...

  • e-book

    Greg Dyke - My Part in his Downfall: Days and...

    Moore, Chris

    Written by journalist Chris Moore, Greg Dyke: My Part in His Downfall is a memoir of the days and awaydays inside a large, semi-autonomous part of BBC News between the years 2001-2004. This compelling story offers a diary-style insight into his...

  • Wonder Woman Vol. 1 - The Lies - Dc Rebirth

    Rucka, Greg

    A part of DC Rebirth! New York Times best-selling writer Greg Rucka returns to WONDER WOMAN! After suffering an unimaginable loss, Diana must rebuild her mission as Earth's ultimate protector and champion. However, in the midst of her grief, her...

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