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  • Game Of Thrones - The Poster Collection,...

    Editions, Insight

    Following the huge success of our first Game of Thrones poster collection, Insight Editions presents this second selection of remarkable posters from the hit HBO show. Covering seasons three and four, this second collection will bring together...

  • O Mundo de Larissa Manoela - Acompanha Pôster


    O enorme sucesso de O diário de Larissa Manoela Não causou espanto. Afinal, qual criança e adolescente não ama a estrela teen mais popular do Brasil? Depois de curtirem o livro infanto-juvenil mais vendido no país em 2016, os fãs querem mais! Querem...

  • Frozen - The Poster Collection

    Editions, Insight

    The heart-warming story of two sisters who save their kingdom through their love for each other, Frozen has gained unparalleled popularity and acclaim worldwide. The beloved film is noted for its distinctive designs, eye-catching costumes, and...

  • The Walking Dead - The Poster Collection...

    Editions, Insight

    Following the huge success of Insight Editions’ first The Walking Dead poster book, this second volume brings together even more gloriously gory posters from AMC’s hit television series. Along with all new imagery from the third and fourth seasons,...

  • Box - Diário de Um Banana - 10 Volumes -...


    Greg e seus amigos estão de volta com um novo Box na praça. Os Bananas agora têm mais um artigo para a sua coleção: a primeira fase da série Diário de um Banana em 10 exemplares. Edição de colecionador com pôster incluso.Diário de Um Banana - Vol. 1...

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender-The Poster...

    ; Various,

    The beloved television series, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' has won fans of all ages over the years. Relive this award-winning show with a set of 20 high quality art prints in this Dark Horse poster book collection. Show creators Bryan Konietzko and...

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  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them -...


    This fantastic poster book includes 12 double-sided pullout posters featuring the iconic images from the film.

  • O Amor Em Poucas Linhas - Acompanha Pôster...


    Cantar diante de toda a cidade uma música que você mesma compôs e ainda na frente do seu maior ídolo de todos os tempos – pausa para falar o quanto ele é gato! – não é para qualquer uma. Mas é exatamente isso que Giorgia e sua melhor amiga Sol têm...

  • The Poster - 1,000 Posters From...

    Purvis, Alston W.; Lecoultre,Martijn F.; Jong,Cees V. De

    This complete international history of poster design from the Art Nouveau to the present covers all of the significant developments in poster design, and every important type of poster, from wine and war to rock and rebellion. One thousand posters...

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  • Harry Potter - Harry Potter Poster Coloring...


    From the heraldry of the four Hogwarts houses to the extravagant wares of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, the world of Harry Potter overflows with radiant color. Featuring artwork from the hugely successful Harry Potter Coloring Book and Harry Potter...

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  • Angry Birds - The Poster Collection

    Rovio Entertainment

    Experience the Angry Birds phenomenon like never before with this stunning poster collection. Featuring amazing art from all aspects of the Angry Birds universe - from the hit games to the animated series and beyond - this selection of the very best...

  • The Walking Dead - The Poster Collection


    The Walking Dead - The Poster Collection

  • Marvel Heroes And Villians - Poster...


    Experience the thrilling action and astonishing visuals of Marvel Studios Superhero blockbusters with this exciting new poster collection. Assembling stunning images from six action-packed movies, this colorful collection showcases spectacular poster...

  • Juxtapoz - Poster Art

    Diana Weber

    The third book in an ongoing series from the seminal West Coast art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz Poster Art focuses on the art of screen print posters. In the past 10 years screen printing has ballooned in popularity and a new class of artists has...

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  • Mulher-Maravilha - Sementes da Guerra +...

    Bardugo, Leigh

    Se você precisa parar um asteroide, você chama o Superman. Se você deseja resolver um mistério, você chama o Batman. Mas se você quer acabar com uma guerra, você chama a Mulher-Maravilha!” – Gail Simone, roteirista da DC ComicsAntes de se tornar a...

  • World Of Warcraft - Poster Collection

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Since Blizzard Entertainment established the Warcraft® universe in 1994 with the debut of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans™, millions of gamers across the planet have been transported to the fantasy world of Azeroth and captivated by its vivid worldscapes and...

    sob encomenda
  • New Masters Of Poster Design


    New Masters Of Poster Design

    sob encomenda
  • Poster Annual 2002 - Graphis

    Pedersen,B. Martin

    Poster Annual 2002 - Graphis

  • Poster Art Of The Disney Parks

    Handke, Daniel; Hunt, Vanessa

    Anyone who has ever walked through the gates at a Disney Park knows that there is a magical experience waiting to be had on the other side. All of the telltale signs are there: the sound of joyful music pipes across the promenade; the smells of...

  • Poster Boy -the War of Art


    'Poster Boy' tweaks corporate copy, replacing it with incisive and playful puns and turns of phrase rich with innuendo and political punch. Beautiful models turn ghastly and iconic spokespeople become the mouthpieces for Poster Boy's ideas. 'Poster...

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  • True Blood - The Poster Collection


    Experience the steamiest stills and hottest poster art from HBO s hit series in this definitive True Blood poster collection. Showcasing HBO s bitingly witty poster campaigns alongside revealing portraits of the show s best-loved characters,...

  • Alice In Wonderland Giant Poster And Coloring...

    Carroll, Lewis

    Be creative, be adventurous. You don’t have to fall down the rabbit hole to enter the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. Just open this giant book and read, color, and remember when you first encountered Lewis Carroll’s sublime nonsense and Sir...

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  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - ...


