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  • O Demônio do Meio-Dia - Uma Anatomia da...

    Solomon, Andrew

    “O Demônio do Meio-Dia - Uma Anatomia da Depressão” continua sendo uma referência sobre a depressão, para leigos e especialistas. Com rara humanidade, sabedoria e erudição, o premiado autor Andrew Solomon convida o leitor a uma jornada sem...

  • Doze Anos de Escravidão

    Northup, Solomon

    Doze anos de Escravidão narra a história real de Solomon Northup, negro americano nascido livre que, por conta de uma proposta de emprego, abandona a segurança do Norte e acaba sendo sequestrado e vendido como escravo. Durante os doze anos que se...

  • O Comportamento do Consumidor - Comprando ,...

    Solomon, Michael R.

    Michael Solomon mais uma vez se supera e traz muitas novidades na 11ª edição do seu livro, um verdadeiro clássico quando o tema é comportamento do consumidor. Com um texto didático, instigante e ricamente ilustrado, apresenta as melhores e mais...

  • e-book

    Twelve Years a Slave

    Solomon Northup

    Here is the harrowing true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man living in New York. He was kidnapped by unscrupulous slave hunters and sold into slavery where he, endured unimaginable degradation and abuse until his rescue twelve years later. A...

  • e-book

    The Solomon Effect


    A German U-boat lost in the final days of the Second World War rested silent and dead in the deep waters off the Russian coast for more than half a century—carrying a cargo too terrifying to contemplate.Now it has been found and its terrible treasure...

  • e-book

    Honeybees of Solomon


    This book contains reminiscences of the Author as Judge for twenty-five years. Apart from a few travelogue and acquaintances with personages, the descriptions are live stories of human life displayed in different courts where he was judge. The author...

  • e-book

    King Solomon's Mines

    Haggard, Henry Rider

    'King Solomon's Mines' is a classic adventure tale of treasure hunt by Henry Rider Haggard. It is told in a straight-forward and simple narration by the elephant hunter, Quatermain. It is the story of three men, Quatermain, Henry Curtis, and John...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines (ebook)

    H. Rider Haggard

    Sir Rider Haggard was a British Victorian writer known for his adventure novels set is exotic places. His writings are sympathetic to the natives. He often portrayed Africans as heroic in his stories even though the main characters are usually...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines

    (3373557) present you this new edition. The author ventures to take this opportunity to thank his readers for the kind reception they have accorded to the successive editions of this tale during the last twelve years. He hopes that in its present...

  • e-book

    King Solomon and His Followers


    Book Jungle provides classic literature in a modern format.  Thousands of historical titles are now readily available to the public.  Because of the original condition of many of these historical manuscripts, imperfections are possible.  The value...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines

    H. Rider Haggard

    Haggard knew Africa well, having travelled deep within the continent as a 19-year-old during the Anglo-Zulu War and the First Boer War, where he had been impressed by South Africa's vast mineral wealth and by the ruins of ancient lost cities being...

  • e-book

    King Solomon and His Followers


    Book Jungle provides classic literature in a modern format.  Thousands of historical titles are now readily available to the public.  Because of the original condition of many of these historical manuscripts, imperfections are possible.  The value...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines

    Rider Haggard

    This faithful but unpretending record of a remarkable adventure is hereby respectfully dedicated by the narrator to all the big boys and little boys who read it. I offer apologies for my blunt way of writing. I can but say in excuse of it that I am...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines

    H. Rider Haggard

    H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines tells of a group of adventurers journeying into unexplored Africa in order to find the missing brother of one of the party. The book became an immediate bestseller after publication in 1885. At the time large...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines

    Haggard, Sir Henry Rider; Toutain-Dorbec, Pierre

    CSF Publishing's Classic Literature Collection includes title's carefully updated and corrected from the original text, and features new enhancements such as the author's complete biography and bibliography. King Solomon's Mines (1885) is a popular...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mines


    Written in 1885 by Sir H Rider Haggard, it immediately became a best seller.The story is about a group of explorers who are searching in a remote part of Africa for the brother of one of the party, led by Allan Quartermain.At the time of publication,...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Mine


    Now, in 1907, on the occasion of the issue of this edition, I can only add how glad I am that my romance should continue to please so many readers. Imagination has been verified by fact; the King Solomon's Mines I dreamed of have been discovered, and...

  • Solomon Kane - A Saga Completa

    Howard, Robert E.; Howard, Robert E.

    'Solomon Kane: A Saga Completa' é uma obra na qual o leitor terá oportunidade de conhecer diversas aventuras de Solomon Kane, o famoso puritano inglês. Histórias repletas de fantasia, seres demoníacos e misteriosos, além de batalhas épicas. Após o...

  • The Solomon Curse

    Cussler, Clive; Blake , Russell

    The outstanding new adventure from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author.There are many rumors about the bay off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. Some say it was the site of the lost empire of the Solomon king and that great treasure lies...

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  • King Solomon's Mines

    Haggard, H. Rider; Ivry,Benjamin

    King Solomon's Mines

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  • e-book

    The Solomon Portfolio

    Katz, Robert W.

    The purpose of this book is simple: to make you richer than you are presently --through sensible, understandable financial concepts and through a stronger relationship with God. Using the strength of wisdom displayed by the richest and wisest man...

  • The Solomon Sisters Wise Up


    As their father prepares to marry trophy wife number 3, three sisters--Sarah, who is six weeks pregnant by a guy she's dated for two months; Ally, a successful lawyer who is enjoying getting even with her unfaithful husband; and Zoe, a renowned...

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  • The Solomon Curse

    Cussler, Clive

    There are many rumors about the bay off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. Some say it was the site of the lost empire of the Solomon king and that great treasure lies beneath the waters. Others say terrible things happened here, atrocities and...

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  • e-book

    Impeccable Solomon? - A Study of...

    Yong Ho Jeon

    Solomon's idolatry, his murder of his political enemies, and his role in the breakup of the kingdom, which are bluntly presented in Kings, are omitted in Chronicles. Is King Solomon presented as impeccable in Chronicles, in stark contrast to his...

  • King Solomon's Mines

    Haggard, H Rider

    'A peculiarly thrilling and vigorous tale of adventure.' Andrew Lang'It goes and it grips and it moves with all the freshness of youth.' Rudyard KiplingWhen Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island' was first published, H. Rider Haggard made a...

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  • Longe da Árvore - Pais, Filhos e A Busca da...

    Solomon, Andrew

    Diagnosticado com dislexia na infância, Andrew Solomon conta que a superação dessa deficiência só foi possível porque ele pôde contar com a paciente dedicação dos pais, em especial de sua mãe, num lar estruturado. Criado num ambiente privilegiado — a...

  • King Solomon's Mines

    Haggard, H. Rider; Langford,Alan

    Allan Quantermain and his companions struggle across the remote African continent in search of hidden gold

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  • e-book

    King Solomon's Ring

    Lorenz, Konrad

    A delightful treasury of observations and insights into the lives of all sorts of creatures -- from jackdaws and water-shrews to dogs, cats and even wolves -- this is a wonderfully written introduction to the world of our furred and feathered...

  • e-book

    "quot;The Solomon Key"quot; and Beyond -...

    Zimmerman, W. Frederick

    Through the magic of electronic publishing, this 'nimble' guide to the works of best-selling author Dan Brown provides the latest news about the author and his works, updated whenever there are significant developments. Unlike a conventional book,...

  • King Solomon´s Mine - Level 4 Pack CD -...


    King Solomon´s Mine - Level 4 Pack CD - Penguin Readers - 2nd ed.

  • e-book

    Developing Open Access Journals - A Practical...

    Solomon, David

    This book provides a practical guide to developing and maintaining an electronic open access peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Creating such journals, particularly if it is done well, requires a great deal of specialized knowledge that spans library...

  • e-book

    King Solomon'apos;s Ring


    Solomon, the legend goes, had a magic ring which enabled him to speak to the animals in their own language. Konrad Lorenz was gifted with a similar power of understanding the animal world. He was that rare beast, a brilliant scientist who could write...

  • e-book

    Chicago - America'apos;s Railroad Capital:...

    Solomon, Brian

    The first illustrated history of the people, machines, facilities, and operations that made Chicago the hub around which an entire continent's rail industry still revolves. In the mid-nineteenth century, Chicago's central location in the expanding...

  • e-book

    Twelve Years a Slave

    Solomon Northrop

    'HAVING been born a freeman, and for more than thirty years enjoyed the blessings of liberty in a free State - and having at the end of that time been kidnapped and sold into Slavery, where I remained, until happily rescued in the month of January,...

  • e-book

    The Librarian'apos;s Nitty-Gritty Guide to...

    Del Negro, Janice M.; Solomon, Laura

    Solomon, a librarian with extensive experience in web development, design, and technology, cuts to the chase with this invaluable guide to using social media in any kind of library.

  • Song of Solomon


    Macon Dead, Jr., called 'Milkman,' the son of the wealthiest African American in town, moves from childhood into early manhood, searching, among the disparate, mysterious members of his family, for his life and reality. Winner of the National Book...

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  • e-book

    Reproductive Ecology

    Prof. A. J. Solomon Raju

    In this issue, original research and review works relating to pollination ecology with reference to biodiversity conservation and management have been included. The subject encompasses diverse fields of research involving the conservation and...

  • e-book

    Wisdom of Solomon

    Carroll, Mark

    The book treats the excellence of wisdom,the means to obtain it, and the happy fruits it produces. It is written in the person of Solomon, and contains his sentiments. But it is uncertain who was the writer. It abounds with instructions and...

  • e-book

    Solomon'apos;s Decision

    Glad, Judith B.

    Seeking to fill a heart left empty by the death of her fiancé, Madeline Pierson conceived twins by artificial insemination. She needed something--someone?--to make life worth living. One foolish night with Erik Soloman brought her both healing and...

  • e-book

    Solomon'apos;s Song

    Dorr, Roberta Kells

    The sadness and the tenderness of life are felt so acutely in the presence of beauty, and love is revealed more in our sorrow than in our joy. -Solomon, from Solomon'apos;s Song The wisest of all kings, beloved son of King David and his wife...

  • e-book

    Solomon'apos;s Orbit

    Carroll, William

    This is a futuristic short story about the problem of dumping in the air. Author sees the problem in the near future when countries do all the recycling on other planets. This is an illustrated version of the story, with over 15 original...

  • e-book

    Bacterial Protein Toxins V2A

    Solomon Kadis

    Microbial Toxins, A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume IIA: Bacterial Protein Toxins provides a comprehensive discussion of various aspects of bacterial toxins.The book'apos;s 10 chapters discuss the following: botulinum toxin; tetanus toxin; Clostridium...

  • e-book

    Human Development Today and Beyond

    Daniel Solomon

    This book addresses many issues affecting ourpeople throughout the world. It not only addressesthem, but gives real and practical solutions that canbe applied to everyone's life today.The first topic covered is Health and NutritionalBalancing;...

  • e-book

    Solomon'apos;s Panel - Lawhet Suliman

    Mohammed Abdullah Bindayel

    Imagine having the opportunity to see a piece of history in real life. Even touch it. And then think about having the opportunity to own such a part of history. What would you be willing to do? Author Mohammad Abdullah Bindayel presents such a...

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