    Relive the magic of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! This full-color poster book includes 12 double-sided pull-out posters featuring Newt Scamander's magical collection of beasts from the film.

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  • Dover 3-D Coloring Book - Build A 3-D Poster...

    Sovak, Jan

    Sixteen fantastical illustrations sweep you off to an enchanted forest, where winsome sprites make music, relax on toadstools, andride butterfly-drawn chariots. After coloring, you can assemble the pages into four 15 x 21 posters. Put on the enclosed...

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  • Dover 3-D Coloring Book - Build A 3-D Poster...

    Roytman, Arkady

    Venture beyond our planet to experience zero-gravity effects! These 16 scenes depict a Mission Control Center, astronauts walking in space, and vehicles roving the surface of an extraterrestrial world. After coloring, the illustrations can be...

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  • Build A Poster Coloring Book Space

    Roytman, Arkady

    Coloring goes galactic with two super-sized 32 x 32 posters that can be assembled from 24 tear-out pages. It's the creative way to cover a wall with exciting images of space cruisers battling crab-like aliens and a mother ship's busy landing bay....

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  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - Dinosaurs

    Sovak, Jan

    Color exciting images of marauding dinosaurs, and assemble them into giant posters!Kids will love coloring these 24 action-packed scenes of pterodactyls, triceratops, and other mammoth monsters. The prehistoric creatures wreak havoc in two different...

    sob encomenda
  • Build A Poster Coloring Book Atlantis

    Roytman, Arkady

    Color and assemble giant posters portraying the legendary kingdom of AtlantisVisit a fabled underwater metropolis, where you'll color intricately detailed images of temples, warriors, and a host of sea creatures, real and mythical. These 24 scenes...

    sob encomenda
  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - Knights &...

    Roytman, Arkady

    Soldiers on horseback, elfin archers, centaurs, a fire-breathing dragon, and other Tolkienesque charactersdo battle in this action-packed coloring book. The 24 scenes can be colored individually and then removed from the book to assemble two...

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  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - Farm & Zoo

    Donahue, Peter

    There's double the fun with this combination coloring and poster book!These 24 humorous illustrationsfeature a farmer, sheep, pigs, a zookeeper, lions, giraffes, and other creatures. After they're done coloring, kids can remove the perforated pages...

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  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - Fairy Princess

    Roytman, Arkady

    Fans of princesses and fairy tales have two ways to enjoy this magical book. First, 24 fantasy scenes can be colored individually. Then, by removing the perforated pages from the book, children can create two 32 x 32 posters: one of a fair maiden...

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  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - Robots &...

    Rechlin, Ted

    Join the battles between high-tech warriors amid smoking trails of destruction! These 24 action-packed scenes can be assembled into two 32 x 32 inch posters. Color each page individually first, or begin by following the easy instructions and taping...

    sob encomenda
  • Build A Poster Coloring Book - ABC & 123

    Donahue, Peter

    In this two-in-one coloring book, numbers and letters are teamed with rib-tickling illustrations: an octopus for 8, a witch for W. Children can also separate the 24 pages from the book at the perforations and tape them together to form a pair of 32 x...

    sob encomenda
  • High School Musical Poster Book

    Disney Press (COR)

    Whether you're a jock who secretly loves to sing or a brainiac who dances while nobody's watching, or if you just can't get enough of Disney Channel'sHigh School Musical, this poster book is for you! Decorate your room and your locker with removable...

  • Build A Giant Poster Coloring Book - Under...

    Sovak, Jan

    Take a deep-sea dive and get the big picture of the ocean floor with these 24 unbacked, ready-to-color illustrations. Separate images of sharks, fish, turtles, seaweed, coral, and a sunken ship fit together into an enormous poster, which measures 44...

    sob encomenda
  • Build a Giant Poster Coloring Book -- United...

    Zourelias, Diana

    Prepare to form a more perfect union when you color these pictures of all 50 states and assemble them into an enormous map. Twenty-four individual pages include capitals, fun facts, and whimsical images of regional landmarks. Each page is unbacked...

    sob encomenda
  • Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Poster...


    From the speedy Golden Snitch to Hermione's mysterious bottomless bag, the world of Harry Potter is full of enchanting and beautiful artifacts. Featuring artwork from the hugely successful Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Coloring Book, this special...

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  • Livro Pôster - Col. Disney Club Penguin


    Muitas diversões do Club Penguin! Decore seu armário, quarto ou qualquer lugar que possa imaginar com os 32 pôsteresdupla face dos lugares e pinguins mais legais do Club Penguin. E tem mais! Quatro cartões-postais que você encontra no jogo poderão...

  • Harry Potter - Harry Potter Magical Places &...


    Explore the many places and characters of the Harry Potter films through the magic of color in this special poster collection. The resplendent halls of Gringotts and the candy-filled shelves of Honeydukes are yours to illuminate in intricate drawings...

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  • Magnum Photos - Poster Book

    Magnum Photos

    Thames & Hudson has enjoyed exceptional commercial success and critical acclaim in its collaborative ventures with Magnum Photos, notably with Magnum Magnum and Magnum Contact Sheets , which have combined sales of over 200,000 copies to date across...

  • Next Stop Poster - Pack 1

    Editora Macmillan

    Next Stop Poster - Pack 1

  • Next Stop Poster - Pack 2

    Editora Macmillan

    Next Stop Poster - Pack 2

  • Next Stop Poster - Pack 3

    Editora Macmillan

    Next Stop Poster - Pack 3

  • Next Stop Poster - Pack 6

    Editora Macmillan

    Next Stop Poster - Pack 6

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